5 Old Kids Shows I Wish Were Still On The Air

old kids shows


Every generation since the dawn of TV has believed that their generation experienced the golden age of television. Which is ridiculous, because clearly MY generation experienced the golden age of television. Okay, maybe not, but there were some kick ass children’s shows on the air when I was a kid, and man do I miss them. Here are my favorite five that I wish were still on the air.

5. You Can’t Do That On Television


This long running show ran from 1979 to 1990, first on CTV (Canada) then on Nickelodeon where I came to love it. It’s also where Alanis Morissette made her TV debut (my 90′s girl heart is SQUEE-ing right now). Check out Alanis at her most dork-tastic above.

4. All That

Another skit comedy show on Nickelodeon that I loved was All That, aka home of Good Burger and where Kenan Thompson and Amanda Bynes got their start. My all time favorite skit on any show ever has to be Kenan’s “Pierre Escorgot.” There is nothing funnier than someone using a terrible french accent to make fart jokes. NOTHING.

3. Mr. Wizard’s World

Mr. Wizard, which was a revival of Watch Mr. Wizard from the 1960s-70s, came on hella early when I was a kid, but I would drag myself out of bed to watch his sciency wonder. He was Bill Nye the Science Guy before that was a thing. Mr. Wizard would do what seemed like (to a little kid) impossible experiments and then break them down in a way understandable and enjoyable to kids.Check out the asbestos paper in the clip above. OH, 1980s, you crazy bastard!

2. Dark Wing Duck


Confession time. Dark Wing Duck, the hapless superhero from the Duck Tales universe, was my first (non-human or otherwise) crush. I’ll give you a moment to silently heckle me.The onlyguy more awesome than DWD was his arch nemesis and doppelganger Negaduck, because who doesn’t love a bad boy?

1. VR Troopers

Yes, VR Troopers was a poor knock-off of Power Rangers, but dammit if I wasn’t addicted to this damn show. Similar to Power Rangers, VR Troopers would fight bad guys, but unlike Power Rangers, VRT used the media’s weird fascination with virtual reality to try to carry the show. Which seems pretty lame now, but trust me, it totally worked on my weird little 4th grade mind. This show was the most 90′s-iest thing that ever 90′d.

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  • pixie

    I LOVED Dark Wing Duck!
    So much that one day when my dad and I were out driving in the country, I saw a (very confused looking) black duck by the side of the road and yelled, “LOOK IT’S DARK WING DUCK!”

  • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

    That whole Disney Afternoon thing that Darkwing Duck was on was awesome. :) And You Can’t Do That on Television was the best! The magical lockers they would all pop out of and tell jokes… I also loved Salute Your Shorts and Voltron.

    • Ginny

      Salute your Shorts was the best. Was You Can’t Do that on Television the one where they would slime you if you said a specific word? Also loved Double Dare. And Hey Dude!

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Yes, they would slime you. How could I forget Hey Dude? I was so in love with…was it Ted? And Danny?

    • Rachel Sea

      If I remember right, they would slime you if you said “I don’t know.”

  • Momma425

    My list:
    Duck Tales
    The original Power Rangers
    Goosebumps (I think you can still find reruns)
    Inspector Gadget

    • K

      I believe Goosebumps was/still on Netflix

  • Jessica

    True story: I was not allowed to watch You Can’t Do That On Television.
    I miss:
    Pinky and the Brain
    Are You Afraid of the Dark
    and the short lived Gargoyles
    And thanks for the DWD flashback! “Let’s get dangerous!”

    • Jessica

      ohh also, Hey Dude! Pete & Pete and Salute Your Shorts… because while my parents took a stand on one show, they pretty much let me watch everything else!

    • Katie L.

      Hey Dude! and Salute Your Shorts were awesome. I also think they gave me the idea that summers should be full of hijinks. Alas, my summers were not spent running around camp or working on a dude ranch with cute boys.

    • Jessica

      I was forever disappointed that there wasn’t a dude ranch anywhere near me in upstate NY, and that Girl Scout Camp did not have nearly the same drama and comedy as Salute Your Shorts (probably since it was all girls, and that drama was a whole other talk show)

    • elle

      I loved are you afraid of the dark…..I’m 100% sure it’s where my love of all things horror comes from. And I loved Salute your Shorts so much. I still remember what color a giraffes tongue is from that show.

    • Melissa T

      Salute Your Shorts! LOVED that show!

    • http://fairlyoddmedia.com/ Frances Locke

      I LOVED Gargoyles! And all the rest of those, but I had forgotten about Gargoyles.

    • Tinyfaeri

      LOL! I was banned from watching YCDTOTV if I “talked back” too much, because my parents were convinced it made me do it.

  • Katie L.

    3,2,1, Contact, Square One and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? are all shows I would still watch today. Square One is the only thing that has ever made me like math.

    • Melissa T

      YES! Wow, I loved those shows so much as a kid…

  • elle

    Is Doug considered old school enough? I loved Doug. I wish it was still on.

    • Jessica

      Doug! Patty Mayonnaise! Skeeter! I loved all of these shows. It’s amazing that I ever left the house…

    • elle

      I know! And now I’m in total nostalgia overload

    • K

      Don’t forget Roger Klotz, Beebe Bluff, Porkchop, and Stinky!

    • Teleute

      I hated Doug. I wanted a Ren & Stimpy party for my eleventh birthday, but instead I got Doug. Somewhere there is a picture of me in a Doug party hat, flipping my father the bird just before the click of the shutter. He probably has it at work.

    • elle

      That is basically amazing.

    • http://fairlyoddmedia.com/ Frances Locke

      If I ever do a part two, Doug will totally be on the list. I actually considered it, but I thought professing my elementary school love for Dark Wing Duck was imperative.

    • Kay_Sue

      Me too.

  • Teleute

    1. Batman the Animated Series
    2. X-Men
    3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    4. Bill Nye the Science Guy
    5. Ducktales

  • G.E. Phillips

    You Can’t Do That on Television and Kids, Inc.–LITERALLY defined my childhood.

  • Nat

    Can I just say I miss 90′s nickelodeon and save myself from having to type out a long list?

    I will just add – Rocko’s Modern Life, Space Cases and AAAAHHH! Real Monsters.

  • Tinyfaeri

    Mr. Wizard was the coolest cat on the block.

  • Emme

    I was eating a bowl of cereal as I scrolled through this article, and when I got to Mr. Wizard I felt like a kid again. Except I don’t have to get ready for school soon, and the cereal is Corn Flakes, not Cocoa Pebbles.


    I loved Nickelodeon in the ’90s. I completely forgot about Pierre Escargot! Thanks for that bit of nostalgia. :-) I knew a girl that was actually not allowed to watch All That. My favorite sketches were Good Burger and the one where Laurie Beth was the librarian that hated noise but was really loud. Also sketches that included Amanda Bynes were always hysterical. I was sad to hear about her illness and I didn’t like it when the Internet hated on her. I hope she continues doing well.

  • Zettai

    I was so down with VR Troopers. I remember being super psyched when I got the VR Trooper toy in my Happy Meal after reminding my mom to make sure I didn’t get the “girl” toy. Another show that should still be on is Kablam! LOVED Kablam and would still love it.

  • Jayess

    I guess it was probably actually early 2000s, but Recess was probably the best ever.

    • K

      I forgot that show until you said it!

  • K

    I’m slightly younger and most of my tv time was when my parents weren’t home so my main memories are of …. Buffy, Xena, Hercules…. I blame my older sister dictating what I got to watch during that time…

  • Ddaisy

    ALSO Magic School Bus. Seriously, everything I ever learned about science came from that show. (A couple weeks ago, I told my Korean elementary students that MSB was my favourite TV show, and now they think I’m so cool. Almost 20 years later, on the other side of the world, that is the impact Ms. Frizzle can have!)

  • EmmaFromÉire

    Saved by the Bell. Hands down the greatest 90′s TV show!

  • aCongaLine

    All That. OMG. I adored that show. I feel like it’s legit- Kennan Thompson is on SNL, so therefore, All That was appropriately hilarious, because Pierre Escargot. And Good Burger.


  • Shannon

    I remember my parents watching You Can’t Do That On Television WITH me, when I was 4-5 years old. They’d walk around saying “Don’t encourage your mother/father” and “What do you think’s IN the burgers?” for YEARS after it went off the air. I miss that show so hard. And I loved when Out Of Control came on right after it, with Dave Coulier. No one remembers that one.

    I also loved Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, Hey Arnold, Hey Dude, and Salute Your Shorts. I would watch Are You Afraid of the Dark? with the lights off and creep my 9-year-old self the hell out. I tried watching the episode with the x-ray glasses and the shadow people from the other dimension as an adult and it still freaked me out.

  • Alicia Kiner

    I didn’t get Nickelodeon in my area until I was about 15, so I never really got into any of their shows other than Clarissa Explains it All. I was addicted to Road Rules though, and had to sneak it, cause we weren’t allowed to watch MTV. Too much sinning sexiness going on. ;)

  • Snipe

    I loved DWD! LOVED that show. It was the only reason I willingly woke up early on Saturdays. Don’t forget Talespin.

    • Lindsey Sweet

      Loved Tailspin! What about BugJuice? That reality camp show? Reality TV before it was so popular, lol! I so wanted to go to camp because of that show!

  • Rachel Sea

    If programming now were like it was in the ’90s I might still have cable.

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