Here’s Idina Menzel Performing ‘Let It Go’ With The Roots And Jimmy Fallon If You Need Joy This Morning

Idina Menzel Performs With The Roots Jimmy FallonThis is joyous. How cute. I love The Roots so much. When do we get a Saturday morning cartoon starring Questlove and company? Who is going to make this happen? I would watch that so hard. I know some of you, especially those of you with young children, are getting a bit sick of this song, but you need to make room in your cold, black, frozen heart for this rendition from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Kamal Gray really knows how to rock a xylophone.  I don’t know why they don’t release a CD of all of these songs, probably something all technical to do with music copyright issues, but this would make the best kid’s album!

Considering school has been cancelled AGAIN for my kids due to this awful weather, I’m starting to think why Frozen has resonated with so many people, even if you don’t have kids, is because this winter has sucked it so hard. The entire movie is just like our lives! I’m going to Let It Go and deal with the fact my kids are going to be cooped up inside and bored and driving me nuts all day.

Maybe I can just play this song over and over again while I make them sort laundry or something.

(Image: You tube)



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  • Courtney Lynn

    I still have to giggle at Travolta butchering her name.

    • CMJ

      The John Travolta name pronunciation generator on the Slate is my life right now. Seriously, every single time someone posts their Travoltified name I crack up. Mine is Chelsea Jernes.

  • Natasha B

    I will have this on repeat all day. They’re so damn cute. And her voice, her voice just amazes me every time I hear her.
    We managed to creep above zero, so there’s school today, thank you evil gods of winter.

  • G.E. Phillips

    I have pretty much worshipped Idina Menzel since forever. She sounds amazing live, and the whole thing is so adorable, especially when Jimmy starts singing along. Also, it’s my BIRTHDAY! Just thought I’d throw that out there, haha.

    • Valerie

      Happy Birthday!!! :-)

    • CMJ
    • raeronola

      I cannot deal with this gif. It is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

    • Natasha B

      This gif wins all the things.

    • Crusty Socks

      Congratulations on your birthday achievement!!!

  • EX

    That totally made me smile. Thank you!

  • SmrtGrl86

    I could listen to that woman sing all day I swear brb gotta go watch rent now…

  • ShanLea

    I had this whole long comment typed out about how much I love Jimmy Fallon, and my computer crashed while I was trying to post it…is that the internet equivalent of a restraining order?

  • jendra_berri

    Oh, I love Adele Dazeem! :D