Labor Day Submission: My Labor Took Two Weeks


Having my son took two weeks. I’m not exaggerating.

I was due on July 27th and induced on August 2nd. I went in to the hospital and they were expecting to apply a small dosage of Pitocin on my cervix to get labor going because this baby was like an aggressive tenant who loved to wreck my uterus with his break-dancing skills. After experiencing the outpatient induction I went home and curled up into the C-formation that would allow me an hour of sleep until the baby buried himself completely to the side. A few days later I returned to the hospital to have my son and they upped the dosage of Pitocin to high levels. Nada. This little dude was not coming out.

What’s worse is that my boyfriend was being obnoxious. He would not leave the room or give me a break and everything was about him. My mom, nurses, and doctors were coming in and out of the room and he decided that he would walk about the hospital room naked. I was mortified. He had not been sexually interested in me and frequently screamed at me so I didn’t want to see him in this state and was embarrassed at the prospect of my mom, the OB, or the sweet grandma-like nurse who I adored seeing his twisted penis. But when I asked him not to walk around naked, he got angry and refused to leave. I started to cry and they brought up family services. Needless to say, he put on that over-enthusiastic ruse of a personality and they weren’t worried. They did send me home for a few days to recover without IV’s and hospital beds.

…. And this is where the shit hits the fan.

Suddenly I awoke to a mask being forcibly placed on my face. Oxygen started streaming through the mask but it felt like I was suffocating. I reached up to snatch the mask off and the new nurse, who was not gentle, placed it back on. My mother came over and quietly explained that the baby was experiencing levels of distress and I had to wear the mask. This is when I got scared because there was no way I could breathe with that mask on. The IV they put in me was not working because my body rejected it, but I needled the Pitocin which was now being pumped into me through a tube. My doctor came in and said that she wasn’t sure if I was going to have a C-section or not. I told her if we were going to then let’s commit… She still wasn’t sure. I was even more scared because a C-section was not part of the plan, but my son was really big at this point and I my frame, though curvy, was very petite. I begged them to take him out on the 11th, not the 12th of August which is my birthday, if we were doing a C-section. So naturally around 1 or 2 am on August 12th, 2013 while my boyfriend slept soundly in the hospital bed and I on the couch, I heard a big POP.

“WAKE UP! WAKE UP!” I called to him. He has a history of sleep walking and sleeping deeply so it took about 5 minutes for him to pay attention.

“What do you want?” He replied, groggy with the sleep I sorely envied.

“Call a nurse. My water broke.” And to my surprise, he did. Minutes later I was in the bathroom with bloody water all over my floor as my boyfriend held my hand. I was in a feline-like state, actually growling and wanting to be left alone. I was pressing my head to his chest and he was pleading with me to stop because he was going to fall over. He also complained that I was getting blood everywhere, or something to that effect. I told him, albeit not graciously, to “Shut the FUCK up!” I raised my hand toward the nurse and told her “I’ll be needing that epidural now.” I had planned to wait until I felt intense contractions to get the epidural under the condition that I not see supplies or needles. That was smart because as the nurse held me I didn’t even feel the epidural. It was heaven.

I pushed for several hours before my OB told me it was time for a C-section. I was whisked away to the OR where they allowed me to have my mother and my boyfriend in the room. They told me I’d be numb from the chest down, but that didn’t happen. No matter how much I pleaded with them to pay attention to me, the anesthesiologist ignored my cries of “The medicine isn’t working! I can feel everything you’re doing!” Yep, that’s right. I felt my C-section with little anesthesia. What was left of the epidural meds had worn off. When they lifted my son out of me I honestly didn’t care, I was so upset and shocked. And on my birthday! I was carted off cursing everyone out. Of course when my son was close to me I got a flush of mommy hormones that distracted me. He smelled and felt so new. His eyes were a bright grey blue and his skin was this beautiful golden color. In my arms his soft golden glow contrasted with my deep toffee complexion. He was perfect.

The doctor told me I never experienced any of the pain I claimed to because I was asleep the whole time. I have proof I was not. I just hope that in the future they make sure patients can’t feel surgery. I made it out alive with the best birthday gift ever!

This article is a submission in our Labor Day Giveaway contest. Have a funny/crazy labor story you’d like to share with Mommyish readers? Go here for more details.

(Image: Wave Break Media/Shutterstock)

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  • Jen TheTit Whipper

    I am so sorry. I hope you are doing well.

  • Guinevere

    How traumatic. I’m so sorry. As a side-note, my daughter is just two days older than your son. I hope you have recovered.

  • WhoremonalCrazyLotusSlugalo

    I’m so sorry Chelsea. That is unreal. I had a similar experience with an anesthesiologist that failed and a doctor that dismissed me. So sorry, but I am so glad that your little one came out safe and healthy.

  • aCongaLine

    Oh god. that’s awful. I hope all is well, and that boyfriend has been ditched. I’m glad you and baby are okay.

    • Chelsea DeLoney

      I’m fine!! And yes I ditched him!

    • aCongaLine

      You’re my hero :)

    • Chelsea DeLoney

      Thank you!!! I was reading through the stories and I was in shock and awe over the woman who had a jerkface doctor who only seemed to be concerned with her husband. Now THAT is crazy.. And thank you for NOT bullying or trolling. I was hoping to find mothers who maybe have went through something similar with the long labor or c-section with botched meds. One woman contacted me via a local mom’s community page on facebook and told me that she went through something similar so in a way I did make a connection.

  • Wicked Prophet Kay Sue

    Oh, honey. I am sorry you went through all of this, although glad that you got your best birthday present out of it.

  • guest

    I hope you ditched that horrible boyfriend and filed a complaint against the hospital for the shitty job done to numb you and the doctor for dismissing you.

  • Fondue

    I am speechless.

  • Courtney Lynn

    Big, big hugs!

  • Blueathena623

    I’m glad that you got an awesome kid out of this whole horrible ordeal, but please tell me that your boyfriend has a million positive qualities that cancel out how much of a jerk he was during this episode.

    • Chelsea DeLoney

      No… we broke up (I submitted the story).

  • Mick

    I’m sorry but I’m calling bullshit on this story. None of it makes sense.

    • Jess

      Yeah… I’m with you completely.

    • Natasha B

      I’m with you…..I just popped a kid out (overdue) and pretty sure Pit administered straight to the cervix as an outpatient really isn’t a thing….

    • Litterboxjen

      I had cervadil as an outpatient for my daughter (they administered it, observed me for an hour, then sent me home). When I got in the hospital later, the Pit was done via IV.

      I’m just confused by the naked boyfriend part.

    • glw

      “The IV they put in me was not working because my body rejected it, but I needled the Pitocin which was now being pumped into me through a tube.”

      Lost on this. So which is it, the IV was rejected by her body or the Pitocin was being pumped in through a tube? A tube being an IV I would imagine. Or did they come up with some contraption that was made up of a tube being inserted into her vein-which would kind of be an IV anyway?
      And I won’t even get started on the naked boyfriend part…….

    • kittymom

      I can say, if an IV is not inserted properly, the drugs will not go into the blood stream and be less effective. It may not be a matter of the IV being rejected, but of an inproperly placed IV not administering the drug appropriately.

    • Chelsea DeLoney

      It’s my story and it actually happened. My arm rejected the needle and my arm was swollen. It was awful. You don’t have to believe me, that’s your problem :)

  • K2

    I’ll admit I found this story hard to read. It’s a bit all over the place! But seriously, being conscious during surgery terrifies me. At least you were OK after!

  • Dirty Old Lady Phillips

    I’m confused about the timeline, a little? You had an outpatient induction, then went back a few days later to have your Pitocin increased (which is where your boyfriend walked around your hospital room, refusing to put his clothes on, and this was witnessed by doctors/nurses who did nothing about it) and then you were sent home AGAIN, and then the next thing you knew, boom, oxygen mask?

    • Chelsea DeLoney

      Yeah, sorry about that I took out a sentence because I didn’t want it to be long and annoying. I went into the hospital for an outpatient induction and was sent home… I came back to actually have my son and his father made me so upset that they told me to go home and come back. The sentence I took out was basically that I went back, received more pitocin, and went to sleep. Sorry yeah that didn’t make sense.

  • Alexandra

    Dear GAWD! How terrible!! Glad your son was healthy though :)

  • LiLi

    Sorry, I’m going to be “that guy.” This story doesn’t make any sense. I’ve never heard of picotin being applied on a cervix. It’s an IV right? Then later in this story the IV didn’t work she was still getting picotin through a tube? If there was no IV how did it come through a tube? Orally? Are we supposed to imagine a tube in her vagina since according to this account picotin was “on” the cervix? And the hospital was OK with her boyfriend walking around the room naked? Or did psychically know when people were coming so he had enough time to put clothes on? Maybe it’s the writing but I’m finding this whole thing a little hard to swallow.

    • LiLi

      And they let you go home after administering the picotin? I had a c-section so please correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the whole purpose of picotin was to be administered for immediate contractions and they steadily increase the dosage if you don’t react. Anyone with a medical background able to confirm if they let you go, then let you come back for more picotin?

    • Guinevere

      They said once I had pitocin I had to be non-stop monitored, so idk?

    • LiLi

      I just talked to a friend of mine who is a OB nurse and she says that the way picotin is described in this story is completely inaccurate.

    • Guinevere

      I’m thinking she had the ulcer med that they stick on your cervix and got confused. They did that for me. But, still, was in the hospital, not at home.

    • dzymzlzy

      Yeah, the whole time I was reading this story I was thinking about how much it screamed fake fake fake.

    • shorty_RN

      Pitocin is not administered on the cervix, but there are other induction drugs that are. Maybe author is confusing the two. And no, she would not be allowed to go home after receiving pitocin.

    • Chelsea DeLoney

      I submitted the story –
      They applied this jelly to my cervix which I am told had a very low dosage of pitocin in it. Each time they would try to induce labor the dosage would get higher and different. I could very well be wrong on what it was called. I actually went in and was hooked up to an IV and they did sent me home after the fight my boyfriend and I had.
      And while it is hard to swallow, I had to basically yell at my boyfriend (at the time) to put clothes on. It’s pretty much been hell on wheels with that guy.

    • LiLi

      Honey, if this story is even half true you shouldn’t be posting it as a funny story for Mommyish, you should be contacting a malpractice attorney. There is so much here that is egregiously wrong it’s not “funny” at all.

    • Chelsea DeLoney

      Baby girl, let’s take that IF out :) But I did contact the hospital for a long time afterwards talking about my experience, I remember my hospital room actually being visited by the woman who did my epidural thinking I was blaming her but I felt the fault lied with the man who told them to keep going even though I objected. The hospital sent me an apology letter. I’ve never had this sort of experience before. I didn’t know that stories had to fit certain standards… I thought these were just horrible labor stories. My bad for thinking I could submit something.

    • Véronique the Attachment Shark

      i think they gave ou cervadil to help dilate the cervix

  • Nimue

    Wait, what?

  • Natasha B

    Wait….they let you go home after you had Pitocin? All four of my babies were overdue/long labors-and I sure as heck didn’t get to go home after the Pit IV was in! And you would think they would’ve broken your water, that’s kinda the general order. Strip membranes, admi Pit, wait around awhile, break water, bounce on the peanut ball, etcetera. It’s been 12 weeks since I gave birth, so my memory might be wrong.
    Glad your baby is ok, and REALLY hope you ditched the boyfriend.

    • LiLi

      I’ve now run this story by a few friends of mine in the medical field. What you remember is how it is done. Either the author of this story is ver confused about what happened to her or she is stretching the truth.

    • Natasha B

      Maybe she has it confused with getting her membranes stripped at your OB office? Which can be an outpatient procedure….

    • Chelsea DeLoney

      I submitted this – they did! So basically I got there to have him on August 2nd and they gave my pitocin through the IV. After the huge blow-up fight my boyfriend and I had they sent me home. I don’t have much experience in the medical field, but the fact that they weren’t paying attention to me telling them I could feel the C-section leads me to believe I was not in the best of hands.

    • Véronique the Attachment Shark

      they let my stepsister go home overdue after a pitocin drip

  • Maitri

    Calling BS also. No one in the history of ever has said “his soft golden glow contrasted with my deep toffee complexion” and not been making shit up.

    • Chelsea DeLoney

      Well as you can see in my picture… LOL (I submitted the story).

  • Chelsea DeLoney

    OKAY – So I submitted the story. I wanted to clarify that when the medicine was placed on my cervix I was told that it was a very low dose version of pitocin. That is what I was told. I could be confused or wrong but the applying of the medicine to my cervix DID happen. Everyone calling bullshit on the story – you are welcome to your opinion (of course!) but this actually really did happen to me. Not sure what else to say, but just because something doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean it’s made up. I’ve heard stranger stories than mine. I expected this and took a risk in submitting my story, so it water off my back.

    *** AND to the person who talked about my story being fake because I mentioned how my son’s skin contrasted with mine… I’m sorry but out of all that I said, you’d pick that?

    • Harriet Meadow

      Can you explain again how it lasted two weeks? I couldn’t understand the timeline! (Sorry, I’m not doubting your story at all, just wanted some clarification. Also, I’m soooooo glad you and that boyfriend broke up).

    • Chelsea DeLoney

      Yes of course! I am sorry for not being clear. I cut some of the story out that might better explain, but I didn’t want to be glossed over. A little background: I was having contractions that were different than Braxton Hicks. They were a lot more intense but my doctor didn’t seem worried about them. Before I got pregnant I had endometriosis and PMDD so what seemed pretty intense kind of just felt like a period.
      I was Due: July 27th
      Doctor Induces me with cervical jelly: August 2nd
      Readmitted: August 3rd stay through the 9th. I am told that I’m still in the early stages of labor and am hooked up to an IV with pitocin. On the day of August 9th my boyfriend and I have a huge fight over his bad attitude and naked-ness. They send me home.
      I go home and relax for 24 hours, the contractions come back: August 10th.
      I am readmitted: August 11th. I shouldnt’ve taken out the part before, but I’m sleeping in the hospital bed that day and all of a sudden they put an oxygen mask on me. They up the pitocin. This was the day I wanted him to be born.
      My water breaks: August 12th early in the morning like 1 or 2am. I get an epidural and push for several hours until all of a sudden they say we’re doing a c-section and there was an issue with the anaesthesia so I felt a lot of the surgery.

      I mean in reality if people don’t believe me, it’s okay. That was my journey and not believing in it doesn’t troll it into nonexistence lol

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  • dats

    OMG, I had the same problem with my epidural! I felt my entire surgery. My poor wife was terrified trying to keep me calm and worrying about our baby. We’d asked that our son he placed on my chest once he was out, but it hurt like he was an elephant. If nobody has explained to the author of this post, the anesthesiologist can’t number too high or they will interrupt kung and heart function. It SUCKS.