Obviously Horrible State Representative Wants To Pass Abusive New Spanking Law

shutterstock_91961390State Representative Gail Finney, a Democrat from Wichita, Kansas, wants to pass a new bill that would allow teachers, parents and caregivers the right to strike a child with ten strikes that could leave redness and bruising. The current law says that you can beat children, but not the point where it leaves a mark. The great news is, under the new law beating a child with belts, switches, or about the head or body with your fists would still be illegal.

From KCTV5:

Kansas proponents of the bill say children are losing respect for authority and that parents need to be able to discipline without fear. But 30 other states disagree, and they’ve banned corporal punishment altogether.

The committee chair, John Rubin, said he isn’t sure if he’s going to even consider the bill.

Finney says if that is the case, she plans on reintroducing a similar proposal again next legislative session.


I’m not a fan of spanking kids. I think all it does is teach them that you are bigger and stronger than they are and that you can physically hurt them. I think every parent has smacked their kid on the behind, when they run out onto traffic, when they repeatedly make a grab for a pot of boiling water on the stove after being told “no”, when they are getting ready to stick a fork in an electrical socket. Sometimes we think the only way to get a message across is a swift smack on the butt. I have done this before, and I usually felt so guilty afterward I cried more than my kid did. I have never spanked, spanked my kids, but I have hit them on the butt before. I’m not proud of it, but it has happened.

But this proposal is so vastly different than that! I cannot think of anything a kid under the age of 10 could do that would warrant an actual beating that would leave marks. A 17-year-old? Sure. I have read about PLENTY of cases where older teens need a spanking, but not little kids. Plus, can you imagine giving a teacher permission to hit your kid until they bruised? I’m sorry, but that is so absurd to me.

It’s your business if your child rearing includes spanking your kid as a form of discipline, but I even think parents who spank draw the line at doing it so hard their kid bruises or has red marks. That’s not teaching your kid a lesson, that’s child abuse.

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  • Muggle

    This is already allowed in North Carolina. When the hell are we going to wake the fuck up and start treating children like human beings?

    • Lilly

      not today apparently.

  • Kay_Sue

    I can’t imagine giving teachers that much authority to discipline my kid. That’s just…frightening.

    • Crusty Socks

      Clarification request:

      Is there a daily limit to the 10 spankin’ rule? I think a good compromise is 10 spankin’s in an hour limit, per teacher, per child. That way, if a kid is really acting up, you just bring over a relief teacher.

    • Kay_Sue

      You’d have to have a whole reserve supply of teachers for some kids.

    • Ginny

      As a teacher, I wouldn’t want enough authority to spank your child.

    • Kay_Sue

      That doesn’t surprise me at all. My mom’s a teacher, and I have a feeling that she’d say the same thing.

  • TngldBlue

    What the fuck Kansas.

  • TwentiSomething Mom

    10 hits? At once?! Not to saying hitting, even once is OK. But what the hell do you think you’re going to achieve by hitting a kid 10 times? That’s crazy.

    • Guest

      Yeah smacking anyone (let alone a child) ten times hard enough to leave bruises or marks sounds to me like a beating. That is…holy $%^&.

    • Rachel Sea

      I was spanked and struck with rulers, and it never took more than one or two hits to leave a mark or draw blood. If my teachers had a law on their side condoning 10 strikes, they’d have broken all the bones in my hands.

  • darras

    Hitting isn’t going to encourage respect… Resentment perhaps but .. geeze what century are we in again? 17th?

  • Mystik Spiral

    Your kids don’t respect you? Beat them, that’ll teach ‘em some respect!

    Seriously, what the fuck? I’m anti-spanking, and if I had kids, any person who laid a hand on them would regret it, law or not.

    • MerlePerle

      It’s crazy, though, how many people will argue that spanking will somehow turn people into polite, respectful people. That doesn’t make any sense!

  • rrlo

    Teachers should not be allowed to hit children. Period. This is insanity!

  • Lee

    Is Kansas also going to make it legal for parents to go and beat the crap out of these adults for beating their children? I mean if an adult beats another adult because they did not respect them that is assault, right? That person would spend some time in court. But this crazy lady thinks it is okay for an adult to beat a smaller, defenseless child and not receive any consequences. I find that very baffling.

    • Muggle

      If an adult hit another adult 10 times hard enough to leave bruises, that adult would be in jail.

      But it’s totally okay to do it to a child?!

  • tk88

    At least they said it’s unlikely to pass. But no one needed any more evidence Kansas was an awful state.

  • gothicgaelicgirl

    N to the HELL NO!!!
    If a parent chooses to spank their child, it may not an ideal way to discipline, but it is a PARENT’S RIGHT, NOT a teacher’s!

    I have slapped my 10 year old stepdaughter ONCE and I cried like a baby after.
    She was reaching for a cookie on an oven tray, it had JUST come from the oven.
    My little bro did the same thing with a baking tray and ended up with horrific burns when he was 9.
    I automatically slapped her hand away. She looked shocked but wasn’t upset, especially when I explained WHY I had done it, and that I didn’t mean to “slap”, I just had to get her hand away from the burning hot tray, as soon as possible.

    However, if their father chooses to spank their butts when they misbehave, that’s his choice, as a father. He doesn’t, we have a naughty step, plus the removal of DS consoles and mobile phones is a great disciplinary tactic.

    The basic rule for me anyway, is that there is NEVER a correct way to parent.
    NO-ONE has the right to tell you how to parent your child.

    And now they want teachers to be able to spank your kids?

    Since when does a teacher get to take over a parent’s role in the disciplinary side of things?

    I can guarantee you now, if any teacher ever laid a hand on any of my kids, there would be hell to pay.

    ONLY a parent has the right to physically punish your kids, and even then, it’s a matter of opinion.
    I was spanked on the butt as a kid, but that’s just how I was raised.

    I didn’t turn into a raging psychopath over it, it didn’t traumatise me, it didn’t make me want to beat the snot out of my family.

    Simply, it was how I was raised, the odd spank on the butt and it really didn’t do me any harm.

    Whether you believe in physical punishment or not, I think we can all agree that this choice should be up the the parents, in their own home- not in schools where, let’s face it, it’s not going to be properly monitored.

    • Ellen

      Why is it a parent’s right? If it’s not a right in any other relationship?

    • gothicgaelicgirl

      Because if ANYONE is going to decide when spanking is an acceptable form of punishment for MY child, it’ll be ME and NOT their teacher.
      Thank god I’m in Ireland where this will never be brought in

  • Momma425

    You know what? As a parent, if I want to spank my kid (I’m talking about spanking the way I was spanked- hand open, no bruising or lasting red marks)- I think I should be able to.
    Some other “authority figure” like her teacher, or her babysitter spanking her- hard enough to leave bruises no less? Absolutely freaking not.

    • Guest

      When I babysat I had the mother ask me if I felt comfortable spanking her child. Hell no! I will act as an authority figure but I don’t want to smack someone else’s kid D-: This is why I don’t get the folks who really want to open up a can of whoop ass on other people’s offspring.

    • Ellen

      Why then isn’t it legal to hit an adult with an open hand, no bruising of course? Is this a way to conduct ourselves? I’m not clear why children are different kinds of people such that they are free-game for being hit but our peers are not?

    • rrlo

      I have to start by saying that I don’t spank my child. It is not the form of discipline we have chosen and personally I don’t think it is effective.

      However, parents are responsible for the well-being and disciplining of their children. Other adults don’t run out on to on-coming traffic, shove their brothers, pull your hair in rage, cry endlessly and loudly for no reason, try to touch hot stoves – I can go on. Parents can’t put other adults on timeout either – nor can they take away their toys if the adults are not sharing. And if another adult becomes a mass-murderer – the parents do not share responsibility. On the other hand, parents are directly responsible for every move their children make until a certain age – and have partial responsibility for a big part of the remainder of their kids lives.

      So I don’t believe spanking ones child for discipline purposes is the same as hitting an adult. So, Parents can choose spanking as a form of discipline – generations of parents have done so in the past. And it is very common, in many cultures around the world.

    • Williwaw

      By the reasoning they use, it ought to be legal to hit another adult 10 times and leave marks. Ridiculous.

  • Crusty Socks

    You have to make that 10th smack really count.

  • Guest

    I’m just thinking of all the effin weird teachers I ever had who would have smacked me (or others) because they were on a power trip or creepy…very very creepy. :-(

  • http://wtfihaveakid.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

    Kansas is really giving decency a pass these days.
    You know, imagine the ramifications of a teacher being legally allowed to beat a student. They could easily single out kids they just don’t like. Abusive parents would have the law on their side.
    I don’t think spanking is morally wrong in every case. Sometimes, like Eve said, danger gets in the way of reasoning and discipline and you just need the child to stop nearly killing themselves immediately. But this law is scary.

    • SA

      That is what I have always thought. I remember in my first couple years of elementary school spankings were still a ‘thing’. It was horrifying that the teacher would do it right in front of the classroom. As I got older I thought about how various teachers have favorites and “un-favorites”….I think it is a lot to leave that discretion up to them. At least a parent SHOULD have that unconditional love that can come with administering a spanking (although I really think there are FAR better options)….a teacher just isn’t going to have that.

  • Ellen

    To clarify: not every parent has hit their children. Just like not every person has been in a bar fight or arrested or used illegal drugs. Hitting other people, especially children that you brought into the world to care for, is not a given. I have never ever laid a hand on my child. I don’t say that to be self-righteous but to change the conversation from a given to something that is really unjust. We need to teach our children to control their impulses and to be mature with their feelings. Hitting is the opposite of emotional maturity, impulse control, kindness, etc. It’s never ok to strike another human being, let alone one you’re charge to care for and love.

    • MerlePerle

      Yep, I have a 4 year old and I can confidently say I will never hit her. I don’t hit people, even those smaller than me!

  • AlbinoWino

    Ugh, seriously? Sorry, but I’ve always thought spanking was kind of lazy parenting. I guess physical harm wasn’t entirely unheard of in my family growing up. Once or twice when I acted up as a kid my parents would give me a little pinch on the arm. It didn’t leave a mark and scared me just enough to keep me in line. Still not ideal I guess. I know it’s not directly related but I find it interesting to note that Kansas also has a higher infant mortality than the national average. Maybe they should focus on that more than how much they can allow a teacher to hit your kid.

  • Alex Lee

    Tonight’s headline: 6 year-old “stands her ground” against her teacher.

    I remember my schoolteachers. I actually enjoyed learning from them and respected what they did for me each day.

    However, if I had to watch them hurt another kid (possibly one of my friends), I’d form a radically different opinion rather quickly. I probably wouldn’t be so enthusiastic to head into class. Wondering what might set the teacher off today would be a serious distraction to actually learning what was being taught.

    I mean, does anyone go into the teaching profession, WANTING to be the evil teacher?

    • Williwaw

      When I was little, my 8 year-old brother had a teacher that absolutely terrorized the children. We could hear her screaming at her class several classrooms away. I don’t think she routinely struck children (although there were rumours that she had done so), but my brother found the situation so stressful that he would get sick (it’s possible he was faking sometimes, but if a kid is faking sick because he’s terrified of his teacher, something is seriously wrong). I think this horrible woman finally got fired, fortunately.

      I cannot imagine sending my child to school knowing that his teacher had the legal right to terrorize the children (and I think most small children would be terrified of a teacher who struck children even once, much less beat them till they were bruised).

  • Stephanie

    You ever hear about someone in your own political party and you want to tell them “I don’t want you on my side. Or anyone’s side, really”? Yeah..that’s how I feel about Gail Finney (D).

    • brebay

      That’s how I feel about Nancy Pelosi.

  • Haradanohime

    When I was growing up, paddling was still in place in the school I attended. Each teacher had a wooden paddle (and some of them even had names *shudder*) hanging in their classroom by the door as a reminder. I was a good kid. I don’t think I was ever spanked growing up. But I remember being terrified as the teacher took children out in the hall to paddle them. I remember that more clearly than anything else taught by those teachers. This is no way to teach respect. It teaches fear.

    • Guest

      My parents are in their 50′s and can still name the times people got paddled in class. I can remember times when my dad threatened to paddle us that I bet he wouldn’t. He once left a message on our answering machine for my mom to line us up and wait til he got home to spank us because the house wasn’t clean enough. Better believe that is burned into my memory.

  • ksu_artist1

    As a Kansan, I, along with other normal people, apologize for the massive amount of assholery coming out of my state lately.

  • Rachel Sea

    I was hit as a kid, and it didn’t make me respect the people who struck me, it made me fear them, hate them, and want to get away from them.

    All the evidence shows over, and over, and over that hitting kids doesn’t have positive consequences, but it does have very many negative ones. Hitting kids should always be illegal, we’d have many fewer violent adults in this country if spanking were a crime.

    • Williwaw

      I agree. I was spanked, though never hard enough to leave a mark. When I was very little, I found it frightening. When I got older, it was humiliating and degrading.

  • Angela

    I only support this law if we also decide to also beat politicians we are displeased with so that they learn respect for the people they serve. And we’d better make sure to leave marks. Otherwise they’ll never respect us.

  • brebay

    A Kansas democrat is like a Taliban feminist…

  • Byron

    One time when I was 11 or so we were vacationing in this awesome hotel, I was in love with the facilities so I spent most of my alone time by the pool or in the bar watching tv. Out of nowhere this crazy old lady comes around and smacks me in the face cause the tv was too loud for her apparently. I, being somewhat tall and a good kid in general, was thrown back by this. I mean, I had gotten into fights with kids my age but I didn’t know exactly how to respond to this, so I just feigned obedience.

    Then, I planned revenge.

    I had seen where the old lady was staying, it was like appartments basically, but it was a hotel too. She luckily (for me) lived quite near to that area near the pool, which I guess explains why she could hear my tv, anyways, in that area there was a hose for people to rinse out the pool water if they don’t have enough time to go in their rooms and shower, a very very very long hose. It so happened that the other day we would be leaving, very early in the morning too, where nobody else would be up. I managed to sneak around my parents without them noticing and I took the hose and stuck it under the mean old lady’s door and turned it on, then ran back right as we were leaving and made it off safe.

    I don’t know what happened, the hotel never like, sued us or called us back asking questions or anything, so I think nobody figured out I did it.

    This law could lead to many more ruined hotel rooms and wet old ladies, so I think it’s dumb.

    • Guest

      That old coot had it coming!

  • Jamie-tang

    If a teacher spanked my kids, they would be getting a spanking from me…Not because ”precious snowflake syndrome”. But, believe it or not, like all other professions…there’s some bat sh*t crazy teachers. Noone needs that power over little kids.

  • Sharon

    I think that Gail Finney should get the first spanking so that she can be humiliated among her peers She will then fully understand as a 64 year old why this bill is a bad idea. I hope she learns her lesson.

  • K.

    Why the fuck do we need this law??

    I get that spanking is a divisive issue–some people are for it; some are against it, but I’m pretty sure that most sensible people would agree that spanking does not need to be a legally-protected practice.

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