Tragic Pregnant Woman In Brooklyn Accident Will Break Your Heart

US-WEATHER-STORMHere’s another reason to hate this terrible winter – an eight-month-pregnant woman was struck and hit by a grocery store snow plow while loading groceries into her car and killed. I can’t even imagine how horrible this whole thing is. We all know the snow has been bad this year, my own kids have had school cancelled again this morning, and this mom was just doing what so many of us moms have been doing, buying groceries probably to stock up due to the weather. The worst part about it? Customers have complained about the snow plow driver’s “erratic driving habits.”

Min Lin went into cardiac arrest after being backed into by the snowplow. Her husband was with her at the time. Lin died at the hospital, and her baby boy was delivered by emergency C-section. The baby is said to be in critical condition in a neonatal intensive care unit. From the NY Post:

“The baby is not looking good and [his father] is very worried,” said Song Qing Hwang, 34, a female roommate of the couple, who spoke on the phone to Lin’s grieving husband.

“I’m not sure what to feel. I feel very sad for the loss of my friend.”


And from customers familiar with the bobcat driver’s plowing habits:

“He almost hit me and my wife yesterday as we were going across the street. The guy was a speed demon,” said Marvin Lopez, 43, a janitor who lives across from the parking lot.

“I thought, that man is going to kill somebody someday. And look what happens.”

Another two to four inches of snow are expected in the area today. I will be thinking of this poor little baby and his grieving father.

(Image: getty images)

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  • Valerie

    Wow. The world can be such a cruel place. I guess the bright spot is that the baby lived but what a tragic way to come into the world. Definitely gives perspective on a morning I spent grumbling about how tired I am of brushing snow off my car. Prayers to this poor family.

  • Natasha B

    This is so sad :( my heart goes out to that family.
    Here in MN the snow has lightened up a little, but there are still snow plows out on the regular, so paranoid when my kids are outside.

  • Kathleen Sullivan

    This happened not too far from me. I haven’t stop thinking about the woman, her baby and the whole family. There are no words for how devastating this is.

  • Kay_Sue

    I am sending prayers and positive thoughts to this family, and to that little boy. It’s tragic.

  • jendra_berri

    Oh god :( This man has to grieve the loss of his wife while preparing to suddenly be a single dad to a newborn who is in intensive care, and this baby may not live and will never know his mom. This is just the worst. I had nightmares about this sort of thing when I was pregnant. That poor, poor family.

  • gothicgaelicgirl

    So terribly sad, hope the little one pulls through.
    My heart goes out to the father. I hope he doesn’t lose his son as well as his wife.