Predatory Creep Terry Richardson Claims We Are All Witches If We Sign This Petition – So Sign It

Screen-Shot-2014-03-13-at-12.32.20-PMLast night I got an email from our good friends behind the brilliant movie MissRepresentation (which everyone must watch, if you haven’t seen) about a new Change.Org petition urging big brands to stop working with famous photographer and infamous misogynistic, predatory creep Terry Richardson. Richardson, a photographer who has shot numerous campaigns, photographed numerous famous people, including President Barack Obama, and coerced numerous young models into sexual activities, is one of the most sought after photographers in the world. From the email I received:

This week, yet another model came forward with allegations that Richardson sexually harassed and assaulted her during a photo shoot. She shares that, at 19, she felt ”nervous and paralyzed” while he asked her to perform increasingly demeaning sexual acts in front of the camera. Not only has the man popularized a distinct form of objectification in photography – blurring the lines between pornography and fashion - but Richardson has repeatedly been accused of taking advantage of young women who see working with him as a path to success in the modeling industry.

The instance this is referring to was on Huffington Post live, where model Jamie Peck revealed this story: Jamie Peck modeled for Richardson at 19 and later recounted how he had her pose naked, then took his clothes off and convinced her to give him a handjob while his set assistants watched. Said Peck on HuffPost Live:

“If you do a thought experiment and replace the fashion workplace with any other workplace, and the boss whipped out his dick and demanded sexual favors or you don’t get to have that job anymore, that would be very clear to people that that’s sexual harassment and that guy could get sued. I don’t see how this is any different.”

The email concludes with:

Terry Richardson’s misogyny is a well-known fact in the fashion industry. It’s time we collectively took a stand against him, and stood up for young women everywhere.

From the petition:

Terry Richardson has produced countless pornographic photographs however two that particularly stand out are one of a woman in a trash can giving Richardson a sexual favor as if to suggest she is ‘garbage’ and a picture of a woman giving Richardson a sexual favor with the word ‘SLUT’ written on her forehead. Why are the big brands we buy from associating themselves with this kind of imagery? This is the man who said   “it’s not who you know, it’s who you blow. I don’t have a hole in my jeans for nothing.”


The guy is a creep. Not only does he need to stop receiving huge paychecks from companies willing to hire him, but the allegations of sexual misconduct against him need to be investigated so no other young girls feel coerced into sexual activity with him. I do believe this petition can make a difference. We need to collectively take a stand against this guy, the sort of imagery he creates, and the way he goes about creating this images. There are numerous photographers in the world who create sexually provocative and transgressive images without coercing their models into sex.

According to Page Six, Richardson has responded to the petition by saying:

“I chose to primarily ignore a cycle of Internet gossip and false accusations against me . . . I felt that to dignify them with a response was a betrayal of my work and my character.” He adds of the claims, which popped up again last week: “When these allegations resurfaced over the past few months, they seemed especially vicious and distorted . . . becoming nothing more than an emotionally-charged witch hunt.”

Witches are you with me? You can sign the petition here, and I urge you to pass this along to everyone you know.

(Image: The Representation

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  • Lunashademom

    Hell yes. I will sign that petition. Makes me so angry that despite so many women coming forward with their stories, celebrities still work with this pervert.

    • missmi8

      I guess they only work with him because Marc Jacobs (another pervert) supports him and he controls all the celebrities.

  • Valerie

    He is a filthy creep. I will sign it for sure.

  • pixie

    I’ve never heard his name, but just his picture looks creepy as hell. And reading what he’s done to some women?
    I signed for sure.

  • radicalhw


    • noodlestein

      I’d buy that tee-shirt!

  • K.

    Love that phrase: “Witch-hunt.”

    Yes, because you were just sitting around being a perfectly wonderful person and a bunch of chicks decided you’re going DOWN. For no reason other than the fact that you are wonderful and they are emotional.

    Fuck you, Richardson.

    • Eve Vawter

      Jezebel pointed out that 316,000 results come up if you Google “Terry Richardson assault – so like IDK, smoke, fire, etc etc ?

    • K.

      Sigh. What. a. creep. And my cousin is “retired” (at like, 37) but was a bona fide high-fashion model and while she said there are creeps in any industry, for the most part, the fashion world functions like any other industry–ie, professionally, and that she worked with everyday professionals who just did their jobs, earned their paychecks, and took care of their kids. So the whole “well, it IS the fashion industry” is just ridiculous and sad. I mean, you can talk about entertainment law as being “schmarmy” or corporate America as “shark-y” but what industry wants its culture to be known as “sexual assault-y”?

      PS: I just googled my name + assault. 0 hits. Good thing I don’t know any emotional witches.

  • CMJ

    He also takes the worst pictures. No matter who is photographing, they all manage to look dead in the eyes.

    I’m getting out my pitchfork.

    • coffeeandshoes

      That’s the part that baffles me too – he doesn’t even take good photos! The flat lighting and stupid poses scream amateur hour, yet he is highly sought-after? SO CONFUSED.

  • Lisa

    Any excuse I get to be a witch is a good day. He’s a creep, plain and simple.

  • Taxes Make Kittens Cry

    Fashion and Hollywood are supposed to be 2 of the more progressive industries… yet, they’re so backwater when it comes to sexual exploitation of women and children.

    Why is that?

    • K.

      Short answer?

      They’re not.

      I may be a teensy bit cynical on the whole thing but my belief is that fashion and Hollywood are about money before they are about anything else, so they chase trends waaayyy more often than they set them (despite their claims—a big bullhorn is a tremendous asset). Artistic, creative, progressive people certainly work in those industries; the industries themselves are about the dollar more than they are about art, creativity, or progress.

  • RS

    I agree completely that his career should be over, he should be thrown in prison, or worse. He is a despicable creature. I am disgusted.

    Point of clarification: He is the “witch,” not we that go after him. A witch-hunt is trying to convict someone of a made up crime with made up accusations. You are hunting a witch. It is not a bunch of witches going on a hunting spree.

    • anonymous

      But I already bought a new broom and some ammo…fail.

  • whatlight


  • ciias8

    Perverse fashion designer Marc Jacobs and Terry are long-time friends. Jacobs got Terry many well-paying contracts. He controls Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and more. Jacobs is the manipulator of the century. He tortures a Hungarian girl. He stole her ideas and harassed her. He’s been stalking her since she was 16. WE should all support the truth! Please read more at: