The Garbage People Of The ‘Fashion Police’ Pregnancy-Shame Elsa Pataky

Fashion Police Elsa Pataky Pregnancy


Things have been going so well in the world of body-shaming pregnant women. I haven’t read a headline about a post-baby body in weeks. But the garbage people (I’m sadly including you in this Joan Rivers) on E!’s Fashion Police decided that they would go after Elsa Pataky, the amazingly gorgeous and heavily pregnant wife of Chris Hemsworth, who is expecting twins. Pataky wore a Elie Saab gown with a drop waist to the Academy Awards on Sunday night, and even though her dress wasn’t my personal favorite dress of the evening, she looked gorgeous. I think you could basically put her in a dress constructed of burlap and twisty ties and she would still look gorgeous. But haters gonna hate, or in this case, The Fashion Police is gonna po-lice, and here is what they said:



We get to hear from Kelly Osbourne, who what? What does she do with her life? She is the daughter of a famous rock star and has a few bad music singles out. She is famous for being the daughter of someone famous, and for being shitty on TV. She whipped out her judgy by saying:

It’s not the appropriate dress to wear if you are pregnant.


FffFFFFFFFffffFFFFFFFFFFFFfffFFFF UUUUUuuuuuUUUUUuuu. You know what the appropriate dress to wear while you are pregnant is? ANY damn dress you want.

And then we have this George Kotsiopoulos bitchass who says:

“The last thing I wanna do is rip on a pregnant woman because it is incredible that you can do this with your bodies, But I would be remiss to not … it’s a horrible dress on her. That doesn’t look like a baby bump, it looks like a beer belly. I’m sorry and I acknowledge that that’s a horrible thing to say, but it’s the wrong dress on this woman.”

I hate these people. I hate all these garbage people. And smug little tee-heeing Giuliana Rancic who should be sensitive to heavily pregnant woman and who should know better. especially considering she plans to have another baby soon, and even if it is via surrogacy, she should at least be pro-pregnant body.

And saying  this is a horrible thing to say and then going on to say it anyway doesn’t make it better. It doesn’t make it OK to be an asshole. Acknowledging that you are an asshole doesn’t make it OK for you to be an asshole.

I hate the whole media scrutiny and ripping apart of women, but what I hate most of all is how it is done to pregnant women, or women who have just had a baby. I think if there is anytime a woman should have people STFU about how she looks that is when she is pregnant. Actually, I believe people should STFU about how other people look at all time, but especially when they are pregnant.

I realize it just isn’t these garbage people who do this. There was a whole lot of body shaming going down on Sunday night. I guess I just think when you have a popular TV show and you are influencing how other people think and view pregnant women you would show a bit more class when judging their pregnant bodies and what they chose to dress them in. I hate all these people.

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  • guest

    Didn’t Giuliana Rancic have a surrogate?

    • Eve Vawter

      She should know that being pregnant couldn’t have been a cakewalk for her surrogate. I just think she of all people should GET what a big deal having a baby is.

    • JLH1986

      Given what I’ve seen on her show, I doubt Giuliana Rancic thinks much about what her surrogate goes through. She doesn’t come across as giving a crap about anyone who isn’t her husband, son or immediate family of origin.

    • Jessifer

      Why? It’s not like she went through the pregnancy herself and had to deal with gaining/shedding all those pounds and finding the “appropriate” dress to wear for the occasion.

      I give Elsa Pataky kudos for even showing up. If I had to deal with being that far along with twins, Oscars or not I’d be like “Hell no, I’m staying at home and will watch it on TV with my friends Ben & Jerry”. I couldn’t even get through a whole movie without going to pee 2-3 times.

    • Eve Vawter

      I want to do that. I am not pregnant but I want to eat ice cream and pee a lot

    • Andrea

      In fairness, we and the media pick apart the dresses of pretty much everyone that walks the red carpet, not just the pregnant ones. I’m not sure why you are getting madder at people picking on the pregnant lady’s dress than Angelina’s dress.
      And also, I never really understood how people on the red carpet are able to look anything less than absolutely fabulous. I mean, they have all the money in the world right? There are no budget constraints for a dress, hair, make-up, accessories, fashion consultants and exclusive designers, right?

    • Eve Vawter

      I do not. I only appearance shame dudes.

    • EX

      But, but, didn’t you critique Ariel Winter’s dress choice at the SAG awards? I’m not saying you shamed her, but you did say she should put on a sweater. No?

    • Eve Vawter

      Yes, yes I did, but that is because I’m old and she is like 15 and I kept expecting Jack Nicholson to look at her boobs. BOOBS!

    • JLH1986

      I think saying I don’t like the dress is acceptable (For the record, I don’t. The band at the bottom of her belly is throwing me off from liking the dress). However, the “beer belly” comment wasn’t appropriate. Commenting on the size of the person in the dress (pregnant or not), isn’t cool. If Kelly had said “that’s not an appropriate dress for an overweight person” it wouldn’t have been ok. If they don’t like the dress that’s ok. Joan Rivers insinuating that she had the Ellen photo worth of people gestating wasn’t ok. The criticism was less about the dress and more about her size. George should have known better when he started his critique with “The last thing I want to do is rip on a pregnant woman” he should have stopped there. That’s the equivalent of “No offense, but”.

    • drinkpepsi

      I agree that no one should criticize her size (no need to anyway….the rest of her body looks fit and fabulous…and her belly is 7 months pregnant with twins so it should look large).

      That said, the dress actually makes Elsa look larger than she is because it buries her boobs and emphasizes her belly.

      Should have gone with an empire cut (the band should be below her chest….not below her belly). A bright, beautiful color on top and perhaps a darker color below.

      Considering she more than likely has access to a stylist, a seamstress and plenty of time to plan and prepare…there is no real reason to wear such a drab dress.

      Natalie Portman had a great maternity dress back in the day.

      Same with Angelina Jolie (even with twins!).

    • drinkpepsi

      Here is the pic of Angie heavily pregnant with twins.
      This is an example of a great silhouette for pregnant women.

      The band belongs under the chest…not under the belly.

    • nikki753

      Yes. This dress is flattering. That reminds me. It drives me crazy when women wear tops with a seam that is clearly intended to go under the boobs and the top fits so poorly that the seam runs across the middle of their boobs. It looks terrible. I’m always fighting the urge to say, “Look, you were lucky enough to get a nice set. Please don’t do that to them. It makes me sad because it’s not flattering on you and also…if I were lucky enough to have breasts, I would work hard to show them that I appreciate them.”

    • drinkpepsi

      So true!!

    • JLH1986

      I agree. But I felt like Fashion Police hit on her size v. the terrible dress (minus the beautiful color). I’ve seen other outlets discuss the terrible dress and never address her size. They said almost exactly what you did, the dress shape isn’t flattering it made her look as if she had no breasts etc. etc. which is totally ok. The dress cut IS terrible. But discussing her size made me cringe. But as another commenter pointed out. She’s married and sexing Chris Hemsworth, presumably on the regular, she herself has a successful modeling career and some semblance of acting career. She is #winning at life. So I doubt one poor dress choice is gonna break her.

    • guest

      That’s exactly what I meant. After all she’s been through, she’s going to throw a pregnant woman under the bus? Really?

    • Véronique Houde

      I just think that this has nothing to do with being pregnant or not. It’s about wearing a maternity designer dress, and walking the red carpet, and getting photographed, and knowing that millions of americans will be watching and commenting (even the mommyish staff will be blogging live on what people are wearing).

      She 1- didn’t have to go 2- didn’t have to walk the red carpet 3- could have said no to that dress.

      I personally don’t watch awards shows. They bore me. But I mean, if you guys are going to comment fashion on Mommyish, you can’t just say “Oh, well, she’s pregnant so we can only say she’s gorgeous” just as much as you can’t say “Oh, well, she’s fat… or mentally delayed, or ethnic”.

    • Alicia Kiner

      Considering the Hell she went through trying to get pregnant herself, then couldn’t, her fight with breast cancer, and then surrogacy, I would think Guiliana would be a bit more forgiving. And I kind of agree that this dress isn’t the most flattering maternity dress, but Elsa still looked fabulous! I.liked Natalie Portman’s dress when she won for Black Swan better, but Elsa has this whole hippie chic maternity wardrobe going on. And she’s pregnant with twins. If it fits her and she’s comfortable, leave her alone!

  • EX

    These people are horrible, but that’s kind of what they get paid to do. I don’t like it, so I don’t watch it (it helps that I don’t have cable). I don’t think that a woman should get a free pass just because she’s pregnant, though. I think critiquing her dress is fair game and I agree that the dress was not a good choice. That being said, Joan Rivers calling her “huge” is truly below the belt (even for her) and Kelly Osborne trying to dictate what a pregnant woman is supposed to wear is all kinds of messed up.

  • Aimee Ogden

    I think the dress looks nice, especially considering she probably couldn’t just pop out last weekend and pick something out; speaking from experience, it’s kind of hard to predict how big a twins tummy is going to get! I for one started out wearing medium maternity wear and ended up in XXLs by the end, stupidly thinking each time I went up another size, “Oh, this’ll probably be the last one I need.” I can’t imagine having to find a dress for the Oscars in that state!

    • Kristen

      She has stylists she pays to pop out last weekend. This is the Oscars, her husband is a huge movie star. She isn’t like you and me.

    • Véronique Houde

      Stylists have been looking for a dress for her for what is most likely months, and she didn’t have to pay for the dress. She accepted to walk the red carpet to show off the dress to garner publicity for a designer. She probably didn’t even have much of a say in what dress she wore.

  • Kay_Sue

    I don’t watch fashion shows for this reason–I don’t like this treatment of anyone. But, this is their job, and their audience enjoys it. Or enjoys to hate on it. Either way, this is what rakes in the dollah dollah bills for them. Is it shitty? Yeah, but it’s shitty for any woman that has to go through it–not just a pregnant one.

    And if we’re being honest, I may not agree with the tone or the choice of words, but I agree with the sentiment. I don’t think it flatters her at all (except that the color is gorgeous!), and it doesn’t do her gorgeousness justice. I said on the last post about Twitter hating on it that she looks fab *in spite of* the dress, whereas I’d expect her dress to umph up that natural fabulousness that she kind of oozes, pregnant or not.

    • Kitsune

      The color is stunning on her and I agree about the dress. A dropwaist is not the silhouette I would have chosen since I don’t really think they work except on the uber skinny. She is absolutely gorgeous though and she seems really happy in it which is what fashion is supposed to do. Make you feel attractive and happy. Plus she’s married to Thor so she just wins.

    • Kay_Sue

      I am going to recycle this from my last comments on the subject:

      #PayMeNoMind #ImJustJealousThatIAmNotHavingChrisHemsworthsTwins


    • Kitsune

      Haha my type can best be described as Viking. So I will steal #ImJustJealousThatIAmNotHavingChrisHemsworthTwins
      And add

    • Kay_Sue

      Longboat could be an interest euphemism! ;)

  • Heather

    It’s an ugly dress and it looks horrible on her. Fashion is really subjective, so I can see where someone might like the dress on her, but I think it looks terrible. Apparently the “experts” agree. They aren’t commenting on her body not being right for the dress, they are commenting on the dress not fitting and flattering the body she has.

    • Eve Vawter

      why are they experts though? seriously. For all I know you could just as easily be an expert. I am gonna call myself an expert. I am an expert. She looks fine.

    • Heather

      I was being sarcastic. The quotes around the word were intended to imply that I do not actually consider them experts in fashion. I still think it’s hideous.

    • Eve Vawter

      No, I got that, I am just sort of floored that these “experts” are experts at anything

    • Heather

      The problem is that there is no such thing as a “fashion expert.” There are people who are good at telling what shapes and colors would flatter and fit different bodies and people, but that’s about as far as you can get into being a fashion expert. Because fashion, like art, is really subjective. Things that appeal to one person will not appeal to another.

      These people are given attention because they are “edgy” and rude and make people write articles about the things they say. If the rest of the media world ignored these people, they would not be able to continue doing this. I think a majority of the viewers the gain on any regular basis come from the controversy they stir up and the media attention it gains. Stop writing about them, they go away.

    • Elizabeth Licata

      There are fashion experts just like there are art experts. There are plenty of people with advanced degrees in fashion history or training in design and construction or decades of industry experience.

      But these people are not them. None of them have any expertise or experience in fashion, and their criticism is not particularly incisive or informed. Mostly it’s just body-snarking.

      I’m from Chicago and I moved back for a time a couple years ago, and the weirdest thing about my time there was that people in Chicago seemed to think Giuliana Rancic was a legit celebrity. It was like she was DeNiro or something. I was highly confused.

    • Heather

      I think while you can gain some education in aspects of fashion or art, that doesn’t make a person any more of an “expert” than someone walking down the street. At least not to the extent we are talking about here. It is more about what is appealing and attractive to a person. I think some famous, world renowned art looks like junk. I also think some well-respected fashion designers make things that look bad. They can be experts in knowing details about the topic, but still not be able to say one thing is “better” than another, because there will always be someone who disagrees.

    • Véronique Houde

      They’re experts because they can get the TV ratings that the networks want, and that the designers want, so that they can sell their dresses. Granted Eve, you’re funny enough, but I think you’re too nice – you’d probably be boring to watch when you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings lol

    • drinkpepsi


      All this fashion talk has made me wonder about that fabulous tie-dye party that was supposed to be held this month for little Sophia.

      I was sad to learn it was all a hoax.

      Should have known. No sane parents (gay or straight) would host an indoor tie-dye party. Sigh.

    • Kay_Sue

      That and the AOL email address should really have clued us all in, I think.

  • LadyClodia

    I usually try to watch Fashion Police after awards shows as that’s one of my guilty pleasures, but I’m glad that I didn’t this time because this makes me sad.
    I thought Elsa she looked amazing, and she and Chris are such a cute couple. If the fashion police felt they had to comment on it at all because they didn’t like it then just say that it wasn’t the right dress for her and move on. Plus, the way they are talking is attacking her personally, and it’s not just about the clothes. And wtf George, of course it looks like baby bump. Every woman carries differently, so Kelly’s suggestions of what she thinks pregnant women should wear might not have worked for Elsa.

    • Véronique Houde

      that would have been completely missing the point. The fashion police wouldn’t just say “this dress is ugly” without explaining why – they make their ratings by explaining why – sometimes cruelly. If you don’t think that her entire team signed up for this, you’re sorely wrong. There’s an entire team behind her and this dress, and she signed up for the critique for the dress. She didn’t buy it, she accepted to wear it to promote a designer, and that means that her dress will be photographed, commented and critiqued, either positively or negatively.

      She’s pregnant. Not completely neurotic to the point that no one can say anything about a dress she accepted to be judged on

    • LadyClodia

      Maybe not recently since I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve actually watched it, but the Fashion Police panel didn’t always tear something apart if they didn’t like it, or it was usually just Joan making the snarky remarks. And I get that it’s a team effort for celebrities to get dressed for an awards show, but Elsa is still human, although, she probably knows not to read stuff that people write about her.

  • Kat

    I think pregnant women are off limits. Period. End of discussion. We’ve seen what a struggle it can be for women who are larger than a size 0 to find great dresses for awards shows. I cannot even imagine knowing that you’re going to a huge event like the Oscars in a few months, and trying to find a dress that will be able to accommodate a belly of unpredictable size, ESPECIALLY when you are carrying twins. Kerry Washington lucked out and seems to be right in that sweet spot of cute pregnant — where you have a little belly and you look like a model for Motherhood Maternity. But that sweet spot lasts like, a month. Then it’s all knocking things over with this belly and joint pain and not sleeping. I could barely handle it from month seven on and there was only ONE baby in there. The beer belly comment was 100% out of line. It should have stopped at “I didn’t like the cut of this dress.” And … move on to another celebrity dress.

    • Heather

      Kerry Washington is gorgeous. I don’t think she “lucked out” however. I think she chose a dress that flattered her pregnant body. The fabric it is made out of was forgiving to accommodate a bump that might have been bigger or smaller than “anticipated”. The cut accentuated her figure and also allowed for a bump of any size while still showing some sexy skin. The color complemented her skin and hair colors well and did not take away the attention from her beautiful features.

      Pretty much the exact OPPOSITE of the dress Elsa chose.

    • Kat

      I do agree with you. Kerry’s dress was a more flattering choice.

    • JLH1986

      and as further proof that fashion is totally subjective. While I agree Kerry’s dress was more flattering (as was Olivia Wilde’s). I didn’t like Kerry’s dress much. I thought it was kinda just a purple bag. So to each their own!

    • Véronique Houde

      Pregnant women have designers bending over backwards to design custom pieces for them. And this is a business. That makes Hollywood BIG money. Just watch Rachel Zoe’s reality show to see what goes behind getting these girls dressed.

      Making pregnant women off limits is basically implying that pregnant women are fragile flowers who are so vulnerable that they can’t take negative feedback and will look horrible no matter what they wear. Which is completely false. These women don’t need to go to the award ceremonies, they choose to, and they choose to accept free dresses and jewellery from designers, and have their pictures taken on the red carpet, and market the dresses and jewellery, and answer interviews. They know that this is part of the game, and that they will be judge by the dress that their stylist chose for them. And that a dress can build a career or tear it apart.

      So the dress didn’t make her figure look its best. It’s not that big of a deal, and we haven’t heard about her being completely torn down by it. She took a risk, and decided to wear a dress that was different from others, and kudos for that. But come on, can we just stop being so sensitive about the fact that OMG she’s pregnant and everyone should just lie and tell her she looks gorgeous so that we don’t hurt her precious feelings!!!

    • Kat

      I didn’t say they were fragile flowers who can’t take negative feedback. I said they should be off limits. I think that because when you’re pregnant, you do not have control over your body. You might blow up like a bouncy castle at 4 months. You might be one of those magical unicorns that only show when they’re 8.5 months. You might have cankles or hemorrhoids or swollen eyeballs. A non-pregnant celebrity gets the invite (or whatever, fuck if I know how it works) to the Oscars and thinks “okay, great. I have X months to go on a juice cleanse, pick from 100s of gowns and book 40 extra sessions with my trainer and know that I will be roughly my usual [tiny] size at Oscar time.” A pregnant celebrity gets the invite and wonders what size she’ll be in X months, probably shouldn’t do a juice cleanse, maybe books some extra sessions, but that’s not going to do anything for the belly. What I’m saying is that it’s hard to know what size you’ll be and how your body will look in things. And for that reason, I personally believe they should be off limits.

      I also think there are ways to critique a gown without resorting the the bitchy remarks made by Kelly Osbourne. I think it’s fine to say what others have said above — that the arm holes were strange, that it didn’t flatter her bust. But saying a woman who is seven months pregnant with twins has a beer belly? That’s just classless. And from someone who has struggled with her own weight and been called names — I would have expected better of Kelly.

      I get that these women show up to the red carpet and being critiqued is part of the ticket. Wah wah, I’m a rich, beautiful celebrity and my life is so hard. She could have stayed home with Ben & Jerry. But she went, and instead of Z-list people like Kelly critiquing the cut or shape of the dress, she critiques this woman’s pregnant belly. Uncalled for.

  • drinkpepsi

    Awful. Awful. Awful.

    Elsa is a beautiful woman with a great body (even being 7 months pregnant with twins).
    But this dress did nothing to show off her assets.

    This has nothing to do with attacking her pregnant body and everything to do with a dress that was a complete fail (and it would have been a failure even on a non-pregnant lady).

    Kerry Washington looked amazing. But if you put her in this dress, she would look hideous too (even with only one bun in the oven).

    The cut of the dress is horrid. Stretched arm holes (why?). No definition of the bust. It actually is the exact same silhouette of a tank top you would see on a man with a huge beer belly. (Not saying Elsa has the same body type…only that the silhouette of the outfit is the same).

    That said, Olivia Wilde has a great body but I did not love her dress either.
    Boring black. Boring cut.

    Kerry Washington nailed it.

    • Elizabeth Licata

      There are actually giant sheer illusion panels under the arm holes! WTF?
      “I don’t want the arm holes to *actually* be way too big and fall open, I just want them to *look* like they’re way to big and about to fall open.”
      “Go home, Elie Saab, you’re drunk.”

      Everyone needs to put down the sheer illusion for a year or two, just to give the damn stuff a break. It is not the solution to everything!

    • drinkpepsi

      Agreed. The arm holes just look sloppy.

      Since 99% of the women I know agree that this dress is awful…I am not sure how Elsa’s stylist or friends could not give her better advice.

      She missed a great opportunity to show the world that you can be pregnant and still look fabulous.

      Many women are at their absolute best while pregnant.

    • Whatwhatque

      It’s fine if someone is not concerned about the traditional concept of “flattering” (it’s a common sentiment in size acceptance circles, that the ultimate goal is not look thinner or shaped in a traditionally “attractive” way) and if that was her goal, good for her. But it is not flattering in a traditional way! If it were fitted in the bust and NOT fitted at the crotch, it would have had a chance! But yeah, it’s not snarking on her body but on the fit of her dress which I think is less garbage-y.

    • Kristen

      I actually loved Olivia’s and didn’t love Kerry’s. Both gorgeous women, but Olivia’s had more shape and style to me, while Kerry’s looked like a bedsheet she just pinned on.

    • drinkpepsi

      Fair enough. I would have liked Olivia’s dress better if it had been a rich color, or had something (anything) of interest to it.

      I think Kerry’s dress made her look ethereal and made a real statement.

      Olivia’s dress could have been worn to a funeral.

      I am sad when pregnant women choose to dress all in black, especially for a fun or formal occasion.

    • Kristen

      I actually loved Olivia’s and didn’t love Kerry’s. Both gorgeous women, but Olivia’s had more shape and style to me, while Kerry’s looked like a bedsheet she just pinned on.

  • hi

    She is beautiful, but the dress doesn’t look that great on her; it looks more like one giant boob than a beer belly.

  • Angela

    I think she’s gorgeous and kudos to her for even showing up. I also don’t like the dress, but what I don’t like even more is how so much more press is devoted to discussing what the women at the Oscars (or any other public awards event) were wearing rather than their work, talent, and accomplishments that got them there. With men the opposite is true.

    • Eve Vawter

      word, no one is discussing Travolta’s lace front weave

    • ted3553

      Oh Lord, that would be enough for a million articles. Let’s discuss. He is a mess. If you are going to pretend you have that hairline even though we’ve seen it farther back, and you are super rich, do not buy your hairpiece from a cart in the middle of the mall.

  • candyvines

    This dress was only a fail if she didn’t feel beautiful in it.

    • Eve Vawter

      Yes, yes yes

  • Nica

    Gotta be honest. I give her MAD props for getting dressed up and going out at that stage of a twin pregnancy. I think it’s awesome. That said, the dress is just plain unflattering on her. While the color is magnificent, the cut and tailoring of the dress is just awful and does nothing for her. It looks like a lacy garbage bag with the arm holes cut too large. And what the heck is that neckline that is simultaneous plunging and boxy? Sorry, Elsa, pregnant or not, this one is a complete and total MISS.

  • Nica

    Gotta be honest. I give her MAD props for getting dressed up and going out at that stage of a twin pregnancy. I think it’s awesome. That said, the dress is just plain unflattering on her. While the color is magnificent, the cut and tailoring of the dress is just awful and does nothing for her. It looks like a lacy garbage bag with the arm holes cut too large. And what the heck is that neckline that is simultaneous plunging and boxy? Sorry, Elsa, pregnant or not, this one is a complete and total MISS.

  • Kristen

    Fashion commentary can be fun and witty. And celebrities have stylists and loaner dresses and loaner jewelry worth more than my car. They are choosing to go out the red carpet because they want attention.

    If this was a paparazzi street photo, then it would be out of line completely. But its not. So some fashion commentary is expected and just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean she is off limits.

    However, while I am OK with pointing out the drop waist isn’t the most flattering, and that this may not have been the best dress for Elsa, I think fashion commentary should not include all-out body shaming. There is a difference between saying this dress didn’t look good and saying a woman pregnant with twins looks like she has a beer belly.

    That’s just obnoxious.

  • Véronique Houde

    I personally don’t see it as them ripping her apart – but ripping the dress apart. I mean, Eve, come on. You can totally tell someone that a dress is making their pregnant body amazing, but not the other way around?? I have to agree that although the fabric and colour of the dress are amazing, the shape is absolutely unflattering on her body. You can’t make out her breasts from her belly, and the dropped waist only accentuates the fact that her belly is very heavy and hanging low. It makes her look even more physically uncomfortable than she probably already is with a belly gigantic and low-hanging like that :S.

    Part of the whole oscar (and other award show) thing is Who Wore What, and pregnant people aren’t exempt from that. So she wore a fashion No No. It’s not a big deal! But really, if we take pregnant people out of the Best (and Worst) Dressed, we’re basically treating them as “special” and that’s not better!

    • Eve Vawter

      but ripping the dress apart.


    • Véronique Houde

      Well, it’s true that the dress makes her look like she has a beer belly!!! This is the Fashion Police!! They’re paid to rip people apart. People wouldn’t watch a fashion show where they were all like “Oh, poor thing, this dress just doesn’t do it. MOVING ALONG!!!” lol

      Hey, she could have just skipped the red carpet if she didn’t want people to criticize her. She didn’t have to accept a free dress, and stand there prancing like a peacock in front of photographers and telling everyone who designed the dress. She participated in this. And she’ll probably get over it too, and will be forgiven next awards season if she gets a better dress…

    • EX

      I didn’t have so much of an issue with the beer belly comment but I did think Joan Rivers calling her “huge” was just mean. I mean, that’s pretty much the nastiest thing you can say to a pregnant woman (in my opinion) although people seem to think it’s totally OK to say. Also, I thought Kelly’s comment about how a pregnant woman should wear an empire waist (i.e. to hide her belly) was pretty obnoxious. I thought both of those comments were more about body snarking than fashion critique while I think the beer belly comment was actually a fashion critique (although a poorly worded one).

  • Kati

    FFS, at the end of my single-baby pregnancies, I resorts to wearing sweats from Walmart that were two sizes too big because all clothes stopped fitting, including dresses, maternity dresses, I was miserable in all clothing material. This lady is very pregnant with twins. I don’t give a shit what the dress looks like on her. She put on shoes, a fancy dress and she went and stood around participating in inane conversation on the red carpet, sat uncomfortably in the same chair for 3+ hours and as far as I know, she didn’t punch or attempt to murder anyone. Anyone else who wants to scrutinize her for anything else can seriously piss off.

  • Amanda

    I dont know, there were several very pregnant stars there and I didn’t hear a bad thing about any of them, in fact I heard a lot of “fashion critics” talking about how great they look. Surely she is free to wear whatever she wanted (as is anyone pregnant or otherwise) but I don’t think JUST because she’s pregnant we should all say “oh look how pretty” – FTR I dont hear anyone saying she’s not beautiful and pretty and all that. Just that they didn’t like the dress on her. I agree. IT was not at ALL flattering. The other pregnant starts did a better job at picking a dress that was both fashionable and flattering. Was she still drop dead gorgeous? Sure. Did she have a right to wear whatever the hell she wanted too? Absolutely. More power to her. Doesn’t mean you are a bad person if you think she didn’t choose well. Or that being pregnant means she doesn’t have to face the same fashion shaming all the other stars get after these big award shows.

  • Megan Zander

    Anytime anyone says ” I’m sorry BUT” I stop listening right there. Because you know you’re being a douche and you still say it anyway, making you a double D bag. Also, as a former preggo with twins lady I applaud her for putting on anything that wasn’t sweatpants. I imagine the band under the belly was actually helpful for support, I carried my belly like a bowling ball whenever it was socially acceptable bc that sucker was HEAVY.

  • TwentiSomething Mom

    You don’t have to like the dress but I think they have a tendency to be overly critical of pregnant women. Like sheesh, she’s far along and carrying twins, give her a fucking break. She wasn’t nominated for Best Actress, she’s the wife of an actor that wasn’t even nominated.

    • nikki753

      Very true. For any woman to go through the physical demands of the red carpet, a new dress (because clothes are always better when you’re used to wearing them) that probably fits pretty tight, and heels after having your hair and makeup done. Even for non-pregnant women getting home and taking off the heels and dress and pulling out a million bobby pins feels sooo good. Add one or two babies in your body to that and yes, you do get props just for being there with a smile on your face (and not the look people get when you can tell their shoes are killing them).

  • disqus_UjNiJUlkmd

    It’s an ugly dress. It was a horrible fashion decision. That’s what the “fashion police” give commentary on!

  • nikki753

    I did not care for the dress. There are beautiful maternity gowns and that was not one of them. It was simply a very poor design. Nothing wrong with Elsa Pataky but the dress simply was not flattering in the end. The fabric was beautiful and her hair and makeup went nicely with the style, but it the arm holes came off as unintentionally stretched forward looking and the way the hem works, it’s a water balloon effect.

    I always think E! Fashion Police is just way too bitchy for my tastes and that goes for their critiques of everyone. It would certainly be better to say “My heart goes out to women who are trying to find maternity gowns for an event like the Oscars. The designers aren’t used to making these dresses and your body is changing up to the very day of the event, making it an alterations nightmare. Plus, you know everyone is going to have commentary about everyone there and especially the pregnant ladies. Ugh. But our job is to critique the fashion and frankly, that designer sucks at maternity wear.”

  • MaebykittyRN

    I seem to be in the minority, but I actually kind of like the dress. And I’m impressed, as I could barely wear more than underwear at the end of my pregnancy, and I wasn’t even having twins.

    • KarenMS

      I like it! Beautiful color and I do think it’s flattering. Fashion is so subjective!

  • Jessie

    I said it on Maria’s post and I’ll say it again…
    I’m gonna have to go with the majority on this one: That dress is a hot mess, save for the color. The color is about the only thing they got right. Otherwise, it kind of looks like a sheer nightgown with an elastic waistband.
    She is a gorgeous woman, and fuck anyone who is criticizing her size because TINY WOMAN WITH TWINS MOTHERFUCKERS, but they could have found something SO much better than that thing, I’m sure. I’ve seen non-celeb women carrying twins wearing gowns that were much more flattering. An empire waist dress would have been a FAR better choice. And can we please stop with the sheer modesty panels? They are not the solution to everything, and more often than not end up looking like a saggy second skin. If you want to be modest, BE MODEST and wear something less revealing.

    The Fashion Police and Twitter people are asshats for making comments like the “beer belly” one, though. I’d like to see any of them even THINK about feeling up to attending a highly publicized gala-type event while heavily pregnant, let alone heavily pregnant with twins. And probably in heels, but since we can’t see her feet I can’t be sure on that one.

  • DW

    At the end of the day, she’s married to Thor. So she wins all the time.

  • Guest

    I don’t believe this was pregnancy shaming at all, it’s dress shaming and for good reason. That dress is horrendous.

  • Squeebs

    I don’t believe this was pregnancy shaming at all; they were dress shaming, (it’s their job regardless of how much we agree with it) and for good reason, the dress is horrendous.

    • MellyG

      Agreed. I think she looks gorgeous, the dress is just……ugly. I don’t think anyone was pregnancy shaming

  • Crusty Socks

    Should have gone with Target Brand Yogapants.

  • jendra_berri

    The dress does nothing for her. I think Elsa looked about as good as you can in an ugly dress. Her natural beauty is carrying the whole look on its own, with no help from that garment. Her actual body is gorgeous. Bring the cinching under the bust either instead or as well and it would have looked 100% better because then it wouldn’t be such an ill-fitting sack on the top.
    It’s not about her looking too pregnant, it’s about her body not being flattered. The designer did not create an attractive maternity gown and her stylist could have found something nicer. Showing off bumps big and small is awesome. Making the breasts meld into the bump with side boob and a waist that creates a drooping appearance… eh. It’s a sloppily-cut dress.
    I’d suggest it’s no different than pointing out a teenager with newly large breasts should have chosen something more suitable for her generous endowment.

  • Rebecca R

    Does it really matter, though? It didn’t seem to bother Elsa too much, considering that she did a (super adorable) photo shoot 2 days later with a life preserver painted onto her stomach:

    She seems to have moved on, why can’t everyone else?

  • AlexMMR

    Ugh! As someone who has been 7 months pregnant with twins, this dress is an absolute WIN! Why?

    1) She’s on her feet. Why don’t we see a whole lot of 7 month twin pregnancies out in public? Because a lot of those moms are trapped at home or in the hospital on bedrest. Many who aren’t are making liberal use of a wheelchair or a cane. This woman is on her feet in a crowded place where her ability to get off her feet or to a toilet in a swift manner is impeded. I don’t care if she were wearing a garbage bag with sweatpants, she’s on her feet outside of the comfort of her own home where people are looking, judging, and standing in the way of the buffet. Bravo!

    2) Sequins aside, it doesn’t look too painful. Clothing with structure and shape can be downright painful when your belly is that big and your boobs are that sore.

    3) The big armholes – would you prefer to be commenting on her pit stains? Throughout my entire pregnancy/post partum ordeal, I had more sweat and BO than could be contained by mere fabric.

    4) At 7 months, your water can break at any moment. The sheerness of that dress, the netting, frankly if it got wet you wouldn’t be able to see it because it would dry almost instantly. If her water broke at the Oscars, she would be able to exit without looking like she peed herself like she would look in those dresses with a more traditional, solid fabric.

    Screw you haters!

  • Ariel

    The cut of the dress is obviously something she likes. She’s been papped out in LA and she always has some sort of belt/band under the belly. She likes it, it’s probably what’s comfortable for her right now. Arm holes aside, I don’t think think this dress is as bad as it’s being made out it be. Not my favorite, but whatever.

    I think some of the comments being made about her appearance (not the dress) are disgusting. I’ve seen people calling her a whale, gross and she shouldn’t be there because “no one wants to see that”. I’ve seen people say she should have had Olivia Wilde’s stylist because she “hardly looked pregnant”. The comments about not liking a dress don’t bother me (shouldn’t bother anyone tbh) because that’s what happens. But the comments about her body are out of line.

    At the end of day she’s married to Chris Hemsworth and ate Pizza at the Oscars. She probably gives no F@&KS.

    P.S. Can someone translate her blog about getting ready for the Oscars. Or least give me a general consensus of what she says!!

  • Valerie

    Ugh. Such assholes. All of them. Who the eff is George Steitheihrsuioerth and why don’t we write articles about HIS belly? Douchebags.

  • gammachris

    She’s a beautiful pregnant woman in an ugly dress. That is all.

  • aCongaLine

    It’s my personal preference to wear dresses that drape over the preggo belly rather than under it- buuuut, this woman can wear whatever she wants. I didn’t think it was very flattering either. The dress, not the belly. The belly is awesome :)

  • Spanish girl

    Well, we should recognise that the dress was horrible. She is very beautiful (actually, here in spain that is the only reason most people see her mkvies, because as an actrees, she is bad as hell), but no. The dress is not cute. But anyway, all the people on E! are just fucking assholes. Everyone should know it

  • anon87

    This dress kind of reminds me of a pair of overalls, especially from a side view. I love the colour, the pattern, the sparkles, just not the shape. And I didn’t think she was being shamed, the dress was being critiqued. That’s what this show does, talk about style whether they are right or wrong. I can envision this dress as a one shoulder, higher under the arms, even with the drop waist and it would look a lot better. But that’s my opinion, as art/fashion is subjective.

  • Valerie Finnigan

    E! on Oscar night is like high school, except worse.

  • Kelly17

    Fashion Police is the worse. It’s so bitchy!

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