Boy Narrowly Escapes Death After Being Thrown Onto The Highway

boy escapes death

It’s just Jack

As I said earlier today, nothing is better than a sad story with a happy ending (I’m sensing a theme today). Angel, a 4-year-old boy from California narrowly escaped death Thursday after being thrown more than 20 feet out of a car after his father crashed.

Hi mom Elisa Miranda, and the boy’s dad were traveling along Interstate 5 near Anaheim at 8:15pm when he lost control while trying to avoid something in the road. He then hit a concrete wall, sending Angel flying through the back window. Thankfully Angel managed to land in the only area that was even remotely cushioned, a tiny area of vegetation nearby. According to Officer Troy Christensen:

“[There was] a bed of ice plant there, and anywhere north of that or south of that it’s all concrete.”

Elisa spoke with the news station KTLA:

“I was screaming “Angel, Angel where’s my son? I was scared that my son would be dead…he has a big angel next to him

Amazingly, Angel managed to escape with only minor scrapes and bruises, and probably a healthy fear of flying and possibly driving. He was treated at UC-Irvine MEdical Center and released yesterday with a clean bill of health. That kid needs to play the lottery when he grows up, because boy is he lucky.

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  • julesgilead

    Honestly, I assumed that this was going to be about some poor kid being purposely thrown from a car, and I’m relieved it wasn’t. Don’t know what that says about my expectations of humanity.

    • AnastasiaMcNally

      So did I, to be honest. Awful!

    • jane

      I thought the same thing. Not sure if it’s the word “thrown” or just what I expect these days.

    • Lindsay

      Had the same thought.

    • lin

      I wondered if he had been thrown on purpose as well…glad that was not the case! How amazing he is okay!

    • Kat

      I thought so too. I willed myself to read it, thinking, “it’s okay because he’s alive!”

  • keelhaulrose

    Wait, was he wearing a seatbelt? Just curious, I didn’t see a mention one way or the other.
    I totally agree with the lottery comment, though.

    • Sri

      In the video, the mother told authorities that he was buckled into a car seat, but the authorities were investigating whether the seat was properly installed.

  • brebay

    If you want to be a “mama bear,” spend less time threatening to kill anyone who “disrespects” your kid, and more time figuring out how to buckle a damn seatbelt! I’m not a car-seat nazi, but seriously, not having one at all or not using a seatbelt is just completely ignorant and selfish. Glad this guy survived his parents, hope luck stays on his side.

    • Sri

      Wait. The news report I read said that he was reportedly buckled into a car seat. Authorities were investigating whether the seat was properly installed, but that the mother said he was buckled in. Do you personally know this woman or something? Why don’t you think he was buckled in? I’ve heard plenty of stories about kids being ejected from car seats and booster seats from EMT family members, so it’s not like it never happens. I’m just genuinely confused by your response. Like, I didn’t see where she threatened anyone, either, or referred to herself as a “mama bear.”

    • brebay

      because the articles I read said he wasn’t. No chance she could be lying, right? It’s extremely rare for someone buckled in to be ejected from a vehicle.

    • Sri

      Which articles did you read? The Daily Mail article doesn’t mention anything, other than the mother saying he wasn’t in the backseat, and the KTLA video says that the mother reported the child being buckled in. The Orange County Register reports him being strapped in, as well as an AP article on the incident. I didn’t find any sources saying he wasn’t strapped in, so I’m really confused by your insistence that she’s lying.

    • Kat

      I haven’t found articles that mention this either. Are you sure that’s not just a cover for what you realized was an incredibly unfair assumption?

    • Sri

      Unfair, maybe, but also very understandable. When something like this happens, it’s a gut reaction to say that you would never be in this situation because of x, y, and z. If you admit to yourself that something like this could happen without some huge glaring mistake made, it means it might happen to you, which is terrifying.

      A baby in Maine was ejected from his car seat because he was buckled in wearing his coat. The comments on that article weren’t that different. Well, of course, the commentariat exclaimed, she must be an idiot. A few souls, however, some who even claimed to be from snowy cold climates, admitted that they never knew this. Any one of them could have been the mom in the article being called an idiot.

    • brebay

      and the mama bear was a general reference, written about often on this site, to mothers who overreact to slights against their kids, but are negligent with their own safety.

  • Holo The Wise Wolf

    “Boy Narrowly Escapes Death After Being Thrown Onto The Highway”

    This article is horribly titled!!! I thought some mom had gotten pissed at her kid and just shoved him out of the car into traffic!! good lord.

  • Crusty Socks

    I dunno about the car seat, but the SUV’s got em 22″ rims! That’s what’s important!

    Glad the little fella’s doing well.