Someone Needs To Tell Tila Tequila That A Baby Can’t ‘Save Your Life’

But what I do know, and that I can say from absolute experience, is that having a baby is a wondrous and exciting time for any mom. It’s thrilling to think of the child growing inside you, and of course you are super excited and eager to share every detail with the world. The only thing is, a baby can’t save your life, and there will be times when you look at this tiny little mewling thing and think what have I done? Motherhood can be alienating and lonely and stressful and despite all her issues, and the fact she has said some pretty offensive things over the years, I just hope Tila has support for when US Weekly stops calling.

(Image: Facebook)

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  • Valerie

    Eeeekk. None of this sounds very healthy at all. :-(

  • overit

    She is slightly off her rocker but I’m annoyed you would rather pick on a loving mother rather than all the abusive parents who just happen to say the (according to you) right things in public. A baby can save your life in a sense. It can give you direction and purpose again. This poor girl recently had a brain aneurysm due to drug use. Maybe she is saying the baby is helping her heal and find reasons to be happy and persevere?

    • Eve Vawter

      How can she be a “loving mother” when she doesn’t have a baby yet? I’m not picking on her, I just hope she realizes it isn’t all kittens and rainbows.

    • Kat

      Yeah and it’s easy to do that, especially if you really need something to be kittens and rainbows about.

      Kids are most certainly not all kittens and rainbows (I’m looking at you with my white sweater, in the kitchen skating on mustard)

    • Valerie

      I did not get the impression at all that Eve was picking on her.

    • whiteroses

      If you’re counting on your child to do save you/fix your relationship/fix your life/give you direction, you’re in for a world of hurt. The only thing a child HAS to do is be a child. You’re an adult who needs to fix their own lives. If you can’t do that, then you need to reevaluate a lot before your baby is born.

  • Snarktopus

    Oh my god, I can’t do it, not “edition to the family”. “Addition”.
    Also, I agree that she seems to be putting an awful lot of pressure on a tiny human who isn’t even here yet….

  • pixie

    Only 10 weeks and already announcing to the world?
    She seems a bit unstable with her obsession over her unborn child, but I wish her zero ill will and really hope nothing bad happens (you’re never out of the clear for miscarriage technically, but doesn’t the chance drop off significantly at 12 weeks?). I also hope that someone who cares about her might see her behaviour as alarming or unhealthy and talk to her about it, make sure everything is ok and possibly direct her to a professional if it really seems like she needs some help mentally before the baby comes along.

    • whiteroses

      I agree. She’s putting a lot of emphasis and pressure on someone who isn’t even breathing air yet.

  • Alex Lee

    She’s very psychologically-attached to this fetus. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s only 10 weeks into pregnancy and there’s a LOT of time left before the actual birth. She’s set her “mental exertion” bar very high right from the start.

    No mention of the dad. Hopefully, she’s not consciously excluding him. I can understand how she wants as much attention on her and the baby, but single parenting can be HARD.

    She also strikes me as a candidate for post-partum depression.

    • ArrrB

      She’s psychologically attached to the ca$h she thinks this fetus will bring her. Who else would announce to the WORLD that she was only 10 weeks pregnant–especially a woman with a history of supposed miscarriages? Who would activate a Twitter and a Facebook account just before they announce their pregnancy? And who’s first “follows” on Twitter would be a long list of PR firms?

      This is about money and fame. This isn’t about a baby that may or may not even exist.

    • Kat

      Wow. Someone’s done his homework.

    • ArrrB

      Not homework; I used to be a fan a few years ago. Then she flew off the handle and I backed away from reading her posts because it just got sad to watch. But whenever her name is in the tabloids, I will read a story. And anyone who has paid attention knows that every year or so, a “I’m pregnant” and “I miscarried!” Tila Tequila story will pop up. It’s like the groundhog–it must mean 6 more weeks of winter or something.

    • Kat

      There was one mention of the dad. “Daddy loves you very much too!” or something like that.

  • Esther Lopez

    I didn’t know who was Tila Tequila but I think she has a contradictory public name. She doesn’t seem very relaxed as her name means and I am afraid for what I have read that her strong attachment to a person who hasn’t born yet it is very intense. I only wish her to find a good path and some common sense before her baby starts to walk or she will have problems again of the same kind she had in the past.

  • Kendra

    Eh, I think this is fine. She’s excited and if the baby helps her to stay clean, then that’s awesome. Look how much Snooki has turned around since she got pregnant. It does happen to some people.

    • LiteBrite

      My husband’s cousin’s daughter was rather unstable. Then she got pregnant unexpectedly, and, at least according to her FB posts, seemed to have an unhealthy attachment to the fetus. I’ll be blunt: I did not have a lot of hope for either her or her child, but surprisingly, she seems to have taken to motherhood quite well. Being a mom has forced her to reevaluate her choices.

      So, I agree; it can happen. I should also add though that she has a very strong support network around her, which I’m sure helps immensely. Hopefully TT has the same.

    • ArrrB

      That’s fantastic; unfortunately, babies are not a trial-and-error type thing, where if you’re crazy and it turns out that the baby doesn’t un-crazy you, you can just send the kid back.

    • LiteBrite

      I’m aware of that. Like I said, the woman in this case has an excellent support network which has helped her tremendously. If she didn’t, I’m sure the outcome would be very different.

    • whiteroses

      Oh, hands down. My cousin has done a 360 since she had kids. If she didn’t have people in her life helping her, it would have turned out completely differently.

  • MaryLErgstrom

    I know it has definitely changed me, and I’m already thinking about having more. I just want my baby to be proud of me and to know how much I love him or her.

  • Kay_Sue

    A new “edition” to the family….let that one sink in folks.

    Okay, done? I’ll post real stuff now. I would not say that I knew my son was saving my life in utero, but I did feel a focus on getting my life straightened out. I committed myself to my mental health, and I worked hard to go to school and find a job. I had a focus that I had lacked before, because I knew early on that I was going to be a single mom, and I knew that I had to be strong for him. So…I get that a baby can be life changing, and it can be a positive force in your life as a woman. That I get. I also wrote letters to my unborn child while I was working through my issues. In a journal. That is buried in the back of my closet. Not online for everyone, but that’s another story.

    But you’re right, this is a crazy amount of obsession. I also take everything that Tila says with a grain of salt. She’s been known to fabricate things for attention, and I haven’t seen her in the “news” in a bit, so….I wouldn’t put it past her.

    • Kitsune

      Yeah, I would say that wanting to be pregnant was a major catalyst for changing a lot of things I was avoiding dealing with like my mental health issues and my career situation but I would never feel comfortable putting the pressure of all that on an adult let alone a child. I needed to save myself and I was/am the only person who can do that, with support as needed.

  • Heya

    She faked a pregnancy back in 2010. Google it. This chick needs some mental help.

  • Courtney Lynn

    The only thing I see being a matter of concern is if she doesn’t realize that this kid is going to wake her up. There will be a lot of crying and sometimes nothing you do will stop it! There will be hard, frustrating moments before this kid is even a year old. I have “easy” kids and have had many of these moments. It sounds like she’s idealizing the experience. It’s wonderful, but it’s scary as hell, too.

  • Butt Trophy Recipient

    She’s a disgrace to all the tequilas out there

  • ArrrB

    No, no–what she MEANT to say is “my baby just paid my rent”…she’s going to get money from the tabloids and then “tragically” miscarry like she has 5x in the past.

    • Kat

      Has she?

    • ArrrB

      Oh hell yeah! It’s easy find–all over the internet. What is sad is women who actually do miscarry and endure that pain, and this freak is using procreation as some sort of publicity stunt.

  • Rachel Sea

    I hope she hasn’t quit therapy.

  • brebay

    Sometimes people with mental issues do seem to improve with a baby. Babies don’t argue, don’t have their own ideas, don’t have much of a personality, and only want you. Plus, the sheer time and energy they take can often be pre-occupying, which can be a good thing for people with certain diagnoses. HOWEVER, it’s really a temporary fix, and without addressing the underlying issues, they will simply re-present themselves as the child gets older. pulls away, seeks independence, becomes less attached to you, has a personality that may be difficult. I hope she seeks help so that she’s ready for a toddler, a preschooler, a tween, teen, etc. Babies, in many ways, are the easiest part for someone with mental health issues.

  • Justme

    My MIL lost her husband to suicide over ten years ago. My husband is an “older” first time father and I think my MIL never expected him to get married or have children. Having said all that, it sets up the scenario where my MIL puts all her love and devotion into my daughter. I have no problem with people loving my child, but when it is replacing something that is missing in your life or “saving you”…that’s where it gets unhealthy. My MIL is putting all the love she can’t give to her husband into my daughter and that is a really unfair thing to do to a three-year-old. Having a child won’t solve any problems, or magically turn your life around…and it certainly won’t fill the whole that another person left in your life.

  • Elizabeth Aspen

    Sad. I say the kid will be placed in foster care before it’s a year old. Poor thing.

    • Kat

      Even if you might be right, let’s not throw shit like that. It’s beyond fucked up.

  • Hana Graham

    Oh Tila :(

  • Kat

    The replacement addiction — it’s a disaster. Especially drug addiction to baby? That might not end well.

    I don’t know much about Tila though, and I didn’t even know she was an addict. As a recovering addict, (obligatory explanation: I’ve been clean several years, but an addict is always recovering) it sounds precarious to me.