10 Things Only Parents Understand

If you are a parent, no one else in the world really understand what your life is like. It gets amazingly difficult trying to make all of the rest of the world truly understand your day to day reality. These are just some things that only parents know:

1. Babies like to be held. 

(Image:  Cheese78/shutterstock)

(Image: Cheese78/shutterstock)

No one knows this but if you are a parent you TOTALLY get this.

2. Parenting is hard work 

(Image: sunabesyou/shutterstock)

(Image: sunabesyou/shutterstock)

Every single day at least three times moms walk around carrying full laundry baskets and holding our hand to our forehead because we can’t believe how much laundry we have to do. Only other parents understand this.

3. Parenting is exhausting

(Image: CREATISTA/shutterstock)

(Image: CREATISTA/shutterstock)

Just like this poor mom in this stock photo who had to resort to giving her seven daughters wine to get them to fall asleep, all moms know sometimes it’s impossible to get a break.

4. Sometimes changing diapers is really annoying

Things only parents understand

(Image: michaeljung/shutterstock)

Unless you are a parent, you probably think changing a diaper is about the same as going to a party and partying and hanging out with other adults who are partying but you would be WRONG. Only a parent can understand why changing a diaper can sometimes be annoying.

5. Kids are expensive 

(Image: miroslavmisiura/shutterstock)

(Image: miroslavmisiura/shutterstock)

ONLY parents understand that kid’s things like diapers, food and college educations cost money.

6. You need to keep your kids safe 

(Image: miroslavmisiura/shutterstock)

(Image: miroslavmisiura/shutterstock)

If you enter a home and you see it is lacking in poison, hand guns, used drug needles and hardcore German pornography you can pretty much be sure that a parent lives there because only parents understand that you need to keep kids away from these things.

7. You are too busy caring for your kids to focus on things 

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 10.22.15 AM

ONLY us parents know what it is like to forget things!

8. Being a parent changes you 

(Image: Edler von Rabenstein/shutterstock)

(Image: Edler von Rabenstein/shutterstock)

Until you have kids, you probably have a lot less towels then you do after you have kids. Other things that change are you have kids.

9. Your kids are your kids 

(Image: Jacek Chabraszewski/shutterstock)

(Image: Jacek Chabraszewski/shutterstock)

Only OTHER parents know what I mean by this am I right? LOL!


10. Your kids will always be your kids 

Things only parents understand

(Image: Aletia/shutterstock)

#Forever #Blessed

(Image:  racorn/shutterstock)

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  • squib

    I was scared when I saw the title, but now I love you. And you get what I mean by that, because you’re a PARENT, right???

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      ONLY parents understand these ONLY parents no one else. EVER

  • Guest

    This is absolutely perfect. Amirite??!
    Seriously though, I love it.

  • Bethany Ramos

    Hahahahah of course I get you because I am a PARENT – lolz. Otherwise, no1curr. :(

  • jane

    I clicked all set to be pissed off (because, hello? Didn’t you feature a STFU about this yesterday) but you know, after reading your list, I’m a total convert. I’ll even add one

    11. Love. Before parenting, I thought I had loved, but once I had my kids I realized that my love was merely an insignificant shadow of the true emotion. To risk a metaphor, my love for my kids is like an ice cream sundae with extra chocolate sauce and whipped cream, but my love for my husband is like the last banana flavored Runt I found wedged between the car seats.

  • NotTakenNotAvailable

    I’ve known plenty of parents who kept poison in the house because they chose to (I shudder to type it!) FORMULA FEED, and we all know a REAL parent’s only two options are breastfeeding or starving the baby.

    Also I’ll have you know that the used needles are for a medically necessary drug and the German porn is for, uh, research, SO THERE.

    • AP

      Whenever I hear “German porn” I always think of Cartman’s mom in the South Park movie:

      “Hey, that’s Cartman’s mom!”

      “Mo-om, if you were ever in a German schiezer porn, you’d tell me, right?”

  • Kendra

    I actually didn’t want to open this one because I’m kind of over the list trend, but I’m VERY glad I did! This cracked me up!

  • http://overthecuckoonest.blogspot.com/ Kay_Sue

    I totally get this. Because I’m a parent. #MomLife4Life

  • candyvines

    Seven is mysteriously absent. I suppose I would know what it was already if I had a child outside the womb.

    • http://overthecuckoonest.blogspot.com/ Kay_Sue

      You can only see it if you’ve given birth….

    • candyvines

      I’ll check back in 9 weeks!

    • http://overthecuckoonest.blogspot.com/ Kay_Sue

      You will see what I mean then.

    • Stifler Plays Tennis

      Hold up, there’s an article about the things that I should not say to you in this situation… brb

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      shit I think I will just use you as 7 TY

    • Lilly

      the inception moment I had ready this was quite awesome

    • Stifler Plays Tennis

      EPIC Troll Eve!

      I know you did this on purpose and candyvines just fell for it.

    • Kendra

      Yeah, only parents can see it. DUH

    • CMJ

      DUH, Eve was so tired and forgetful from BEING A PARENT that she couldn’t possibly remember something as trivial as the number 7.

    • candyvines

      #couldnotpossiblyunderstand #iamtheworst #sevenatenine

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      I love how I used your comment

    • candyvines

      Me too, so much.

  • Obladi Oblada

    Mother of pearl, that was funny. Well done @EveVawter:disqus.

  • Ursi

    I have to say, I hear #8 so often from parents and it’s like, you might as well be informing me that the sky is blue. Large scale events that change your live contribute to your evolution as a person? WHO KNEW!??

    These seem to be the same people who have the assumption that this change imparts a greater wisdom or profound sense of oneness with the important things in life.

    What they don’t want to tell you that most of us already know is that although being a parent always changes you, it does not always change you for the better.

    I mean, it sure could do so, but no one ever woke up a better person just because they had a child.

    • http://overthecuckoonest.blogspot.com/ Kay_Sue



      …….the sky is blue. :P

  • Tea

    Aside from the diaper thing, I learned most of these from owning parrots, which is like having a toddler for 50 years.

    • Rachel Sea

      Trying to diaper a parrot would be super annoying.

  • Guest
    • Stifler Plays Tennis

      ^^ needs a Femputer™

    • Guest

      That should have only been one Jon…but really you can never have too many Jons anyway.

  • No Brats

    Even inferior folks with no children know it’s “fewer” not “less” towels…#GrandmaNazism

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      Listen, I am just TOO BUSY with my kids to care about grammar OK? ;)

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  • bvocal

    Thanks so much for letting me know that I am unable to understand these things. Maybe in response I will just be a dick to all parents now, because now I know I simply can not understand….

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      you just can never ever ever understand :( ever.

  • Paul White

    I have three of those things! Granted, the needles are from giving a snake baytril injections….

  • Elisa Probert


    All of us non-parents are just a bunch of Jon Snows. We know nothing!

    Oh, less towels…reminds me, I really need to get more towels. I think we have a gremlin that eats them. I swear, four bath towels have gone missing since moving into this house a year ago.

    • http://overthecuckoonest.blogspot.com/ Kay_Sue

      I wish I could upvote this a million times for the Snow reference!!! :)

  • Spongeworthy

    Eve, take it from me, parents just don’t understand.

  • Ari

    Is this article meant to be sarcastic? Please tell me it is. I am a parent but Jesus Christ most things on this list are pretty common knowledge. And what’s up with the first one? Is it implying you are supposed to carry your baby 24/7? Sorry, I don’t think so.

    • Ari

      And btw. Changing diapers is ALWAYS annoying.

    • Rachel Sea

      Yes, it’s completely tongue in cheek.

    • http://overthecuckoonest.blogspot.com/ Kay_Sue

      They really need to perfect that sarcasm font. ;)

  • Guest

    Am I the only one thinking about how horrible it is someone named their kid SEVEN? Jesus, way to make them feel like a product with just a serial number.

    • candyvines

      LOL, I don’t have a child named Seven. You might be thinking of this guy:

    • Williwaw

      Especially if the kid’s full name is Seven of Nine.

  • Céline

    12 .They always find you when you’re in the bathroom lol

  • St

    I find this article insulting. As a woman without kids I’m not an idiot about the points you listed!
    I realise all of these points! Silly article. I work with kids and know well everything you mentioned.

    Insulting! I get sick of the you don’t understand you don’t have kids comments!! Not all of us are thick or able to have kids but we might actually know a thing or two also like parents. Yes when you have them it takes understanding to a different level but I don’t see how any of the points you have listed for us non mums not blessed to have kids aren’t stupid either!

    • http://overthecuckoonest.blogspot.com/ Kay_Sue

      …uh, you’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re kidding…

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      I KNEW I should have added ” kids need air to survive ” to this list :(

    • shorty_RN


    • Jezebeelzebub

      um… LOL?

  • KH

    This just made my night/day/week!

  • misha

    I love my parents, siblings, and significant other to DEATH! There is no way you can tell me I’m wrong about that. For all you people saying that “you don’t know love until you’ve had kids,” you don’t know what you’re talking about. I think it’s ignorant of all of you pretentious parents to say such a thing.

    • http://overthecuckoonest.blogspot.com/ Kay_Sue

      ……it’s sarcasm. It’s mocking people that say things like these…

      I.e., it’s not serious, and none of us actually believe that these are life-shattering revelations to folks without kids…or that they need to be revealed at all.

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