Let’s Hope Hollywood Doesn’t Glamorize The Rapists In The Stuebenville Vs. Anonymous Movie

Steubenville Rape Case Movie People keep asking me how I feeeeeel about the news that Brad Pitt‘s Plan B Entertainment is making a movie about the Rolling Stone article ANONYMOUS VS. STEUBENVILLE written by . It makes sense that this case would be made into a movie. It was a huge case, politically charged, and Anonymous is an inherently sexy subject matter, they are mysterious, they are interesting, and in my opinion, without their work, and the work of Alexandria Goddard this case would have never made headlines like it did, never went to court, and most importantly, never opened up a worldwide dialogue about rape, rape culture, consent and how not to treat a drunk girl at a party.

I’d like to believe Plan B will treat this story with the sensitivity it deserves, and I have faith they will, especially considering they also produced 12 Years A Slave and according to the  Tracking Board Website: 

The project is said to focus on the life of Lostutter, his involvement with the hacking group Anonymous, and how it was to come that his uncovering of the truth would find him facing 20-years in prison, while the rapists he revealed were only facing 1 year in prison.

I don’t know how Deric feels about this, or Alexandria, or any of the other hundreds of people who associate with Anonymous feel about it because I haven’t asked them. That’s sort of the thing with the whole Steubenville rape case, a lot of us who cared about it and supported the Jane Doe victim and wrote about it and attended rallies for it and everything else everyone did don’t talk about it much. The rapists got their hands slapped. Hundreds of other girls are raped and victimized daily. Kids still get trashed at parties and still don’t help drunk girls who vomit in the street. People still blame these girls, the victims.

It mattered. What everyone did. And it still matters today when a collective, whether that be Anonymous or those who considers themselves Anonymous or anyone really, in this great big wide world, cares about these girls, especially when it seems like entire towns are all too willing to turn their backs on them. It will be interesting to see what Hollywood does with this project, if it turns out to be a story of two heroic football players, good boys who just made a mistake, or whether it focuses on the heroic efforts of a bunch of people in masks who gave a damn when it seemed no one else did.

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  • http://nessyhart.wordpress.com/ pixie

    I can see this movie being either really, really good in terms of how the subject matter is handled, or very very bad. I hope it’s the former so that perhaps people would start to understand the victim is not at fault. If it’s the latter, then that’s a whole other mess to deal with.

  • elle

    Not excited about the idea of it being turnrd into a movie. Is it going to be dramatized/acted iker a documentary like west of memphis?

  • JJ

    I have a feeling this movie will make me ragey even if it is well done and presented I just get ragey feeling at the thought of what happened there in Stuebenville and other similar cases across the US and Canada. The fact that there are enough a holes in the world (plenty of women included) who actually defended these rapists pricks and insulted the victim just makes me sick.

    I still can’t watch that documentary about military men and women who were victims of rape and sexual assault. Even thought he documentary is really well done from what I heard I just can’t sit through the whole thing without feeling like Hulk smashing all the rapists and their supporters involved.

  • Jessie

    … I mean, I don’t really see why it needs to be a movie, but I guess as long as they don’t go the “they were just good boys who made a mistake” route and keep them cast in the villainous light they deserve, I wouldn’t get too butt-clenchy over it.

  • margie

    Do hope the movie happens. There were a great many layers to the whole saga, the victim(s), the “bad boys of summer” and the equally lousy girls who did/or said nothing. the crazed locals on twitter who became known as the “shrew crew,” who by the way are still at it !! The local officials who did or did not cover stuff up? We will never know the real truth, despite all their efforts to convince us it was all on the “up & up.” the lawyers, the trials, the protests, The Guy Faux ppl all over the “ville. The coaches, the vile Nodi video and of course Ky anon and his Christmas surprise to the city of Steubenville, the hacking video we will never forget. Could be interesting and helpful in continuing to address the real problem of the ‘rape culture’ among our tainted youth of today. Let’s hope they do it, and do it well. And let’s hope the hands of justice are fair to the Anon, Deric, who should NOT face more jail time than the actual rapists, if any at all.

    • Anonymous

      deric did nothing. he had nothing to do with the actual work. he ratted out the people who did and claimed all the fame. people think he had something to do with it, but they are horribly misinformed. what he did was get $80,000 in donations and buy a new truck and a harley.

  • Anonymous

    you wanna know how anon feels about this movie? we hate it. the guy who sold the rights to the movie was deric aka KYAnonymous. he didn’t have crap to do with what was done. the real heros were silent like they should have been. KYAnonymous gathered $80,000 in donations for his own personal legal defense. We have people in PRISON and JAIL for over a year who are in much more need of that money. He is a selfish famewhore. it is disgusting.

  • Fun Facts

    The idea that this case wouldn’t have been prosecuted is ridiculous. There had already been charges and a hearing, the rapists were in pre-trial detention, and the case had been featured in the NYT when Anonymous got involved. Sure Anonymous brought lots of attention to a case already in progress, but do you care at all whether Jane Doe wanted that? Or whether she likes that Lotstutter has posted her real name online multiple times?

    If you care what happened read Ariel Levy’s article in the New Yorker and Bridgette Dunlap at RH Reality Check.

    • jfjfkdkdlslsleieieieikdkdds

      Marrianne Hemmiter, the lead prosecutor for Ohio’s Attorney General’s Office said after the trial that Anonymous and all the media attention actually hurt the case. It clammed up witnesses and scared a lot of people from coming forward because of the intense media scrutiny. That’s why the alleged April “Jane Doe” backed out as well. It’s hard enough to come forward as a victim of rape, but when you have CNN/ABC/NBC, twitter, blogs like this one, Anonymous, etc., commenting on everything, she didn’t want to have that spotlight on her ordeal.

  • jfjfkdkdlslsleieieieikdkdds

    “never went to court”

    That’s not a reasonable position. The boys were charged in August 2012 as adults with an additional charge of kidnapping. Anonymous and Prinnie got involved in December 2012.


  • jfjfkdkdlslsleieieieikdkdds

    Why no posts on Joan Rivers making fun of the three Cleveland rape victims? Those girls were kidnapped as children and raped repeatedly for 10 straight years. Why does Joan Rivers get a free pass with her slut shaming from Mommyish? Is it because she never played football? Or because she’s a female? Why the Mommyish double standard?