8 Breastfeeding Covers That Will Make Everyone Around You More Comfortable

There’s so much news lately about women breastfeeding in public and people being shocked and offended by it. I really feel the need to perform sort of a public service to let people know that there are several breastfeeding cover-ups out there that will make everyone around you more comfortable.

It’s very awkward and uncomfortable to be breastfeeding and have some people stare at you and give you dirty looks. This is why I have taken the time to round up some of the most effective covers I could find, that will make the experience of breastfeeding in public more comfortable for everyone.

1. The Basic


ostill/ Shutterstock

Look at this! No fancy material, no excessive heat – you are totally in control of what you see. Not leering at a breastfeeding woman has never been easier!

2. The Fancy


focal point/ Shutterstock

I’m so fancy! You already kno-ow – your boobs are so distracting, I can’t get my laundry done. Hummed to Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, obviously.

3. The Nap



Kill two birds with one stone; hide your offended eyes and catch a few Z’s. Being offended for no reason has never been more relaxing.

4. The Disposable


Umkehrer/ Shutterstock

Don’t you hate it when you are at a restaurant trying to eat in peace and someone across the room or at a neighboring table has the NERVE to feed her hungry infant? How can you enjoy your meal while that is going on? Carry around one of these disposable breastfeeding cover-ups (aka masking tape) and eat your meal undisturbed – as nature intended.

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  • http://overthecuckoonest.blogspot.com/ Wicked Prophet Kay Sue

    Okay…number 4 just really makes me wonder what went into that photo shoot. Like, what was the photographer trying to accomplish? I’m really…wondering…

    • http://misuser.blogspot.com Alex Lee

      “A man wich is blinfolded wants to taste vegetables on a brown table. Picture is made with dodge and burn effect.”

      It could be a statement about how complex even the simplest of tasks has become in today’s world. Tasting a vegetable becomes prohibitive with genetically-modified compounds and biological allergies. One wishes to taste but one cannot.

      On the other hand, it could just be about boobs. Yeah, that’s probably it.

    • http://overthecuckoonest.blogspot.com/ Wicked Prophet Kay Sue

      Everything is about boobs in the end.

  • CMJ

    I like to call #7 the reverse boobist

    • Spongeworthy


  • http://www.pileofbabies.com/ Meredith Bland

    That is fucking awesome.

  • Jen TheTit Whipper

    I want #3 just for napping purposes.

    • Maria Guido

      I know. I remember thinking that was the weirdest thing i’d ever seen the first time I saw it. Now I totally want.

    • Jen TheTit Whipper

      I don’t commute anywhere via public transportation. But I still want it.

    • Maria Guido

      I never leave my house and I still want it.

  • http://misuser.blogspot.com Alex Lee

    Or you can eat in total darkness:

    Opaque in NYC – http://darkdining.com/nyc/
    Dark Table in Vancouver – http://darktable.ca/about.html

    • Maria Guido

      You know you need more coffee when you click the link expecting to see pictures.

    • Kelly James


      ❤❤❤ ❤�❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤

  • Véronique the Attachment Shark

    omg the boob mask!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  • Kelly

    I’m going to picture all future anti-breastfeeding-commenters making the #5 face from now on.

  • Samantha Escobar


  • scooby23

    I just commented something similar to this on a recent breast feeding post. YOU STEALIN’ MA IDEAS, GURL!?!?!?!?

    Just kidding, of course. This article is just the cat’s pajamas!

    • Maria Guido

      Maybe? Can you give me some more?

    • scooby23

      Well MAYBE we could do something about all those sancti-lords screaming at people for formula feeding…

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  • Josh

    That’s great, says every mother ever. That’s f*cking stupid, says everyone else.

    • Go away pest

      Juvenile perverts does not equate to everyone else. This site is for mothers and is a resource and support source for them go back to playboy where you can see airbrushed fiction.

    • Amber

      I’m not a mother, and I never want to be. But I still think there’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. Especially since I bet you could turn your head in any direction and see pictures of women completely objectified and sexualized all over advertisements that no one is going to complain about.

    • stellalunaterrasol

      “Every mother ever,” most of them (historically speaking) breastfeeding their children, is how “everyone else” survived to an age of having an opinion about breastfeeding in public. So you kinda just invalidated your own argument, son.

  • Jay

    Or, you could just fuckin DO IT IN PRIVATE. I don’t get it, why’s that so hard? How would you like it if I masterbated infront of you?

    • Supporter of Equality

      Really…. Your stupid is showing. Comparing a completely selfish act of self gratification to feeding a hungry infant shows you intelligence and maturity… Or rather lack of.
      I suppose you think it’s alright for men to walk around topples and women should have to cover up just because their breasts are larger and you can’t help but get turned on by the sight of a bared breast?

    • What a Jerk

      Yeah seeing a woman breast feeding makes me so horny I have to whip it out and rub one off….. I was trying to down vote you for being a moron but the page registered it as an up vote and won’t reverse it. You should practice more masterbation and never reproduce. Have a great day dumb ass.

    • Matticus

      Pardon me for being as insensitive as you, jerk off, but you really should autoeroticly asphyxiate yourself. ASAP.

    • Amber Rodery

      Im positive that yanking on ur wee wee and feeding ur baby is VERY DIFFERENT. How shallow minded and perverted of u and ur wittle wee wee

    • nursing mama

      Really?? Masterbate. Your putting playing with yourself up there with feeding our child? To Masterbate is just that masterbating. My pants are not down or my hand up my skirt with a O face. Its feeding our children. I’m sorry you can’t get past the fact lady’s have beasts for breastfeeding! ! Are you going to go throw a blanket over your cat or bog when they nurse? I never use a cover in public or ever! I have never been approached in a negative way. I do get complements. Many people don’t even realize I’m nursing. I walk about in the store having conversations and it’s not until I go to remove my son of the beast people go oh wow your were nursing? !!” Those are being men” i dont reveal my nipple, and I have large breasts. Really how many nursing mothers have you encountered. Next time you walk around with your fly down I hope someone throws the biggest bitch fit about it.

    • http://BeerBabiesBows.Wordpress.com/ Anna

      If breastfeeding turns you on, you have problems.

    • Erica

      I breast feed and try as I might I cannot always feed in private. I have never tried to make it obvious or known but sir sometimes it just cannot be avoided.
      Obviously you do not know what it is to have an infant because to say Oh just wait until you get home or go by your baby’s schedule is absurd. Not only can she not wait I live thirty minutes from town.

    • laineypc

      I think you are on the wrong discussion board. Try voyeursareus.com or something.

  • Kay

    Is it really that hard to cover up when your in public?

    • Sam

      Yes. It definitely is. Watch a kid screaming and thrashing around under a cover, and you’ll understand. I guarantee you’ll find the screaming and thrashing much more distracting than the breastfeeding.

    • Mary

      Is it really that hard to turn your head? If it bothers you, that’s your problem. You are an adult and fully capable of JUST NOT LOOKING. Why would a mother place some random stranger’s “needs” above her baby’s actual needs?

    • http://BeerBabiesBows.Wordpress.com/ Anna

      How would YOU like your mom to throw a blanket over your head when it’s hot outside? I’m sure you’ll suffocate down there. Exactly. The babies don’t like it either. And they WILL let you know.

    • gina

      apparently in todays society woman cant feed their children before they go out, they lack time management skills, they cant be interrupted or even think about trying to find maybe not so public area to provide nourishment to their infant. they cant be bothered to concern their selves with whether or not their personal need to nurse in public might go against anybody’s belief but their own, its all about their needs, wants and beliefs. Your beliefs do not matter because to them it is irrelevant their not being rude by forcing their beliefs on you. your being a prude and living in the dark ages, and by god whether you want to or not you must either turn your head, get up and leave the room and if you cant oh well get over it you big baby their right to feed in public surpass any moral obligation to be respectful because its natural , your beliefs are irrelevant,to them you are either a prude that needs to see the light or a pervert because its natural you need to adjust your path, if you were eating dinner well move don’t look get up and walk away, because this mother cant be concerned with going out of the dining hall, no its you and the 10 other people because this nursing mother and infant trump your petty modesty beliefs. it is all about them and your just being silly. These woman don’t have to have respect or consideration for anyone. why? because its natural, because they do not share that belief they do not have to be considerate of it they aren’t going to ask they will stand in the middle of the room and nurse their baby if they want and by god you better respect their right to bare all and nurse when and where they want . I sometimes wonder didn’t they realize their infant would need feed or do they just feel a need to prove to the world they can nurse a baby. To all of you wonderful mothers out there that are providing your babies with the very best nourishment on this planet . but just cant handle time management or lack scheduling abilities ,say it loud say it proud I’m a mother that does what’s best for my child , and I am proving to the world . I’m also proving I have no time management skills and my desire and lack of planning mandates that I not only feed my infant in public but I pick the most public area to do this and if that offends every person in the area so be it its natural and your a prude turn your head or walk away cause its all about me . 3

    • Michele Misurelli Gillis

      its all about THEM-not the kids.These mothers that have to complain about covering up have some serious mental issues. They claim to care about their kids needing to be nourished, but can’t seem to remember that fact BEFORE .they leave the house? Nah, its just they arent happy unless they have something to complain about.

    • moonlit

      New born babies eat every 3 hours Michele! It seems to me that it is YOU doing all the complaining and whining.

    • Really??

      My sons ate every hour and a half, for about 45 minutes at a time…for MONTHS. My guess is that you have no children and therefore you have no clue

    • Rosario Añañuca de Fuego

      This comment is so ridiculous, I guess you’ve never breastfed. It’s the only possible explanation for being so lost.
      Also, why do you care? Just look the other way.

    • moonlit

      gina my dear new born babies eat about every 3 hours….let me repeat that for you…new born babies eat about every 3 hours! If mom was to run home for every feeding she would never get anything but driving back and forth done. BTW it isn’t the mother’s personal need to nurse in public it is her baby’s personal need to eat and that my dear is way more important then the possibility of offending some uptight, ignorant fool like you!! There is nothing disrespectful about a mother feeding her child and frankly you not liking this is irrelevant when it comes to a baby needing to be fed.

    • IgnorantAssholesTheseDays

      Really? A newborn feeds about every 3 hours, sometimes more depending on the baby. It’s not about managment skills, it’s about the child. And some women won’t use a bottle, period, because it makes it more difficult for the baby to stay strictly breast feeding. It is not YOUR place to judge anyone. For this worlds sake, I hope you never reproduce. Do us all a favor, and grow up.

    • hope you feel better soon

      I suggest that you begin wearing a burkha so you can be respectful of other’s body modesty beliefs because by their standards you are an abomination. Your desire to walk around with your face showing and your feminine curves showing is clearly disrespectful. It couldn’t possibly be your belief that those with modesty rules different from yours should own their issue and not make it your problem. Our society does suggest that sexual acts should be performed privately but no child’s health depends on your ability to perform those sex acts. Sex,unlike eating, is optional. In particular sex ” needs” don’t occur every 1 to 3 hours for 5 to 40 minutes. My daughter nursed on demand, as is now medically recommended no schedule, for 40 minutes of every 90 minutes for 5 months before becoming more efficient. More that 40 percent of my day was spent nursing, my non nursing time happened in less than an hour chunks. Please look deep within yourself and grow up. The modern western belief that breastfeeding is a sex act is so twisted and odd and I am sorry you have been afflicted with it. Just because you fetishize an act doesn’t mean you have the right not to see it. No matter how many people have naughty thoughts about it you may still eat a bananna, lick an ice cream cone, adjust your shoe, get your hair out of your eyes, lick a spoon, take off your glasses, wear mini skirts, wear trousers, or any of the other acts that people sexualize. Breastfeeding is the reason for breasts, they do not exist for sex but to manage the consequences of sex namely babies.

    • laineypc

      I don’t think people who object to public breastfeeding are prudes. I think we are going through a period of cultural transition in regard to breastfeeding. It is becoming much more accepted, and it’s natural that some people will resist this change, and it’s natural that people on all sides feel affronted and disrespected and by people on the other side.

      I understand that the idea of breastfeeding in public and exposure of breasts (usually at the beginning or end of the feeding) goes against cultural norms you were brought up with and it’s just really hard to imagine changing, even if you wanted to. (But it CAN be done, all it takes is a little compassion. Love can replace the fear you feel. You don’t have to let go of your modesty standards, either! Also, I bet that in the dark ages public bf’ing was the NORM- nobody thought anything of it. It is possible to change how you look at something and not be threatened by that change.)

      The part of your post that bothers me is your judging tone, assuming that breastfeeding in public shows lack of time management skills. You really don’t know any particular woman’s situation, what schedule her infant feeds on, and how that matches that family’s schedule. And why should someone be tied to their home or some private location so as not to offend people? It’s a kind of quiet tyranny that women have been enduring too long. Letting other people’s issues control their day-to-day decisions.

      The other thing that bothered me was assuming women breastfeed in public to make a statement. (Please try to notice when you are making something up in your head to feel better about your belief, and when you actually have evidence for your assumption.) Sometimes, when they’ve been (illegally) kicked out of somewhere for breastfeeding, they do that, to protest the business. But 99.99% of people you see breastfeeding are only doing it because 1) They are feeding and bonding with their infant/baby/toddler who need feeding and physical bonding frequently, and
      2) They want to go about the business of their day and they don’t feel encumbered by outdated cultural norms that force unnecessary inconvenience on them.

    • jayceegrey

      It’s not just today . . http://www.buzzfeed.com/southerndisposition/25-historical-images-that-normalize-breastfeeding-jlw6

      And have you seen the thousands of paintings of the Madonna nursing Jesus? No cover, no private room. Just ‘whipped it out’. There’s even paintings of her squirting breastmilk on people!

      Nothing modern about this movement.

    • Erica

      It used to not be
      Then she became active
      Now she kicks the blanket off
      Wants to look around
      Sweats so bad
      I’m so supposed to make the love of my life suffer so everyone else feels good??
      What would you choose?

    • Rosario Añañuca de Fuego

      Not really, I just don’t think I need to do it because of staring weirdos that could you know, just look away

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  • http://safermidwiferyutah.wordpress.com/ safer midwifery utah


  • Zorbs

    Once I was having coffee with a (former) friend, she asked me, “do you mind if I BF?” and before I could reply “yes”, she whipped her boob out. So what was I supposed to do, turn my head while I was supposed to be hanging out with her? or leave? Yes, I am offended by BF boobs in public and it is not always possible to look away.

    • laineypc

      I agree she shouldn’t have asked you if she wasn’t really interested in an answer. Not waiting for an answer was kind of disrespectful. But she really didn’t need permission, so she shouldn’t have asked, or if she thought you might be uncomfortable, she should have given you a heads up that she planned to be doing it before the moment of truth.

      Here are some ideas for things you could have done/could do in the future:
      Rather than look away, look at it –>another way<–. See it for what it is, a mother feeding her baby, comforting her baby and keeping her busy so the mom, your friend, can talk to you. See if you can change the lens you are viewing this through, your cultural lens that isn't really your fault, it was put on you by your family and other people close to you. Understand that it's distracting because you don't see it very often, so it's a novelty. The more you see women bf'ing in public, the more normal and non-distracting it will be. Just imagine for a second that you could see it as a wonderful thing. Mom nurturing her baby.

    • jayceegrey

      Or just look at her face, you know, like you were doing before she ‘whipped it out’. You weren’t looking at her covered boobs, why would you look at her uncovered boob?

    • moonlit

      I just really do not understand how one can be offended by a mother breastfeeding her baby. Are you offended at females in low cut shirts or bikinis as well? Don’t you realize that breasts are for feeding babies?

    • Zorbs

      I don’t want to see my friend’s bare nipple. What part of THAT do you not understand?

    • Eket

      Is it only women’s nipple that offend you, or do you also avoid pools, beaches, and going outside in the summer so as to not see *any* nipples?

    • Zorbs

      I don’t know what kind of heathen place you live, but I’ve never seen nipples in public other than BF.

    • GrowUp

      “Is it only women’s nipple that offend you, or do you also avoid pools, beaches, and going outside in the summer” As in, would it offend you the same to see a mans nipple. Because let’s face it, a woman just has bigger breasts and nipples. Oh, and ours are used to feed babies. Seriously.. people need to grow up.

    • Roxxxx

      When she ‘whipped’ her boob out did it make a satisfying ‘ker-chchchchchch’ like a whip crack? I have fairly generous boobs and I have never been able to achieve this whipping action that others claim to have witnessed. I’d love to know how it’s done. The best I can do is left one out, not even that fast because I don’t want to hurt myself.

  • Mary Merrill-Stephenson

    This is great! Really made me smile. I proudly nursed my youngest son for 3 years. I only wish I had taken the class with my first son and had the confidence to nurse him for more than 3 months. It’s a wonderful bonding exoerience. I would encourage all new moms to take the class.

  • Michele Misurelli Gillis

    I cannot believe a bf mother has an issue with respecting others- what kind of an example are you setting for your kids? Anyone who has to make such a big deal about covering up in public sure seems to have some kind of other agenda or has some serious mental disorder or is seeking attention or some kind of exhibitionist.

    • moonlit

      How about you try eating with a blanket over your head and see how pleasant it is! Sorry but the only agenda is to feed their baby.

    • GrowUp

      Have you ever breastfed before? If you haven’t, let me explain it. You get into position and before you are able to begin, you try to cover up. But wait, a hand suddenly pulls on the blanket and pulls it off! So, once again you try to cover up, but that little hand comes right back, and this time your baby is getting mad. –Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. By looking around in the public, or in magazines, or watching tv even, you see more nudity there than you would with a breast feeding mom.

  • rogerrramjet

    There are NOT 8 different, they are just variations of the same. I don’t care but some people do so what is so hard about having a lightweight cover up.No one is saying swaddle the baby in wool but something would seem to make everyone happy.

    • NotThatLucy

      Some babies will not feed with ANY type of cover. I guess those babies should starve, right?

  • Skepticalthayne

    I’m age 71. I am also a man. I was nursed at mu Mother’s breasts. I have no anxiety at seeing mothers breastfeed children in public at all. It is natural, people!

  • likewhat

    People seem to get real upset when breasts are used for their intended purpose…

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  • Claire

    Breastfeeding is totally natural, so is the act which made the baby. Why are people so passionately defending public breastfeeding but not public sex, or other natural things like public urination, I mean when you have to go you have to go, right?

  • Bonzai

    Funny how people through the entire history of humans, including societies which we consider “prudish” never noticed or cared about women in nursing in public, but in our supposedly enlightened modern times, so many people are just outraged and insist women should cover themselves for using their breasts for their intended purpose.

    The world has gone backwards in some big ways the last 30 years or so.


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