Girl Your Loins For Jenny Mollen’s Sexy Placenta

I have a pretty strong stomach, but some things even disgust me. Things like boogers, dog poop and placentas. Especially other people’s placentas. Even famous placentas. But that is exactly what I got when I headed over to actress (and Jason Biggs‘ wife) Jenny Mollen’s Twitter feed. Check it out (if I have to endure this then so do you, dear readers).

Jenny Mollen's placenta. You're welcome

I thought about censoring this, but NOPE. Here it is in all its glory. (Twitter)

The best part, in my humble opinion, is how unashamed Jenny is of her over-sharing shenanigans. The photo is captioned “Hope I’m not “over sharing” but there’s no denying my placenta looks super hot and thin in this pic. #babybiggs ”

I have so many questions. What does a fat placenta look like? Did Jason Biggs take this pic? Who started this whole #babybiggs hashtag? WHY?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to placenta shame Jenny here. I just wish I hadn’t checked out her feed during dinner. Though I do have a hankering for some rare steak now.

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  • Imeatinghummus

    I would like to placenta shame Jenny. Keep your f-ing placenta to yourself girl! It’s the nature of placenta sharing that gets to me. All these women swear that they are the first person to even give birth. Just stop. Placenta sharing is so 2013, anyways.

    • brebay

      Seriously. If you wouldn’t post pics of your used tampons, you shouldn’t post this.

    • anything bloody =/= good pic

      STOP! Don’t give the weirdos any more ideas! If ‘used tampon sharing’ becomes a thing, I’m going to make sure you’re credited with initiating it, LOL!

    • Imeatinghummus

      Yeah, you should totally look into copywriting “tampon sharing”.

    • Momma425

      Seriously- this looks like a walking dead scene. *barf*

  • ?

    Do you mean ‘gird?’

    • brebay

      Lol, I thought maybe it was a play on words?

    • ?

      If it were a picture of a woman getting out of a car with a short skirt and no panties I could understand the headline “Girl! Your loins!”

    • mommabeer

      IIRC, this typo was made once before on a mommyish post and the commenters liked the idea of “girl your loins” as kind of a feminine version of “man up,” so now I guess it’s a thing, which I, for one, think is dope.

    • Eve Vawter

      Yep. And IDK< we are not supposed to have IN JOKES in headlines but I think this one is so well known on Mommyish, gah. I was amuse. haha

    • Reba

      I was trying to figure out that error too

  • brebay

    Does he play in her period blood, too? He does realize that’s what this is, right?

  • Crusty Socks

    Placenta, the edible human meat without the guilt

    • Valerie

      There’s an episode of Always Sunny where Dee and Charlie become addicted to what Frank tells them is human meat. This comment made me remember it. That is all.

    • Williwaw
  • SmrtGrl86

    I live on a farm, we raise livestock. I see a lot of placentas and have even been forced to examine them from time to time (don’t ask). That being said unless your husband slipped and fell on it in the birthing room and it was caught on video, NO ONE wants to see your bloody birth by products on social media. End of discussion. And if you eat your placenta, keep it to your crazy ass self or we can’t be friends, m’kay?

  • Alex Lee

    That doctor has one bomb-ass handbag right there.

    I mean, it really looks like he’s trying to find his car keys.

    Storage the way nature intended.

    • Alicia

      Aah, I was wondering what he was looking for!

  • Bethany Ramos

    Our midwife said, Do you want to see your placenta? It looks like a heart. We still said, Please, NO.

    • Reba

      I’m preggo and the placenta encapsulation people are like ”your pills also come with a free gift of a dried piece of your placenta shaped into a heart and a print of your placenta on paper” barf, no thanks.

  • Williwaw

    1. There is nothing sexy about placenta.
    2. Placenta shot but no baby? Which is more important?
    3. It looks like the doctor is about to put the placenta into an ice cream bucket. The lid is even waiting right there. So I guess some sort of smoothie is on the menu?

    • Pappy

      Why do I gag at the thought of eating human flesh while other people are all about it? Seriously, self-cannibalism is right up there with zombies and amputation as my biggest fears. But these people… Placenta smoothies? *retches into a bucket*

    • Williwaw

      I saw my own placenta (not planned, I just happened to druggedly glance in the right direction as they were getting ready to wheel me out of the OR where I had my c-section)…and I thought, “okay, that’s very interesting, now where did you stash my newborn? and can I have more drugs?” but under normal, circumstances, I think I’d hurl.

    • Pappy

      They pull out the good stuff for c-sections! Between that and the endorphins, you could probably use it for a puppet show and I wouldn’t care. But eating it… blech. I have no other words.

    • Williwaw

      Now I am picturing a Punch and Judy show, but with placentas.

  • Jillian

    Well this is the same couple who made a tweet or comment after the birth of their son about their son having a huge penis too. Yeah because sexual jokes about your newborn being hung are so hilarious, except not, their just really gross. Its the equivalent of putting those gross onesies on babies with nasty sayings like “my dad has a huge penis” or “all the ladies want my dick”. Ugh. So no surprise these two would over share their nasty placenta pictures. Can’t wait till they post the kids first poops too or throw up.

    • Personal

      ‘those gross onesies’?! Oh, please. For the love of God, tell me those don’t exist. Please.

    • Imeatinghummus

      Sexualizing a child is NEVER funny or ok, it’s creepy as hell and weird. I wanted to like Jenny but she tries so hard and comes off as obnoxious.

    • Pappy

      Or those revolting 50 Shades of Grey onesies. I will NEVER understand putting your kid in a piece of clothing that might as well say “My mom likes to have kinky sex and she’s decided to use me as a billboard to advertise this fact!” Or, to put it another way (which is much closer to how I read these clothes) “My mom enjoys (or at least enjoys reading about) getting ass-f**ked and spanked! And she want everyone she knows to look at my sweet, innocent face and think about that!”
      I like smut as much as any red-blooded human but really… Yuck. Just yuck. Save it for a coffee klatch with your close friends. Not an oblivious infant’s tummy!

  • Williwaw

    Were there any Tweets or pix about anything other than the placenta/genitals? ‘Cause those are the least interesting parts of a newborn. Normal people admire the tiny little toes and try to decide whose nose the kid got.

  • Valerie

    Never even saw my own placentas and I’m perfectly good with it. Def don’t want to see anyone else’s. NOPE. Nope nope nope.

  • Katherine Handcock

    Do we have to sexualize placentas now? Is there ANYTHING that should remain non-sexual? Grr.

  • personal

    I’m a bit freaked by the eyelashes I see. Honestly, she was wearing fake eyelashes for the birth of her child?!
    PS I don’t know who she is. I’ve never been cool like that.

    • Pappy

      That’s nothing. You should see the blogger on Bleubird Vintage who posted artfully filtered images of her husband pinning down their screaming, head-lacerated kid in the ER. Or the later madonna-and-child-pose pictures (beautifully framed and also carefully filtered) once his head was stitched. Some people spend their whole lives trying to be ready for their close-up. And then trying reeeeally hard to get everyone to look at and praise their close-up!

  • aCongaLine

    COngrats, Jenny. Your body produced an organ that supported your baby while it was gestating. You must be a mammal.

  • Eve Vawter

    I’d eat it.