Alicia Silverstone Refuses To Vaccinate Her Kid Because, Miso Soup

2013 American Music Awards - ArrivalsIn Alicia Silverstone‘s new parenting guide, The Kind Mama, she explains that her son Bear’s healthy, kind, plant-based diet is the reason he’s never been sick. She refuses to vaccinate him, because the bowl of miso soup he has for breakfast every morning is just as effective as injecting him with a vaccine developed by decades of peer-reviewed scientific research and testing. Obviously.

I’m not really surprised by this inane holistic approach, she is the brains behind the Kind Mama Milk Share program, in which anonymous women on the Internet send their unscreened breast milk to mothers who have low supply, because receiving milk that hasn’t been screened for disease by strangers whose health you have no idea about is way “kinder” than supplementing with formula. Excuse me while I go bash my head against a wall for a few minutes.

I’m back! In an interview with People magazine she said, “I’m not against Western medicine. The problem is we’re using it as a first step for everything, even when it’s not needed.” Vaccinating your child against disease and protecting herd immunity is not the same thing as trying to get a prescription for antibiotics every time you feel a slight scratch in the back of your throat. It’s just not. The problem with assuming vaccinations are “not needed,” is that if you happen to be wrong – too late. Your child is sick.

Silverstone says of her son, ‘Because his body is a super-clean, healthy machine it can defend itself and flush out all the nasty stuff much more quickly than a baby whose diet isn’t as kind.’ Okay, I’ll humor her. Maybe Bear is so healthy that if he fell ill with one of the diseases we vaccinate our children against he would actually be able to fight it off quickly. But what about those people who don’t have diets that are as “kind” or immune systems that are as healthy? Does she care about the public menace that is electively unvaccinated children at all? Obviously not.

‘As far as critics, I’m very secure in the choices I make because I’m really informed and I trust my instincts and when I need help, I go to the people I see parent or birth or be pregnant in a way that was really inspiring me.’ 

Sorry Alicia. I don’t see what’s so “kind” about potentially putting the public at risk by refusing to vaccinate your child. I don’t see what’s so “kind” about blindly turning your head to decades of research and refusing to realize what diminished vaccination rates are doing to the spread of diseases that were all but eradicated. I have another adjective, but The Clueless Mama probably wouldn’t sell as well.

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  • David Foster

    Today April 23 I submitted a reply to the following comment from Dorit Reiss, I thought it was a rather good comment actually, and now I would like to know why I no longer see it? Was it purposefully removed?

    Is this how it works? Your author publishes an obviously biased pro-vaccine article, and then when someone comes along and makes one of your most prolific commenters look bad, you censor him?

    Dorit Reiss:

    CHOP is a respected hospital. And their Vaccine Education Center is
    run by Dr. Paul Offit, a doctor and extensively published scientist, a
    man whose expertise is actually vaccine, a man who devoted himself to
    saving and protecting children’s lives. Anti-vaccine activists attack
    him because he’s knowledgable, eloquent, and fearless. But they can’t do
    away with his achievements and knowledge.

    Safeminds, on the other hand, is an anti-vaccine organization, with no scientists:

    The link you provided is a good example of misusing science. It includes
    studies that are not about vaccines and thimerosal, animal studies and
    some very bad anti-vaccine studies (like Gallagher’s:….

    Basically, every one of their human studies was debunked, as summarized in Liz Ditz’ list:

    • Matt

      I had those issues a few times. ;)

  • rthompson27

    What I find hilarious is that you SAY “years of research” like you know that to be true. There’s plenty of info out there and parents CAN inform themselves rather then trust doctors (because we know they never lie right?) RESEARCH is something there has not been enough of but people ASSUME it has. Just keep letting those doctors put poison in your children. When I was a kid nobody had a peanut allergy..allergies were very minimal period..autism was not a thing…all this stuff is linked to vaccines you just have to look.

    • guest

      V, I’ve been wanting to reply, but each time I click on your profile, it seems to be bringing up that of my arch nemesis vax pro.

      How odd… innocent crossed wires or hack job? No time to ponder the ways of vax blogs for now. Am late to volunteer at the vax damaged orphanage.

      Hopefully this site, disqus, et al, will have the conundrum solved when I return.

      Mawh V! ;)

    • V

      Not sure how that happened, but I don’t have a profile, maybe that’s why…

    • guest

      It’s fine. I posted to you a few lines up and blamed it on the computer so I don’t have to be the one walking around like a woman with her skirt tucked in her panty hose. Oh that’s a hideous sight, and an even bigger faux pas then t.p. on shoe. ;)

      Have a great evening V!

    • V


    • V

      Thank you for being a voice! I’m sure it’s not easy stooping so low. On behalf of my vaccine injuried child, I’m grateful for those who continue to stand up for their rights. :)

    • guest

      It’s an honor to do so V. But I truly appreciate your sentiment. More and more people are questioning govt. tainted studies, and are fighting back against big pharma bullies .

    • V

      I thanked you (see below). :)

    • Proponent

      From your post above alone.. quite clear that there is not much to be gained from any exchange with you.

      And I suspect, if your friends, such as ‘guest’ below are any indication.. that the discourse would not be pleasant either.

      You apparently have all the answers, are close-minded.. and intolerant.. of any conflicting or dissenting opinions.

      Good luck engaging anyone.

    • guest

      Someone may engage you if you learned to speak proper english. Nah! You’d still be walking around with toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe.

    • notation

      Oh, LOOK! Guess who you are! It’s suz! What a dishonest little weasel you are.

      Proponent is perfectly coherent and understandable. What’s mystifying is what you’re babbling about. And “English” is ALWAYS capitalized, genius.

    • guest

      English, or *any* language is not capped by ME a$$wipe, unless it begins a sentence; just as I don’t my proper name.

      And guess why I’m here trailer trash? ‘Cause I’m on vaca, and a different computer, that magically brought me back to guest.

      You and the *parrot FARTER* pro, are foolish twits thinking there’s anything but an honest mistake, and forgotten passwords when I change internet devices. Whatever!

      When I get home, it’ll probably resort back to suz, unless I feel like searching for passwords. NOT!

      But I don’t care what either of you call me, as low as I never stoop to being trailer trash like you, and TOILET PAPER ON SHOE, like parrot farter pro.

      Buh bye notASStion. Mwah! ;)

    • notation

      By you? As if you matter. The words “English,” “French,” “German,” and the like are always capitalized.

      You’re an idiot.

    • guest

      Just a *global* person, not hung up on proper names, or geographical borders, unless I’m writing a legal document trailer trash.

      But since you *love* caps so much, here’s some just for you.


    • guest

      Will the real V please stand up? Before logging off several hours ago, I responded to you under V. While clicking on your avatar, it kept bringing up proponents profile.

      When I came back on the site, I see both V’s are now rthompson27. Does anyone wanna’ clue me in? Am I responding to V, rthompson27 OR heaven forbid, proponent?

    • V

      There is a real V, I just don’t have a profile here. It looks like you’re responding to rthompson27, not t.p. shoe dude. I’ve sort of stopped getting into it with the pvers because I’m hoping, if I ignore them, maybe them and their anecdotal stories and accusations will go away.

    • V

      I meant, this is the real V.

    • guest

      Thank you V. I was just going to edit my comment, since after going back to check your first post, I found that it does still say V. So I wanted to correct my post above, but am glad that you posted again.

      However, when I replied to the rthompson27, before leaving the site earlier, I was certain it said V. Perhaps a computer glitch.

      We certainly wouldn’t want anyone to blame the operator now would we? ;)

      And unfortunately V, I think we may be plagued with the likes of t.p. shoe dude, et al, for some time.

    • guest

      Regardless of what I should call you, [kinda' like ME, I guess (t) tee hee ;) ], your post above looks like you’ve been on the ‘freedom for vax choice’ advocation bandwagon for a long time; from the screw ups of the cdc/fda, to the increasing population with severe allergies.

      Thank you V – rthompson27.

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  • notation

    Brava! Excellent skewering of Silverstone, and well-deserved!

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  • notation

    So cia parker, as she always does, is now trying to use diversionary tactics to cover up the fact that she was wrong about rabies vaccine and can’t cite any studies that prove what she claimed was true. Therefore, she must change the subject to vaccines and immunity for feline leukemia.

    Nice try, you fraud. You, as usual, don’t know what you’re talking about, and as I correctly predicted, you were unable to cite any credible sources to back up your ridiculous claims that the “rabies vaccine is dangerous. Everyone knows that.”

    Good going, “doctor” parker.

  • notation

    So cia parker, the conspiracy theorist, shows her true stripes once again. She can’t back up her claim that rabies vaccines provide lifetime immunity. What a shock.

    It’s a hoot, watching her try to pretend she’s a veterinarian or an MD.

    Except it’s pretty pathetic, how much time she spends doing just that. I guess she’s better at pretending to be a doctor than she is at pretending to be a mother.

    • Cookiepress

      How does a rabies vaccine protect my pet for life when I need to get it for him every year?

    • notation

      It doesn’t. But nutty cia tried to claim that one or two rabies vaccinations will give a pet immunity for life. When pressed to provide evidence, she cited a couple of “homeopathic” vets and out-there sources, but no research. The fact is that some rabies vaccines can be given once every three years, but she neglected to learn that.

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