10 Things To Do When You’re Snowed In With Your Brood


Frozen, snowed in mom


I don’t know what the weather is in your neck of the woods, but here in NYC where I live, there is at least a foot of awful, awful snow on the ground. It seems like it hasn’t gone more than 24 hours without a least a flurry or two in AGES. All this snow has me a little stir crazy with cabin fever and basically any other stuck-in-the-house-related idiom you can imagine. Now, I could  use all this free indoors time to do important chores, but what’s the fun in that. NOPE, here are some of my patented, Locke-endorsed suggestions for keeping that creeping, snowed in boredom at bay while stuck in the house with your kid-crew.

10. Make a fort (for you to hide in)

You might need to defend your fort though. Might I suggest some water guns and ice water?

9. Cry

Being snowed in is definitely a time to cry


I find that the tears start flowing around hour nine of a snow day. Especially if you’re REALLY snowed in and can’t even leave the house to make a snow man.

8. Think up epic cocktails

I find this especially helpful if you’ve just done a huge, pre-storm food shop and you have a ton of weird things you might not usually have. Cointreau Caviar Spherification? Yes please!

7. Drink said cocktails

Get your snowed in drank on

A woman after my own heart (photographer695)

Well, you didn’t think I was going to tell you to share these awesome cocktails, right? Tie to get your snowed in DRANK on, ladies!

6.Two words: Comfort Food

Since you’re already drinking your own weight in calories today, you might as well go the whole nine yards and eat to your heart’s content. I suggest mac and cheese or basically anything with tons of cheese and carbs.

5. Re-enact your favorite movies using your kids as props

Kudos to you if you can fit this in your living room. Go big or go home.

4. Hide in the bathroom

There is a very frazzled mom behind that curtain.

3. Online shopping (preferably for fancy booze)

This is in between binge sessions of Netflix and Hulu, obv.

2. Fix all the random things your kids have broken

While you’re at it you can find all the stuff that your kids have taken away from you too. I found a three month old cookie behind my daughter’s trophies during a Nor’Easter in 2007.Good times.

1. Clean the house…HA HA just kidding! Take a nap. Duh.

Nap>Cleaning, and besides, you gotta sleep off all that comfort food and booze.

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  • AP

    I have a friend who teaches elementary school in Central Vermont. The cutoff for indoor/outdoor recess is 4 degrees. “Snowed in” is relative.

    (When I grew up in NY, though, the cutoff was something like 45. A friend of mine from Virginia said the cutoff was 70, and here in NorCal…well it was 60 yesterday and the down parkas and Uggs were out in full force.)

  • SmrtGrl86

    It’s been below freezing here almost non stop for weeks. I. Am. Losing. My. Mind. There is not enough wine, cream horns or netflix to make life better right now.

  • Kay_Sue

    I really really really felt #9 this week. It wasn’t that we were snowed in…but the snow was all ice. It was ice. Solid sheets of ice where it melted slightly and refroze. By the time it thawed out, I was ready to start selling and/or eating them….

    • Katherine Handcock

      Ditto here…yesterday we got actual snow, but now it’s too cold to send them outside! I’m pretty sure my brain started deliberately “forgetting” things I needed just so I’d have an excuse to tell my husband, “Oh, after you get home, I have to run to the grocery store.”

    • Kay_Sue

      I’m still doing that, and we thawed out Friday, lol. “Ooops, need milk! See you in…a while!” ;)

  • Crusty Socks

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t follow along with a single thing in this article because it’s been 80 degrees the entire Winter where I live

  • Elisa Probert

    I shall have to keep this in mind if we ever get any real snow here in Central Washington. Though I’ll have to swap “dogs” for kids for most of these. Ferrets for the broken stuff.

    I should totally go hit up the liquor store in town. It’s awesome…not only booze, but there’s a little cafe there, and jewelry, and local art and handcrafted items. Pretty cool place.