The Mommyish & STFU Parents March Mayhem Photo Contest: Vote In Round Three!



Congratulations to our second round of semi-finalists in the Mommyish and STFU Parents March Mayhem photo contest! All of the entries were insanely cute and some of the votes came very close but we have narrowed it down to this round so get ready! Here all all of the awesome entries that have made the semi-finals, in no particular order.











Round 3 Of The Mommyish and STFU Parents March Mayhem Photo Contest. Vote For Your Favorite Baby!

  • Baby Ahh (33%, 945 Votes)
  • Baby Ohh (33%, 924 Votes)
  • Baby Who Is This Guy? (30%, 865 Votes)
  • Baby Licks A Lot (4%, 103 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,837

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You have until Thursday April 3rd To Vote to advance the last two babies for the final round which is the 7th! 


Remember, the prizes are as follows:

$300 Gift Card to SpaFinder Wellness 360 - this would probably be good for 2 massages and a facial. (They have over 20,000 locations around the country to redeem your giftcard. Check out details here:

If photo contests aren’t your thing, everyone who likes us on Facebook will be entered to win the Second Prize which is a $100 Gift Card to SpaFinder Wellness 360. All you have to do is ‘like’ us on Facebook and fill out this entry box here. You have until April 7th to enter!

Good luck everyone and thanks so much for entering!

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  • AugustW

    I’m sad we didn’t make round three, but we had fun!

    • Eve Vawter

      Just so you know, you made round three in my heart and mind!

  • guest

    The voting should be secured somehow so that no one IP address can vote more than once.

    • SelectionBias

      Agreed. For the final round they need to make sure one vote per IP

    • Bud

      Yeah it doesn’t really count as a “contest” if your baby’s pic wins just because you have the most time on your hands to sit at a computer and vote all day.

  • murieltinchery

    All child so sweet here.

  • Betherina

    Even though my kid is up there running against him, I have to say I think Baby Licks a Lot is SO hilarious. That kid makes me snort laugh!

  • guest

    This “contest” sucks. Someone went on the site overnight and voted for their baby who was way behind like 300 times.