Possessed Dwellers Of The ‘Demon Home’ Rescued By Viral Story As TV Host Buys The Home

97238676People all over the world are fascinated by the story of a woman who moved into a home in Gary, Indiana that she believes is a “portal to hell.” The viral nature of the story may have rescued her and her family from a home she believes is possessed,  as Zak Bagans, host and executive producer of “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel, offered Wednesday to purchase the home for $35,000.

Her story of demonic possession has been substantiated by a police chief who now believes in ghosts and the local DCS who took the emergency step of taking custody of the children without a court order.

I am admittedly a skeptic about things like this, but the stories of levitating children, strange voices and children walking backwards up walls are pretty disturbing, especially considering these things were not only witnessed by the immediate family but also law enforcement officials and doctors.

Bagans is a genius because the viral nature of the story should guarantee a very large audience for the show. I know I’m going to watch it, aren’t you? I am creeped the hell out by this story. Let me just insert a few reminders of just how crazy it is: The family doctor was cursed at in “demonic voices.” The youngest boy was “lifted and thrown into the wall with nobody touching him,” according to a DCS report. The police chief reported seeing the 9-year-old child don a “weird grin” and walk backwards up a wall to the ceiling. He then flipped over his grandmother, landing on his feet. He never let go of his grandmother’s hand.

Sorry to return to this GIF, but I must.

Psychologists who evaluated Ammons and her children characterized her fixation on demons as being part of a “delusional system.” That still doesn’t explain other people witnessing these strange events too, unless her delusions have rubbed off on her children, who also happen to have some serious acrobatic skills.

Either way, I’m intrigued and will probably watch whatever show transpires from this. I also watch Mob Wives though, so that’s not saying much.

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  • Alexandra

    But wait – $35,000 for a HOUSE???
    I may actually deal with the little possession issues for a deal like this!!

    • Maria Guido


    • Natasha B


    • Myra A Cottrill

      Depends on the area of the country. I have a pretty nice, modest little three bedroom house, built in 1902. Great neighbors, older blue collar neighborhood. Zillow says the house is worth $41,000. No ghosts either. If you are willing to move to Nowhere, Ohio, a deal can be had!

    • Lackadaisical

      That price is mind blowing to me. I knew house prices in the US were supposed to be cheaper than here in the UK but that is far cheaper than I could ever hope to pay for any kind of house or flat in a livable condition in this more overcrowded small island where all homes are made of brick. I guess that the lower prices and I assume bigger plots are why I see swimming pools in gardens when I watch American TV and films. I am now going to look at my mortgage statement and weep.

  • http://ultimatemamacat.tumblr.com/ Hana Graham

    Holy crap holy crap

  • Sarah

    Nope nope nope. Would never go near that house. My brother and I used to hear people walking up and down the steps and in the hallway all the time when we were in high school (we’ve sinced moved). If just footsteps were terrifying, I can’t imagine. Nope. No way.

  • Andy

    Nopenopenope….my husband doesn’t believe in ghosts. I say it’s because he’s never encountered them. The house I lived in as a baby was haunted. We moved from there when I was four, and I have vivid memories of weird shit happening. The cat would refuse to go upstairs-he’s sit at the foot of the stairs and hiss and growl. My mom said more than once, she’d hear a thump from my room and go to find me on the floor, out of my crib with blankets wadded up on top of me. I was less than a year old at the time. Things would get thrown down the stairs. We couldn’t get out of that house fast enough.

  • Alanna Jorgensen

    Zack Bargains is normally irritating, and I know he did it for publicity, but it is nice that they’ll get to leave and move somewhere else now. I also will be watching that episode.

    • http://ultimatemamacat.tumblr.com/ Hana Graham

      I thought new tenants were already there?

    • Alanna Jorgensen

      Ah, yeah, I think so now that you mention it. Too bad, I was hoping the terrorized family was getting the money.

  • pixie

    Um, nope. I choose not to believe in psychotic ghosts to preserve my sanity. Not that I don’t enjoy watching scary movies to scare the fucking cheesies (ha, stolen from…someone’s toddler, I forget whose) out of myself, but I am maintaining that psychotic demon ghosts don’t exist.

  • http://ultimatemamacat.tumblr.com/ Hana Graham

    So I listened to the clip of the demon whispering “hey” and I am never sleeping again now :(

    • Maria Guido

      I know. It’s the worst.

    • Gangle

      You are way braver than me. I have not and will not watch the clip. I feel my life is better for not knowing.

  • Unforgettable

    So in the Seller’s Disclosures… do they include “may contain Demons”?

    • Shelly Lloyd

      Actually I think in certain states the sell has to disclose if there was a violent death/murder or if it has a history of haunting.

    • pixie

      I know where my parents live (in Ontario), the sell has to disclose murders and suicides, and, for understandable reasons it brings down the price of the house considerably. The houses are also incredibly difficult to sell and often sit on the market for ages.

    • Jessica

      I’d think so

  • http://wtfihaveakid.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

    I could never set foot in that place. I believe in ghosts. I just can’t help it. Fuck, I get a little wigged out when my baby starts waving at nobody.

  • Guest

    It was a rental house. And it’s my understanding that Ammons and her family moved out of it a while ago. So the landlord gets 35,000, not a bad price for a crummy house in a bad neighborhood. The Ammons family does not seem to be profiting from the story, at least not yet.