Sofia Vergara Was Unapologetically Bad Ass At The SAG Awards

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red CarpetSofia Vergara. She knows how to own her sexy. I love it when a woman is confident and unapologetic about how amazing she looks.

She saunters onto the red carpet in a dress that looks like it’s made of diamonds and says, “I feel old and dry today.” And then she laughs hysterically as if that is even possible.

I’m wearing Donna Karan, I feel very, eh, like sexy.

Look at the back. I feel very, very Jessica Rabbit. Like, an old Jessica Rabbit. Then she shakes her booty for the camera.

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet

Announcer Giuliana Rancic says, “I love how you say, ‘I feel very sexy today.’ When don’t you feel sexy? Sofia, make the women out there feel good for just a minute. Make me feel good about myself. Tell me something that’s not sexy about you?” Yuck Giuliana. You are ruining my moment. For once, a woman walks onto the red carpet and applauds the way she looks – and you have to ask her about those times when she doesn’t feel great about her looks? But I love Sofia’s answer:

Um. I sleep with socks. That’s not enough for Giuliana, because she and everyone else is just picturing Sofia Vergara looking amazing in socks, so she tries harder:

Do you have a body part that you don’t like?

Really? What is with you? Sofia responds:

Well, I shouldn’t complain, because I think it’s ungrateful, but of course. I’m a woman. Of course there’s many parts – and now that I’m older, there’s many parts that I complain about every day. But I don’t say it, because I don’t want to sound ungrateful.

I’m pretty pleased with the fact that an older woman can strut onto the red carpet and just be unapologetically sexy and herself. I wish more women could do it. Then maybe the presenters wouldn’t be so taken aback by the utter confidence, that they would feel the need to prod the women for the stuff they must hate about themselves.

Sofia Vergara needs to be an inspiration to us all.  I’ll start. I am rocking a blue sweatshirt and some amazing yoga pants. I feel very, very Jennifer Beals from Flashdance. Like, an old Jennifer Beals from Flashdance.

(photo: Getty Images)

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  • Gangle

    I hate so much how the presenter felt that forcing some sort of guilty false insecurity/modesty would make women feel better? Sophia is drop-dead gorgeous. And I like that she is body-confident and happy with how she looks. There is nothing worse than a beautiful woman bitching about how ugly she is – I mean, if she is complaining about how unsexy she is, what hope is there for the rest of us?

    • Maria Guido

      I know! I feel the same, exact way.

    • Gangle

      right?! It just makes everyone feel/look bad. Sophia is put in some sort of uncomfortable situation where she feels she has to make up some insincere negative comment on her body or she risks ‘making normal women everywhere feel like crap’, which in turn makes the presenter sound like a snarkey, jealous old trout who seeks confidence in other peoples insecurities. It is a really ugly look. I mean, the presenter just sounds like she wants Sophia to apologise for being too beautiful.

    • jendra_berri

      It is true. I get so frustrated when women who are objectively beautiful complain about their looks. What must they think of women who look like me? I’m certainly not ugly, and I think I’m rather cute, but I don’t stop traffic and I’m hardly drowning in attention.
      Gratitude for nature’s gift is so much more charming, otherwise it looks like the beauty is wasted on someone who doesn’t appreciate it. And of course, we all age, so best enjoy whatever you have while it’s there.

    • Gangle

      I think that is why I like Sophia so much. She just comes across as someone who is genuinely happy an comfortable with who she is as a whole, not just her looks, and to me, part of what makes her so attractive is how unaffected her confidence is. She doesn’t ever say ‘oh look at me, I am so much better looking than everyone else’. She is just saying ‘I feel really good about how I look and I like being me’.

    • Kay_Sue

      “Hey, you look great! Now tell me what makes you feel ugly.”

      Seriously, what was this person even thinking with that line of questioning?

    • Gangle

      Right? Could you imagine doing that to someone at their wedding or a dinner party or something? In those situations the person asking that would be instantly written off as a nasty old trout.

    • Kay_Sue

      I wish someone would do that to my Bridezilla on her wedding day. It’d be pretty hilarious. A viral YouTube sensation for sure. Sophia was incredibly composed!

    • Gangle

      haha, you can just tell she is thinking ‘um, I feel pretty awesome most of the time… I’ll just tell them that sometimes I wear socks. That’ll throw ‘em!’

  • Kay_Sue

    I love Sophia, period. I liked her answer to the presenter, and the unabashed confidence that she shows. I have no doubt that she has parts of herself that she doesn’t like–don’t we all? it’s kind of a side effect of being reduced to the sum of one’s body parts by the media in a million different ways to sell a million different things–but I also love that she’s able to accept that it’s all part of who she is, and to love herself so completely. I love it. I love it so much.

  • pixie

    I hope to be as confident in my appearance at that age as she is.

    I have days where I have body-image issues and days where I think I’m pretty/cute/sexy/whatever, but I strive towards that sort of confidence who can turn people’s awkward, guilt-laden questions around and give an eloquent and “ah, snap” response. like Sophia.

  • EX

    She’s definitely a class act. I’m glad she didn’t take the bait. Those questions were just awful. If Giuliana wanted Sofia to say something to make other women feel good about themselves she could have asked something like “what’s the secret to having so much confidence?” Or something. That would have been way better than asking her to put herself down. Hearing Sofia say she feels sexy (and look it) doesn’t make me feel bad in the slightest. If I’d heard her say “oh, this old thing? I think it makes my ass [or whatever body part] look big” that would have made me feel bad about my own ass.

  • brebay

    I can’t stand Giuliana. Instead of growing up herself, she tries to make everyone else as immature as herself. I’m glad she’s healthy and has her baby, but when I see her on anything, I leap to change the channel before I have to hear her say “amazeballs.” Barf.

  • brebay

    Best line from Mod Fam:
    Phil: “You’re probably one of those beautiful women who doesn’t even know it.”
    Gloria: “No, I know it.”

  • Ally

    Slightly off-topic but true story. My husband and I were hiking in Colorado one year and as we’re going up this trail, who do we see walking in our direction but Giuliana, her husband, and their dog. It’s a pretty small trail, so I move off the trail to give them room as they pass by. I lost my footing off the trail (the mountain was pretty steep), yelped, and slid down the mountain for a few feet. My husband raced after me, grabbed me, and helped me up. As I stood, I proceeded to lose my footing AGAIN (I swear I wasn’t drunk!!!) and then tumble headfirst halfway down the mountain. I look up and my husband is hauling ass after me, and Giuliana is staring at me with the most impressive bitchface I have ever seen. Like, no “are you okay?” no “omg!” no nothing. Just this look of sheer contempt. I was like geez lady, I almost killed myself giving you room to pass! LOL

    I will admit though that I was mostly concerned about giving the dog space. I love dogs.

    Moral of the story — Giuliana Rancic is a jerk.

  • Dawn Tschiltsch Borchardt

    Why are you calling Sofia Vergara an “older woman”?