Mommyish’s Mother’s Day Contest: Tell Us The Worst Thing You’ve Taught Your Child!

Mommyish Mothers Day Contest This Mother’s Day, Mommyish is taking a moment to honor moms best accidental lessons. We all do our best to make sure our kids are perfectly special little snowflakes. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, we manage to teach them the worst lessons instead. Every mom since the dawn of time has accidentally taught her kid something terrible. Whether that be enriching their vocabulary with profanity or passing down our penchant for eating Nutella out of the jar with a fork. This is what moms are for, not only sharing our wonderful traits and habits with our children, but also helping them to learn from mistakes (normally ours). So this year, we want to hear about the worst thing you accidentally taught your children! And the best worst thing is going to win a fabulous prize.

How To Enter:

  • Leave your comment below telling us what the worst thing you taught your child is, and the comment with the most up votes from the Mommyish community wins.
  • You can only leave one entry comment, and to make it easy on everyone you should add the word ENTRY: before your entry.
  • You can have your friends and family up vote your comment, and feel free to campaign hard in your entry comment about why you should win. Share this link and let people know to go and vote for you!

You have until Thursday May 8th, 11:59pmEST to campaign for your comment.

Comment with the most upvotes will win a $100 Gift Card to Target.

Also, for those of you who were too lazy to teach your kids something terrible, we are not leaving you out either. Anyone who likes Mommyish on Facebook and enter the entry box below is entered to win. So one derelict mom will win a $100 Gift Card to Target for teaching her kid a hilariously terrible lesson. And one of you gets the same prize for just liking us. Win win!

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Sorry, this Contest Ended on 05/08/2014

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  • Debra Mathews

    Entry: My 10 year old came home from school the other day and told me some kid kept calling poor because she doesn’t have an IPhone. She does have a flip phone because I don’t think there is any reason she needs to do anything because call some one on her phone. Any way, I told her next time start crying, that will get him in more trouble than just tattling on him. I did realize later that I was teaching my daughter to manipulate people with tears. I’m a horrible mother!

  • Allison Byron

    ENTRY – I was absolutely going crazy with my daughters tattling on each other for any and every little thing the other child does, both of them even started tattling on the baby (8 month old brother). I got so sick of the “MOM SO AND SO DID THIS (in seriously whiny voice) I finally snapped and told my girls that “snitches get stitches, and they needed to stop tattling on each other because people don’t like tattle tales”. Now I’m afraid they are going to grow up sneaky, Shame on me!

  • Brooke Mayberry Bair

    ENTRY: I taught my three year old daughter to eat whipped cream out of the can. I was sneaking a treat and she caught me and wanted some as well. Its safe to say I’ve learned to hide my bad habits… And only do whipped cream shots when she’s in bed!

  • fabher

    When my son was 3 we were on our way to a drs appointment and were rudely cut off as we were trying to get on the off ramp. I had to slam on the breaks and swerve to avoid hitting them and yelled out “You fucking douche.” Now even at 6 whenever i happen to slam the breaks for any reason he yells it out and smiles so triumphantly.

  • Michelle Mitchell

    I inadvertently taught my son to smack my husband’s butt. I am always playfully pinching and smacking his butt, I don’t usually do it with my son around but I blanked just one time and did it in front of him and that was all it took. So now he spanks daddy because of me. Woops.

  • ctpdenver

    I told my kids that they may not have another cookie unless they finish the ones on the floor.

  • Amy S

    ENTRY: (actually I don’t know if this qualifies as I am trying to win my mama a present, but I wanted to throw this out there!) My mother taught me that only “easy” girls shave above their knee. Until I went away to college, I had no idea that most girls actually shave their thigh. I still have a little slut-shame when that razor goes up to high! Thanks Joan.

  • Ashley Austrew

    ENTRY: Someone cut me off in traffic a few weeks ago–very close call in our brand new car–and I involuntarily let out an “Oh dammit!” From the backseat, I hear my 2.5 year old say, “Dammit? What ‘dammit’ means?” I explained that it’s a grown up word and not nice and we should use better words to express ourselves. My daughter was quiet for a few minutes, then said, “Mom? Can I pretty please say it? Just a little bit of dammit?”

    Aaaaand now she doesn’t outright say dammit all the time, but about once a day she turns to me and says, “Mom, I’m about to say ‘Oh dammit!’”

  • aCongaLine

    My 2.5 year old, when frustrated, will yell “GODDAMNIT FITCHES!” This has only been going on for a week. We’ve been trying to replace it with “Oh man!” but, so far, notsomuch. It’s a work in progress.

    Thankfully, my overbearing, boundary stomping SIL has pointed out that all of my daughter’s faults are seeded with me, so, clearly, I’ve already been awarded the “Worst Mom of the Year” award.

  • Trina Cash

    ENTRY: German swear words. The only German taught to me by my mom, and I am handing the tradition down through the generations.

  • JennaLynn

    ENTRY: I know this is probably too late to win but had to share anyway:

    In preparing for my second child, I made a birth playlist and included Macklemore’s Thift Shop as one of the songs and we listened to this playlist ALOT. My son, who is just 2 apparently loves it. He was a late talker and still doesn’t say much so when he started saying “What, what, what” at the beginning my husband and I thought it was so cute. Not as cute- he now also says “cold-ass honky”…whoops! Luckily he doesn’t say it very clearly so we tell the grandparents he is talking about hockey when he says it around them!

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