Cat Sitter Accused Of Trashing Pet Owner’s House With Excrement

Gird your loins, this is pretty gross. A family from Buffalo, New York left their home, and cat, in the care of a local teenager. Sounds like a sweet deal for a kid right? Easy money? NOPE, that kid decided to say “screw that noise” and throw a bitch’n house party for all their private school buddies.

Steven Binder and his wife Kristen Segebarth are flabbergasted, and I would be too. This story puts Brian Holloway‘s to shame. They came home to the horrifying site of urine, feces, vomit and booze everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. Not only that but $6,000 in cash and jewelry was missing and basically everything not bolted to the floor was destroyed.

OF course, wanting to right their child’s wrongs, the parents of the catsitter totally gave Binder a fair amount for the…NAH. They basically say “my bad,” blame it on another “friend,” and offer the poor man $90. Yes, $90, as in NINETY BUCKS.

According to the catsitter, a “trusted friend” invited over 50 other teens from various posh private schools from the area. The plot thickens. The grossest part of this story is that not only did Binder find puke, pee, shiz and crap everywhere (I can’t stress that point), but he also found many, many used condoms. YUCK.

Of course, this being the Internet age, it wasn’t long before various videos of the teens trashing the house turned up. Because of course they did. According to news reports, one teen is seen standing over Binder’s daughter Zoey‘s bed, taking a leak and saying “this is for you.” Gross and a little disturbing. According to Binder:

“The destruction to our house is considerable. There was human feces, urine and vomit in numerous locations. Every floor in the house was rifled. There was broken furniture and there were multiple used condoms. It took an industrial strength cleaning to get rid of the odors of urine and vomit, and we keep discovering more. I don’t know that I won’t open a box in my attic at some point and discover more vomit. There was vomit everywhere (emphasis mine).”

Thankfully the police had a pretty long list of partygoer names, though none are being made public at the this time. Now, I’m going to go dry heave in the corner until the nausea goes away.

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    • Music Mamma

      Am I the only one wondering in what order the vomit, feces, and used condoms made it to the floor?

      • julesgilead

        I was trying NOT to wonder about it, actually. But, yes…

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Wow. Really, just wow. I’ve got nothing else to say.

    • julesgilead

      It’s really telling that the parents offered such an offensively low amount to repay the damage, almost as if they were mocking the family. No wonder they raised such a nightmare kid.

      • Momma425

        There would be no way I wouldn’t offer to pay for the damage in full if my kid was responsible. This is just rude!
        If I didn’t have the cash upfront, you can bet I would be selling my teenager’s stuff (car, jewelry, iPod, you name it) to help come up with some of the cash to pay for the damage. And if she didn’t have one already, my kid would be getting a job in order to pay ME back. It sounds like the family has been more than reasonable- I’m sure they would have been willing to work with the parents, or come up with a payment plan if they didn’t have the money.

      • zeisel

        Have the kid clean all that crap up! Eye for an eye.

      • zeisel

        I don’t even think they could afford to pay for the amount of mental anguish this family has to go through. Talk about feeling violated on every level in your own home. This teen has been raised to feel that they can do whatever they want to anyone’s property. This is not teenage behavior- they literally are a sociopath, this is subhuman at its best. And the parents are just as barbaric in their measly offer to help this family wipe clean of all destruction to their most valued investment- their sanctuary.

    • Mel

      The horrid parents of the evil catsitting teen offered the owners $90? How the fuck did they come up with that number and how long do you think it’s going to take them to get it un-shoved from their asses? I think we can see how this “kid” thought it was okay to try to get away with this – the blame lies solely on the PARENTS. I don’t normally jump to “blame the parents.” I think in this case they have shown us their true colors and how their child turned out to be a demon.

      • julesgilead

        Wow, you pretty much read my mind.

      • Mel

        After I posted, yours popped up and I thought the same thing :)

      • Eden

        If you read the linked new article. The amount is what the people had paid the cat sitter. So the parents basically reimbursed the people for what they paid the teen. Plus if you read the article the people say the teens mom was at their house cleaning when they got home. It all sounds a bit strange.

      • Mel

        I read the article and I’m not magically in favor of the sitter’s parents – #sorrynotsorry their kid thought it was somehow okay to throw a party that destroyed someone’s home and traumatized the cats he was supposed to take care of? The mom had a lot of nerve to write the $90 check! The fact that they haven’t paid up immediately speaks volumes about them as people and as parents. The only “strange” part is that the parents seem to be of the attitude that “kids will be kids.”

      • Eden

        I totally agree no excuse. But the article is only from the house owners perspective. In my experience anytime an article I has only talked to one side the whole truth isn’t there. I’m just pointing out that for all anyone knows the other parents are waiting for these peoples insurance company to get the final total before they try to come to an understanding. They do say that their insurance company hasn’t given them the damage total. I just feel that I would like to know what the other people have to say. For all we know they may be totally reasonable about this but don’t want to agree to pay a larger amount then what is required.

        They could be total dicks too. But usually assholes don’t come to your house and try to clean up before you get home or meet with you to discuss the issue. They just tell you to F off.

      • Mel

        I thought I read that the parents of the sitter had refused comment. That would explain why it’s only from owners’ perspective. The parents may be perfectly nice people, but it doesn’t change the fact that their spawn thought that this was okay. That proves some obvious parenting failure somewhere. It’s not like the kid had mental issues and snapped and harmed someone out of the blue. This is just bad behavior by the sitter and his/her friends. I won’t believe any redeeming things about these parents until I see some REAL punishment and restitution.

      • Véronique Houde

        Well, tbh, the homeowners tried to get the housesitter’s family to pay them back the 10,000$ vacation that they had just went on as compensation. Perhaps the teen’s mom were just pissed off that the homeowners were exaggerating a little bit? I agree that they might have wanted to wait and see what would happen with the insurance claim and the police investigation…

      • Mel

        Actually it was $8,500 for reimbursement. $1,500 is a pretty big rounding error you made. And even if it is more than the technical cost of repairs, these people were traumatized and put out in a very real way. The very least the teen’s parents could do would be to consider it as repayment.

      • Véronique Houde

        geez, don’t take it so personally there, it’s still a big sum of money, and we don’t know how this went down – i’m just playing devil’s advocate. Trust me, had this been my daughter, hell would have frozen over before i would let this slide.

      • Mel

        I’m not taking it personally. I’m disagreeing with you, that’s all. And, for me, and most people, $1,500 is not a small number. I just thought it was ironic that you commented that the owners were exaggerating when you yourself did the same.

      • jsterling93

        And $6000 of that is just in money and items stolen during the party where as the other could easily be damage to house.

      • Momma425

        I went to the link and read the whole story- apparently the family paid $90 to the cat sitter in advance. So her parents reimbursed them the money they had paid for pet sitting.

      • Mel

        Yes, that’s right. After reading the article I stand corrected on wondering where they came up the the $90 amount. That doesn’t change how I feel about everything else I said. It almost feels like the $90 reimbursement was even more of an insult considering the totality of the circumstances.

      • zeisel

        Yeah, if it was me… I would immediately put them up in a hotel for a couple nights, so they could deal with the devastating destruction in small increments. That house has got to REAK and it will need more then just Merry Maids.

      • Momma425

        The $90 reimbursement was even more insulting quite frankly. That means the parents offered to pay NOTHING for the damage. While $90 is insultingly low to offer for thousands of dollars in damage…these parents offered zero, which is even worse.

    • Eden

      Umm I read the news article and looked at the photos. No excuse for the teens behaviour. But I was expecting it to look a lot worse. This is why you don’t leave you house with a neighbourhood teenager. I can understand a friends teen the next door neighbour etc. But in the effort to save a buck it’s a pretty big gamble. We use a pet sitting service because of insurance reasons plus I don’t like the worry. I have awesome neighbours who I know are also keeping their eyes open but it’s really not worth effecting ny relationship with them. Like the one time we asked them to do it and our dog ran away. Not worth it.

      • Mel

        I going to hope I’m interpreting you wrong here, but it looks like you’re actually placing most of the blame on the owners. When you suggest that the pictures didn’t look bad to you, and that they were being cheap and should have known better because they didn’t handle their vacation they way you do yours smacks of victim-blaming.

      • Eden

        I was just thinking I can’t believe I sound like I am defending crazy house trashing teens.

        I was just trying to point out as home owners we need to make an effort to protect our investments and balance cost vs responsibility. I personally think it should serve as a warning to others to be very cautious how they choose a house sitter. I wouldn’t loan my car to the neighbourhood teen and my house cost me far more. I also feel bad for their teen daughter who has to go back to school with these kids and this girl who use to be her friend.

        My point with the photo comment was just that it seems like I would expect even after the clean up. That there would be more damage to the walls and floors for the amount of press and energy this story has. I would expect these people took photos as soon as they got home for the insurance company to asses the damage. Maybe that’s just my personal wanting to see the gore. We had our house totalled by renters and it looked way worse then that even after the clean up. I never dreamed of going to the press about it. Perhaps this is a story because it sounds more sensational then it is? Or because we love to hate on teens? Or perhaps they are little assholes with jerk parents who should all go to jail and be publicly flogged. I don’t know and my point is non one does since this article doesn’t talk to the other side.

      • Mel

        I appreciate your clarification! I think you make some really good points, and I’m so sorry your house got trashed. I really do think the news tried to contact the other parties involved but couldn’t get a response. That happens a lot. It’s surely a strategic decision by the offending parents/teen because of pending legal matters, but that doesn’t mean the news didn’t try to report both sides. I just can’t fathom anything the parents might say that would lessen the issue.

      • anon87

        I’m thinking they only published a few pictures of the damage because the other areas of the house would be too disgusting to look at. That’s just my guess.

      • Tinyfaeri

        I cat sat my neighbor’s cat (all they need is to empty litter box and put food out once or twice a day, not like a dog that you have to let out several times a day, play with, etc) when I was 13 until I went away to school, and managed never to throw a house party. Or even think about throwing a house party, or telling my friends to come on over. And of all the parties I’ve ever been to, I’ve never thought to poop, pee or vomit all over the house I was visiting. It’s not a gamble because NO REASONABLE PERSON WOULD EVER CONSIDER DOING THESE THINGS! Or expect that anyone else might. No, not even a teenager unless they were raised by wolves. Probably not even then, because I think wolves have better manners, more respect and better sense.

    • Nat

      Are the cats okay?

      • Vicki Lewis

        That’s what I want to know too!! We have cats and one needs daily medicine so we need someone to pop by each day for us if we go away. So far family has volunteered but if they couldn’t we would totally hire someone so this story scares the life out of me. I hope none of these teenage monsters hurt their poor cats!

      • Vicki Lewis

        Oh I just found it in the original article. It says 2 of the cats were traumatized and stayed in hiding for 2 days. Sounds like they are fine otherwise.

      • Iwill Findu

        This is why people will pay so much money to have pets boarded someplace else these days. Because you can’t trust people anymore, not even family. My sisters friend did the same shit to her Aunts house when she was “cat sitting” back in the day.

      • Alexandra

        Just FYI, my mom has an elderly cat and when she goes away (VERY rarely) she gets one of the techs from the vet’s office to come in 2x a day to feed him. It has the advantage of her being (assumedly) responsible and also familiar with cat health to the point she could bring him to the vet if there were any problems. Also, she’s not a teenager. So, yea.

    • jendra_berri

      90 bucks?! Wait, that somehow reminds me of something:

    • arrow2010

      So the real story here is posh private schools are turning out sociopaths by the bushel. These “teens” are pure criminals and deserve to be treated as such.

    • chickadee

      You guys are being way too harsh on these teenagers. They are clearly suffering from a mass outbreak of affluenza and need your pity and sympathy.

    • Kelly

      I hope they took pictures of the actual feces before cleaning it up, since the pictures they shared don’t show that at all. They’re probably going to have to go to court and those pictures would really help.

    • Hana Graham

      WAIT. Are the cats okay?!?!

      • LiteBrite

        I was wondering that too!

        But someone posted above that the cats ARE fine for the most part. They were traumatized for a few days (rightly so) but seem to be doing okay now.

      • Hana Graham

        Poor babies :(

    • Guest

      I feel like somebody should be getting sued here and I’m not quite sure how it hasn’t come to that yet…