Here’s Hoping Collective Outrage Will Work To Cancel CNN’s Upcoming Zimmerman Interview

BgdOMUnCEAAIdmACNN plans to run an interview with George Zimmerman next week, and many, many people are not happy about it. Zimmerman talked to CNN‘s Chris Cuomo in an interview the station plans to air on Tuesday. In the preview video, Cuomo explains they talk about “the shooting, the trial and life after the acquittal.” A young boy is dead, his murderer walks free and now gets to reminisce about his luck on CNN? No thanks. I’ll pass.

Cuomo: Do you find yourself haunted by memories of that night?

Zimmerman: No.

Cuomo: Because?

Zimmerman: I don’t know.

Cuomo: Are you a killer?

Zimmerman: I have killed, yes.

Cuomo stresses that the interview isn’t about retrying the case; ”It’s important to hear from the man at the center of it,” Cuomo said on “New Day.” “It was provocative. He gave us a lot of time. He wanted to deal with everything.”

This is really disgusting. Can this man just go away now? First he’s repeatedly caught waving his guns around and threatening his ex and current girlfriends, then he tries to get involved in a “celebrity” boxing match, now CNN is giving him airtime? For what? So we can hear his side? This is disgusting. Great way to celebrate Black History Month, CNN; giving air time to a racist who got away with murder because a “jury of his peers” still thinks racial profiling is okay.

Many people are taking to Twitter to express their outrage. A petition has been started as has a #CancelTheInterview hastag. Hopefully the station will listen, but I doubt it. They must be expecting some huge ratings.

If all else fails, you can protest by not watching. That’s what I plan on doing.

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  • Crusty Socks

    Wait, the boxing match is still going right?

    I’m hoping one or both of them die fighting Apollo style

    • Dp

      This is about the worst of CNN. Their reporters have no empathy! They are heartless. Hungry for recognition…Ask unreasonable questions and are pretenders…. I can not believe that this man is getting an hour airtime on CNN

  • K.

    I’m not interested in watching, but protesting a news organization for airing an interview with someone just because I happen to not like the person they’re interviewing? That’s a little much.

    • Andrea

      Best thing to do is not watch it.

    • Crusty Socks

      Don’t worry, hardly anyone ever watches CNN

    • diedre b

      The fact that both CNN and George Zimmerman are trying to further capitalize on the murder of this young man is sickening. Where is the empathy and compassion for Trayvon Martin’s family. Trayvon Martin cannot sit for an interview and talk about the events that night and set the record straight because dead men cannot tell tales. Why do you continutally give this man the spot light?

  • Rachel Sea

    He shouldn’t be getting appearance fees, he should be in prison. The least people can do is help him fade into obscurity until he kills a white guy.

    • AugustW

      He certainly seems destined to kill his wife. Is she wife? Or does it need to be a white male?

  • Byron

    Racial profilins is not “okay” but it isn’t illegal either. He’s a killer (as he just said) but he’s a legal killer who didn’t get away with anything since he operated within the laws of the land. Many people in the army are killers too, justified or not depends on whose perspective.

    Those NSA drone operators bombing grandmothers cause they happen to hold the wrong phone at the wrong time are not any holier than Zimmerman and yet they face only but a fraction of the outcry. To make such noise over this one case while silmutaneously ignoring all the murder death kill happening just around the corner is too hypocritical so I refuse to be wound up about this any more than I am about the rest of the cases.

    CNN will show his interview, the interview if nothing else will be interesting. CNN is in the business of showing interesting things to people. You can’t fault them.


    Zimmerman is a murderer not a celebrity…he should be in jail..not on tv glorifing him

  • Portia

    Zimmerman is a misogynist, a racist and an outcast. Do I think he should get more airtime? Absofucklutely not. But I agree with Byron’s comment below. CNN (who’s ratings by the way are in the toilet and they are desperate for stories) is in the BUSINESS of news and like it or not George Zimmerman is a news story. We live in a democratic country with a free press. The best thing to do is vote with our remotes and not watch this garbage.

  • Sara610

    CNN has been moving further away from actual news and more toward infotainment for a while…..I hardly ever watch it any more.

  • diedre b

    Trayvon Martin doesn’t have the opportunity to state his case. Stop giving him notoriety for killing a child. What about his parents, you know the parents who had their son killed? Are ratings that important that you would torture the family and a country that has been hard stricken by this case?

  • Unhappy Gilmore


  • NYCNanny

    Im sorry, but since when do we protest a news outlet for ANY interview? A bit much, eh?

  • talonsage

    Ugh. I heard the boxing match was canceled. Which sucks. I want to see just how tough he is without his guns!! Fucking piece of deleted refuse.