Mom Falls Asleep On Bench, Awesome Woman Takes Care Of Her Kids Instead Of Calling CPS

1920490_598728793530375_1518201738_nA mom fell asleep at a “Fun 4 Kidz” last week. Another mom happened upon her, and instead of videotaping her, taking a photo and posting it to Instagram with the hashtag “worst mom eva” or calling CPS – she took care of the sleeping mom’s children for her. For an hour. I love this woman.

Because social media exists and therefore we must report to it – the mom who came to the rescue posted this to her Facebook page:

Dear Exhausted Mother Who Fell Asleep On A Bench At “Fun 4 Kidz”…I got you. Your little girl was thirsty, I gave her water. She hit her head coming down the big purple slide, I gave her a hug. It’s been an hour since you fell asleep, I won’t leave ’til you wake up…hopefully rested and ready to face the weekend with the warrior-energy us mamas need to parent with a smile on our faces. ~ Mama Tara Jean

Some may think this comes off as a little braggy-braggy, but I’m glad she did it. It reminds us all that we aren’t just observers. I think this is something that is easy to forget, because we are constantly inundated with stories; Look at what happened here! Look at this! OOOh now look at what this person did! We get so much information via photos and video on the Internet, I think it’s easy to forget sometimes people are real. Their stories are real. This poor woman was exhausted. I feel her pain.

I don’t think I could ever fall asleep at at play place like that because I am way too paranoid – but I know the feeling of being that tired. This woman fell asleep at a Fun 4 Kidz. I’ve never been to one, but I’m assuming it’s like Chuck E. Cheese. Do you know how tired you would have to be to fall asleep at a Chuck E. Cheese? For an hour?

It’s nice to know there are some nice people out there. I have to admit the comments on the Facebook page make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Sometimes it does “take a village.” I can’t even imagine how horrified I would be if I passed out asleep in public, but if I ever did I would hope someone like this would be around.

(photo: Facebook)

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  • Robotic Socks

    Wait, are they a couple that’s sharing a single FB profile?


    • Larkin

      Looks like they’re radio hosts. It’s a public page, not a personal profile. :-)

    • Robotic Socks

      Hm… wonder if they’re trolling for attention… I hope not…

    • brebay

      Even if they are, if it makes people stop and think about just doing something nice when you can, it’s not the worst thing.

  • Jenell

    I can barely fall asleep in my own bed with zero noise lol

  • Frances Locke

    This woman is awesome and deserves to be a little braggy. I think stuff like this could do a lot of good for the whole “it takes a village” idea that a lot of people have given up on. And yes, oh god yes have I been this tired before.

  • jendra_berri

    If people brag about doing the considerate thing, it may influence others to be similar when they’re out. Too many people brag about alerting the authorities and so forth.

  • Ptownsteveschick

    Being borderline narcoleptic, when stressed I can easily have a fit where I fall asleep driving(hasn’t happened in a long time, one reason why I quit work) Luckily I have enough time to see it coming. But I can totally imagine myself falling asleep somewhere like a kids play place, even if I was actively trying not to. I really hope if that ever happens someone nice is there to just wake me up, and not accuse me of being on drugs or a neglectful mother.

    • Guest

      My dad was a narcoleptic (though I’m not sure they realized it when I was super young) but he’d had me and my brother go with him on long work drives to keep him awake. I remember one time he let us “steer” and pretended like he was going to take a nap but then actually fell asleep. I overcorrected and nearly flipped the truck after i went over the outside line a little which thankfully woke him up. He could have fallen asleep ANYWHERE.

  • skc

    I love that she was confident enough to ‘brag’ about it instead of being self righteous enough to bash the exhausted mom. At the same time, why is this the abnormal thing to do?! We shouldn’t be mom-jerks; lend a hand when it’s needed.

  • Kat

    Girl! I was all ready to pop a cap over the title!

    What a let down…

  • LaidbackLiz

    Awesome mama, most of us are so quick to judge or look down upon another mother, patting ourselves on the back for how ‘good’ we’re doing when we all know it’s incredibly hard to raise children and if we put all that judgey energy into helping one another it could be a lot easier! I had a (kinda) similar situation happen at Target a few months back. My son was just turning one and I was getting him out of his car seat, a lady parked beside of us was literally bum to bum with me as she was putting her child back in the car. I had already observed this lady for a little while, while she walked into Target, back out with her child screaming, back in with juice, and back out again quickly because he was obviously melting down. He looked like he was about two and just throwing a huge tantrum – I’m big on discipline, but hey, it happens to the best of us – she started out doing the best thing she could – removing him from the situation. However, when we were standing there bum to bum I heard -smack, smack, smack – Mommy stop peas!! – smack- she was hitting so hard I could clearly hear it and my peripheral vision told me it wasn’t just his legs/hands/bottom but everywhere. I couldn’t take it anymore and told her “Stop, just stop!” I said “Look, I know it’s awful when they pitch fits but you can’t just hit him like that – I’m a mom too, and it’s for that reason that I can’t just stand here and see this”. She started sobbing and told me she never spanked more than just a pop on the hand but that she had recently moved to the area only to have her husband just disappear with only a “Dear Jane” letter saying he wasn’t coming back – he’d been the only one working and she was stranded there, terrified and nearly penniless and the meltdown had been the last straw. I told her I’d be happy to take her son for awhile so she could cool down – she quickly handed him over and he cruised Target, playing with my little one and reaching up for intermittent cuddles for about an hour. I asked for her license before I took him, I was scared she might not come back – but she did, relaxed and incredibly embarrassed and apologetic. She said she knew she couldn’t stop me from calling CPS but implored me not to. I didn’t – instead we exchanged numbers, I bought her some groceries, she emptied their bank account (she didn’t know about the savings account that left her plenty of money to get back on her feet) and I checked in on them a few times a week for a few months. She moved back to her hometown but still sends cards and messages thanking me for my kindness that day. I’m not saying you should always turn a blind eye, but everything I saw outside that day showed me she was a loving and caring mother that just hit a bad spot and I’m glad I helped.

    • Sarah

      We need more people like you in the world.

  • G.S.

    I hope that both these moms get in touch with each other again and become best friends. Seriously, my biggest fear that I have about ever becoming a parent is that someone would call the CPS/CAS on me and have my future kids taken away. I don’t know what the first mom’s story is, but I am SO THANKFUL that Ms. Mama Terra Jean assumed the best rather than the worst, and I’m sure that the first mother had a HUGE moment of internal terror that she fell asleep while her kids were vulnerable in a crowded area.

    Seriously, I want to send Mama T.J. a fruits basket, two diamonds, and a drink just on principle.

  • gothicgaelicgirl

    Well done!
    So many people would look the other way or think “hey, they’re not MY kids!”

    Nice to see a bit of humanity.

  • Skeptic

    To me, it sounds like the woman is putting down the mother who fell asleep. Saying, “Hey, I had to take care of your child because YOU weren’t.” I think, a person who was really looking to do a nice thing would have just watched over the child and not go looking for validation. I think this woman is just looking for her 15 minutes of fame by “acting” like she was helping another woman when she was only looking for putting her down. I wonder how the other woman felt about this.

    • brebay

      Sounds more like she was giving all the douchey-judgy moms a lesson in how easy it is to be decent instead of making things worse.

  • Buzzlightbeer

    Tara Jean is great for doing this for the other mom but for those wondering why the Facebook post – she’s a morning radio co-host and it’s all about ratings. This story is getting a huge response.