10 Baby Products That Seem Cool But Are Actually Pointless


If you’re pregnant and are making a registry, I have to warn you not to get sucked down the rabbit hole before it’s too late. Creating a baby registry is so seductive. It’s probably the most fun thing you will do throughout your entire nine months of pregnancy—except for binge-eating ice cream out of the carton as you stand in front of the cool, cool refrigerator because you can’t stop sweating in the middle of winter. Ah, pregnancy.

The good thing about a baby registry is that you can delete and add items at any time. If your registry is extra-long and extra-fancy, you may want to peruse this handy-dandy list I’ve put together for you. Some baby products are dumb. Some baby products are expensive and aren’t worth the money. Some baby products seem like the latest technological innovation handed down from aliens on high, when they are really stupid pieces of crap that will break within two weeks.

I can tell you from personal experience that these “cool” baby products won’t make your life any easier as a new parent:

1. Baby Bullet


I thought the Baby Bullet was the best thing ever invented, until I realized I could just use a blender.

2. Baby Food Storage System


Slop the extra baby food into an old Tupperware like the rest of the lazy parents out there.

3. Baby Bumbo


I own one, but we barely used it with both kids.

4. Baby Wipe Warmer


Your baby’s ass can handle a slightly less than room temperature wipe as you scrub shit off his back.

5. Baby Sound Machine


You could waste 40 bucks on this special baby sound machine, or you could just turn on an old fan for white noise.

6. Crib Bedding Set


What is this, the Marriott? Both of my kids sleep prison-style with a sheet and a blanket.

7. Baby Bathtub


Baby bathtubs are oh-so-cute, but you can actually fill up a regular bathtub with 1 inch of water for the same effect.

8. Baby Changing Pad


I may be the laziest person alive, but I’ve never used a baby changing pad or table. A towel on the floor or bed works just fine.

9. Pee-Pee TeePee


Sounds adorable, but you can just throw a washcloth over your baby boy’s wang to prevent a surprise spray when you change his diaper.

10. Infrared Baby Thermometer


You could buy this super fancy infrared baby thermometer for $80 to play doctor at home, or you could get a regular ear thermometer for 70 bucks less and call it a day.

(Image: Renata Osinska/Shutterstockamazon.com)

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  • Liz

    Ok, I only registered for 3 of these — not bad :p I registered for crib bedding even though I know it’s pointless now (the crib converts to a toddler bed, so maybe I’ll use the comforter then??), a bathtub, and a changing pad.

    • Bethany Ramos

      We did use the bathtub with the first – but not the second kid.

    • jsterling93

      Our house has a claw foot tub and not only am I short I have a bad back. I can’t reach him in there. The only way to bath him is if I get in the tub with him. At first I used the baby bath lounger but once he was able to sit up we stopped using it. We are moving into a new house with the regular bath tub and I am so looking forward to my alone time bath time again.

  • candyvines

    Whoa, dude, getting a towel out every time you have to change a diaper sounds like a lot more work than just having a designated area.

    • Bethany Ramos

      Okay – real talk, I don’t even use a towel. I use nothing most of the time…

    • candyvines

      Ha! Fair enough.

    • Katherine Handcock

      Ditto! I only pull out a towel/change pad if I know it’s a literal shitstorm in there…

    • brebay

      Exactly. If you let the bottoms of your shoes on the floors, nothing from a wet baby bum should gross you out.

    • IS78

      I pull out a towel if my mother in law is around and I dont want her to think I’m some heathen.

    • Bethany Ramos


    • Layla

      Rarely use anything unless I know it’s a blowout and don’t want to be cleaning poop off my rug lol

    • Kay_Sue

      I used wax paper the other day. Shit was everywhere, and I was cleaning the kitchen when he walked in and said, “I am dirty.” Worked like a charm and I got to throw the whole kit and caboodle away….

    • brebay

      I wish I could up-vote this twice…gettin’ shit handled.

    • Kay_Sue

      Precisely. Sometimes you have to improvise. ;)

    • Jessica

      My baby sometimes pees or poops when we change her diaper. The bed would get soaked and I don’t wanna get down on the floor to change a diaper. But you do what works for you!

    • Jallun-Keatres

      We just leave a blanket in the middle of the floor and toss it in the wash when it gets too much spit up or she pees on it lol

    • jsterling93

      For a long time we just kept a towel beside the bed. If we didn’t get poop or anything on it we just kept it there for the next time.

  • telepanda

    We used the little bitty tupperwares; they’re the right size for freezing stuff in so your kid doesn’t have to eat sweet potatoes five nights in a row. And you can continue to use them afterwards – nuts or dips in the lunchbox, that kind of thing. And the changing pad was nice to keep pee off the dresser. No changing pad covers, though, we just throw down a few cloth diapers.

    Had a freecycled bumbo for a few weeks, but our son thought it was hilarious to push his feet off the floor and fall over backwards, whacking his giant head. So we got rid of it.

    • the_ether

      I love the little Tupperware snack cups already. The lid never comes off even when a tub of almonds has been rattling around in your backpack for six months.

  • K.

    Agree with mostly everything (I LOVED our Bumpo, personally)–but I keep telling new parents not to buy anything that isn’t a guaranteed essential until they realize they need it. You never know what kind of kid you’re going to have, or what kind of lifestyle you’ll want as parents. Really, the things we’ve needed are less than 10: carseat, crib, diapers & wipes, sleepers, swaddlers/blanket, formula, bottles.

    …They’ll never listen, tho.

    • the_ether

      Minus the formula (and maybe add a breast pump) and that’s basically my shopping list. Oh and maybe a baby carrier too. My mum friends who wear their newborns seen to get a lot of shit done by virtue of having their hands free.

    • K.

      Gah–how could I ever forget the breast pump?

      I breastfed for the first year and definitely needed the pump. I put the formula there because I also needed it to supplement on days I needed my sanity! Maybe I forgot the pump because I’m blocking the terrible memories…

    • the_ether

      I’m hoping I take after my mum (who insists she could have started a dairy) and I can freeze enough that I can have some time off from feeding. But this is my first kid, I have no idea what things are going to be like. 23 weeks to go – it sounds like an insanely short amount of time when I say it like that!

    • K.

      Well, this is a separate issue, but I actually didn’t have a supply problem at all. It was more that I HATED being hooked up to the pump and because at times, I couldn’t take all the crap that went along with pumping (like cleaning the bits and pieces).

      So we bought a tin of formula and Dad would use it now and then when I needed to be out of the house and feeling like a full person, rather than just a pair of boobs!

    • Williwaw

      My kid was so huge at birth and the three different baby carriers I tried were so uncomfortable (maybe because I am very short?) that I recommend skipping the baby carrier…or try out different carriers at the store, preferably with a full-weight baby mannequin inside.

    • Jayamama

      What kinds did you try? Some of the carriers can be awkward because they don’t place the baby in the more natural “frog” position. I tried a carrier with my first, and I hated it. She did too, though. She always wanted to be on the move.

      I got a ring sling for my second, though, and I don’t know how I would make a trip to the store, or anywhere else, with both kids without it. It keeps me free to run after my toddler if I have to and juggle our stuff without worrying about the baby. She’s almost five months now, though, and is starting to be more alert and wanting to see everything, so our days may be numbered. She used to sleep the entire time, but now she’s pushing away a bit to be able to see better.

    • Katherine Handcock

      This is probably the best advice! My son loved his baby seat (not a Bumbo, something similar) but my daughter didn’t. If we hadn’t had a baby swing for her, though…

    • EX

      This. Every kid and every parent is different. You never know what you’re really going to need (beyond the absolute basics) until the kid arrives.

    • Pzonks

      They won’t listen because BEFORE the baby comes is when everyone wants to give you gifts. No one wants to throw a practical baby shower for you 4 months after the kid is born even though that’s when it would be the best.

    • K.

      I get it–although *most* new parents I know are like me and my husband, and got a wee bit starry eyed looking through Amazon.

      “Oooh! A breastfeeding cover! I need something cute for that!” (half the time I couldn’t remember where I put it, so I’d end up using one of his swaddlers, which was fine. Or I’d just pop out a boob and shrug–also fine.)
      “Oooh! A 100-pack of pacifiers! Sign me up!” (never took a pacifier)
      “Oooh! Sophie the Giraffe! We need that to look insider on the playground!” (never liked teethers either)

      Really, we should have just stuck with the message, “DIAPERS. IF YOU LOVE US, YOU WILL SEND US DIAPERS.” (and we cloth diapered, so it’d truly be the gift that kept on giving for us)

  • Karin

    Funny! Two of those products I used a ton, and you had pictures of the exact products I owned. The bathtub and the changing pad. The bathtub we stopped using once our baby could sit up on his own, but I really liked it for the time I did have it – it kept him contained and comfortable instead of on a hard surface. And the changing pad is great. We bought a dresser, layed down a sheet of anti-skid matting you put under rugs, and then put the changing pad on top. It’s the only place in the house I ever change his diaper, but it probably helps that my kid’s bedroom is directly off our main living area. If it was up the stairs or something, it’d be different story. Whenever I travel and have to change him on the floor or a bed it kills my back.

    I totally agree on the sound machine thing. Our nanny at one point told me our baby needs a sound machine….I use a fan.

  • WantonWhimsy

    I have an old tub, the side is really wide and I’m short so I lived by the baby bathtub….even though I think we mostly did family showers we still went through like 4 different types of tubs (a pod, one of those recliner things you put in the tub and then two inflatables).
    I tried going without a changing station, but our bed was on the floor (co-sleeping) and after a week of killing my back we got a changing station. He hated the bumbo, sorry I wasted the money on that. We didn’t buy any cutesy crib stuff since we didn’t have one for the longest time and he was in our room for the 1st two years… but man I still have little sads that I didn’t get to decorate a nursery even though I know our limited money was better spent on other stuff (like a really good carseat)

    • JLH1986

      My friend actually used a laundry basket as her “baby tub” she said it worked well and helped her to not bend so much.

  • Lilly

    I have a change station just so i know where things are and can keep track of if I have enough diapers, wipes etc or if I need to get more — but it is a change pad on the top of an ikea malm dresser (4 drawer since hubs is tall). This is also holding the kid’s clothes.

    For at tub I actually used a rubbermaid roughneck storage bin (one with lower sides) for about a year, it is actually pretty non-slip and I just used in the the main tub, this was to save water a bit and contain child to smaller area.

    • Williwaw

      We have an actual changing table (bought off Craigslist) and it was great…except that now he is a not-yet-potty-trained toddler, he likes to climb up on it during the night and fall asleep, which freaks me out.

  • Linzon

    Out of the blue when our older son was about 2 my mother-in-law got us a wipes warmer. Apparently he’d been complaining about cold wipes when she looked after him and he’d conned her into using a washcloth with warm water instead. The thing is still in its box..

    And yeah we didn’t use anything on this list except the change pad. Oh, and the baby bathtub, which we’d put our kids in for naps when they were newborns (with a towel for padding and supervision at all times, don’t worry).

  • Katherine Handcock

    Better even than Tupperware for the baby food – ice cube trays! If you’re making it at home, freeze a tablespoon in each “cube” and then dump them all out into a zippered freezer bag with a note of what’s in there (you’d be amazed at how similar lots of fruits/veggies look pureed and frozen). It makes it really easy to figure out how much to feed the kid. Unless, of course, your child ends up being like my daughter, who refused all purees in favour of eating REAL food from basically the beginning (her first meal where she ate more than a teensy spoonful was eating off my husband’s plate of noodles at a Chinese restaurant ;-)

    I will also say, though, that the baby sound generator can be great if it has a heartbeat sound and your baby likes to sleep on you. We got one as a gift with my daughter, and it was the only way I could move her into the crib and get her to stay asleep for about three months. Fan was a no-go; ditto with the classic cheap replacement, a metronome. But that sound generator was awesome.

  • Momma425

    We actually needed a baby bathtub thing when my daughter was little, because we didn’t have a bathtub. All we had was a stand up shower in our little apartment way back when. And we LOVED the bumbo seat- we got the tray attachment and it worked out really well to bring to grandma’s house until my daughter was a little over a year (she was small though- some babies, I don’t know how they would fit in a bumbo seat).
    My biggest regret purchace was the baby swing. She hated it. We tried it a few times- always ended up in a tantrum the second I put her in. Such a waste of money, waste of space as well.

  • LBD

    Our kiddo is extra wriggly and slippery, so the baby bathtub has been indispensable for us. I also enjoy having a specific changing area, mostly we decided to get a changing table just to have more storage for his stuff. My main organizational/cleaning challend has always been clutter, and having a place for things to go, so when the kiddo was on the way, I was trying to get out ahead of that problem with his stuff.

  • rana

    I used some of these things daily. That baby bathtub is great to prop on a sink and then you aren’t bending over the tub. The changing pad is on our changing table and has lasted four years through two babies and the bumbo was a lifesaver, also used for both babies. I got the wipes warmer when I started doing my own cloth wipes but never used it with disposable wipes. I do agree the bullet is just silly when you have a blender and do not understand the fancy Tupperware. We also played a white noise cd on a cd player for approximately a year. My brain is still recovering from that.

  • Ms. Anne

    I couldn’t use the Bumbo because my kid was too big by the time he reached the right age (GIANT BABY!), but ohmygod I love that Baby Bullet. Well, really I have the Magic Bullet, which I believe is basically the same thing? And I use it ALL THE TIME. So much easier than the giant multi-piece blender. And I have those exact same storage containers and I use them all the time, too, for pretty much everything. My kid is three and I still have considered getting a Baby Bullet because I puree or chop freakin’ everything. My ex’s mother got us the wipe warmer and we just kept it unplugged and used it to store wipes. I

  • jsterling93

    I really wanted the baby bullet. I never got one though. Then when it was time to start making food I pulled out this smoothie maker I already had. Thing cost me $10 at Walmart years ago. It is just a mini blender and it is perfect. I have made a ton of food with it. I use the snack size Glad Ware containers to freeze it and send to daycare. Same ones I use to tote my own dips.dressing to work.

    • Bethany Ramos

      We use a mini and regular blender! We still have the Bullet somewhere too.

    • Bethany Ramos

      We use a mini and regular blender! We still have the Bullet somewhere too.

  • IS78

    You guys! I just discovered something…washing baby in the kitchen sink! I dont have to bend down, and its smaller then the tub so I dont have to worry about him slipping everywhere. Is that gross though? To wash a human in my kitchen sink?

    • Bethany Ramos

      I think my mom did that when I was little? Makes great sense to me. :)

    • jsterling93

      When my son was really tiny I did it. But I have a stupidly small sink and he quickly outgrew it. When my niece colors my hair we still use the kitchen sink to rinse so I don’t really see it as gross at all.

    • Robotic Socks

      um… just careful with the garbage disposal… cuz…

    • shorty_RN

      I do that all the time! Not gross.

    • watersisland

      With seven brothers and sisters, and three of them being younger than me, I recall that being pretty much a standard procedure. I never gave it much thought, but in addition to being a smaller basin and the ability to keep hold of the child easier…the ‘bending over’ part makes perfect sense.

    • Pzonks

      Ask your Mom and/or Grandma if it’s gross. They’ll laugh because that’s what EVERYONE did until a ‘baby bath’ was invented.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Not gross if you clean it. I actually remember getting baths in our kitchen sink, I think it’s my earliest memory…very vague though, just that the stainless steel was cold (make sure to splash warm water up high first so the baby’s back doesn’t freeze, apparently my mom didn’t.)

      Now thinking I must have been old if I remember that, but my mom doesn’t seem to enjoy the bending over….so that explains it. I probably had to take baths in the sink until I was old enough to take them on my own.

    • StarHopper

      We got a dishpan for that express purpose. It fit right into the sink, so we didn’t have to worry about baby going down the garbage disposal, and it was CHEAP.

    • brebay

      meh…that’s what bleach spray is for.

    • Jessica

      Guess it depends on your sink. Ours has a garbage disposal hole which would scare the crap out of me and the sink is really deep with hard edges. Doesn’t seem as comfy as a baby bath tub!

  • Robotic Socks

    Baby fingers make excellent electric socket testers

  • http://wtfihaveakid.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

    We have the change pad; it’s stuck onto our son’s dresser. Perfect height for changing, and we have all the diaper stuff handy at arm’s reach. And the tub, love the tub. He could recline and kick and splash. Now he’s nearly grown out of it, but we still use it because we can fill that tub in no time with minimal water.

  • shorty_RN

    I’ve seen other articles saying you don’t need a changing pad/table, and I don’t get it. I love my changing table. I don’t have to bend over to change my babe, and it’s got shelves where I can stash junk!

    • Laal

      Our pediatrician says to change babies on floor bec it’s safest place (so they don’t roll off). I personally find it easier to get on floor and change rather than change on table

    • StarHopper

      Same! All the articles I read when pregnant said that cribs and changing tables are useless. Not so for me! The few times I tried to change my baby on the living room floor, I had to first go to the changing table for supplies, then I had to deal with a baby who was clearly uninterested in being clean and dry because, “MOM! MY TOYS ARE THERE! LET ME GO GET THEM!” Changing tables are awesome.

    • RW

      I also like the floor once they hit the rolling/attempting to flee stage – toss a leg over baby’s chest and he ain’t going nowhere!

    • K.

      Like everything else, it really depends on your lifestyle and your parenting style.

      If you’re the type to freak out about the baby rolling off, then you’ll probably feel better changing him/her on the floor. If your house only has hardwood floors (like ours), then you’ll probably skip changing baby on the floor b/c you’d worry about their head. If you’re tall or have bad knees, you’d probably prefer a changing table b/c you don’t like bending down too far or kneeling on the floor. If you’re super disorganized (moi) then maybe it’s better to have a changing “station” so that you know where everything is, rather than being mobile and changing the baby everywhere. If your house is incredibly large and/or has a lot of stairs, then maybe the opposite is true and you’d like to be more flexible with where you change the baby.

      And then there’s the baby–if you’ve got a squirmer, then maybe you’d feel more comfortable changing them on the floor or a big bed; conversely, if the baby pees every time, maybe changing them on your nice clean bed is less desirable. etc. etc.

      It’s interesting to me, the way that baby gear indirectly demonstrates how personal parenting is!

    • Harriet Meadow

      Yeah, we love the changing table (which we got at a thrift store for $15). It’s much easier to be able to stand up straight while changing the babe, plus having everything I need right there is great. That’s the same reason I like the baby bathtub, because we could put it in the kitchen sink (which is never clean enough for me to risk putting the baby directly into because I’m always behind on dishes) and I didn’t have to bend over to wash him. Now that he’s older, he’s in the big bathtub, but I loved the baby bathtub for the newborn stage. The rest of this list I totally agreed with. A friend of mine let us borrow her Bumbo, which her kid used CONSTANTLY, and our kid is just not interested. Now he plays with it by tilting it and making it roll around the room, but he sat in it exactly four times, I think.

  • EX

    I agree with most of these but I would add one thing (two really): baby socks and pants that don’t have feet attached. I f-ing hate baby socks. How can it be that no one has invented a baby sock that stays on? Feetie-pants are where it’s at.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Duct tape makes ‘em stay on reallll good :)

  • My2bits

    We used our Bumbo ALL the time. Both of my kids loved it. I always tell people to get them at a consignment sale, though. You can find them under $10.

    • Kay_Sue

      I loved mine too. We went to the beach when my kid was six months old–it worked for the sand, the little wading pool, a makeshift high chair (sat it on the floor and fed him)…it was pretty versatile. It’s the one on this list that I actually used and would have bought again in a heartbeat if we’d had money.

  • Kay_Sue

    I just want to lodge a complaint about the picture in the crib bedding.

    Where the fuck did you find that? Do you know how hard I looked for a Disney Cars themed baby bedding set for my younger son? Really, this is just mocking me. *sighs* *shakes fist at the universe*

    ((This isn’t the first time I’ve seen it. In fact, the last store I worked for carried a set. I shake my head every time I see one though because I really did look everywhere for one at the time.))

    I felt so guilty working for a baby chain store and convincing folks to put this stuff on registries. We had a metric that measured our average registry value, and it was part of the job, but it always felt crappy when I knew they wouldn’t use it. And, of course, by the time they figured out they wouldn’t need it, it was usually too late to return it. Sucked.

    • Bethany Ramos

      Amazon!! Of course, when my son is old enough to know what he likes, I’ll for sure get him some cute bedding – probably the beloved Elmo. :)

    • Kay_Sue

      I wound up with this cute classic Winnie the Pooh. But it killed me that it didn’t match, since he was sharing a room with my older son…..

  • AugustW

    “Your baby’s ass can handle a slightly less than room temperature wipe as you scrub shit off his back.”

    This is pretty much my parenting style summed up.

    • RW

      Yep. I also found that if I thought the wipe really was too cold, scrunching it into my hand while I removed the dirty diaper provided an instantly warm wipe. My child will never know he did without such luxuries!

    • Bethany Ramos


  • brebay

    We used the diaper genie for maybe the first few nights…until the first time you have to empty that awful, shit-sausage-link chain. My ex LITERALLY vomited, which was way grosser. We started just putting the “dirty” ones in grocery bags, tied twice and tossing them in the trash, wet ones, just toss them.

    • Bethany Ramos

      “shit-sausage-link” is the most perfect description I’ve ever heard for this!!

  • C.J.

    I have never even heard of a Pee-Pee TeePee. How are you supposed to get that to stay on a wiggly baby.

  • Melissa

    Agree with pointlessness of all but baby tub–we got tons of use out of ours because it felt easier and safer than the bathtub. For white noise we just used free apps on our cell phones–Chroma Doze app was the fav. For several months baby’s room was where my phone would charge overnight while playing white noise. I would also add to the pointless products list a bottle warmer. I know “they” say it’s dangerous to heat bottles in the microwave, but seriously–if you pop in the bottle with milk for 20 seconds or so and then shake well to eliminate any “hot spots” (and test before giving to baby) it’s completely safe and 100 times faster than waiting several minutes for a bottle warmer, which always seemed to way overheat bottles for me.

    • Bethany Ramos

      YES – Couldn’t agree more on the bottle warmer. We slowly turned to the lazy side with baby #1 and stopped using the bottle warmer completely with baby #2 because the microwave was way easier!

  • koolchicken

    You know I can’t really agree with a lot of these. The baby bathtub I had was fantastic, my kid literally use it until he was 8 months old. Our bathtub is big enough for two and three feet deep, so anytime we wanted to bathe him in it we had to get in too. Also my c section was a nightmare I still haven’t recovered from. So I needed to be able to stand to bathe him. The same goes for the changing pad. I didn’t change a diaper for the first three months because I couldn’t get to the changing table. There was no way I was going to be able to get up and down off the floor. And that wipe warmer? Well my husband wanted one, I didn’t. We lived in Hawaii at the time and Chicken Little actually found the wipes refreshing. But now in WA, he HATES diaper changes because the wipes are freezing and he spent the first year of his life with warm wipes. So even though he’s half potty trained I may have to cave and buy one because it’s not worth the fight when he sees a cold wipe coming at him. And the fancy thermometer is awesome. I didn’t spend a lot (not that it was super cheap) but I got it at Costco and the kid is so bemused by it he comes running over if I have it out and holds perfectly still as I run it over his forehead.

    One other thing that’s not on this list but usually makes ones like this, a crib. I bought a crib and after our son was born sick my husband thought we’d just wasted a thousand bucks on a really pretty paperweight. But as our son got older he became more and more miserable in our room. When it was bedtime that was it, he wanted to sleep. If my husband or I turned over in the night, whisperer to each other, got up for a drink, anything really, that kid would screech like he was being stabbed. So the night I decided to put him in his crib I was incredibly grateful that it was there. Living in Hawaii it can sometimes take months to have furniture shipped and then it arrives damaged half the time and you have to wait on a replacement (at least on my island). I can’t imagine what would have happened if we had to spend another week sharing a room, let alone months on end.

    So while I think these lists are a good idea, people should remember one persons wasteful purchase is another’s life saver.

  • Raeronola

    Eh, I should have gotten a sound machine. My boy sleeps with verrrry loud white noise every night…on the iPad. So an 80$ sound machine would have been a good investment so I can still play dragonvale between the hours of 7 and 6 am.

  • Jessica

    Disagree on two items: baby bath tub and changing mat. Our bathtub has a sling that supports our newborn so we’re not awkwardly trying to hold her up while bathing her, and our mat is a life saver when she pees or poops while we change the diaper. Seriously, if we used a towel on the bed we would’ve had to have bought at least ten new bedspreads by now, and I’m not interested in getting down on the floor every time I need to change a diaper. Get one of those waterproof mats that you can bleach wipe after a messy diaper change and stick it on top of a dresser full of diapers/wipes and you’re golden!

  • http://www.twitter.com/ohladyjayne allisonjayne

    My opinions (for the hoards of you that care):
    1. Got a baby bullet as a present from someone we barely knew. Sold it because we already have a regular magic bullet and a regular blender. Put the money towards diapers. Win!

    2. We actually still use baby cubes and the little skip hip containers for snacks for the kid.

    3. Borrowed a bumbo, used it for a month, gave it back. Perfect.

    4. Cold wipes make you strong.

    5. There’s an app for that.

    6. Never had a crib.

    7. I found the (handed down) plastic tub we got really useful for the floppy head stage and because we had a giant, wrought iron claw foot tub.

    8. Never used.

    9. My kid’s dong-free, but have heard these are dumb.

    10. Our ear thermometer was $30 I think. Seems fine. It’s the same kind our doctor’s office has, but the nurses can never figure out how to use it for some reason. I have to restrain myself from being all, “ugh, just give me that, i’ll fucking do it”.

    • Bethany Ramos


  • Jennifer Freeman

    Bumbo. I wanted to love it but my little guy was too big for it as soon as he was able to sit in it. We had to pry him out of it the first day and send it back.

  • girlindisguise

    I have the Bumbo, a wipe warmer, changing table (in his room) and a Baby Bullet. I used them all. The Bumbo was nice when I had stuff to do and he couldn’t sit up on his own, his bedroom was coldish and the wipe warmer saved some screams, I didn’t want diapers all over the place and I honest to god did not own a blender until a few months ago. And the Baby Bullet fit much better in my tiny kitchen.

    Also, I had a water warmer for formula (which I burnt out because I left it running all day for months). Yeah, I’m one of THOSE moms.

  • ChickenKira

    I can’t stop laughing at peepee teepee so it’s probably good that I don’t have a boy.

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