12 Hilarious Sesame Street Memes That Are Sponsored By The Letter F For F-Yeah Awesome

I watch Sesame Street as much as the next mom. Actually, that is a complete lie. I watch Sesame Street all hours of the day as we have it stockpiled on our DVR. I even keep watching it after my kids have wandered outside to play on the porch because the parodies and the puns and the celebrity guest appearances are freakishly addicting.

I am a Sesame Street fan fo life. Since we are the parents who control the universe of our two-year-old, we hardly ever allow him to watch any other television, completely related to our unnatural Sesame Street bias. I would rather watch idiotic puppets dancing about than some stupid cartoon featuring Martin Short’s grating voice (Cat in the Hat, I’m looking at you).

So, basically, I pretend like my two-year-old is obsessed with Sesame Street and Elmo, when it is really all my doing. Granted, he does like Elmo. There was a brief period of time when he was calling my husband and me “Elmomamadada.” The Holy Trinity, the people he loves most, the only beings that matter in the world.

All I gotta say is, Fuck yeah, Sesame Street. Apparently, I’m not the only person who feels this way. There are plenty of funny adult-friendly Sesame Street memes that will get you in the puppety spirit:

1. Et Tu, Big Bird, Et Tu.

sesame12. #SorryNotSorry For Party Rocking.

sesame23. Best Friends For Life, WINK!

sesame34. Do You Know How To Spell “Moderation?”

sesame45. Brokeback Monster.


6. Shit Just Got Real On Sesame Street.

sesame77. Mind BLOWN.

sesame68. The Dark Side Of The Street.

sesame119. My Thoughts Exactly Whenever I See This Skit.

sesame810. What I Would Give To See This Live.


11. I’m Hungry—YOLO.

sesame1112. All Of My Life’s Problems Summed Up In One Image.


BONUS: Bert And Ernie Gangsta Rap, Bitches!

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  • keelhaulrose

    Sesame Street hasn’t been quite the same for me since Tom Hiddleston appeared to talk about delayed gratification.
    Still delaying myself here, Tom.

    • LadyClodia

      My toddler loves that Loki is sharing cookies with Cookie Monster. :)

  • http://nessyhart.wordpress.com/ pixie

    Aw, yeah, Sesame Street. The LMFAO one made me laugh way too hard.

    And PS, whatstheirface over on the article about the song telling women to cover up has up voted themselves in a couple instances. I want to call them out on it, but I REALLY don’t want to argue with them right now. Anyone else itchin’ for a fight want to call them out on it?

    • TngldBlue

      I can’t stand that when it is so obvious. I’ll have to check it out. I may in the mood for a rumble.

    • http://nessyhart.wordpress.com/ pixie

      It’s only a couple of instances, but I think you’ll realize EXACTLY who I mean once you read their posts and see the occasional 1 up vote

    • TngldBlue

      The crazy is deep in that one!!!

    • Megan Zander

      I’m in the mood for a verbal throwdown, so I’ll head over too, BUT on my iPad, sometimes when you click to see who up voted you it makes it so you upvoted too, which means I am constantly checking to make sure I don’t upvoted myself like an idiot and worried that behind my back everyone is all” she up votes herself howdareshe” But if someone is talking woman to cover up, hellz to the no based on that alone.

    • http://nessyhart.wordpress.com/ pixie

      Oh yeah, I do that too when I’m on my iPad. I’ve yelled at it before, “No, I don’t want to up vote myself! I just want to seeeee!”

    • Valerie

      Same here. I think I have accidently upvoted myself many times!

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Me too on my phone.

    • itpainsme2say

      This is late but on my kindle if you click again it takes away the vote. I’m not sure if it works on iPads but you can try next time.

    • Megan Zander

      That thread made me rage cry. Taping out.

    • http://wtfihaveakid.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

      I saw the pile of comments over there, but have not yet visited as it seems it’s going to require emotional energy I just won’t have on me til around 7 or so ;)

    • http://nessyhart.wordpress.com/ pixie

      It’s like a slow-mo train wreck that I can’t take my eyes off of. ;)

    • http://wtfihaveakid.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

      I saw the pile of comments over there, but have not yet visited as it seems it’s going to require emotional energy I just won’t have on me til around 7 or so ;)

  • Valerie

    #’s 9 and 10. Oh God. Cannot breathe.

  • Valerie

    And I also totally forced my kids to “love” Sesame Street. I even threw Ben a Sesame Street 1st birthday party. He didn’t give a flying eff but of course I was crazy-excited about it.

    • Bethany Ramos

      Elliott had a Sesame Street first birthday!! #besties

    • Valerie


    • SA

      I just received an email from Pintrest informing me of “NEW” Sesame Street pins I need to add to my 2nd Birthday Party Board. :)

  • Lee

    One of my favorite shirts my boy had when he was one said “Everything I know I learned on the Street” with some characters. It was awesome.

    • Valerie

      I would have been all over that shit when my kids were little.

  • Marianna

    Paint me blue and I’m #4.

  • Rachel Sea

    I bought all the early Sesame Street episodes many years ago, so that if I got to have kids I could put on all the Sesame Street with none of the Elmo’s World.

    • SA

      My kid hears the first two notes of the intro to Elmo’s World and goes into convulsions! Bouncing, shaking, jumping – it’s like CRACK.

  • SA

    TOTALLY. Granted kid did start in on Elmo first because she caught a brief glimpse of it somewhere, but it is the only thing I let her watch “because it is her favorite show”. Thank you On Demand and NetFlix!!

    #9 – LOVE. There is an odd relationship between that puppet and fish. And I can tolerate Elmo pretty well until he says “Dorrrrothy”. It crawls ALL OVER ME.

  • http://wtfihaveakid.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

    Oh my god the Bert n Ernie rap! If there’s one complaint I have about Sesame Street these days is there’s not enough Bert n Ernie! Too much damn Elmo and stupid Telly and Baby Bear. Gimme Cookie Monster, Oscar and Bert n Ernie! And Big Bird because I love watching my son hold his big bird doll while he watches Sesame Street.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      And the COUNT!

    • Emil

      he is sooooo sweet!

  • jordana
    • Bethany Ramos


  • tSubh Dearg

    Bert & Ernie Gangsta rapping is my new favourite thing.

  • AE Vorro

    Yes, but have you seen THIS??: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-1s9MKDrmU

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