This Mom Rapping About Her Muffin Top Will Be Your Personal Hero

After two c-sections I have to admit that I do have a muffin top. I also have to say that it’s kind of wonderful to see this mother of two, Erin Keaney, dancing around her house rapping about hers:

The next time you wave your hands in the air,
Don’t be shy, let it fly, there’s no need to be scared
Your muffin top just wants to come out
There’s nothing wrong, sing this song, then start to shout

My muffin top definitely wants to come out. I’m one of those stubborn people that refuses to buy clothes that actually fit her while she’s trying to lose weight. My muffin top spends the whole day trying to break free from the clothes that trap it.

Bounce, carbohydrate, bounce
My muffin top
Bounce, carbohydrate, bounce

Probably my new favorite verse. For real.

Embrace your mother load, we got to lead the way
Teach our kids to be confident in their bodies
Turn down the voice of peer pressure
We come in all different sizes, height, weight and colors.

But this is the real message. Who cares. Maybe we’ll get there. Maybe we won’t. From Today Moms:

Keaney, a former dancer, acknowledged she did dislike some of the uncomfortable physical changes that accompany pregnancy, such as stretching skin, widening ribs, acne and facial hair. It took her six to eight months to lose the baby weight, she said, and as any mom knows, her body never quite resumed its former shape. She’s OK with that. “I made two babies,” she said. “I had two miracles. It’s fine.”

Sometimes I wonder if my body will ever return to its former glory. And then I remember it’s just not the same as it was before I made two kids. This may be a sappy sentiment – but I’m damn proud of what this body has been through.

(photo: YouTube)

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  • Eve Vawter

    Oh man Maria, I saw this yesterday and I thought it belongs with the jammies people. do not want

    • Maria Guido

      I really don’t appreciate your muffin top shaming, eve. hahahahahah

    • Eve Vawter

      I’m pro muffin top, con bad raps

  • Crusty Socks

    Pscyh: “so, what do you think is the cause of all of your life’s problems?”

    Erin Keaney’s Child: “″

  • SA

    “My muffin top spends the whole day trying to break free from the clothes that trap it.”

    My god, I just choked and spat and laughed at the same time. It is about this time of day I start losing the fight and counting down the minutes to PJ time!