This Reddit Video Confession From A Dad Of Three Is Tragically Hilarious

I love so many things about this video. It’s so overdramatic and heartfelt. From Gotta Kid To Feed productions, who takes real Reddit confessions and has actors reenact them on video.

I love how sincere he is: I care about them very much.. but if I could go back in time before I had kids..

Plus, I love his super cool HOUSE T-shirt, gotta get me one of those.

I’m sure the original dad who posted this to Reddit was just venting and complaining about his life, but when you see it reenacted on video it just makes it hilarious. What a crybaby! Sorry you hate so many things ‘bro but you should have thought about that before you shoved your P in the V three times!

I bet if someone filmed some of my more heartfelt parenting confessions it would be about the same, Wah wah I have laundry to do wah wah the cat puked again wah wah I wish I could do cocaine but it’s illegal wah wah its another snow day wah wah cupcakes.

Yeah yeah we all have bad days and being a parent can be terribly frustrating at times but this all makes us sound like a bunch of whiners. Sheesh. People parent all over the world and they do it with a lot less than any of us do.

Parents. We’re the worst aren’t we?

(Image: You Tube, h/t: The Stir)


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  • Theresa Edwards

    P in the V #Ew #HDY

    • Eve Vawter

      we are having a Kay Sue party right now all talking about you

    • Eve Vawter
    • Maria Guido


    • Kay_Sue

      I was completely unprepared for this GIF. Completely. #LaughOrCry

    • Eve Vawter


    • Bethany Ramos


      (I am basically assaulting this thread with my own personal hashtag agenda.)

  • Jell

    That t-shirt is seriously amazing, though

    • Eve Vawter


    • chickadee


      I watched it for the very first time over Christmas and fell deeply and hopelessly in love.

    • Eve Vawter

      My kid owns this movie, it may be the best movie ever made ever

    • chickadee

      It seriously is. My cousin introduced me to it, and we fell on the floor laughing. It is part of the Criterion Collection on Hulu+, believe it or not.

      The beautifully-constructed narrative, the tightly-woven transitions… is pure MAGIC.

    • Eve Vawter

      we need to have a Mommyish Hasau viewing party

    • chickadee

      We SO do. That movie is the essence of awesome.

  • jane

    I’m pretty sure that I found that tragic, but not so much hilarious. I mostly just felt bad for those kids for having a dad who so clearly resents them. I think there’s a way to do this that’s funny, but this wasn’t it.

    • keelhaulrose

      I’m with you. I hope these kids don’t feel the obvious resentment their father has for them, but somehow I doubt it.
      That opening… “I like them”? You’re about to tell us how your kids ruined your life, and all you can say in your defense is you like them? Do they know daddy doesn’t love them?

  • Elizabeth Licata

    @_@ Now I am totally freaked out that I will not make enough money to not hate my kids.

    • Kay_Sue

      We don’t have nearly enough money for the number of children we have managed to produce, and we’re still pretty okay with them most of the time…..

    • chickadee

      What you should be worried about is whether or not you married/will marry a giant baby.

  • chickadee

    I barely see my friends anymore. I have no weekends. I want to travel. I hate my job and this town and I never wanted to live here ANYWAY….!
    He thinks he has no money now? Wait til they’re divorced (which sounds imminent) and then see how much of his income goes to alimony and child support….

  • Kay_Sue

    I really don’t know what to make of that. I want to feel sorry for him, I really do. I want to commiserate. But I can’t. Kids are (typically) a choice. You made it. #PutYourBigBoyPantsOnMan

  • jendra_berri

    I think what makes this video seem unsympathetic is the fact he would go back in time and not have these children, who are admittedly healthy and great kids. He never says he loves them, and it kinda sounds like he doesn’t.
    Complaining is A-ok, but wishing your kids didn’t exist and feeling like you get nothing out of a life that includes having to sacrifice for them is cold. I wanna travel and see my friends more too, and I miss buying pretty dresses every month and the body I had to wear them, and saving for a better home is near impossible. But I wouldn’t go back, not if it means no longer having my baby boy. He’s my angel puff <3

  • Heather

    Not sure at all how someone can look at their kids and regret having them. Every parent gets stressed out..pretty sure thats just part of being a parent. But even when my two are at their worst…i’d never ever regret having them..I’d be lost without my 2!

  • Esther

    Poor guy.. I don’t think this is hilarious at all. Why make fun of someones misery?? Obviously he can’t say this to anyone because he is afraid of being judged. And that is what you are doing. Judging him. I feel sorry for him and I’m not even a parent. Atleast he is honest. A lot of people regret having kids, but most of them won’t say it out loud. Just reading your post made me realise, that just because someone is a mom doesn’t mean, that she is caring or has emphaty.