The Parents Who Lost All Three Of Their Children On MH17 Just Released A Heartbreaking Statement


The Western Australian parents who lost all three of their children when flight MH17 crashed, released a statement today that will break your heart, and make you hold your own loved ones a little tighter.

Anthony Maslin and Marite Norris lost their children Mo, 12, Evie, 10, and Otis, 8, when they travelled on MH17 with their grandfather, Nick Norris. I can’t even wrap my brain around this kind of tragedy. The kids and their grandfather were returning from a family holiday in Amsterdam, while their parents stayed behind. All 298 passengers and crew on board, including 80 children, were killed.

The family released a statement today that begins with, “Our pain is intense and relentless. We live in a hell beyond hell.”

I could barely bring myself to read this statement when I came across it this morning. I can’t even imagine the kind of pain these parents are going through. When you read about this kind of tragedy, it’s almost impossible to fully digest the scope of what has happened – that one family’s house full of children, laughter, and the life they have built could crumble beneath them with no warning.

“Our babies are not here with us – we need to live with this act of horror, every day and every moment for the rest of our lives.

No one deserves what we are going through.

Not even the people who shot our whole family out of the sky.

No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for our children, for Mo, for Evie, for Otis.

No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for Grandad Nick.

No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for each other.

This is a revelation that gives us some comfort.”

“No hate in the world is as strong as the love that we have for our children.” I cried for the family this morning. If only the collective pain that we all feel when things like this happened to other people could help alleviate some of theirs. I know it can’t. But I truly hope this family finds some peace.

(photo: Twitter)

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  • Wicked Prophet Kay Sue

    This is just…there really aren’t any words to express it.

  • LadyClodia the Modest Rat

    It’s truly heartbreaking to think of what they’re going through.

  • Nichole

    And now I’m in tears. This is beyond words but they were very eloquent with theirs.

  • Dctraveler

    This is so difficult and heartbreaking, but their words is what gets to me the most. Their whole statement is hard to read, but worth doing and I wish them as much peace and comfort as they can find.

  • LiteBrite(UterineDudebro)

    “No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for each other.”

    What an absolutely beautiful statement.

    • momma425


      Mascara ruined.

    • shorty_RN

      Seriously. No words.

  • aCongaLine

    oh God that’s awful. Ugly cry.

  • Elyne

    It’s very sad ,and one that hits very closely. All those people and kids killed and for what? A stupid war?

  • Hyperbolme

    What a tribute to the human race these people are! I’m sobbing thinking of their loss – but their statement has such a fundamental hope for life and love beyond this act of terror. I’m so inspired right now to be a better person and love more while hating less. I’m joining with the world in hoping for peace and comfort for this mother and father.

  • guest

    Ugh, this hurts me deep in the gut. Those are some beautiful words that have come out of what has to be an ugly ugly place. I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of agony they’re in to lose both a parent and all of their children in one event. Just ugh.

  • evam

    Those words are heart-wrenching. I wished for death each time I had to say goodbye to one of my fur babies. I can imagine the unrelenting pain this couple is feeling after losing all of their children and a parent at the same time….it is so EXTREMELY unfair.

  • CrushLily

    I can not imagine what this couple must be going through. I think I would be wishing I had died with my kids rather than live without them. The unrelenting media coverage – complete with journalists tramping through the crash site – must be just gut-wrenching for survivors. Its gut-wrenching for ME and I didn’t even know anyone on the plane. And this poor mother’s photograph was plastered across the front page of the local newspaper on Monday, it was an absolute disgrace.

  • shorty_RN

    God, this hurts.

  • PiyuSh Srivastava

    holly crap

  • WhoremonalCrazyLotusSlugalo

    Most beautiful response full of love and hope. That’s what I’ll think of when I look at those sweet faces.