10 Parents Having Potty Training Problems From The Whisper App

Potty training isn’t one of the most thrilling aspects of raising children. It isn’t like any of us jump up and down with glee, super excited we get to teach one of our kids to eliminate their bodily wastes in either an adult toilet or a plastic junior-sized one that may or may not play a happy little tune when the seat is lifted. Most of us don’t get super psyched about bodily functions, but seeing all these crybaby memes on the Whisper website makes me feel like some of these parents are just getting a bit too stressed out about potty training, or at least are getting their #woeismom ya-yas out of the way by bitching about it anonymously. Here are 10 random parents who really, really are not very happy about potty training:



You and me both, pal. But it isn’t like if you actively hate it you should start doing it. A kid can tell if you are having all sorts of resentment about teaching them to go, and you should probably wait until you are less stressed about the whole thing to start potty training. Or else you will raise a little serial killer or something.



Yeah, that can happen, especially if you are letting your kid run around sans diaper and aren’t asking them every few seconds if they have to go potty.



Four seems a bit old but it is not totally uncommon. And more than likely this kid is just engaged in some anti-potty-power struggle with mom. Plus, if she would just go visit her pediatrican rather than post an anonymous meme on Whisper she could probably rule out any medical reasons for her kid refusing to go.



Pee on carpet is an issue, but so is not being able to spell the word “carpet.”



Parenting “secrets” like this always seem weird to me, because as an adult can’t you just waltz on over to your partner and ask them to please put the phone down and help you?



I love it when random people post things like this, because all they are basically doing is humble-bragging all about how they have all the answers. The answer in this case is wandering around Wal-Mart with shit in your pants, so I’m not sure this poster has the best parenting advice.



I can’t decide what is worse, having a toddler shit in your houseplant or not noticing for a few days your toddler has shit in your houseplant.
04f89e094df38f4674075bb889a27dc2508c18-wmWell, this is disturbing… someone quick post a reply : I glad ur askn but no you dnt hit kids who have accidents.


I’m so glad they added that “lol jk” at the end or we would have to tally call CPS on them. I joke about trading my own kids for puppies and kittens hourly and never add a lol jk to it.

And this is probably the best one, because it makes zero sense at all:



Just like living!

This is just some random goofy sort of Forrest Gump BS that I now plan on using all the time. Doing dishes is hard! Just like living! Taking out the trash is hard! Just like living! Living is hard! Just like living!

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  • Kendra

    The one about not being able to afford diapers made me a bit sad. :(

    • Igottagetoutmore

      Me too. I wonder if there are diaper banks where that person lives and if they know they can get help from social services?

      Unfortunately there are lots of people who cannot afford diapers. I always try to donate diapers in different sizes to local drives.

    • wialno28

      I have a friend that has used cloth diapers with each of her three kids, in part to save money. It might not be a feasible option for everyone, but it might help some people.

    • TwentiSomething Mom

      Yea, my son is 3 and I’m having trouble affording pull ups as is but at 13 months? She may have a long way to go until her child is out of diapers.

    • MellyDanielsisf321

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    • Jallun-Keatres

      Yeah me too. I’d say get thee to Craigslist because people often sell/give away half open boxes. Also, maybe EC is the way to go for this family. In a non-gross way.

  • ins0ma

    My 3 year-old has potty power struggles with mom but not with me (dad) for some reason. She has accidents when mom is around, but when I have her on my own for a few days (mom’s business travel) she uses the potty every time. Maybe for some people struggling with it a change in “potty supervisor” might help?

    • Tinyfaeri

      Best lesson ever learned from any job was in a retail position in high school: A change in people scenery can fix a lot of things.

  • TwentiSomething Mom

    Potty training does suck. Big time. First tried when he was 2, he’s now 3 and refuses to go. Most day cares and nursery schools won’t take 3 year olds that aren’t trained so I’m basically stuck with where I have him which is a commute.

  • Valerie

    I think a lot of parents struggling to potty train are starting too early before their child is ready. I know I did with my first and we struggled for months. But I took my sons lead and he was a bit older but there was no fight. He trained fully in 2 days. I know you have to push with some kids or it won’t happen but that’s not usually the case.

    • Bethany Ramos

      Teach me your ways….

    • Valerie

      Lol. We just followed his lead. I knew pushing him was fruitless. I didn’t use rewards because I didn’t know if that was a habit we would be able to break. We just encouraged him when he showed interest and told him he could pick out cool big boy undies once he had stayed dry in his pull ups for a few days.

    • Kendra

      I’m with Bethany. I want your secrets. I’m going to start trying with my daughter on memorial day weekend, because I’ll have the extra day. I appreciate any tips that don’t involve giving stickers or treats!

    • noelle 02

      Wait til nearly three. Sooooo easy then. Or start at 18 months and kid will finally be fully trained at….nearly three.

    • I Need a New ScreeNname

      Val, you should market:

      Valerie’s Secrets™

    • Valerie

      Dude, can we do StevenStifler? Or ZackMorris?

    • I Need a New ScreeNname

      NO! >:(

      They’re way too obvious troll profiles. I’m a bit more creative than that

    • Valerie

      Don’t yell at me. I’m only ever nice to you, Butt!
      You aren’t really a troll here anymore, though. Maybe you should pick a generic first name that isn’t actually yours.

    • I Need a New ScreeNname

      :( I’ve lost my troll ways

      My troll friends will surely find out and censure me

    • Valerie

      I don’t think you’ve lost them- you’ve just found a place you seem to enjoy hanging out in and you don’t want to be a troll here. I think that is perfectly ok. And if your troll friends don’t like it, send them my way- you saw me flip out in Beth’s boy’s with long hair post. I’m meannnnn.

    • I Need a New ScreeNname


      maybe I can be mean to the dumb moms in here?

    • Valerie

      Or just the mean ones. :-) You can be on Troll Patrol. It would take one to know one, right?

    • I Need a New ScreeNname

      I would do troll patroll, but there aren’t too many trolls in here

      (I’m watching you WMDkitty, you insult Kay again and it’s over)

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Your troll friends are just jealous cause their moms don’t let them hang out with girls.

      Plus, WMDkitty is like an OLD regular. She used to be on here all the time and wasn’t usually snarky, but I don’t think she knew who all the new people were and it’s seems like…..do we all have territorial issues? Is there any chance a snap-dance/war could happen like in West Side Story? I think that’s what happened. New people on her old turf.

    • Linzon

      It was the same way with us. My son was 3.5 when he finally potty trained but he was damn ready. We took off his diaper and pants, he had one accident, and he’s been good to go ever since.

    • Valerie

      Yeah, Ben was about 2 years 9 months or something like that but by then, he was old enough to notice his older sister used the potty. It was very easy for him to make the connection with her example to follow. I tried with my daughter before she was 2- wayyyy too early considering she was showing no interest. I had 2 in diapers, I was desperate! Lol.

    • ted3553

      Glad to hear this ladies. My lilttle one is nearly 2 and I’ve already had people ask if i’m starting to potty train him. To me, i’d way rather change a diaper than have to deal with an accident in the middle of a store/restaurant etc. I figure i’ll wait until he’s ready and hopefully we can make it a short transition.

  • keetakat

    #5…“to make things worse all my husband does is sit on his phone :(”

    A) Well there’s your problem right there! As an example, you’re not supposed to sit on the phone, you’re supposed to sit on a toilet.

    B) Hmmm… If you are “whispering” on your phone and your hubs is doing his phone thingy, who’s potty training your kid, really.

  • igottagetoutmore

    My guy is super resistant to change. He wasn’t ready..we waited until after 3 for daytime and he got it in less than 2 days …he wore pull ups at night til his 4th bday because it was more important that once he was asleep he stayed asleep. We talked it up before his bday and said let’s get rid of them and we did. A few accidents (deep sleeper) and that was it.

    I saw too many friends struggle for months trying to train their kids who for whatever reason weren’t ready..call me lazy but i didn’t want to spend all my days cleaning up piss or washing sheets over and over and trying to comfort a miserable wet woken up kid.

  • I Need a NeW ScreeNname

    When someone asks this kid what he was doing on 7/8/1996, he will always know


  • I Need a New ScreeNname

    Thanks Evebama!

    • JustaVisiting

      Were you originally Butt Trophy Recipient? Just asking. ;)

  • Nat

    I’d like to point out that the point of the Whisper App is to post a SECRET. They are often sad, or upsetting, or whatever because they are these people’s secrets that they are too afraid to admit to anyone else. Snarking and making fun of them isn’t helping. It’s cruel. Way to bash someone who is freeing themselves of this secret they are ashamed to tell anyone they know, so they post it on an anonymous app.
    This article is rude and mean spirited. Way to go Mommyish. Very supportive.

  • Hibbie

    Bahahahahhaaha at the potted plant one.

  • SA

    Our biggest mishap potty-training so far is that kid has decided that her stuffed animals need to go potty too. Bunny was baptized in the toilet over the weekend.

  • Kay_Sue

    I have to be honest. The carpet one broke my heart. I just…that’s awful. That’s an awful place for a parent to have to be.

    • TheGiantPeach

      I know. I teared up when I read it. If I knew anything at all about that woman I would help her out.

    • Kay_Sue

      I so agree.

  • wialno28

    This article seems unnecessarily harsh and judgmental and not at all what I’ve come to expect from this blog. Wow.

  • http://rejouvancefacts.com/ Nozihence smith

    I have recently become mummy of a sweet son :) and after reading this article, i’ll ve to be strong to train my son for this job. ha ha..

  • That_Darn_Kat

    My daughter was completely potty trained in 6 months (before she hit 3), while my son has JUST finished potty training…at 5 1/2 years old (developmental issues). Potty training sucks, that’s for sure.

  • The Kez

    Eve, I really like you, but you sound like an asshole in this piece. Don’t you have like a heap of kids? Don’t you remember how much potty training really fucking sucks? I’m now in my 10th month and my kid has done a poo in the toilet exactly 5 times. So that’s roughly 300 poos I’ve wiped off the floor or scraped out of underpants. It’s not the end of the world but it is really frustrating. People should be able to vent occasionally…