Dad Claims He Slept While 100 Teens Partied So Hard Five Ended Up In The Hospital

Dad Claims He Slept Through House Party I love sleeping. Let’s get that out of the way first. Sleep may be the very best, along with cupcakes, kittens, and reading really good books. I’m not trying to sleep-shame anyone here, because I love sleep and I would marry sleep if I could and it is my best friend. That being said, as much as I love sleep I am terrible at doing it, I rarely sleep and I wake up very easily. Which is why I have such a hard time buying the story from this dad in Winter Park, Florida, who claims he slept through a banger that his 16-year-old daughter hosted at their house, with over 100 attendees. When the police arrived at the home teens fled the scene except for five of them who were so messed up they had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital, including the home owner’s own kid. From

Steve Miller, whose daughter hosted the party, told Channel 9’s Anthony DiLorenzo that he was sleeping during the party.

“If my daughter told me they were going to have alcohol I wouldn’t have permitted it,” Miller said. “I didn’t see any drugs.”


DUDE. Come on dude. If your teen says they are going to have a party, chances are it will include alcohol, unless you actually stay awake during the party to chaperone. I can’t think of any parent who would host a mess of teens at their house and not check in on them on occasion. But I’m thinking good ‘ol Steve here is not the most involved parent:

WFTV learned narcotics detectives also tested for synthetic drug use using instant test kits.

Early results came back negative.

“I don’t know what Molly is. The police were saying that and I’m going, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’” Miller said.


A dad of a teen who sleeps through a party of 100 and has no clue that molly is the common slang term for MDMA? Aye yi yi.

Reports claim that some of the teens were mixing Xanax and booze. You can watch how totally clueless the father is below.

I’m not sure how the dad could have slept through any of this. Being a parent sucks because you actually have to actively parent your kids, and check in on them when they are hosting parties at your house. I’m hoping Steve learned his lesson.

(Image: WFTV video)

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  • darras

    … I’m 29 and a musician AND a parent and I had no idea what ‘Molly’ was either. Is this a triple fail?

    • Eve Vawter

      that’s because you’re so cool because you call it disco biscuits

    • darras

      I’ll take that excuse! Excuse me while I go make a note of ‘disco biscuits’..

    • biggerthanthesound

      i just found out what Molly was a couple of months ago. My schizophrenic/bipolar almost ex-husband was using it with his druggy girlfriend. I had to use the google to find out what it was. Great life decisions, father of three.

  • Kay_Sue

    Clearly, he is a victim of the “clueless dad” trope…

  • Kelly

    Oh, I bet Steve’s a very involved parent. I don’t buy the innocent bit. You know how you “sleep” through a rager like that? Drugs or booze, that’s how. I’d bet my car that dad wasn’t sleeping, he was passed out. He probably bought some of the alcohol for the party.

    Also, I don’t know the nickname for every drug either because I’m not a junkie. Seriously, who besides someone who works with addicts or is an addict themselves keeps up on the constantly changing drug slang?

  • Bunny Lou

    MIXING XANAX AND ALCOHOL?!? Oy vey, this wasn’t a party, this was a suicide pact.

    • Sexy Robotic Arms Dealer


      Bunny, we’ll be rich!!!


      (we should de-emphasize “anal”)

    • Bunny Lou

      Razors pain you;
      Rivers are damp;
      Acids stain you;
      And drugs cause cramp.
      Guns aren’t lawful;
      Nooses give;
      Gas smells awful;
      You might as well XANALCOHOL

  • pixie

    I didn’t know what molly was because none of my friends were into MDMA or ecstasy, but after watching hours of “Intervention”, I learned.

    • lizinthelibrary

      I know what Molly is because of Miley Cyrus. So thank you obsession with pop culture. My husband and I have a deal. I work with youth/teens and I’ll keep up with slang/drugs/latest fad that will kill you. He is an engineer who will keep up with technology so we can spy on our offspring.

    • Sexy Robotic Arms Dealer

      Miley Cyrus: Educating America!

    • itpainsme2say

      I think its her mission to educate clueless parents and prepare them for their babies roaring 20s. She’s not being bad she warning parents.

    • pixie

      lol that works!

  • keelhaulrose

    Now, now, don’t you know trashed kids are VERY mindful sleeping residents and they keep the noise level respectable? I’m not sure how you could NOT sleep through a teenage party nowadays!

    • Williwaw

      I don’t think I could sleep through 100 sober kids, never mind drunk ones. (I didn’t know what “molly” was either, but then, my kid is only two. And I’m kind of hoping I don’t have to learn any illegal drug slang to cope with his social life in 15 years.)

  • TwentiSomething Mom

    He was probably boozed up himself and passed out.

  • tSubh Dearg

    I do believe that he could have slept through it as my Beau (who’s from Northern Ireland) once slept through a morter bomb attack less than 50 feet from his house, which has to be louder than a drunken teen party. So heavy sleepers do exist.
    BUT himself would never fall asleep when there was a teenage party happening in the house. In fact, he would probably regularly patrol it, make jokes with his kids’ friends and embarrass them horribly.

  • Sexy Robotic Arms Dealer

    It’s like Weekend at Bernies. Only this dad is more braindead than Bernie.

  • ted3553

    “If my daughter told me they were going to have alcohol I wouldn’t have permitted it,” Miller said.

    Seriously???? My teen asked if she could have her birthday at our place to which I replied yes BUT-no alcohol or drugs. I didn’t even let her ask or tell me that there wouldn’t be. They’re teens for goodness sake. I suppose he assumed that 100 teens together are knitting and playing monopoly? And then to just let them have their party and go to bed? Do not give me excuses. You’re an idiot.

  • Megan

    Well maybe Steve Miller thought he could Fly Like an Eagle and be oblivious. But his kid, The Joker, decided to Take the Money and Run and threw a giant rager while daddy was in Swing Town getting some Jungle Love. But, Abracadabra, the police showed up and ruined the Cool Magic. Bummer, man.

    • Bethany Ramos

      Hahaha I had so many Steve Miller Band thoughts too!

  • JJ

    LOL sure he didn’t know, yeah okay keep on lying. You must sleep on the most powerful sleep pills ever then if you supposedly missed that noise. Just like that house party my teenage cousins went to years ago in the country where the parents of the home were upstairs all night while a party raged on with drunk kids puking, stumbling home alone in the dark after drinking liquor mommy and daddy bought for the party. But no if you ask those parents to they were not there. They have no clue what you are talking about they didn’t let a bunch of under age kids get plastered on their property and their booze then walk or drive home alone. Nope that wasn’t them they were asleep the whole time in their room and didn’t realize a ton of high school kids partied a few feet below them.

  • Alfreda Wells Morrissey

    I had no idea what Molly was until the controversy with the Miley Cyrus song. We would call it E in my day.

  • Amanda D

    I personally can sleep through anything. I have slept through Tornados plenty of times, just because when I sleep I sleep hard. Having said that however, if my child had a party at my house I would make sure I stayed awake until it was over. I probably also wouldn’t allow there to be more than like 30 kids if that.