10 Reasons I Will Always Be A Pro-Circumcision Mom


I must be a glutton for punishment because here I am again, talking about the great penis debate. It’s funny to me that this topic stirs up so much controversy when I firmly believe that it is no one else’s business what goes on in my baby’s diaper.

Yes, I’m writing a blog post about it because the topic is interesting to me, and people deserve to be informed. But the outrageous judgment is a… bit much? It’s interesting to see some irrational jerks penis lovers crawl out of the woodwork whenever circumcision comes up.

While certainly not everyone who discusses circumcision intelligently is a jerk, this hot button topic brings the loons to the yard. For the record, my husband and I made a very educated decision to circumcise both of our sons, which, again, doesn’t affect anyone else’s baby’s penis. From my understanding and personal experience, many men are circumcised. Time says:

In 1979, close to two-thirds of boys in the West underwent a hospital circumcision after birth, but by 2010 that percentage dropped to around 58%.

Though the number dropped, 58% is still a lotta penises. Even with all of the crazy arguments and judgments, I have yet to figure out why everyone is getting their foreskin in a bunch. But why not poke the bear again?

Here are my top 10 reasons for why I will always be pro-circumcision for my kids:

1. The American Academy of Pediatrics supports that the benefits outweigh the risks. 2. Oh, wait—yet another source, The New York Times, says that the benefits outweigh the risks.

3. The World Health Organization supports circumcision to reduce the spread of infectious disease. 4. Based on my concerned-mom observation, the very simple in-office circumcision procedure appeared to be no more painful than newborn shots.

5. Medical professionals recommend it for basic little boy hygiene.

6. A few more fun facts: Circumcision reduces the risk of UTIs, penile inflammation, and penile cancer. 7. Our pediatrician recommended infant circumcision versus an invasive, painful, surgical procedure later in life.

8. The no-turtleneck look is aesthetically pleasing to many, which is, AGAIN, a matter of opinion.

9. I will continue to stand by the fact that circumcision is not that big of a deal and is not a matter of life or death. We made the best choice we could make for our kids as parents. 10. PRO-CHOICE is the perfect way to sum it up: “We’re not pushing everybody to circumcise their babies,” Dr. Douglas S. Diekema, a member of the academy’s task force on circumcision and an author of the new policy, said in an interview. “This is not really pro-circumcision. It falls in the middle. It’s pro-choice, for lack of a better word. Really, what we’re saying is, ‘This ought to be a choice that’s available to parents.’ ”

(Image: Oksana Kuzmina/Shutterstock)

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  • Karibeth

    The amount of absolute stupidity here is appalling. This person seems to be the “I know it is bad but I’m going to bury my head in the sand, LALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU” type. Hey, hiding from the truth of this horrid SURGICAL PROCEDURE does not change the fact that it is harmful, unnecessary, and cruel. Aesthetically pleasing? I’m sorry, will you be having sex with your son?

  • tea

    One question plagues me: Why have I NEVER met any single man who was in favour of routine infant circumcision unless he was cut himself?

    For some unknown reason, only CUT MEN and WOMEN seem to be favouring infant circumcision.

    Maybe it is because no intact man would ever claim that his penis´ foreskin is useless?

    Think about it!

    • MeaganG

      Not true my son’s father was uncircumcised (has since gotten circumcised at 30 years old) He was hugely in favor of our son being circumcised. Before we made our decision he pushed me hard to make a decision before talking to doctors. We made out decision but don’t say only cut men are in favor of their son’s being cut. Thanks

  • Freedom321
  • Freedom321
  • chromesthesia

    Look, I’m sorry, but most of the world REALLY DOESN’T BOTHER WITH CIRCUMCISION. Most of Europe, most of Asia, most of Latin America doesn’t circumcise because it’s completely unnecessary. It’s painful, it’s done without anesthesia. If any of those benefits were true, why do you have tons of men in the world living happily intact? Hell, our ancestors lived intact. Of all the things that killed ancient people, I doubt intact penises were one of them. Condoms prevent, HIV, not circumcision. Part of a baby should not be cut off because some people think it’s not attractive and furthermore, what about the baby? It’s his penis. It’s his body. He’s the one who should be able to decide. On most grown men, the foreskin has already retracted. They get anesthesia and pain killers whereas a newborn baby doesn’t even get that, or a choice in HIS OWN BODY!

    This article is completely revolting. It should NOT be a parent’s right to cut part of their child’s genitals when it’s THEIR BODY!

  • moemoe731

    Stop mutilating your baby boys.

  • Deborah

    First of all I’m a medical professional (an RN) that DOES NOT recommend or support circumcision of male infants.
    Your post would have been easier to read if you didn’t have all the ridiculous GIFs.
    The ONLY thing you were right about is that is a CHOICE, a personal choice to be more specific. It should NOT be the parent’s choice, but the man whom your baby boy will become. It’s HIS penis and only HE should make life altering decisions for it.

  • http://fabianwriter.com Cynthia Fabian

    I knew an adult, uncircumcised male. He later had problems with infection and had to get a circumcised. One can only imagine the pain of an adult having to get circumcised. Babies should have it done, it is quick and painless.

    • Thea Larson

      It is neither quick nor painless for infants. They will go into shock from the excruciating agony of the procedure, and they will be in pain every time they urinate or defecate into their diaper. An adult will have several advantages over the infant:

      1.) Informed consent. He will be told exactly what he is losing, what all the risks are, and what the results will be.

      2.) Anesthesia. The adult will be medicated enough for the surgery that he will feel nothing.

      3.) Pain management. An adult can use narcotics too dangerous for infants to deal with their pain.

      4.) Cleanliness. The adult will not be forced to let his waste come into contact with his open wound.

      5.) Puberty. The adult male, in most cases, will be fully grown. The doctors will know exactly how much skin to remove, and there will be no need to rip the foreskin from the glans. By this point in his life, the man’s foreskin will be separated.

      How is is more advantageous to do it to infants, again?

    • Lauren

      Just to address #2-4 they DO use numbing medication on infants (at least they do around here). I know this because I watched my son’s. He slept through the whole thing (they numbed him anyway, even though he was already asleep). And if you follow the correct aftercare instructions, they don’t get pee and poop all over the wound because it is covered with petroleum jelly and gauze. I’m assuming if my son had been in pain when peeing or pooping there would have been crying or fussing of some sort and there was none, nor did any of my friends with circumcised boys report any either. He did not seem to notice it at all. Anecdotal evidence, I know but still. I have no problem with what people choose to do with their sons either way, but make sure the information you are sharing is accurate please.

    • Thea Larson

      The numbing medication that is commonly used for circumcision is woefully inadequate. A topical numbing cream only numbs the surface of the penis, not the nerves that lie within, and certainly not the glans. A child operated on with only the numbing cream will feel every slice of the scalpel and every rip of foreskin from his glans. The other common anesthetic is a dorsal penile nerve block. It quite readily numbs the top of the penis, but leaves the bottom vulnerable to the mentioned slices and rips.

      Petroleum jelly, or vaseline, is not meant to be used on open wounds. It says so right on the container. How painful is it, do you think, to have to rub what is essentially oil into an open wound? There’s nothing saying the jelly won’t rub off inside the diaper. I also didn’t realize petroleum jelly was a protecting agent. I can use just that on my open wounds, sweet! Don’t have to worry about pesky bandaids anymore.

      My points are still quite valid, I think.

    • Brad

      So if you sleep through having your genitals altered without medical need, you’d be ok with it?

    • Brad

      It’s worse for babies. Most men never have any problems.

      You have more problems with your genitals than the average intact male. Maybe we should cut you?

    • http://fabianwriter.com Cynthia Fabian

      Brad, you are really sick. I was speaking from experience of a situation from 1990. I do not have knowledge of this subject, much, except what I have read. No need to be nasty, I will become more educated.

    • Harriet

      I suggest you actually watch a video of the procedure before claiming it is “quick and painless” Try Youtube.

    • Lauren

      I watched my son’s. It WAS quick, and he slept through it (they numbed him anyway even though he was asleep).

    • Brad

      That makes it ok? If we numbed you and you slept through it, it would be ok to chop off your clitoris?

    • Brad

      Please do. No one who actually knows anything about the procedure can support it. It’s literally surgical rape of a child, usually without anesthetic.

      It’s not quick and painless. Stating it is proves you know nothing about the subject, and it’s completely irresponsible to make that statement when you are unqualified to do so.

      You said I’m sick. Why? Because I made light of shredding your genitals? Guess who made light of the shredding, literally the surgical rape of a male? You did.

      Who’s the sick one?

  • simoneutecht

    I let my husband decide as he would be my sons life male figure and he decided to get our son one so that they would look alike and our son wouldn’t feel different.

    • Brad

      Because if your husband had a tattoo your son needs one too.

    • Thea Larson

      How often did your son and husband plan on comparing genitals, again? If he never had a foreskin, he wasn’t the right person to make that decision. It’s like asking a blind man to make a decision about his child’s sight – of course the blind man won’t see anything wrong with being blind. It’s worked out for him well so far!

  • Brad

    So you’re pro-choice, except for your son. Your view suggests men don’t hae a right to decline excision of sensitive genital tissue. This is disgusting sexist rape promotion.

  • simoneutecht

    My husband actually has a tattoo but no my 6 year old son does not have one but if as an adult he decided to get one I hope we would be open minded about it and make sure he weighed the pros and cons like my husband did before he got his. And I key my husband make the choice because I don’t have a penis.

    • Thea Larson

      Would you let your husband make the choice to get your son’s tattoo? If your husband never had a foreskin that he remembers, what makes you think he’s qualified to decide about its removal?

  • MeaganG

    When I found out I was pregnant with a boy I was unsure what I was going to do. His Father is not circumcised( who has since gone at 30 years old and gotten circumcised just to let you know) His Father felt very strongly about our son actually getting circumcised. I don’t know if when I have more children and if I have another boy if I will get him circumcised but I agree that it is the parents choice. And bashing and putting other parents down for circumcising or not circumcising their son’s Needs to stop. Get off your high horses people its their child not yours.

    • Harriet

      Child abuse is EVERYBODY’S business, and we will not stand by and watch people do this horrific thing to their children and say they can do as they please, since it is their child -_- Believe me if you lived in a civilised country (for instance a European country) you would see how wrong this is. I grew up in Britain and I had never even heard of this until recently, you people are sick but you don’t see it because you are too brainwashed.

    • MeaganG

      Please show me where circumcision is child abuse. I HAVE SEEN true child abuse and it is far far from child abuse. I am not brainwashed I made an informed decision I did research and talked to several doctors. Like I asked the lady above if I sat her and said I got my son circumcised for religious reasons would you sit here and bully and bash. GET OF YOUR HIGH HORSE.

    • Jezebeelzebub

      and yes, girl, THEY WOULD. they do that to everyone, all the time- and no amount of pleading to be reasonable will stop them. they know what’s best for your baby, so you need to STFU and just do like you’re told. it’s ridiculous and makes me want to circumcise the universe just out of spite. I don’t even care about circumcision- what I do care about is a parent’s right to make the best choice she/he can for his/her child which is what parents who aren’t straight Manson Family try to do every day, all over the world. GAH, these fucking people.

    • Harriet

      You are a psychopath, I hope you never get children, that is ALL I have to say to you. And don’t you DARE speak to me like that, you don’t even know me. Internet bullies make me SICK, people like you have caused numerous suicides. Please stay away from anyone.

    • Jezebeelzebub

      LOL, you dumbass, I’ll speak (or type) at you pretty much any goddamn way I like. Why shouldn’t I? YOU do it. If you get to be special, then I think that I get to be special, too. And since you get to go around calling people “sick” because they make legal choices for their children that you don’t happen to agree with, then by god, I get to call you an asshole- because that is what you are. And if I’m going to cause anyone’s suicide, do I get to pick who it is? Because I just might have someone in mind… wanna guess? In conclusion, blow it out your ass, you silly, puffed up twat.

    • Harriet

      Wow, you are lower than low aren’t you. You are an oxygen thief. I bet you are the kind of woman who would watch your husband sexually abuse your own child. People like you don’t deserve to be in the public, walking free.

    • Jezebeelzebub

      THAT’S the kind of shit you have rattling around in your brain? You’re not an asshole- clearly I misjudged. You have surpassed asshole and gone straight to being an entire SACK of assholes! I feel like I just met Bigfoot. I have heard that there are people who are such giant, gaping assholes that their assholery negates the laws of physics… you’re like the asshole version of the TARDIS- bigger on the inside so as to contain the billions and billions of assholes you are made of. You are a living example of 5 pounds of shit stuffed into a two pound sack.. this is very exciting for me. Do you come from a long and illustrious line of assholes? Like, are your parents on both sides unmitigated assholes, so when they bred and produced you, it was like Asshole Voltron coming together, culminating in you, The Sack Of Assholes? Or are you some kind of incredible anomaly- the Mutant Asshole Offspring of two regular people? Do you have siblings? Are they lesser assholes? Was there a lot of competition amongst the children in your family to see who could become the coveted Sack of Assholes, or were you like the Asshole Messiah and everyone just knew when you were born that you were destined to be special?

      Can I have your autograph?

    • Harriet

      I guess you would consider that my parents are not assholes, since when I mentioned this male genital mutilation business to my mum last year she said something along the lines of “the babies don’t feel anything at that age” -_- I guess you would get along with her right? And no you don’t offend me, if my friend would speak to me like this I would be hurt but not a stranger online, no. I was always taught to stand up for what I believe in, even if I’m standing alone, and on this subject, certainly doesn’t look like I’m standing alone…

    • Jezebeelzebub

      Disagreeing with circumcision doesn’t make you a sack of assholes. What makes you a sack of assholes is the horrible shit that comes out of you when you attempt to shame and degrade parents for making a choice you don’t agree with. Like it or not, it’s a legal procedure in the US. Like it or not, there is a heavy precedent set to have it done. It’s only fairly recently that there has been any debate at all whether it’s good or bad or necessary or not. When people who are opposed to the procedure are histrionic, scornful, and accusatory- they way that you are- instead of opening up a dialogue and wherein both sides can communicate and share ideas, those people put others on the defensive and effectively shut down any and all chance of persuading change. The status quo can’t be changed overnight- not even if you demand it. When you accuse parents who have chosen in favor of circumcision of mutilating their children, you aren’t just condmnening an act that you find deplorable. You are challenging parents’ ideas of how they parent, and in many cases, of how their parents chose to parent them. How can you reasonably expect anyone to listen to what you say after you insult them so viciously? You aren’t standing up for a goddamn thing. You are doing harm to the cause you claim to champion. And if you can’t understand that, then not only are you a sack of asshole, you are a STUPID sack of assholes. THAT is my contention with you and others like you. You bully people and then call them bullies for not letting you bully them. Fuck that, and fuck you too if you can’t see the veracity of my statement. You can continue to smugly congratulate yourself on what a champion of the children you are- as I am sure you will- or you can take what I have written as a little food for thought. I won’t hold my breath on that one, of course- you’re too busy being blown up with righteous indignation and superiority to ever shut your asshole mouth and open your mind to a dissenting viewpoint.

      As for your earlier remarks… honi soit qui mal y pense, fucker.

    • Harriet

      I don’t speak Spanish because I’m not American -_- Shaming is a good tool, especially in this case, they HAVE mutilated their children, that isn’t an opinion! :-D whether child abuse is right or wrong, I guess you could say is an opinion but the facts are facts. Just in case you don’t understand the word mutilate I’ve found the definition for you to read: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/mutilation?s=t
      Shaming is better than simply preventing someone from doing something because it makes the person think about their error.

    • Jezebeelzebub

      Thanks for the link, dumbass. You made a funny you didn’t even know you made… and unless you get someone smarter than you to explain it, you’ll NEVER get it- which makes it that much funnier. (Hint: that’s not Spanish, you overinflated moron.) You aren’t qualified to shame anyone. You aren’t qualified to JUDGE anyone. You’re a severely intellectually challenged sack of assholes- who in their right mind would ever deign to listen to you?

      The only tool in this equation is you. Your poor parents.

    • Harriet

      Intellectually challenged? That’s why I’m a clinical psychologist? I am not judging anyone, I am trying to protect children. I respect anyone’s culture and religion provided they don’t harm someone else (especially a child) in the process.

    • Jezebeelzebub

      Uh, yeah. You’re a clinical psychologist, and I’m Oxford University. That’s right- the WHOLE university. So, how long HAVE you had that lobotomy, DOCTOR?

    • Harriet

      -_- I’ve never had a lobotomy and yes believe it or not it is possible to become a clinical psychologist…

    • Jezebeelzebub

      Then you were born brain damaged and delusional- how very sad. It’s too bad that in all your years of education and study, you never managed to find anyone who could help you. Jesus, this isn’t even fun anymore. It’s like you showed up to a gun fight with a fucking toothpick. I can’t even be properly irritated with you at this point. And I certainly can no longer engage with you- I can’t bear to keep kicking someone when they are already down. If you were any further down, you’d be subterranean. Jesus, you’ve been out-thunk by a fucking American. I hope for your sake nobody you know ever finds out about this- you’d probably be put down like a dog with distemper. Yeah- I’m done. You can count this as a win, if you want- I’M going to try to forget this ever happened. I haven’t been this depressed since Firefly was canceled.

    • Harriet

      Religion is not an excuse for genital mutilation. It isn’t OK for any religion whether you are Muslim or Jewish, doesn’t give you that excuse. You do not deserve to be called a mother if you can do that to your child.

    • MeaganG

      LISTEN HERE YOU STUPID BITCH I have held my tongue a lot here. You have your opinion I have mine and you will never change my opinion on what was best for my child. HOW DEAR YOU SAY I DONT DESERVE TO CALL MYSELF A MOTHER. My son is a precious gift and we did what we thought was best we did not abuse our child and if it is so freaking horrible then why is it still done. like I said you have made your choices and I have made mine. BUT DONT YOU DEAR TELL ME I DONT DESERVE TO BE A MOTHER. I WORK HARD TO BE A GOOD MOTHER TO MY SON AND HE IS MY LIFE. If you are so concerned about the way I take care of my child report me BITCH!

    • Jezebeelzebub

      You’re an asshole, lady. yep- you are. An obnoxious, ridiculous asshole. If living in a civilized country means having to be around more people like you, then I will be packing my shit and moving to the Arctic Circle as soon as I can amass as many pairs of longjohns as possible. I’ll take my chances with the polar bears- I’d rather have one eat my face off than have to be in a room with you for 5 minutes. As much as I loathe the term, you are a bully. Self-righteous, shrill, indignant, and stuffed full of pomposity- just the sort of person I would literally leap under a bus to avoid. I think *you* are sick. No- wait. I think you’re an asshole. People don’t usually have the choice of being sick or not, but you sure as hell have the choice to be a total fucking asshole (or not) and pardon MOI if I don’t get a warm fuzzy about you exercising your (WRONG) choice. Pip pip, cheerio, fuckity BYE.

    • Thea Larson

      Would you rob this child of the choice his father had? His father chose to get circumcised, and that’s fine. At the time, he was an adult, and he knew what he was getting into. It is this theft of the infant’s choice that I decry.

    • MeaganG

      As his parents we made the decision and I don’t have to defend myself to anyone for that decision. I was right next to my son when he had his done and he slept through it. His father on the other had was in pain for weeks after wards. IT WAS OUR DECISION. You can make your decisions for your son’s and we will make decisions for ours a we feel is right. I wonder if I sat her and said for religious reasons my son was circumcised would you bully and bash our choices.

    • Thea Larson

      It was not your body to alter as your wished. What if your son would have preferred to keep his foreskin? There is no way for you to know, now, not until he grows and learns what was stolen from him. If you take this attitude with him, I doubt he’ll forgive you. Perhaps he’ll even be one of the ones who sues you and the doctor who cut him.

      Yes, I will still question a “parenting” choice made in the name of religion if it alters the body of an infant. Your child does NOT have a religion. Your religious rights end when his body begins. Just as you don’t have the right to tattoo anything on your son’s skin, you don’t have the right to remove it, either. Besides, isn’t a sacrifice made better when it’s willingly given, not forcibly taken?

      Though, depending on your religion, it might actually be a sin to circumcise. Paul n the New Testament make it quite clear that circumcision is the old covenant, and that Jesus was the last blood sacrifice.

    • davidbradt

      You’re proposing that parents are medically competent to make surgical decisions? Doctors do not prescribe circ. Why are we spending so much money on their education and why are we spending so much for their medical opinion if we know best without expertise, years of schooling and intern ship? Bigger question is, why are they asking us? Suddenly they don’t know the right thing to do? Because, surgery is not indicated so without the parents’ wishes he would not have permission to add to his days billable hours.

  • Harriet

    You know you live in a sick place when someone sits there and calmly admits to, proudly, mutilating her child’s genitalia. I don’t have words for this mother, but one thing is for sure, she shouldn’t be a mother. I can only hope she ends up getting genitally mutilated too.

    • Rebecca Fine

      THIS is why I went from being neutral on this issue and open to hearing the arguments of anti-circumcision groups to becoming totally turned off the anti-cir circ cause. Stop attacking parents for having their boys circumcised. Present them with the information and let them make the best decision for their boys. Making personal attacks and name-calling is unacceptable.

  • Kat


    Does this contain most of the research people cite? The research the intactivists deny because the HIV studies were done in Africa?

    First of all, it’s South Africa, not ZOMG-dirty-black-people Africa. Secondly, does this mean we’re OK with circumcision in African babies (because ZOMG-dirty-black-people)? Why does it matter anyway? If it helps to prevent the spread of HIV, even a little bit, isn’t it beneficial? I think so, but then, it’s likely just the lies and greed of the pharmaceutical companies.

    Right, I’m a child abuser, and you’re a paranoid racist if you don’t agree. Both are absurd.

    • Thea Larson

      If I recall correctly, the South African studies were on adults who voluntarily got circumcised – a whole different group than infants who cannot volunteer. Also, circumcision in these cases actually increased HIV transmission. Since the newly-circed men believed they could not catch the disease, they didn’t wear condoms.

    • davidbradt

      The South African studies required condoms and safe sex education for the circumcised men in the study. In Malaysia condom use was promoted and the
      same reduction in HIV was achieved. The studies were designed to preserve a place for circumcision in modern medicine.

  • Sonny Vizzle

    Now hiring sadists!
    Looking for obstetricians and gynecologists.
    Duties include torturing newborn baby boys, coercing parents into signing circumcision forms, and breaking your oath to do no harm. Who cares about oaths when you’ve got money?

    Send your resume and cover letter to:
    We Love Mutilation
    698 Kellogg’s Way
    Quack, Michigan 01888

    Please help to spread the word!

  • Mare54

    Where did you get so many inaccurate ideas???????? It gave me a headache just reading such stupid myths.

  • davidbradt

    As always, when you hear the term ‘pro-choice’ it means ‘baby
    gets the worst of it’ again.

  • Tora Spigner

    All genital cutting of infants and children is wrong. Lets state that
    first and foremost. It is ALL done to affect their future sexual lives,
    to varying degrees and in varying amounts. The goal is to alter them
    enough so that they can still reproduce but get the least amount of
    pleasure out of it. That is ALWAYS the goal. Sometimes they mess up and
    they kill the child or leave them so botched they can not reproduce at
    all but those are the outliers. So remember, all humans deserve the
    right to genital autonomy. They deserve to keep their future sexuality
    intact and whole. Their body, their choice.

  • Helena Inviere

    The AAP’s task force was composed entirely of people with financial interests in perpetuating this fraud.

    The studies claiming HIV reduction were rigged.

    70% of men on Earth are uncut and fine.

    You are not pro-choice and you are not a parent. You are a child owner.

  • Helena Inviere

    In Iraq I saw a man blown in half without any sign of pain. Doesn’t mean there wasn’t any.

  • KL

    I am glad YOU are not my mother, Ms. Ramos.
    Easy for you to say when it is not your body that is at stake.
    Typical…women do to men what they themselves will not go through.
    The overwhelming majority of the men in the world are intact. It is interesting that you cite mostly American sources AND, most despicably of all, mentioned the fact that it looks better.

    How about this…just leave infants’ genitals alone! Let the owner of the penis decide for himself.

    I guess that is how people like you perpetuate this practice. Do it when they are young. And then brainwash them into thinking this is the right thing to do.

  • KL

    Pro-choice, Ms Ramos?
    Right you are!
    Let the owner of the penis decide for himself on this decision that willl affect his life.
    Or do you have a problem with that?
    Do I see hypocrisy here?

  • Trip

    Let me turn it around for you, to put your cold statement into perspective: “I’m a father and I want all my daughters circumcised – there’s no changing my mind about it.” That would be a total insane comment, not to mention, how many women would think that was a cool thing to say? None. If this scenario doesn’t change your mind, I’m sad to say that motherhood was wasted on you.

  • Sonny

    You know…
    A lot of people get on here and like to say stuff like “its HIS choice” and of course my favorite ” A man will almost always choose to keep himself intact, if he is given the choice” But this isn’t always true. I know many men who are Circumcised, and have no problem with it whats so ever at all. My own Husband is glad his mother chose to circumcise him. He is disgusted by an intact penis and swears that for him he has never once wished his was still intact. He has no problem with sexual stimulation and has never gotten a UTI in his life. And to top it all off it was him not I who first brought up circumcising our own son. The fact of the matter is there are benefits and If a parent has the right to choose what they think is best for their child. Judging people over this is pointless. I don’t judge parents who decide to keep their son intact because it isn’t my place.

  • Chuckawobbly

    Wow a pro-genital mutilation article. How conservative of you. I bet if we were talking about clitoris removal you wouldn’t feel this way.

  • Jenkins

    I wish i had the luxury of knowing what intact genitals were like to own, and what sex was supposed to feel like for me, and not having a scar in the most tender place on my body. I wish someone had trusted me enough to bathe myself, thats so insulting. I wish the choice of what parts of my body were to be altered to suit a whim had been saved for me to make, as it is my body. I am pro choice. Sadly, my mother didnt feel the same way. I never had a choice. It makes me so bitter and so sad for all the children around the world, male and female, who have fallen victim to the human obsession to tamper with the genitals of infants.

  • Jennifer R.

    This article was obviously posted as a combination of misinformation to promote the antiquated an abusive practice of circumcision (which is no longer practiced in most of the world), and also to get clicks. I will not promote it by posting a ton of link, but it suffices to say that not one word of this article is true. Pro-choice means being in favor of the owner of the body deciding what happens to it, not the parent!

  • SICKofsexismagaisntmales

    No medical organization in the world recommends circumcision. This is so biased, arrogant, and sick. Mind your own penis, and stop forcing cosmetic procedures on infants genitals. What the hell is wrong with Americans.

  • Suraska

    Thank you! It is beyond annoying the way people feel licensed to go minding everyone else’s business except their own nowadays! If one mother chooses to leave her son intact good for her but if another mother chooses the cut then that’s between her and God. I know of no man who grows up to berate his parents over whether or not he is cut and if there is one then I feel sorry for his parents,because he isn’t a good son. If my son dared complain after all I put my body through to bring him into this world he wouldn’t be my son anymore after I finished putting him back in his proper place of not questioning my decisions as his mother.