Doctors Use Their Medical Superpowers To Cure Baby Born With AIDS

shutterstock_154937678Just when you think the world is going to hell in a hand basket, there’s good news on the horizon. There may be hope for a baby born with AIDS in Los Angeles, with evidence of remission or a possible cure for the virus altogether.

If you think that’s impressive, this is the second case of a child born with AIDS going into remission or receiving a possible cure. The first child in remission from AIDS is now 3 ½ years old and lives in Mississippi.

How did the doctors do it? They used their amazing powers of medical science and targeted the virus with “very early treatment,” just four hours after the baby was born. The girl baby was born in Los Angeles last April, just a month after the first AIDS remission case in Mississippi was reported.

The Mississippi baby is now 3 ½ and seems HIV-free despite no treatment for about two years. The Los Angeles baby is still getting AIDS medicines, so the status of her infection is not as clear.

Doctors go on to explain that many women infected with HIV in the US get AIDS medicines during pregnancy, which reduces the chance that the virus will be passed down to the baby. For the baby born in Mississippi, the mother didn’t receive any prenatal care; HIV wasn’t discovered in the baby until the mother went into labor. Doctors confirmed that the infant was high-risk and started the treatment just 30 hours after birth with successful results so far.

The mother of the baby born with AIDS in Los Angeles was not taking her HIV medication during pregnancy. The baby was started on AIDS drugs just a few hours after birth. Now, a year later, she no longer appears to be infected, though doctors are cautious about calling it a “cure” just yet.

You can thank doctors and the powers of modern medicine for this amazing breakthrough in AIDS treatment. It warms my heart to think that babies may be protected from being born with a potentially fatal virus in the future.

(Image: Tanawat Yodburee/Shutterstock)

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    • Crusty Socks

      I’m sorry, but I’m just blindly outraged by these two “mothers” who either didn’t seek prenatal care or did not take her HIV meds during pregnancy.


      • Bethany Ramos

        I’m with you.

      • Alex Lee

        I’m going to give the LA mom the benefit-of-the-doubt because we do not know the exact HIV medications involved.


        “…Women infected with HIV can safely use many anti-HIV medications during pregnancy to protect their health and to prevent transmitting HIV to their babies. However, some anti-HIV medications can cause problems when used during pregnancy. Knowing more about the safety of anti-HIV medications and pregnancy will help you and your health care provider decide what medications are right for you.”

        IOW, maybe the meds she was on were the bad-for-baby kind and they could not get access (financial, geographical, etc) to the good-for-baby kind.


    • Jessie

      Well, I’m glad that the babies seem to have a good prognosis, and that this may lead to the discovery of a cure for adults as well someday in future, but seriously what is with those moms? You know you have a virus that is known to be potentially fatal, yet you do not take the meds during your pregnancy in order to try and prevent your innocent baby from being born with it?
      Now, I don’t know the Mississsippi mother’s situation, perhaps she could not afford prenatal care or the meds, so I won’t judge too harshly on her. But the L.A mom? She HAD the meds and didn’t take them. That’s messed up, in my book. =

    • Rachel Sea

      Just fyi, the babies were born with HIV. AIDS is a syndrome that develops due to HIV infection, and neither of these kids ever had it.

      • Bethany Ramos

        Right – I actually did some searching on that, but the original news piece packaged it as “Baby born with AIDS.”

      • Rachel Sea

        NY Daily News is not renowned for their fact checking. I guess it’s a sign of how far we’ve come. Years ago, if you lived in NY or SF and didn’t shun the gays, you knew most everything there was to know about the progression of the disease, because you watched your friends dying of it. Now, so many people with HIV never develop AIDS, and people with AIDS live to be old, dying of heart attacks and cancers like anyone else.

      • Bethany Ramos

        GREAT POINT – And I did spend some time researching HIV life expectancy, etc., and decided to use wording like “potentially fatal virus” in the article.

    • Kay_Sue

      How far we’ve come. Pretty awesome.

    • Ptownsteveschick

      This is one of the things I want to show people when they talk about how modern medicine is all bad, drug companies are all just trying to make/keep people sick etc. Because I am sure that is slightly true to an extent. But drug companies and researchers aren’t all evil zombie virus spreading villains. Curing a baby of HIV, that is some crazy awesome shit right there. And one of the things that keeps me supporting medical research and all it entails.

    • kennet mark

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