Hannah Montana Is Dead, Parents – Get Over It And Stop Complaining That Miley Is Too ‘Sexy’ For Your Kids

Miley Cyrus "Bangerz Tour" - Tour Opener - Vancouver, BCParents everywhere are in an uproar because they didn’t get the memo that Hannah Montana doesn’t exist anymore. They keep trying to shove Miley Cyrus down their kids’ throats. Just stop, parents. Miley is walking around half-naked licking everything in sight and I don’t see her changing this behavior anytime soon. Buy some Fresh Beat Band tickets and call it a day.

The Mercury News reports, “Miley’s management have been flooded with complaints, mainly from parents, since her tour began last week in Canada with calls for the entire tour to be axed.” I have an idea; how about you just stop buying tickets? Why does the whole tour need to be cancelled? Is it happening in your living room? Is someone forcing you to go?

I realize some parents have a hard time reconciling that Disney personalities will eventually grow up. Sorry parents – Miley isn’t Hannah Montana anymore. Do you live in a cave? How did you manage to miss the uproar over her MTV performance? Do you really think a group of whiny parents is going to shut a multi-million dollar tour down? Sources from Live Nation say no:

“There is no truth whatsoever to any stories or rumors of venues pulling out of the Bangerz Tour,” tour company Live Nation tells E! News in a statement. “Miley has created a tour that’s big, spectacular, entertaining and everything you would expect from Miley Cyrus. Reviews have been amazing and most important, fans are loving the show and having a great time.”

I never understand parents who get all riled up about stuff like this. Fair enough you don’t realize what Miley has morphed into, but if you are buying a ticket to a concert for your child, maybe it would be a good idea to do a little research first. A quick Google image search would tip you off to the kind of show you are paying to see. Then, you don’t have to support her with your money, and the concert won’t be filled with a bunch of children who don’t belong there.

Win, win.

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  • K.

    disturbing that sweet little Hannah Montana grew up and had to take off her clothes and
    straddle a big wrecking ball while licking the chain in order to carve out a
    new career as an adult woman. Says more about us than it does about Miley, I

  • RayneofCastamere

    If she hadn’t been forced into a prolonged childhood, she probably wouldn’t be pushing back so hard and so badly. Let her get it out of her system and gradually make the slow, painful trek into adulthood.

    I don’t particularly like what she’s doing, but so long as she isn’t harming anyone and doesn’t OD or otherwise permanently harm herself, let her do as she likes.

    • arrow2010

      She’s just as likely to be found dead of a heroin overdose like Philip Seymour Hoffman.

    • brebay

      Most people who die of heroin overdoses have never been on TV.

    • drinkpepsi

      Can someone please tell Miley that she is not sexy.

      Nothing about her is sexy. Trashy, yes. Sexy, no.

      Her hair is all kinds of awful.

      Her tongue thing – just weird and totally not sexy (I don’t know a single guy who would think that it even remotely sexy)

      Her clothing…not sexy.

      And WTF is with her licking a hammer. I mean, c’mon.

      That is not sexy. It’s just sad.

    • Sam

      I’m pretty sure she doesn’t do what she does to make herself appealing to men. Some of us don’t do everything to “be sexy”. Some of us are just doing what we want for ourselves, and I don’t think that’s sad.

  • K.

    Hmm…How disturbing that Hannah Montana grew up
    and had to take off her clothes and straddle a big wrecking ball while licking
    the chain in order to carve out a new career as an adult woman. Says more about
    us than it does about Miley, I think.

  • pixie

    I think a lot of the problem has to do with Miley going almost directly from Hannah Montana to what she is now. Don’t get me wrong, I do agree research should have been done, and anyone who has access to daily celebrity media should know that Miley isn’t for small children anymore (and by daily celebrity media, I mean seeing tabloids at the supermarket checkout, bits in newspapers/radio/tv, is on social media; I don’t actively seek out information on celebrities, but the internet and print media seems to keep me updated anyways). She didn’t, however, have any real extended middle phase where she could gradually define herself as separate from Disney, and that’s where I think the biggest problem parental confusion lies.

    • arrow2010

      The combination of suddenly having millions of dollars and zero parenting equals this monstrosity.

    • SarahJesness

      Personally I don’t blame her. Being a Disney Channel starlet marketed at young kids, she probably never had a ton of freedom. Disney Channel strives to maintain a certain image, so there’s a lot she probably could never do in public. (do something illegal or really crazy and you probably get fired) And in private? Former child star Mara Wilson mentioned in an article she wrote that as a child star, you always have to be on guard. You never know if your friends will betray you by releasing photos of you doing something that would tarnish the perfect image parents of your fans expect you to have.

      For all we know, maybe she was always this… colorful, but she always just hid that part of herself. Her image as Hannah Montana might’ve been squeaky clean, but she was still a teenage girl who probably wanted to do the normal teenage girl things. Teenagers experiment and go through weird phases. Only difference with Miley (aside from her upbringing as a child star and her celebrity status) is that she has millions of people watching (and judging) her.

      If she gets this all out of her system, I would totally read a book about these years if she wrote one.

    • pixie

      I’m not really blaming her, and I do agree that Disney would have impacted her freedom a lot. That was just my reason why I can understand some confusion by parents (the more sheltered ones) as to her being basically opposite of Hannah Montana now.

    • brebay

      That’s no different from any other actor doing a rated G movie and then a gritty, crime drama in the same year.

    • pixie

      Ehhh, I think it depends.
      Dwayne Johnson does both G rated and R rated movies, so do several other actors. However, unlike Miley, Dwayne Johnson wasn’t marketed explicitly towards children for such a long time, he’s always done both as an actor. Eddie Murphey is similar, having done very raunchy comedy and children’s movies. Pigeonholed actors I think would have a similar shock-value if they did a complete 180 of roles in a very short period of time after having played basically the same character in every movie of their career. Think of John Cleese, with all his comedies, playing in a gritty, crime drama and becoming the worlds most serious actor.

  • arrow2010

    But modern feminism says celebrate Miley Cyrus.

  • brebay

    Really, people. These tickets didn’t even go on sale until after the “Blurred Lines” nightmare. You knew what you were buying…

    • Katherine Handcock

      This exactly! My kids are 5 and 3 and I knew EXACTLY what the Bangerz tour would be like, so how did parents of kids old enough to want to go to these concerts not know?

      But I’ll admit that I do find it disappointing, inasmuch as Miley Cyrus does have some talent and all of this…whatever it is doesn’t showcase it.

  • jane

    Hannah Montana Is Dead, Parents. Get Over It. And Stop Complaining That Miley Is Too “Sexy” For Your Kids.

    Not to be the punctuation police, but the way your headline reads now Hannah Montana is equivalent to dead parents, and while that may be true, I don’t think it’s what you meant. But it’s an interesting idea…

  • Lee

    Hannah Montana is a fictional “alter ego” from a TV show. All these parents are getting their panties in twist because they are expecting someone who only exsists on television.

  • shel

    While certainly it’s Miley’s prerogative to do whatever she wants with her body and her career… and I do agree that parents are responsible for policing what their children are getting tickets for…
    But… Miley outgrew her fanbase much faster than the fans have grown up, which leads to young girls begging and begging and begging to go to the Miley Cyrus concert, not realizing that this person they’d been watching has suddenly turned into something for mature audiences while they’ve barely become teenagers. It’s a big disconnect, so I can understand some parents getting blindsided if they don’t watch MTV or follow many internet blogs etc.
    Of course I don’t think that means they can demand concerts get cancelled etc. but I can understand their frustration.

    • Itpainsmetosay

      The thing is that’s not true I’m a year younger than Miley and I was in the target audience and to tell you the truth I totally get why she is doing the things she is doing. If you leave a margin of five years of girls that would have been fans while she was popular you will find the youngest of her fans should be about 14 which is high school. Most girls I know grew up faster because of changing times so saying that the kids don’t realize whats going on is just unrealistic. Its the parents who are being stupid by not knowing why their little darlings want to go to these concerts.

    • shel

      Do you really think her concerts are appropriate for a 14 year old? Or an 11 year old like my sister who watched Hannah Montana and is now only 11? Hannah Montana only ended 3 years ago, and plenty of younger kids were watching it too. Just because some teens (a lot of them) are growing up faster than they should doesn’t mean this is appropriate stuff for them to be exposed to.
      And yes, their parents should know better, but if you don’t spend much time on the internet and your TV is always tuned to Disney, I could understand not knowing that this concert wasn’t meant for tweens…
      I understand why Miley is acting the way she is, and why she is seeking this type of attention, but I can also see why it might not be appropriate for much of the fan base she acquired as Hannah Montana.

    • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

      14? Sure. But my first concert was Nine Inch Nails and I was 14. But I suspect any 14-year-olds wanting to go to a Miley Cyrus concert would know exactly what they were going to see. I’d be really surprised about a 14-year-old wanting to go to a Hannah Montana concert.

      Are there 11-year-olds who are still interested in Hannah Montana? It went off the air in 2011. It seems unusual for an 11-year-old to still be interested in the things she liked most at 9, especially if it went away for a three-year interim.

      I can imagine a confluence of events that would lead an 11-year-old to want to go, and a particularly rock-dwelling parent to not realize that Miley Cyrus is not Hannah Montana and not bother googling Miley Cyrus before handing the 11-year-old the credit card. (Because there are pictures all over the sites where one buys tickets.) But it seems like a stretch to imagine this happening to more than a handful of people.

    • pixie

      I wouldn’t be surprised if my 11 year old cousin was still a fan of Hannah Montana (and probably Miley’s music now), but my cousin is also on the younger, less mature side of 11. That being said, her parents are smart enough to do their research before letting her go to a concert and realize that the squeaky clean image is gone.

    • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

      That makes sense. Yeah, it seems like a lot of times parents get upset about taking their kids to places that are “inappropriate,” but it seems like it’s almost always the parents’ own fault. Like I saw a person get really upset because he’d brought his 5-year-old to Watchmen and the kid saw a penis. Dude, it was an R-rated movie at 10 o’clock at night. (And seriously, the penis was probably the least child-scarring thing in the movie.) Or the time a mom yelled at a TV Recapper for saying “shit” in a recap of South Park, because she thought it was inappropriate to use that kind of language when discussing a kids’ show.

      … now that I recall these instances, I think maybe my estimate of “a handful” of parents was too conservative. There are a lot of clueless parents out there.

    • brebay

      Was the child a boy? Because I think he can probably see a penis anytime he wants to. That’s hilarious!

    • whatlight

      I think you’re probably right. The same thing happened with Britney Spears back in my day, you know, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

    • brebay

      Begging? Uh, no. No means no.

    • shel

      If parents in this world actually stuck to that, we wouldn’t have half the STFU whining we see… even the parents can’t take no for an answer sometimes…
      These parents should have known better, and been able to say ‘No’ since these was no longer Hannah Montana type Disneyfied concerts… but clearly they weren’t that smart.

    • SarahJesness

      Agreed. I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus, but she is a person, an individual. And an adult. She should not be pressured to be a role model for little girls. Who wants that?

    • Alicia

      Absolutely agree with you. She is an adult and should be able to showcase her music in any way she wants. Parents just have the deal with the fact that Hannah Montana doesn’t exist anymore.

  • EmmaFromÉire

    If you are dumb enough to bring your kid thinking you’ll get Hannah Montana, then you need a very thorough reality check.

  • modernfeminism

    Celebrate Miley Cyrus.

    • brebay

      oh good grief, this was posted in response to the troll above it. lighten up folks

  • Jillian

    Here’s a novel tip for parents of Hannah Montana fans: She is a fictional character who isn’t real! yes,she did use to be portrayed by Miley Cryus when she worked for disney a couple years ago now but she has been away from Disney for a while now. She is a grown women with the right to move on with her life. Simply don’t bring your daughter to her concerts now, say NO. You are the parent after all and your daughters are most likely kids or pre-teens with no money to buy tickets or a car to drive themselves there so just say “No you cannot go to the concert that is not Hannah Montana anymore”.

  • tk88

    I really don’t know how anyone with access to TV, radio, or print news since 2009 would ever think she’s appropriate for kids.

  • Kay_Sue

    Miley is an autonomous being. I know we’d all (I speak as a stepparent to two kiddos that were Hanna crazed) love to put her in a tiny little box and never let her grow up, but that’s not how human beings work…

    …and you’d kind of think that, as parents, these folks would understand that better than most.

  • SarahJesness

    It’s idiotic. Most of the girls who were fans of “Hannah Montana” are older now, or have moved on to other things. The show has been off for, what, at least a few years? (I don’t keep track, but I watch Disney Channel once in a while, mostly for the Disney movies but lately also for Gravity Falls so I see the commercials) I can’t imagine that there are a lot of young girls who are still really into Hannah Montana. This is Disney we’re talking about here. They always get new child stars to replace the old ones, to do the new shows and sing the new songs.

  • Life-Sized Mommy

    No matter who the artist is, parents need to research concerts ahead of time.

    A few years back, my husband took me to see Goo Goo Dolls. (You may remember them as the rock band who had one of their biggest hits be about an abortion.) Granted, GGD did a lot of stuff that got very popular and had some softer radio hits (like “Iris”). But they are still a *rock* band.

    There were some parents with young, (like, 8 or under) kids there. Which, hey, whatever. But when the band was cussing in the bits between sets, these parents were getting offended, covering their kids ears, complaining, etc.

    You took your elementary-schooler to a rock concert. Maybe do a smidgen of research ahead of time.

    • keelhaulrose

      I once went to a Marilyn Manson concert, and saw a couple with their three children, about 10,8, and 6, there. And it was pretty much everything you’d expect from a Marilyn Manson concert.

      I won’t even start on the number of kids I saw at the Ozzfest that featured Manson, Rob Zombie, Korn, and Ozzy. There was a nine year old in front of me in the line to meet and greet Zombie. He spent the whole line complaining to his oblivious mother.

  • http://www.frugalmaniacsuperdeals.com/ Frugal Maniac

    It is called Marketing she is more popular then she ever was. I do not approve but she has her name plastered everywhere now.

    • brebay

      So are beer commercials, that doesn’t make beer companies responsible for telling your young child she can’t get drunk.

    • http://www.frugalmaniacsuperdeals.com/ Frugal Maniac

      100% agree That is why we as parents control what our children watch. It is our job to do that nobody elses!

  • Alexandra

    OMG “Miley is walking around half naked licking everything in sight”
    I just almost snarfed coffee out my nose.

  • Ashie

    I dont like the way Miley Cyrus acts and is licking everything, but that’s her choice. What concerns me the most is how on earth do these young children even know that there is a Miley Cyrus concert happening?? They would have to be exposed to a lot of media outlets to even know that. And if a child is “begging” to go, here’s an idea parents…say NO. I know it’s a new concept to some parents but my goodness I think it’s time for some parents to grow a pair and learn to actually say no to their children and to stop all the spoiling that is happening.

  • Lauren_Alli

    I agree. I want Miley to stop it, mostly because I feel she is making an a$$ out of herself. But, the bottom line is Miley is not kid appropriate. Hannah Montana was. I would not take my daughter to a Miley concert, nor would I take her to Beyonce or Rihanna. As a parent, you have to be the one who decides what sort of events your child can attend. Don’t blame the “artist” if you don’t like what they are producing.

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