Watching High School Boys Talk About Why They’re Feminists Is The Best Thing Ever

I’m always yammering about how I want to raise my sons not to be total douchecanoes, and nothing has made me happier today than watching this video and seeing how young men articulate why they consider themselves feminists. It’s so amazingly rare that we see men who are proud to identify as feminists who aren’t total mansplainers, and even more rare that we see high school and young college aged dudes who are willing to do so. The young men in the video took the feminism class at LREI during the 20112-2013 school year.

I wish they would all make a mass field trip to George Will‘s house and then make a stop at all high schools to discuss intersectionality and misogyny. I love when the interviewer asks the one kid what the future of feminism is and he replies with a resounding “Us.”

I know it’s sort of a big discussion to have with your boys, about why feminism is important, but I think it’s important for moms to realize we are eventually sending these young guys out into the world where we want them to be good citizens of the world and treat everyone with kindness, respect and equality. We can’t expect our kids to instinctively know these things unless we take time out to explain to them why equality is important. I’m not saying you have to raise your own little tribe of activists, but I am saying that it’s incredibly important that we give our sons the foundation of understanding that everyone, regardless of gender (and of course include race, nationality, and sexual orientation in there too) deserves the same rights and respect. Maybe a woman’s studies course should be required for all high school students like the one shown in this video.

(H/t: Jezebel, Image: YouTube)

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  • Kay_Sue

    Whoa. That was mind blowing. They all articulated the ideas so well. I really want to shake the teacher’s hand (and all of theirs too).

    I feel like feminism should be in dedicated venues in high schools for all of the reasons that they bring up–the things they didn’t know, the things they understand better now, the sheer life-changing scale that it exists on. I wish more schools offered it. I wish my high school had.

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  • K.

    I adore this.
    I can’t articulate how much I adore this, but I’m sharing it everywhere I can.

  • whiteroses

    I would be proud to hold any of these boys up as an example for my son.
    This gives me so, so, so much hope for the future.

  • val97

    I know what I’ll be asking my boys tonight. Thanks Eve.

  • Rachel Sea

    A GOOD women’s studies class. The ones I took were utter shit, with the professor completely rewriting wimyns herstory based on nothing more than her own bias. It was the first time 18 year old me thought that maybe I didn’t want to identify as feminist.

    • Oliver

      There’s one in every college. My wife’s one was also a TERF (Trans exclusive radical feminist) and said horrifying things about transgender individuals and butch lesbians.

      Pre-everything trans lady wife was a mess that semester.

    • Rachel Sea

      Oh don’t even fucking get me STARTED about some of these bitches and their views on trans women. The only thing that stops me from rebutting their arguments with my bare hands is the fact that I know I would hate prison. Goddamn bigots.

    • AP

      Yeah, I met some radical feminists in college too. Their “my way or you’re an enslaving oppressor” worldview is very, very off-putting.

      Feminism is about women deserving respect as an individual, and the individual choice to do what they want with their lives, regardless of their reproductive parts. Shaming someone for being a mom, or working in the fashion industry, because of the body parts they have, is not respect and choice.

  • jendra_berri

    I think classes like this should be widely available. There will be the boys who scoff, but the ones who take it can impact their school environment for the better. And that can have ripple effects after school is out.

    • Coffee Bean

      I agree. So glad these students had the opportunity to be in this class and here’s hoping this type of course will be made available to students who aren’t able to attend highly competitive, $20,000 or so per year schools.

  • brebay

    I want to buy these guys a car.

  • guest

    I think some of them articulated the ideas behind intersectionality better than some of my college students.

  • AngelaRGonzales

    It was the first time 18 year old me thought that maybe I didn’t want to identify as feminist.

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