Stupid Anti-Choice Group Gets Hordes Of Pro-Choicers To Buy Girl Scout Cookies With #Cookiecott

172248110 copyIf you needed another reason to love Girl Scout Cookies it’s here! A tiny pro-life organization in Texas has launched a nationwide campaign to stop the tyranny of the Girl Scouts by boycotting their cookies. They are spreading their message via Twitter with #cookiecott.

From Think Progress:

Toward the end of December, Girl Scout USA’s official Twitter account tweeted out a Huffington Post story about the inspiring individuals who should be considered to be 2013′s “women of the year.” The article included figures like Beyonce, Malala Yousafzai, and Wendy Davis — and the organization asked its followers who else should be added to the list of “incredible ladies.” That was enough for anti-choice activists to call for a national boycott of the organization’s popular cookies, claiming the Girl Scouts have endorsed “pro-abortion politician Wendy Davis.”

Some argue that sharing the tweet violates the Girl Scouts’ policy to stay uninvolved in politics. Here’s what #cookiecott aims to do about it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 2.00.19 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 2.03.01 PM

“Deep and lasting entanglement with abortion providers?” Yes, the Girl Scouts are deeply entangled with abortion providers, as everyone knows. Most of my friends who have had abortions were confused about whether to go to a Girl Scout cookie booth, or a doctor for the procedure. I told them to stop by the booth and grab a bunch of cookies to eat while getting the abortion – because YOLO!

Is there no Hobby Lobby in Waco? Do these people literally have nothing better to do with their time? Here’s what the website says about their mission and how you can become involved:

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 2.03.11 PM

Oh that’s nice. Intercept a little girl’s cookie sales with your stupid flier and hate-speech. That sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The awesome thing is that #cookiecott has been seriously hijacked by the pro-choice movement, and the tiny little anti-choice group from Waco just did an amazing thing for Girl Scouts; they probably increased their sales this year by epic proportions.

As if I needed another excuse to eat a sleeve of frozen Thin Mints. Find the booth nearest you here.


(photo:, Getty Image)


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  • Kay_Sue

    Like I needed another reason to buy way too many thin mints when the time comes around.

    #ImTotallyCoolWithYourCookieBoycottBecauseMoreCookiesForMe #CIsForCookie #AIsForAssholes #WhichOneAreYou

    • CMJ


    • Kay_Sue

      I kinda wanna see if I can get the CIsForcookiesAIsForAssholes one trending on Twitter in support of the Girl Scouts right now…

      Kind of think that would be inappropriate though. *sighs*

    • Sara610

      Oh my God, DO IT. Maybe it’s a little inappropriate, but so is being a complete douchecanoe, so you’d be just about even with these people.

  • Andy

    Sigh…why, Texas, WHY? Believe it or not my home state does have a lot of rational people in it. Unfortunately the nut jobs like this yell the loudest. And for what it’ worth, Waco is home to Baylor University, a staunchly Baptist university that only allowed dancing in 1996. So, hate to say it, but I’m not that surprised that this started in Waco.

    • CMJ

      Wait! I can use a Footloose gif now!!

    • Andy

      Yes you can-trust me, when that news broke (I was in high school) there were a lot of Footloose jokes made. Especially funny, since a lot of people I was friends with had their sights set on Baylor for college (I grew up in a small town).

    • Andy

      Yep-trust me when I say that a lot of Footloose jokes were made when that news broke (I was a sophomore in high school, with a lot of friends who aspired to go to Baylor-small town life, y’all!).

    • Brittany Anne

      I have a degree from Baylor. And I feel like it’s a miniature version of Texas–lots of rational people, but the nut jobs always make the news. But I was also in the music school, which is kind of sequestered from the rest of the university, and is much more liberal. So my opinion might be biased.

    • Andy

      Hi fellow Texan :) I’m an Aggie and in a lot of ways it felt like attending Baylor minus having mandated chapel time. And an interesting bit of trivia-my best friend’s dad is the only student in the history of Baylor to have graduated without once attending chapel. He transferred there from UT (as he puts it one he sobered up his dad pulled him out and put him in Baylor), missed orientation, and found a great pool hall that always had free tables during that time. The only reason he was able to graduate is because he already had his medical school acceptance in hand, his parents were big donors/alumni, and they were adamant that their son wasn’t going to give up his spot at UTMB for having missed chapel.

    • Brittany Anne

      Your best friend’s dad is one lucky man.

  • Brittany Anne

    Oh my God! I lived in Waco during my middle school through college years, and my parents were super-involved in Pro-life Waco. They are…intense. I vividly remember being dragged to Planned Parenthood on many a weekday afternoon (I was homeschooled) to pray the rosary for the poor lost souls. And that was the tamest of the things they did outside the clinic.

    The silver lining to this is that when I started having sex in college, obviously couldn’t tell my parents, and really needed birth control, I knew exactly where the Planned Parenthood was!

    • Kay_Sue

      That is an invaluable silver lining. I remember the first time I tried to find one around here…it was terrifying! No idea why.

    • Justme

      I live in Texas and I have to say…Waco is kind of the pinnacle of crazy.

    • Theresa Edwards

      I feel like there needs to be a kind of Texas meetup/playdate where instead of children playing together there’s just booze. And whataburger.

    • Justme

      All my playdates involve booze.

  • candyvines

    Everyone knows that Girl Scouts give the best abortions. And Thin Mints.

    • Aimee Ogden

      I believe most the preferred admin route for RU-486 for most abortion providers is to grind it up and dust it over a Samoa.

    • candyvines

      Ha! Are they still called Samoas where you are? I think they’re called Caramel Delites or some such bullshit in New England now.

    • Aimee Ogden

      I actually have no idea what they’re called now … as soon as I see the red Tagalong box I kind of black out and don’t wake up till hours later, with chocolate and peanut butter and a vague feeling of shame smeared all over myself.

    • candyvines

      Tagalongs are my favorite too #noshame

    • break_time

      Maybe it’s just me, but I would totally buy cookies called Chocolate and Peanut Butter and A Vague Feeling of Shame.

    • Shelly Lloyd

      Ok, the reason why the same cookies will have different names in different parts of the countries is because the Girl Scouts uses 2 different commercial bakeries. They are ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers. Due to copy right reasons some of the names are only allowed to be used by certain bakers. the name “Thin Mints” are used by both bakers but for the others:
      Little Brownie Bakers:
      Thin Mints*
      Savannah Smiles
      Thank You Berry Much
      Dulce de Leche

      ABC Bakers:
      Thin Mints*
      Caramel deLites*
      Peanut butter Patties*
      Peanut-butter Sandwiches*
      Cranberry Citrus Crisp
      Also in certain areas that ABC Bakers serve is offering a Gluten Free cookie called “Chocolate Chip Shortbread” troops can not pre-order it. If a troop wants to sell it, they can get a case of 12 boxes. I know my Council is one of the gluten free test markets so if you are in the Central Fl. area around Orlando some of the cookie booths may have them.

      The cookies that have the * the bakers are under contract to make. They have to make those cookies. The other types are called bakers choices and they can switch those out or change them.

    • candyvines

      Turns out they weren’t trying to destroy everything I hold dear. This is super informative, thanks!

    • Kay_Sue

      Is it kind of like how they give you cookies and orange juice after you give blood?

    • Sara610

      You get to choose. You can have the cookies and juice, or the abortion. But not both–I mean, come on. That would just be greedy. You have to save some cookies and abortions for the others.

    • Kay_Sue

      HEY! Listen here you! Who are YOU to make me choose between my cookies and my abortion? I WANT TO HAVE MY ABORTION AND EAT MY COOKIES TOO!

    • candyvines

      No silly, orange juice tastes terrible with Thin Mints!

    • Kay_Sue

      You are totally right. I see my error now. That would be TERRIBLE.

    • Unforgettable

      But it might be better for those who are intolerant of lactose

    • AlexMMR

      I use a Thin Mint as a diaphragm so I won’t need an abortion! Minty fresh!

    • candyvines

      Selling contraceptives door to door – score!

  • Elisa Probert

    BAH! Just give me my damn Samoas and go away, crazy people!

    I used to be “pro-life” but I realized, at some point, that nothing is clear-cut black and white. And, even if it were, it’s impossible to avoid buying or using something that is remotely connected to something that offends you.

    It’s like “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” but with other stuff.

  • Rachel Sea

    I think the Girl Scouts need to set up tables outside Planned Parenthood. Everyone loves one-stop shopping.

  • Pecan Sandy Vagina

    Idiots. Everyone knows it’s the Keebler Elves who preform abortions.

    • Theresa Edwards

      Wrong again. It’s Fudgie the Whale. This is him scrubbed up and ready for action:

    • Maria Guido


    • Aimee Ogden

      why is that turd wearing swim trunks tho

    • Wrong hole

      The only babies Doc Fudge are aborting are food babies; He’s clearly a proctologist. But I do hear he gives out a free pint of ice cream with every enema.

  • Mystik Spiral

    BRB, going to call my niece and let her know that I want to buy ALL THE COOKIES from her GS troop.

    • Abennett

      Ha, this reminds me of the bit where Ryan Gosling talked about buying all the Girl Scout cookies and not realizing until too late just how creepy he seemed with a troops worth of cookies.

  • Aimee Ogden

    Some group or other tries this shit every year, which is fine with me because it’s an excuse to cram my face full of Tagalongs every year.

    • Benwhoski

      Yeah. If anything, I think their efforts to get people to boycott them just lead to people being reminded “Oooh! Cookies!”

      Much like when all the homophobes descended upon the Nabisco FB page to complain about the rainbow Oreo ad, I’d like to be able to say I’m supporting the Good Fight, but the truth is… all this talk about cookies just makes me want some damn cookies.

  • Guest

    Ah, yes. This pervasive support for all things abortion and teaching of over-the-top femi-Nazism are why the Girl Scouts now have badges in things like Performing Back-Alley Abortions and Kicking Random Men in the Balls on the Street.

    • Theresa Edwards


  • Sara610

    Well, this explains why, within two days of joining Girl Scouts as a kid, I stopped answering “ballerina” when people asked what I wanted to do when I grew up and changed my answer to “back-alley abortion provider”.

    I thought they were just teaching me valuable skills and providing socialization; turns out there was a whole lot of subconscious indoctrination going on there.

  • Min0705

    I have a strange craving for those caramel delight things now. Off to FB to see who has a kid I can buy from!

  • Armchair Observer

    Slightly off-topic, sorry: Yeah, don’t get the Wendy Davis = pro-abortion thing. When she was knocked up, she didn’t have an abortion, idiots!

    Where I live cookie sales are a Fall thing. Wish they were year round, but my bathroom scale is glad they aren’t.

    • Sara610

      I’ve never understood this, either. You can be pro-choice politically without agreeing with abortion on a personal moral level or wanting one for yourself.

      Pro-choice doesn’t mean you’re pro-abortion. It just means you think everyone should be able to make the CHOICE for herself.

  • Shelly Lloyd

    As a Girl Scout leader and Service Unit Manager, we hear about this every freaking year. Well at least for the last 4 or 5 years. My area has not had much blow-back from it. Occasionally we get a couple of conservatives who will come to a booth and preach at the parents/girls about how evil Girl Scouts are but I have trained my leader to ask them politely to leave and if that does not work to send in one of the adults to the business manger to have him or her to come out and make them leave. So far we have not had to resort to that.
    What really pisses me off though, is that Girl Scouts really are not that involved with Planned Parenthood. I think one council somewhere had recommend the Planned Parenthood web-site as a a place for accurate information on STD, pregnancies and abortion information, or that was mentioned in Girl Scout literature for teens. I think that the whole anti-girl scout movement that has been picked up by the far-right conservatives goes a lot deeper than any imagined entanglement with Planned Parenthood. I think that is just what they are selling to the public. I think what they are really pissed about and why they want to attack the Girl Scouts is because of Girl Scout’s core value of instilling the concept that girls can be strong, courageous leaders. They do not want girls to think for themselves and make decisions for themselves.

  • Justme

    I absolutely loathe when people try to force a mash-up of words that obviously don’t go together. Trivial, yes…but annoying nonetheless.

  • Kat

    All I see is my daughter’s sad and confused face when I tell her she can’t sell cookies anymore because whatever reason I have to invent. Screw that shiz.

    Huh. That looks incredibly sanctimomy from here. Unintentional!

    • Kat

      Wait, I mean in the case that she was forced to stop because of the wackadoo pro-lifers.

  • OcareBlows

    seems like mommyish moms have potty mouths -
    which don’t need cookies
    but do need soap