8 Celebrity Moms Who Have Been Bullied By Joan Rivers

joan rivers is satanRemember Joan Rivers, ya’ll? At one point she was a beloved comedienne, former talk show host and Johnny Carson arch nemesis.  But somewhere along the way Rivers devolved from comedy legend to Queen of the Mean Girls. Rivers is now best known for her bullying antics on the E! network’s Fashion Police along with serial fat-shamer Kelly Osbourne and a bunch of other people who are allegedly famous. Over the years Joan has smack talked a ton of famous moms, often with no compassion for what pregnancy child birth can do to a woman’s physical and mental state. Sometimes she doesn’t even wait until the person gives birth to bully them for weight gain (not that it’s okay after child birth or ever). Below are just a few of the famous moms bullied by the fashion police bully patrol. Tell me, why do people watch this garbage again?

8. Kim Kardashian & North West

Kim Kardashian North West meme


Listen, I know this is going to come as a shock to you all, but last year Kim Kardashian had a baby. I know, I know, this is brand new information for most of you! North West, Kim’s baby (with now-husband Kanye West) has been the subject of Joan’s poison tongue a couple of times, most notably when Radar Online reported that she said:

“That baby is ugly. I’ve never seen a six-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing.”


7. Adele

Adele meme


Adele has been a favorite target of the unrepentant Rivers since well before the star became a mom, but the abuse certainly seemed to increase once the singer had a baby in 2013. According to US Weekly:

“She was very scared because she was singing at the awards. She kept saying, ‘My throat, my throat — I don’t know if I can swallow,’” Rivers said on the talk show. “And I said, ‘Oh, yeah! You can swallow.”

6. Christina Aguilera

bitch please Christina Aguilera meme


After giving birth in 2008, Aguilera gained some weight (as women are wont to do) and the attention of the Fashion Police Bully Brigage. In 2012 Rivers said the following about the singer on The Jimmy Fallon show:

“Christina Aguilera, we mentioned that she was fat — I think the joke was, ‘Cows tip her,’” Joan joked. “So, I’m at Spago’s with Melissa, we’re eating dinner and fatso is along the way, she comes lumbering over to my table with that no-neck look, she comes over and says, ‘You gonna finish that?’”

Fatson? Where does Rivers get her jokes, my elementary school gym class circa 1993?

5. Elsa Pataky

Elsa Pataky meme


Rivers oh-so-tactfully poked fun at Pataky’s baby weight while the star was still pregnant earlier this year. Pataky was walking the red carpet during an event and Rivers had some choice words about her:

 “I’m sorry, look at her tummy! She is HUGE. I know why she’s huge, I saw her sonogram,” and making things worse, jerky co-host and fashion stylist George Kotsiopoulos chimed in, “That doesn’t look like a baby bump—looks like a beer belly!”

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    • http://flockeoseagulls.flavors.me/ Frances Frumpy Mumps Locke

      I love everything about this comment. And your boobs are spectacular.

    • candyvines

      Ha, thanks!

  • aCongaLine

    I’m sorry. WHoever fat-shames a pregnant lady carrying twins days before she delivers should rot in hell. Seriously, Joan. WTF.

  • Jem

    I think two of the Cleveland kidnap victims are moms. I remember hearing about how the oldest one was lured to the house with a promise of a puppy for her son. However what Joan rivers said was heinous. She knows what she is doing. She knows saying offensive things makes her money. I mean, E! pays her to be offensive

    • http://flockeoseagulls.flavors.me/ Frances Frumpy Mumps Locke

      Are they? I Googled it, but it wasn’t clear. Did one have a child after they escaped? I have conflicting interviews up. And I completely agree on your assessment of Joan Rivers. She knows exactly what she’s doing. And I refuse to watch E! because they encourage it (well, that and all their shows suck).

    • J.

      Michelle Knight had a child before she was ever captured, they thought she left town she lost custody of her child because they thought she just didnt show up for the custody hearing. Amanda Berry had a child in captivity and Gina DeJesus was pregnant while in captivity but never gave birth. I’m sure everywhere had a lot of coverage of the case but I live in Cleveland and I couldnt stop watching the coverage of it.

    • http://flockeoseagulls.flavors.me/ Frances Frumpy Mumps Locke

      Thank you! I was specifically searching for children AFTER they escaped, so I think I accidentally skipped over some important info. I knew Gina DeJesus was pregnant numerous times and Castro abused her until she miscarried, and I think this added to my confusion. The whole story is just heartbreaking.

    • Spitziehi

      Right-o! People forget the Kardashians are from E! as well and will appear on her show. All the mean things she says are calculated for shock value. I doubt Joan even cares about anyone’s weight.

    • major

      When we make a clear choice to be UGLY to others, you must remember, what goes around comes around. No amount of money should be so important that you find being funny at others expense is ok. I heard someplace that things that parents do wrong will fall upon the children. So I hope that Joan’s daughter and grandson never agreed to her being the QUEEN OF MEAN, and believe all was ok.

  • Jennie Blair

    Honestly I can’t feel bad for a kartrashian, they make their money by being the center of attention, this probably lead to some lame interview about how sad she feels that came with a nice paycheck.

    Fat shaming a pregnant lady is pretty low though.

    • EmmaFromÉire


    • Kelly

      Are you seriously putting that on a baby? It’s his fault you don’t like his mother?

    • http://flockeoseagulls.flavors.me/ Frances Frumpy Mumps Locke

      True, but Rivers was making fun of a baby, which I think is pretty shitty.

    • PJ

      “Fat shaming a pregnant lady is pretty low though”

      Insulting a BABY is even lower.

  • Justme

    This is why I love Ellen. She is still hilarious, but not at anyone else’s expense.

    • http://flockeoseagulls.flavors.me/ Frances Frumpy Mumps Locke

      I love her too for the same reason.

    • Eric Khalifa

      Hello Frances. Accept my request for my Disqus party

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  • Obladi Oblada

    When she started looking like The Joker, she lost the ability to comment on anyone’s appearance.

  • candyvines

    She’s an old woman trying so hard to stay relevant, it’s just sad she has to tear other women down to do it. She is also clearly super insecure.

  • Guest

    You are brilliant and I applaud you.

  • Heather Klutzy Keeney

    This all coming from a woman with more plastic then a Barbie doll. She looks worse then us natural woman.


    A healthy girl is a happy girl,who cares what a wannabe old bag has to say,we men know who the real woman are

  • simoneutecht

    Someone just needs to slap her upside her head. Oh sorry looks like someone already did. And her cronies would be nowhere without her so fucking sad they get away with that bullshit in this day and age. This is why I refuse to watch the E! Channel at all, as long as that “woman” is on.

  • NatayaStarlingetu

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  • Frankie

    Considering what Kelly Osburne and Joan Rivers look like on the best of their days?– the most brittle of glass houses to be commenting negatively on anyone’s appearance.

  • PJ

    I’m glad Joan Rivers pointed out that she’s a comedienne twice in that last one, because I wouldn’t have known it otherwise. She ceased being funny before I was born.

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  • Sam Bowdin

    Joan Rivers has a name that doesn’t belong in civil society. It starts with a C and rhymes with HUNT. She was a nasty bully and what she said about the Palestinians just a month ago was beyond the pale. Good Riddance.