Parents Claim The Runaway Cheerleader Is Staying With Friend’s Family Because It’s A Boozefest

Rachel Canning Underage DrinkingNow that it’s my official job to being you all of the Rachel Canning news, the cheerleader who ran away from home and is cranky her parents won’t give her child support , today’s story includes allegations made by Rachel’s mom Elizabeth who claims that the family Rachel is living with are not the best role models for her young (-ish, keep in mind, Rachel is 18) daughter. Why do Rachel’s parents say this about the Inglesino family who have heroically taken in their daughter because they wanted free advertising due to the fact Jon Ingelisno is an attorney worth millions of dollars  believe in her future and want Rachel to be able to go on to college? Because they supply all the underage girls with rivers of booze.

From your best friends at The Daily Mail:

When Rachel Canning was a 15-year-old freshman she got so drunk on vodka at Jon Inglesino’s home that she was sick all over the sidewalk and into a garbage can after her dad Sean picked her up for a basketball game.

And according to the Canning family, Inglesino’s wife Amy gave Rachel and her friends wine coolers in the back of a limo bound for New York on her daughter’s 15th birthday.

WAIT back up the bus, limo… New York City.. 15th birthday whaaaaaaaaat?

Achoooooo we have a big case of what you guys are calling affluenza here.

And here is an image from the Facebook page of Amy Inglesino.


I am not sure which one of these supermodel looking young ladies is Rachel’s BFF.

And I realize it’s sort of bitchy of me to post that, because I do understand that there are plenty of rich people who take their kids to Paris who are perfectly awesome parents and who raise their kids without giving them wine coolers in the backs of limos for their 15th birthday, and these are all just allegations anyway, we have no proof whether or not this actually happened. And all we have about the whole garbage can puking incident is the testimony of Sean Canning.

According to the report, Rachel was all foot-stompy because:

‘The Inglesino household, according to Rachel in the past, is more lenient. She would often tell us how the Inglesino parents would allow alcoholic parties to be held at their house.

‘Rachel was angry because we would not host an alcoholic party.

I have a teenager. If he asked me if he could have a booze party I would laugh in his face and when I was done laughing in his face I would drink all the booze. I do sort of find it hard to believe the Inglesino’s supplied young teenagers with booze, but then again, I have a hard time understanding hiring a limo to take your kid to a major city for her birthday with friends. I plan on all of my kid’s parties to include what they always have, hot dogs from Costco and Nerf Gun fights in the backyard. I would show you more Facebook images, but they have an amazingly beautiful pool and I don’t want you guys to cry. It should be noted I also have a pool,but mine is sort of broken and last year it had two dead squirrels and spiders in it.

I also hate to tell you guys this, but they are not taking our brilliant advice of shutting up and going home and getting family therapy. Maybe next week! ALSO! I am sort of starting to feel like this is an excellent made for TV movie and/or a soap opera, so you guys we need to get to work on writing the script so we can all become gazillionaires and also go to Paris.

(Image: Facebook)

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  • Crusty Socks

    “Save the cheerleader, save the internet”

    The Rachel Canning story might be the greatest internet troll fest of 2014. I mean, these jokes just write themselves.

    Anyways, I know your awesome advice is awesome, but I really reallllly hope the Cannings don’t follow it.

    Now we just need the Inglesino’s to file a defamation lawsuit and this should break the internets.

  • Nica

    I wish this whole crew would go back under the rock they crawled out from… Ugh. And we wonder why other countries find Americans a bunch of idiots…

  • Kay_Sue

    I’m just going to recycle this from yesterday, BUT….

    I guess a reality TV show is one way to pay for college.

  • keelhaulrose

    There’s two sides of every story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
    Or, in this case, there’s two sides of every story and the truth probably lies somewhere on Mars.

    • Kay_Sue

      Where it ran away to hide from these people, I think.

  • Tinyfaeri

    It can only be a made for TV movie if there is also a SEX WORKER in it.

    • pixie

      Well that’s a possible way to pay for college…

  • Angela

    I’ve heard very conflicting accounts. According to Rachel she was kicked out of her parents’ home because she refused to break up with her boyfriend and and that her parents were abusive and controlling. And this isn’t just about her wanting to have access to her college savings account. Her parents have also stopped paying her private high school tuition as soon as she turned 18 despite the fact that they were the ones who enrolled her and that it wouldn’t really be realistic to expect her to transfer halfway through her senior year. It’s also significant to me that the teachers and administration are siding with Rachel claiming that she is a model student and also vouching for the family she’s staying with.

    I realize that we don’t know the whole story but I’m kind of inclined to think that the parents are being douches. Even if they don’t agree with the choices she’s making why on earth would they jeopardize her high school graduation by refusing to pay tuition? Why would they seize her college savings account? Regardless of what else is going on in her life she is still apparently a good student. If it’s a 529 account then that money can only be spent on school related expenses. It’ not like she could blow it on clothes or partying. If they really were thinking of her best interests wouldn’t they want her to pursue an education regardless?

    • pixie

      Ehhh, I knew a number of not very nice kids, who were often wealthy, and partied almost to excess who were seen as model students in high school. My best friend’s little sister used to tell her street friends that her mom kicked her out when really she just ran away from home. It’s not impossible that this may be the case here, but of course, since I’m not involved in the situation, I can’t know for sure.

      Though I do agree that the parents should still be paying the tuition for her high school.

    • Angela

      Oh, totally. I’m not denying that she’s partying. It’s just that to me taking away her school money (especially her high school tuition) seems more controlling than concerned. Also I think the lawsuit’s completely absurd. I DO think the parents should be on the hook for the high school tuition because they would have to have been the ones to enroll her and agree to pay. As far as the college savings goes I feel that legally the parents should have the right to take it away. I just feel that if they were truly looking out for her daughter they wouldn’t be trying to prevent her from pursuing an education. It wouldn’t stop her from partying or fix any of her problems. It will just make it harder to support herself.

    • pixie

      Yeah, I do completely agree with that.

    • SA

      If it were me, I would pull the college fund. It is obvious that she is immature and has a good chance of wasting it away. I would agree to a local community college and if she could prove herself then something more expensive. I wouldn’t want to blow a years tuition if she decided to party her ass off and flunk out.

    • Angela

      Given that thus far she has been a good student and has been offered a scholarship to her first choice school I would at least give her a chance. If she did flunk classes or get into trouble then I wouldn’t keep paying. I’d also let her know that once her college savings are spent then she’s on her own. I’m not arguing that there aren’t valid reasons to pull college savings and I honestly wouldn’t be so suspicious if they hadn’t also stopped paying her high school tuition as well. It just seems like they’re trying to block her education as a means to punish and manipulate.

    • SarahJesness

      She does sound like a good student, but college gives a student free reign. If a kid makes good grades but has a habit of making other bad decisions, it’s not unreasonable for the parent to fear that they’ll flunk out of college because they’re too busy partying. If they think she’s out of control now, it could be worse in college.

    • Angela

      Honestly if they weren’t simultaneously trying to thwart her high school graduation then I might be more willing to believe that they really are just looking out for her best interests.

    • helloshannon

      no one is entitled to a private school education. sorry.

    • Angela

      Agreed, but when you enroll a child in private school you sign a contract agreeing to pay tuition for that year. Also it’s completely unreasonable to expect a high school senior to switch schools a couple months before graduation. The parents were the ones who contracted with the school so it should be their responsibility to honor their agreement.

    • helloshannon

      then the school should sue for that if it is a contract issue.

    • Angela

      Schools do not typically sue for tuition mainly because of the expense. However, they are not required to release your transcripts or issue your diploma until your account is settled. So she’s kind of screwed unless they pay up.

    • Michelle Pittman

      Well, if she wants to have her parents pay for her school and college than maybe she needs to follow their rules…are my parents the only ones to say “my house, my rules”?

  • Rachel Sea

    I have a hard time believing a pair of rational adults would host a bunch of teenagers for drinks, but this pair is supporting an 18 year old in suing for child support. They’re nuts.

  • Mystik Spiral

    I second the made-for-TV movie idea. This has Lifetime written aaaaallll over it.

  • AP

    “WAIT back up the bus, limo… New York City.. 15th birthday whaaaaaaaaat?”

    I attended high school in an upper-middle class suburb of NYC, and…this does not surprise me. Generally, this kind of behavior was reserved for bar/bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, and junior prom/senior prom, but again…not a surprise.For example, at my high school, every year several parents would rent a Booze Cruise as an after junior prom party, for example. The students would take a coach bus (full of alcohol) to a fishing charter (full of alcohol and drugs) and party (drink, do drugs, have public sex) the night away. Group sex was…not uncommon. Parents thought it was “young and fun and high school is the best years of your lives yay booze and weed and random hookups!”

    There were plenty of kids whose parents weren’t on board with this nonsense who managed to bamboozle their way into participating, and about a solid third of the grade thought it was dumb and would plan alternative events.

    Also, plenty of kids would go into the city for birthdays, etc., by taking the train and acting like civilized human beings waiting on line for TKTS, buying overpriced stuffed animals at Toys R Us Times Square, and taking Proto-Selfies in front of the angels in Rockefeller Center. Like civilized people.

    • Zoe Lansing

      I also grew up in an affluent suburb of NYC (and would never,ever raise my own kids there; my dad and stepmom even say that they hope none of their grandchildren end up being raised in my hometown) and, yeah, this kind of thing was really common. It often felt like parents were trying to one up each other by doing more and more ridiculously extravagant things for every birthday/celebration. After all, if you can afford to live in the area yet don’t spend at least as much on your kid’s sweet sixteen or 8th grade graduation party as most, you know, common (yikes!) people do on a wedding, you are clearly a bad parent who doesn’t really love your kid.

    • chickadee

      This sounds like the premise for an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

  • Zettai

    I might be one of the few unsurprised that there are adults and parents out there supplying teenagers with booze. I had a boyfriend with lenient parents and family, they offered us liquor during some family parties they had. I know someone who went to parties a 30ish woman would throw for teens at her house, supplying the booze.

    Of course, though, any person accused of giving a teen anything illegal would lie and say they didn’t. What I don’t understand is why this drunk little brat wasn’t kicked out of the house the first time the parents heard about her going to these houses and getting drunk or even when she got wasted at that dance. What took them so long?

  • ShanLea

    I am a total pacifist, and I have never in my life wanted to throat-punch a group of people more. At first it was just Rachel, but now I want all of them lined up for simultaneous punchings. I think we should lock them all in a house Surreal Life-style and let them go all Vanilla Ice on each other…except without cameras, because the last thing they need is more media exposure!

  • TngldBlue

    This doesn’t surprise me. I’d say the majority of parties held in our town, at least in my high school years, had alcohol supplied by the parents. A lot of the parents smoked pot with the kids. Heck our student class president was busted a few days after graduation for running an LSD ring out of his parents house. It was just a whole bunch of parents trying to be “cool”.

  • Jessifer

    I’m 30 years old and I’d love to have a hot dog & Nerf gun party.

    • Zoe Lansing

      I’m 26 and already planning on celebrating my 30th with pizza, make your own ice cream sundaes and a bounce house in my backyard. Depending on how warm it is that day (my birthday’s in late September so the weather could go either way, especially since I’m not certain yet where I’ll be living at the time), there may be super soakers and a slip and slide, as well.Not even kidding.

  • Kheldarson

    I’m not surprised at parents supplying alcohol. That happens at a lot of economic levels. My brother had his first alcoholic drink before I did (I’m 2 years older) because the mother of his high school girlfriend insisted he try some at a party they were hosting. Same mom also got her daughter and her friends pot. So it happens. Usually when a parent wants to be a friend, not a parent.

  • JJ

    I don’t understand why anyone would throw a party with alcohol for teens, especially teens who aren’t theres(assuming these reports are true) but sadly it does happen. I can understand allowing your own teen to say have a small glass of wine or a sip of a beer but providing a lot liquor for underage kids who are not yours is messed up and a huge legal issue if you get caught. Or god forbid one of the kids drinks to much and gets really ill or alcohol poisoning. My cousins went to party in their early high school years where the parents of the party host not only bought the liquor but were home while all these kids were getting wasted (I mean sick, passing out, stumbling down the streets wasted) on their property well aware of what was happening. Hello people, do you want to get in serious legal trouble? do you want strange kids who were drinking at your house with your permission with liquor you bought to fall into a ditch somewhere drunk and get injured?

  • Justme

    I wonder what the relationship history is between the two families. The lawyer seems a LITTLE too keen on taking up this case, you know what I mean? Perhaps this is nothing more than a pissing contest between two grown men with the daughter (vile as she does seem) caught in the middle?