Mommyish & STFU Parents Present: The March Mayhem Photo Outtakes Contest



Mommyish and STFU Parents are having a kids photo contest. Why? Because we all love the adorable, perfectly posed snapshots and professional photographs of our kids. We share them on Facebook, whip out our cell phones to share our photo streams at every opportunity, and stick them on our refrigerators along with expired paper towel and pizza coupons. Yay for all the adorable and beautifuly art directed and precious photographs of our kids.

But we do not want those. Oh no. We are hosting our first annual March Mayhem Photo Contest and what we want from you are your photo outakes!

We want any time you try and take a photo of your kids and your kids don’t comply. We want crying babies, ugly outfits, your kids not doing whatever it is they were supposed to be doing during your photography sessions. Because like our tagline says, we are Parenting Imperfect. And face it, the best pictures of our kids are the ones that we can whip out and terrorize them with at their high school graduations. So send us your best, most hilarious, most cringe-worthy photo outtakes and we will post them here and allow the readers and your friends and family to vote to see who has the best bad picture. The pictures need to be of YOUR kids, of course, not some random weirdo kid you found on the Internet.


We will be accepting photos from today until Monday the 24th. Starting the 25th, lasting until April 7th, we will be posting these photos on the site and you and other readers will get to vote on which pic is best. Send your photos to our editor at Eveevevawter (AT) Gmail DOT Com

And think about how cool it will be when you get to counteract all those beautiful baby photo contest Facebook notices with your own that says “Please vote for this terrible picture of my kid” on your own social media!

If YOUR photo wins, you will receive the Grand Prize of:

A $300 Gift Card to SpaFinder Wellness 360 - this would probably be good for 2 massages and a facial. (They have over 20,000 locations around the country to redeem your giftcard. Check out details here:

If photo contests aren’t your thing, everyone who likes us on Facebook will be entered to win the Second Prize which is a $100 Gift Card to SpaFinder Wellness 360. All you have to do is ‘like’ us on Facebook and fill out this entry box below. You have until April 7th to enter!

STEP 1: LIKE Mommyish on Facebook

STEP 2: Fill out the entry form below and hit submit!


This Sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook®.

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Sorry, this Contest Ended on 04/07/2014

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  • Sexy Robotic Arms Dealer

    Are we gonna have a bracket style voting?

    • Eve Vawter

      Kinda sorta you will see on the 25th!

  • Litterboxjen

    Looks like US residents only?

    • Lackadaisical

      I doubt the prize would be usable elsewhere. Ah well, my children’s dignity lives another day

    • Litterboxjen

      Yeah, as much as I try to minimize the number of photos of my kid I put online, her Christmas picture this year was hilarious.

  • Katherine Handcock

    1) I think this is awesome.
    2) I am so sad it’s US only. I have some hilariously stupid photos of my son ;-)

    • Sexy Robotic Arms Dealer

      I’ll submit it on your behalf, we can split the booty

    • Sexy Robotic Arms Dealer

      Nevermind, I’m just gonna google image, facebook, instagram, imgur for cute babies, “adopt” the babies and submit 50 entries using aliases the cutest one I find.

    • Eve Vawter

      sorry guys US only :(

    • Sexy Robotic Arms Dealer

      USA USA!

    • Lackadaisical

      I say, bally bad show old chap. That’s simply not cricket. I am torn between writing a letter to The Times signed Disgruntled of Tunbridge Wells (although I don’t live there at all) and posting some tea bags to random residents of Boston.

      Only football hooligans chant our country’s name here in blighty. The rest of us show our patriotism with a well crafted humble brag about our country because being passive aggressive and smug are our national sports.

    • Rowan

      I’m in the UK and am totally going to send embarrassing pictures of my son. Not for the competition but because it MUST BE DONE. Like I told him the other day, it’s in the Mum Contract.

    • Lackadaisical

      I am also in the UK but my not putting up embarrassing pictures of the kids now is how I ensure they send me to the “Gin and Dancing Boys Rest Home for Naughty Yet Beloved Old Dears” and “St. Benny’s on the Hill” for their dad (their motorised wheelchairs are fast enough for chasing nurses). Also, if I embarrass them now those photos will lose their impact when their first girlfriend or boyfriend comes over.

    • Rowan

      You have a point… but I’m sure I’ve got enough photos to cover all of the bases.

    • ScienceGeek

      Every photo of my son for the first three months, he looked stoned, drunk, or stupid. I could not get a good photo unless he was asleep (and even then, I had about a 50% success rate).
      Then, the first two times he gave me smiles for the camera, he’d just filled his nappy. Whenever I flick through those photos, he looks genuinely thrilled by what he knows and I don’t.

  • Alanna Jorgensen

    Just sent mine in!

  • Williwaw

    Do red-eye pictures count? Because my kid has this talent for getting red-eye in every single picture. I keep having to explain he’s not the Antichrist.

  • Eve Vawter

    I’m getting all your submissions you guys and you all have some adorable kids

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