This Heartwarming Short Film Shows The Love Between A Sister And Her Disabled Brother

My Brother Teddy Shows Love Between SiblingsI am so in love with this short documentary created by Kelly O’Brien who is a mother of three and lives in Toronto. She created the movie Softening over the span of five years to illustrate the experience of raising a child with severe physical and developmental disabilities. Teddy was born a viral infection he contracted in utero that caused extensive brain damage and the following short film introduces us to Emma and the love she has for her little brother.

From The New York Times:

As both mother and filmmaker, I felt it was important to find ways to represent Teddy not simply as a tragedy or a constellation of delays and disabilities, but as the sweet, happy and complicated kid that he is.

I love how the movie perfectly depicts the point of view of an older sibling who doesn’t see her brother as someone who is disabled or who has physical limitations, but just as someone she loves a lot who enjoys ice cream and rain on his face and laughing at her jokes.

I’m sure with all siblings there’s a lot that this short movie doesn’t show us, the squabbling, the tantrums, the very trying aspects of parenting that all of us go through, but for me it’s just a lovely snapshot of the unconditional love a sister has for her brother. I know as kids grow that love can change and develop and probably won’t be as dear and unconditional as it is shown in this movie, but I think it makes us all pause and see the world through this little girl’s view, how she doesn’t focus on the difficult aspects, just the joy and love of being someone’s favorite person in the world.

(Image: My brother, teddy)

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  • Alex Lee

    “vigil terrfists” is kidspeak for “physical therapists”

    In the video, Kelly lists twenty-eight items that Teddy likes. As an exercise, I made a list of what my wife likes and I invite you to list what your loved one loves:

    Cameron, Megan, me, humpback whales, green iguanas, angora rabbits, chocolate peanut-butter cheesecake, the goalie dance, fajitas, the minivan, iPads, her cellphone, an empty kitchen sink, greek yogurt, dim-sum, aquariums, Pulp Fiction, American Idiot, green sea turtles, Kona Hawai’i, gardening, babies, trombones, sushi, summertime thunderstorms, back massages, healing animals, and vacationing to new places.

    • Eve Vawter

      That is so cute!

    • JD

      My daughter: Her brothers, curly hair, ballet, dinosaurs, skeletons, making chili, grocery shopping, airplanes, making PBJ by herself, giving her baby brother a bath, picnics, her scooter, ice skating, the moon, anatomy, flowers on the dining table, bakeries, going to restaurants, being read to, Degas’ ballerina paintings, double rainbows, performing concerts in the living room, lemonade stands, running through the sprinkler, babies, cats, colorful dresses, lunch with her grandpa

  • Anonymous

    Speaking from the viewpoint of the little girl who grew up with a brother who had cerebral palsy, the little girl who is now a full grown adult, that love never changes. It isn’t like “normal” siblings, it’s much deeper. Rest assured, that little girl will be her brother’s very favorite person for as long as they both shall live. There is a true bond, a secret language, communication that needs no words that exists only between siblings in a situation like that, and it never goes away. They don’t outgrow it like other children do. That little boy is blessed with a sweet sister and in return she has the deepest love from her brother, a love that most people will never understand.