11-Year-Old Brooklyn Kid Ran Away From Home Because He Didn’t Want To Do Chores

Brooklyn Boy Found safe After Running AwayOh man, this kid should be so very very grounded. I’m sorry Kareem Granton but I would never let you leave the house again. The 11-year-old boy from Brooklyn ran away from home and was found after five days, riding the trains of NYC because he didn’t want to clean up after his dog, Queenie. This is why kids shouldn’t be allowed pets until they are deemed responsible enough. Just reading this story is enough to give me the vapors because his poor mom must have been worried to death. From the Daily Mail:

Kareem Granton, 11, of East New York, was found Monday morning at the Union Square subway station after a woman spotted him and alerted police.

When he was reunited with his distraught family he revealed that he had left home because he did not want to clean up after his dog, Queenie.

Kareem went missing on Wednesday after he got home from school and went to play video games without permission with a friend after being told to clean up.

The pair then went to a nearby Chuck E. Cheese’s to eat and Kareem disappeared. 

His frantic family launched an appeal to find the schoolboy who disappeared after having ‘a tantrum in the moment.’

About this whole ‘tantrum’ thing? Kareem was quoted as saying “I just had a tantrum, a type of anger problem,” he told Slattery. “So I just wanted to express it in a different way. Yeah, that is for sure a DIFFERENT WAY, kid.

His mom, who is obviously extremely relieved and happy to have her son back, said she plans on punishing him. I can’t even imagine being away from home for that long, and it is reported he only had ten bucks in his pocket that his stepfather gave him. Stories like these make me wonder why I ever had kids. There have been plenty of times my own kids have gotten cranky when I have told them to clean their rooms or clean up dog mess from the yard or do their homework, they just haven’t run away from home yet. Is 11-years-old to old to put one of those child leashes on a kid?

A good samaritan noticed him asleep on the train and alerted a policeman with a canine patrolling the subway platform.

I’m happy he is home safe and all but he basically just free range parented himself. Crazyass kid. He is lucky he didn’t get kidnapped or worse, plus, it has been so cold in NYC! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll be bringing this one up at dinner as a total what not to do when you are angry conversation. Stuff like this scares me to pieces.

(Image: CBS2 video)

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  • Guest

    What a lazy f#$!

  • TwentiSomething Mom

    The crazy thing is, he was sleeping on the trains for 5 days and he’s only 11. I know someone must have spotted a child alone on the train at night or saw him wandering around. When he was found it was during rush hour in the morning because someone recognized him from TV.

  • Kay_Sue

    “Kareem was quoted as saying “I just had a tantrum, a type of anger problem,” he told Slattery. “So I just wanted to express it in a different way.”

    What the actual fuck? “Just want to express it in a different way”…*shakes head*

    • brebay

      Sounds like he’s been therapized…

    • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com/ wmdkitty

      Good on him for coming up with a non-violent way to express it.

  • Socks (I HATE TAXES) Crusty

    Wait till he finds out he has to catch up on 5 days of homework!

  • Alicia Kiner

    omg! Hopefully this teaches him the lesson he seriously needed. He’s lucky to alive.

  • Emil

    There has got to be more to the story. Riding a train for five days isn’t exactly comfortable. In fact is sounds pretty miserable to me. I can’t imagine that anyone would go through that just to avoid a chore that takes five minutes.

  • brebay

    This is fishy. No kid stays gone for 5 days without a damn good reason, I wonder what the punishment is in his house for not cleaning up after the dog…probably not grounding.

    • Rachel Sea

      Reasons are subjective. If he has anger issues, and was enjoying an adventure, he might have felt no need to go home.

    • Emil

      I think the whole enjoying an adventure thing would get old after an hour or two and then you get cold, tired, hungry, lonely.

    • Rachel Sea

      The subway is warm, once you are in you can ride all day, he apparently still saw some of his friends, and he wasn’t in want of food.

    • Shea

      That, and kids can be unbelievably stubborn. He might have been over the whole “adventure” thing after a day or two, but not wanted to “give in”. Heck, some kids will hold their breath until they pass out, or go hungry for an entire day or more rather than eat a hated food. Kids are not logical creatures.

  • Valerie

    11 year olds still throw tantrums? Fuck. I thought i was nearing the end of the line with that horseshit.

    • Me-Me

      Grown ass adults throw tantrums so I assume we are in for it. My hit throws the mother of all shit fits. I expect it’ll only get worse. Great.

    • Aldonza

      Sadly, some do, yes. I have a a student whom I’ve worked with a number of times for the past year who throws regular crying, foot stomping, yelling, tantrums. She’s 10, almost 11. She also death glares to the point where my Assistant the other day told me she was ready to jump in front of me because she thought this particular student might jump at me.

    • Darras

      Ugh yes. My sister still throws the occasional tantrums and she is turning 28 this year.. Some folks just never grow out of it.

  • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com/ wmdkitty

    Well, it’s his dog, it’s his responsibility.

    • rj

      Don’ t think kid should be glorified in media for obviously the wrong thing, … and I don’ t believe he rode a train for five days, how did he survive, how did he eat? Just sounds crazy and I think instead of msking media appearances, mom should be at family counseling sessions, so when her child has another tantrum he won’ t think of trading in his home for a 5 day train ride.

  • val97

    One time my eight year old got mad when I told him he had to walk the dog. He insisted it was his brother’s turn (everything has to be “fair” with those two). I told him I didn’t care – he was going to walk the dog. He stormed out and said “I’m taking the dog and never coming back.” I laughed at him as soon as he left… I wonder if this mom did the same? It’s scary because who really believes their kid is going to run away? Mine was back in 10 minutes.