The Internet Adorably Helps Find This Girl’s Lost Bunny

Internet finds lost bunny


I don’t know about you, but all three of my kids had, at some point, a special toy that they hung on to constantly. My son is especially attached to his “lovie,” and while I know he’ll grow out of it, we are careful not to misplace it, because he will go on meltdown mode if he doesn’t have it at nap time. So I feel for the family of 2-year-old Daisy Young, whose stuffed best buddie went missing during a shopping trip in Croydon, South London three weeks ago.

Daisy’s mom, Hayley Sworn (which sounds like the most awesome superhero name ever) didn’t notice the toy was missing until the two returned home. By that time she figured there was no way to find it, and was worried about breaking it to her toddler.

Shockingly, a press officer named Bryony Merritt, had actually found the toy in a Croydon parking lot. When she noticed the “daisy” name tag, she decided to post a photo of the bunny on a Croydon-relatedTwitter account, hoping to find its owner. That post received over 50,000 likes in a matter of two weeks, eventually being forwarded to Lostbox, a site that uses social media as a lost and found service. The post eventually got the attention of one of Hayley’s friends, who passed it along. Hayley was ecstatic to have her daughter’s beloved toy home safe:

“We didn’t think we would ever get it back. Daisy has a tendency to throw things and we’d obviously missed that she’d thrown it. It’s very treasured and it goes everywhere with her. We just planned to buy her another one.”

Bryony was kind enough to send the toy back to Daisy via the mail, and even included a note to Daisy explaining the bunny’s absence:

“Dear Daisy. Here is your bunny – home safe and sound. We had a lovely time together – walks in the woods, jumping competitions etc. But Bunny missed you and wanted to come home.”

I just love these stories, they really enforce for me the idea of “it takes a village.”

*Apparently this kind of thing happens A LOT. I”m not SAYING there is a conspiracy in the UK to steal you bunnies, but ya know…*

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  • Kay_Sue

    Awwwww. Bryony sounds like a hell of a human being, honestly. I love the explanation for the bunny’s absence.

  • Pumplestilskin

    Awww… this may have made me tear up a little. People are still good :) I lovd that ahe included a note. If Doggy, Baby or Hand Cow (my kids aren’t creative) ever came up missing my kids would be devestated and they are 11,9 and 8.

    • Dusty

      I beg to differ. Hand Cow is a fantastically creative name.

    • Pumplestilskin

      Hand Cow is a cow small enough to fit in his hand. Very, very literal bunch they are :)

    • brebay

      Love it! My sons lacked naming creativity also; Mr. Bunny, Mr. Monkey, and Mr. Bear. When a second bear arrived, Mr. Brown Bear. Needless to say, when I brought home the kitten, I told them its mother had already named it. I didn’t really want a Cat named Mr. Cat.

    • Pumplestilskin

      We let our oldest name our cockatiels. Wing and Yellow Head it is.

    • brebay

      That’s hilarious. Hopefully they’ll outgrow that before they name your grandchildren, or that could get interesting….”Meet the grandkids, Pink Wrinkly and Vag-tearer.”

    • Pumplestilskin

      Lmao!!Hot tea out my nose is a new sensation. Thank you for that.

    • Pumplestilskin

      Last summer we brought 2 abused kittens home. They are named Bug, because she bugs us a lot and Hope, because they hoped I’d let them take both kittens and not just the one. So I think they’re getting better.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      Mine are the same. Terrible namers. We have dolls: Baby and Little Baby, and stuffed animals, Elephant and Baby Chameleon. When the oldest got gerbils I vetoed like 50 names until she came up with something decent.

    • Lindsay

      My nephew named his pet fish Fishy, Swimmy, and Latke. It wasn’t even near Hanukkah, he just really likes latkes.

    • ChickenKira

      I am laughing so hard at Latke the fish.

    • Frances Locke

      My mom has had a strong of cockatiels over the years. The first one came to her as “Calvin,” and most of the rest have been a variation of that, including Calvin’s mate “Calvina.”

    • Ddaisy

      I definitely had Pink Bunny, Peach Bunny, and Green Bunny.

    • Alanna Jorgensen

      My fiance is a grown ass man and named our cat Kitty. We had a fish named Fish for awhile, too. I would have vetoed if he hadn’t been the one to adopt them.

    • Allyson_et_al

      My daughter’s favorite toy was a stuffed lamb named Bob, short for “Baahhhhhb”.

    • MC

      My cousin named his kitten “camera” because it was small like a camera. His mom desperately tried to make it cameron. He has been insistent for the last 5 years that “no, it’s camera!”.

    • Frances Locke

      I had a baby doll growing up that I oh-so-cleverly called “Baby Doll.”

    • Rachel Sea

      My most beloved toy when I was a preschooler was Favorite Baby.

  • E.silva

    Enforce* sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  • gothicgaelicgirl

    THE FEELS!!!

  • Lindsay

    A photographer managed to capture Daisy’s reaction when she realized her bunny was missing.

    Also, this is beyond precious.

    • Allyson_et_al

      Knuffle Bunny! My first thought, as well.

  • Eve Vawter
    • Frances Locke

      How often do toy rabbits go missing? Conspiracy? I think so.