This Bra Video Was Created To Make You Cry. And It Works.


It’s Friday, so you probably need a good excuse to have a cathartic cry, other than that your house is messy and your bank account is empty and your car insurance is due. Oh wait, that’s me.

Whatever. Watch this video from Wacoal Thailand. It’s good. It’s a little slow-moving, but watch until the end. You’ll probably be crying before the end, but I promise every second of the seven minutes is worth it. Eve was crying, I was crying, I’m pretty sure anyone with even half a heart is crying their eyes out at this totally heartwarming video. There’s messages about motherhood and family and not listening to gossip and go ahead, watch.

OMG. Totally unexpected ending, right? Families can come from anywhere! Even the trash! Although can I say that I want the mom, Jane, to start a torrid love affair with the drawing teacher? Because he’s kind of hot and he obviously cares about her and they would just be the cutest family ever with that little pigtailed delight of a little girl. From trash can baby to adorable tripod: The power of Wacoal bras.

I don’t know why Wacoal, a lingerie company based in Japan, would make a video with this kind of subject matter, but I’m glad they did. Man, am I glad they did. I didn’t see anything to do with actual bras or lingerie in this story of a mother and a daughter, but if Wacoal makes videos like this and their bras are Oprah-approved, they’re good enough for me.

Photo: My Beautiful Woman via Wacoal Thailand 

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  • Ali_Oop

    OMG.. I’m trying to contain my sobs in my cubical right now….

    • Ali_Oop

      cubicle*.. I can’t even type. Everything is so blurry!

  • pixie

    “I would rather them talk about me then talk about June”
    And that’s when I lost all control of my tears.

    • Stacey

      Same here.

  • Katie L.

    Me, prior to watching: “Eh, I’m sure I’ll be fine. It won’t make me cry. I’ve got a jaded, cynical soul.”

    …7 minutes later I’m trying to conceal that I am crying from my husband so I don’t have to explain that a bra comercial made me cry.

    And yes, Jane and the art teachers are totally getting together.

    • Alicia

      I was the same! “I won’t cry, no way!”… only took the montage of them getting ready and smiling at each and such for me to get teary. Such a weakling.

      In all seriousness, it’s a beautiful video and while this sort of circumstance would be pretty rare, definitely teaches you not to jump to conclusions.

    • Sara610

      I teared up a bit, but I didn’t really cry-cry. But it is a beautiful commercial.
      And hell yes, Jane and the art teacher are totally gonna get together. They have to, right?

  • Asia Woodley

    Didn’t cry, but I’m evil so….however my barren soul’s non reaction doesn’t lessen it’s effectiveness.

  • Teleute

    CRY? Um, no.

  • K

    There are 2 other commercials from the company that go with this…. and
    Yes, they will make you cry too.

    • Brainspace

      The mom and June one made me happy, but the cancer one? OMG waterfalls of tears.

  • Muggle

    It’s really dusty in my house, holy shit…

  • Rachel Sea

    I cannot believe I just spent 20 minutes and 27 seconds tearing up at commercials.

  • Kate

    Time = 0: “Challenge accepted!”
    Time = 7: Sniveling mess.