Don’t Worry If You Haven’t Seen All The Oscar Nominated Films Because These Kids Act Them Out For You

This is pretty cute, and it’s getting me super amped up for the Academy Awards which will be shown next Sunday night. If I can stay awake the whole time. Actually, I HAVE to stay awake because I’ll be covering the ceremony here on Mommyish and we’ll also have an open thread so we can discuss the fashions and the speeches and whether Idris shows up and looks foxy, because I hope he will. I have seen a lot of the nominees for best picture, but the few I haven’t are shown here, reenacted by these cute kids:

I saw Philomena, because I love Steve Coogan and Dame Judi Dench, and I thought it was a very beautiful, touching movie but come on, how can you compare any of the other nominees to 12 Years A Slave? Gravity was revolutionary moviemaking and awe-inspiring, Dallas Buyer’s Club was amazingly acted and wonderful, but putting anything up to 12 Years makes no sense. It has to win everything because it deserves to, and it makes even the most serious of the other nominees look like totally meaningless fluff movies. It shouldn’t even be up for an award, it should just be put on a pedestal somewhere and be required viewing for every human. I’m not sure I could ever watch it again, because it’s just so terrifyingly sad, but everyone needs to see it.

Feel free to tell me what you’re excited about and what your pick is for best picture, and if you know also want to put a wig and a fake mustache on your own child.

(Image: You Tube)

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  • CrazyFor Kate

    They’ve done this for a couple of years now. My favorite is Baby Dali from the year Midnight in Paris was nominated!

    • Eve Vawter

      that’s amazing

    • Crusty Socks

      In Soviet Russia, Oscar nominates you.

  • elle

    Haha that was hilarious! The wigs on the American Hustle kids were spot on. And I loved Gravity “thats the theme of the movie” even the kids couldn’t make it less ridiculous (i know I’m in the minority thinking this but that movie blew). I really want Matthew McConaughey to win for best actor he was just so great. 12 years for everything else even though I saw it grudgingly with my husband and hate supporting it because of Fassbender.