Pregnant Hawaii Woman Is Missing, And GASP, They’re Questioning The Boyfriend

missing pregnant woman


Carly Scott, a 27-year-old woman from Hawaii who is five months pregnant, went missing Monday. She was last seen, officially, on Sunday evening at her sister’s home in Haiku, near Maui.The details only get weirder from there.

Scott’s car, a 1997 Toyota 4Runner, was found torched in Haiku’s rural Peahi area, and according to Maui police, “possible evidence” was found thursday, though they aren’t saying what it is. Her dog was also found in the area, according to a report by Maui News.

Now, obviously it’s way too early to say what happened to Carly, but this story eerily reminds me of the Laci Peterson and/or Melissa Sowder‘s cases, in that Carly’s ex-partner (RED FLAG ALERT) Steven Capobianco was the last person to reportedly see her alive. According to Capobianco, Scott picked him up Sunday night and drove him to Keanae, which is dozens of miles away on Hana Highway, so he could repair his truck. He says that later, when Scott was driving behind him, that he lost sight of her vehicle and assumed she had driven off and gotten home safely:

“I sent her a text that said, `thank you,’ but I figured she was working, that’s why she didn’t get back to me right away. It wasn’t until the cops showed up at my house at 5:30 in the morning the next day that I realized something was wrong.”

Again, and I can’t stress this enough, there is no evidence  that has been released that Capobianco had anything to do with Carly’s disappearance. But, according to Capobianco himself, the cops questioned hi and gave him a lie detector test, which he failed. Now, we all know that lie detectors aren’t the most accurate things, hence not being admissible in court, but my danger senses are tingling here, and I can’t help but suspect the boyfriend. Because if Law and Order: SVU has taught me anything, it’s that “it’s ALWAYS the boyfriend.”  I hope for Carly’s sake I’m wrong and this is some kind of huge mix up.

Capobianco said he and Scott have been broken up for several years but remained friends and “occasionally hooked up.” He said he believes he’s the father of her baby but doesn’t know for sure.

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  • Alex

    Capobianco took a polygraph test, not a lie detector test. Since, you know, the polygraph doesn’t detect lies at all. It measures physiological symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, and stress. Which would of course never be present if you are suspected by law enforcement (not to mention parenting writers) of murdering your pregnant ex-girlfriend.

    • AP

      A polygraph is another term for “lie detector.” I have no idea why they are still legal- they’re about as valid as throwing someone in water to see if they’re a witch.

    • NYCNanny

      I know,right?! I once had an FBI ex give me a polygraph, just to see…. I lied a lot, but stayed calm, and I passed with flying colors. Ugh.

    • Lackadaisical

      Gave you a polygraph for larks and jollies or actually because he was suspicious and testing you? Because if the latter then even if you were guilty that is madly controlling and I am so sorry you had to go through that.

    • NYCNanny

      Just for fun. Call it foreplay. I’m weird.

    • Lackadaisical

      Larks and jollies it is, that is obviously a completely different situation. I shan’t ask what other equipment he brought home from work for adult play time

    • NYCNanny


    • Lackadaisical

      I can imagine the complaint “dear FBI technical people. I wish to complain about our polygraph. I have noticed that when the suspect is actually looking forward to a ruddy good seeing to if caught out that the polygraph fails to register their sexy, sexy lies. Obviously I would not misuse FBI equipment and wasn’t using it at home so this was a normal investigation and I am sure that isn’t triggering any alarm bells on my record. Cheers, FBI agent boyfriend fellow”

    • Bunny Lucia

      I might.

    • Lackadaisical

      You may but I am going to use my imagination instead. The truth might be disappointing after that

    • NYCNanny

      Oh the truth is NOT disappointing….
      Come to think of it, I’m gonna give my ex a call…

    • Frances Locke

      I specifically said that the lie detector (which is what all of the various big-name media sites that have reported on this story have called it, though yes, I am aware of the official name) wasn’t accurate and isn’t admissible in court. Plenty of other facets of this story point to the boyfriend, and there is a reason why law enforcement always suspects the people closest to the victim.

    • Alex

      “Plenty of other facets of this story point to the boyfriend”

      “Again, and I can’t stress this enough, there is no evidence that has been released that Capobianco had anything to do with Carly’s disappearance.”

      So which is it? Or is it that you believe Capobianco WAS probably responsible, even though you admit that there is as yet absolutely no evidence to suggest such, because boyfriend?

    • KarenMS

      There are parts of this story that make her believe it’s the boyfriend but no evidence released as of yet that would make a jury believe.

    • Bunny Lucia

      Statistically speaking, when a pregnant woman goes missing or ends up murdered it’s because of a spouse, or partner

      Domestic violence is the leading cause of death of pregnant women. I personally think this touched a little too lightly on such a hard and heavy subject. But who am I to complain?

    • Lackadaisical

      Yes, absolutely. Probably followed by a family member. Of course without evidence we could be ruining an innocent and bereaved man’s life further if we jump to conclusions and give him trail by media but it does unfortunately happen that way a lot. When I was pregnant (in the UK) I was given a lot of bumf on domestic abuse and how it often increases dramatically during pregnancy. I had pamphlets from midwives and posters in the ladies loos (and anywhere else a pregnant lady would be without her partner) of the early pregnancy unit and the department dealing with later pregnancy issues, along with info in all the pregnancy mags and packs. It is a huge problem for a lot of women, hence the government campaign to convince pregnant women to get help. It is horrific that such a thing would become so much worse at such a time, but then again that is why it gets worse. A woman more vulnerable and feeling more bound to her partner and a man who obviously has something wrong with him anyway to commit such abuse but is now feeling more out of control and emotional about the future.

    • Paul White

      When ANYONE gets dead or missing it’s usually a family member or close friend. Most folks only kill people they know. Which is pretty damn creepy actually.

    • Lackadaisical

      I don’t find that misleading. There is no evidence linking him other than circumstantial factors, which are completely stacked against him. Statistically an ex boyfriend who was the last person to see a victim in a secluded spot is often the person who did it. However, often is not always and there is no hard evidence. I can think of many cases where the boyfriend or girlfriend who saw the victim alone last did it, even a few where they gave heartwrenching, tearful televised appeals for help. However, while if you automatically arrested the partner if they saw the person last you might be right more often than wrong I can also think of some ghastly cases where a bereaved boyfriend or girlfriend was treated like a murderer because statistics were against them and were then revealed to be completely, utterly innocent.

    • Paul White

      The term lie detector is a massive misnomer and serves to legitimize a tool that is vastly overrated. I try not to usually be pedantic but in this case I kind of am.

    • Kat

      What? It sounds like you’re trying to point out a difference where there isn’t one.

    • Lackadaisical

      While what we refer to as a lie detector test is the polygraph test I am assuming that Alex’ point is that the nickname is misleading because it doesn’t actually detect lies. It detects changes in stress levels that can often be due to lying but could be due to other reasons. It also relies on getting a base line and if you are stressed because the woman carrying what you think is probably your child is missing and you are prime suspect then that will be tricky. Of course he could also be stressed out of his mind because he is worried that the police will find where he his the body of his ex, unfortunately the polygraph can’t tell us which.

  • SusannahJoy

    The weird thing is that she’s the second woman to go missing from Maui in the last couple of months, and last year a pregnant woman was killed on the big island. Bad time to be a woman in Hawaii…

    • keelhaulrose

      I hate to sound like a downer, but that sounds a lot safer than much of the mainland US, especially big cities, where that many people are missing/killed a day.

  • Kheldarson

    It’s not ALWAYS the boyfriend, only usually the boyfriend. Sometimes it’s the crazy stalker who thinks he’s the boyfriend. ;)

    Bit more seriously, I do hope they find her alive and well and soon.

  • Katherine Handcock

    I think it’s too early to draw any conclusions yet about something like this. Romantic partners (current or former) are always on the list for possible involvement in a disappearance; so are family and close friends, and police will be scrutinizing her life to see if there’s anybody else to add to that list (neighbours she’s had conflicts with, an employer who has a strangely high “critical employee” insurance policy, that sort of thing.) In any case, they would have questioned Capobianco about her even if it were obvious he could have no involvement, just to learn more about the missing woman’s relationships, behaviour, habits, etc.

    And yes, whether you call it a polygraph or a lie detector, the fact that he failed the test really doesn’t mean much. Even in the hands of a very skilled interpreter, they’re of limited use. I’ve read a lot about forensic psychology (I don’t know what it says about me that I find it so fascinating ;-) and I do know that many murderers are actually quite good at beating the test — if they’re a true psychopath, they don’t display any of the physical reactions that the test checks for, and even if they’re not, there are a lot of psychological defenses (she deserved it, I did it for the best, and so on) that will also lead to a pass.

    Don’t let your feelers go up yet. If the police are being close-mouthed, that’s a good thing: it reduces the chance that the case will fall when certain testimony or evidence is considered suspect or tainted by popular opinion. The police in Canada are kind of notorious for this: many people complain that they don’t release much about their investigations, but then when they do take someone to trial, the cases tend to be sewn as tight as they get!

  • Andrea

    I don’t understand this. Are you mad they are questioning the boyfriend? Are you mad that they aren’t grilling him enough? I’m confused…
    Of course they gotta question the boyfriend..what should the cops be doing? Question strangers at the beach????

    • Guest

      Yeah, the GASP was weird. I know it was meant in the sense of “naturally, they are questioning the boyfriend” but it comes across like an annoyed “surprise, surprise, they are questioning the boyfriend” :/

  • Kevin Miskel

    Wife/girlfriend gets killed? Probably the boyfriend.
    Kids get killed? Definitely the mom.

  • Jenny

    in the article i read, the ex told the media that the police had told him he flunked the test- police do this all the time to try to force a confession. if they had evidence, he’d have been arrested.

    anyone ever driven the Hana hwy?! it’s INSANE. switchback turns on a steep mountain road, locals FLY around it, it’s not crazy to think he lost track of her if she was following him. plus, there’s rarely cell service there.

    why does it matter that he didn’t check up on her? she’s a local, he wouldn’t have thought she needed to be checked up on driving around her own town.

    the dog was found an hour away from her car, not right by it, so maybe her car broke down and she and her dog got a ride from someone.

    everyone wants to blame the boyfriend or baby’s dad, but he isn’t necessarily either. what’s the motive? geez, people, slow your roll and wait for facts before you convict.

  • Crusty Socks

    It’s Hawaii… maybe it’s the girlfriend?

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