You Can Now 3-D Print Your Unborn Fetus To Creep Out Everyone You Know

I’m still trying to get used to the trend of the 3-D ultrasound. I’ve heard there is now a 4-D ultrasound – and honestly I don’t even want to know what that is. Looks like I can skip over that anyway because there is a new pregnancy over-share vehicle in town: the 3-D printed fetus.

From 3-D

Your pregnancy with this child is a once in a lifetime experience. Recall those feelings with your own 3D Baby.

At 3D Babies, we create an adorable baby figurine resembling your baby’s facial features and body position.  We use your 3D/4D ultrasound images or newborn baby pictures to create a unique artistic representation of your baby using the latest computer graphics and 3D printing technology.  This is a great way to share the excitement of your new baby with family and friends.  Your 3D Baby will be a treasured family remembrance of your pregnancy and new baby.

Here’s what your little 3-D printed baby looks like:



Hold me.

The site has a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo that explains the motivation behind this horror show creation:

We are the parents of two wonderful little girls, ages 3 and 1.  We love being parents and have been cherishing our time with our girls.  Every time another family member or friend has a baby, we are reminded of our first few months with our girls.  More importantly, we are reminded of how much we have forgotten about that time.  In an attempt to hold on to those memories, we created a way to make a 3D figurine of what our baby looked like at that time.

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m okay with pictures of my children once they are out of the womb – I don’t need a figurine of what they looked like inside it. Plus they deliver it in this strange box that kinda looks like a coffin:


I like to live by the mantra of to each his own, but I just don’t want to ever be confronted with a situation where I have to act like one of these things isn’t totally creepy.

Here’s our baby book! Oh, and here’s a 3-D doll of our precious baby in the womb. Do you want to hold her?

No. No. No.

Plus, I can imagine right-to-lifers having a field day with these little things. I’ll stick with my little, out-dated photo album, thanks.


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  • Rachel Sea
  • LJ
    • Kay_Sue

      I will take any excuse for a great Captain Jack GIF. This made my morning. Again. :)

  • CMJ


  • tSubh Dearg

    WHHHYYYYYYYY??!! I don’t understand! :(

    This is legitimately one of the creepiest things I have ever seen.

  • jendra_berri

    There’s a reason we’re not see-through!! We’re not supposed to see this stuff! Under-developed fetus in a box that looks coffin-like. Yeah, like that doesn’t paint a picture.

  • candyvines

    This should be illegal.

  • Fuzzy Coin Laundry

    Still not as bad as dirty diaper eating

    • Williwaw

      I’m not sure I want to know exactly what you’re talking about. Probably not.

    • LJ

      No, you dont.

    • Kay_Sue

      I feel the need to link it anyway…just because sharing the horror with someone unsuspecting makes me a little bit gleeful after having to endure it myself…

  • kay

    When I was hugely pregnant we were at the county fair and the pro-life booth wanted to talk to me because I clearly love The Culture of Life. My husband thought it was funny, made me talk to them (well, he started talking, and he was holding the ice cream, so I had to stay)… Anyways, they gave me a little plastic fetus as a gift. It’s creepy. But throwing away a baby is also creepy. So it’s hidden in a drawer until I think of a use. The best we’ve come up with is making it into an ornament and hiding it on someone’s Christmas tree. Next year creepy fetus, next year

    • nikki753

      I’m pretty sure there are a lot of pranks that you could pull with that thing.

      I didn’t say tasteful. Just pranks!

    • arrow2010

      Use it as a Halloween ornament.

    • Mel

      This made me snort orange juice onto my computer! Of course, there’s vodka in it, so I’m mad at you for making me waste!! Actually, I think I blame creepy fetus.

    • Kay_Sue

      So when you do this, you must post a picture of it for us to see. I want to see the creepy fetus ornament so bad….

      Also, holding the ice cream was a nasty trick to pull….it’s almost as bad as putting us on a leash, at least, it would have been for me.

    • gothicgaelicgirl

      My mother threatened to set me on fire once because I held her watermelon hostage during a bad craving…
      I felt loved.

    • Kay_Sue

      I craved Quizno’s subs during my second pregnancy, and as they were all closing in our area, my poor husband was the victim of a lot of similar ire.

      We really don’t mean it. It’s the demon that possesses us.

    • gothicgaelicgirl

      lol i kinda figured she didn’t mean it after she burst into tears after..

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      My mom used to work for one; we had a whole drawerful of creepy fetuses when I was a kid. Ahhhh, the missed opportunities.

    • Momma425

      THIS! When my daughter was 6 months old, I had a late period I panicked about (despite my IUD) and I zoomed to PP for a pregnancy test. I had to bring my baby with me. This protester outside stopped me as I was leaving and thanked me for bringing a baby in there “so those who didn’t make good life choices can see exactly what they are trying to murder.” And he handed me this bright colored rosary and plastic fetus. I was creeped out, and shoved them in my glove compartment.

      A year later, I had my boyfriend (husband now) riding in the car. He was looking for a napkin, dug through my glove compartment and ended up finding creepy plastic fetus baby, and FREAKED out. Haha, good times!

    • gothicgaelicgirl

      secret santa gift it lol!!!

  • Williwaw

    Next will be your fetus as a Jello mould. Works great for baby showers!

  • arrow2010

    This combined with eating the placenta is the new fashion trend for yuppies.

    • Williwaw

      Before you eat it you can make a 3-d printout of it.

  • Aimee Beff

    It looks like a Gollum figurine!

    • Williwaw

      I would label mine “My Precious”.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      So perfect.

    • Williwaw

      Though I’m kind of also hearing “Precious” in Buffalo Bill’s voice.

  • Alicia Kiner

    All I can think of is people who discards or have a stillbirth. This idea is way beyond creepy.

    • Alicia Kiner

      discards was supposed to be miscarry. Darn autocorrect on my Kindle. :(

  • HRGuru

    Oh, noes! Those right to life people will accurately point out how very human these disgusting things are. A mommy site creeped out by life. How marvelously ironic.

    • Kay_Sue

      Not life, just plastic. I find Barbies creepy too.

    • EX

      Pretty sure if we were creeped out by life we (those of us who are moms) wouldn’t have kids. A plastic fetus has about as much to do with life as my daughter’s dolls. You know, she drags those around by their hair. Maybe next time she does that I will tell her that she needs to be more respectful of life.

    • meteor_echo

      Ooooh, so you’re pulling the “life” card now? Okay, let’s play this game together.
      This here is the bobbit worm. It’s an amazing little creature that grows to be at least 3 ft long, has poisonous bristles on its sides and can cause permanent neural damage if it touches you. If you think that a fetus is beautiful, why won’t you call this perfect predator beautiful too? Oh, you can’t?
      Fetus-selective hypocrite.

    • HRGuru

      Nailed it.

    • meteor_echo

      Judging from your reaction, I really did.

    • Williwaw

      That is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

    • meteor_echo

      It’s also rather terrifying. AND they live in shallow waters,too!

    • HRGuru

      Sorry, a ‘liberal mommy site that looks down on earnestness and sincerity.”

    • meteor_echo

      Gosh, dude, get onto The Stir – it’ll be way healthier for you and for us too.

  • phoenix81

    No thanks!

  • Megan Zander

    I find myself staring at this thing, waiting for it to open its eyes. When I can’t sleep tonight I’ll know who to blame, Maria!

  • Kay_Sue

    Well, really, you guys. You guys. You GUYS. You just aren’t getting the full picture here. Let me explain.

    First, you clear out a closet.
    Then, you take your little creepy printed out fetus and you put it on a beautiful table in the closet.
    Then, you can add some candles or something.
    Then, after your birth, you take your beautiful placenta art work and you hang it above the creepy printed fetus in a box.
    Then, while staring at your creepy printed fetus and your placenta art work, you ingest your placenta smoothie/shake/sandwich/steak/sushi/meatloaf while chanting.

    This is why you all failed the Good Mother quiz yesterday. If you can’t get the basics right…

    • Williwaw

      Don’t forget a little lacquered bowl for the umbilical stump.

    • Kay_Sue

      Damn. That’s why *I* failed the good mom quiz yesterday.

    • HRGuru

      You’ve captured the condescending detached facile irony that seems to be the hallmark of this site. Well done.

    • Kay_Sue

      Aawww. You’re darling, bless your heart. Thank you.

    • EX

      Love your response. I was sitting here reading that comment thinking ‘is that a compliment? That’s a compliment, right?’

    • Kay_Sue

      I thought about it and decided it was whether HRGuru intended it as such or not.

    • CMJ

      Commas are your friend.

    • candyvines

      Punctuation is hard to remember when you’re taking your vocab out for a spin.

    • ChickenKira

      Or maybe it’s just a new thesaurus.

    • HRGuru

      I am glad you’re impressed.

    • Snarktopus

      You are my new favorite.

    • Elizabeth Licata

      Then you wait until the kid is like 5 and let him find it, because it will be hilarious.

    • Kay_Sue

      And you have to smile creepily while humming “You Are My Sunshine” when then do…

      You know what would be great in it too? One of those bracelets that Maria highlighted a day or two ago.

    • gothicgaelicgirl

      i love you lol, i just choked on my mocha but goddamn i love you lol

  • Snarktopus


  • HeidiHarrison

    The Ultra sound is basically used in the test of woman of Pregancy test.

  • EX

    Creepy as hell. Question on the 4D ultrasound, though: I thought the fourth dimension was spacetime. If you have a 4-D ultrasound wouldn’t that suck your fetus into an alternate universe? I can’t imagine the right-to-lifers would be ok with THAT!

    • Katherine Handcock

      Eh, 4D is just a fancy way of saying, “Hey, look, we took a video of your 3D ultrasound!”

  • CrazyFor Kate

    Apart from the AHHH KILL IT WITH FIRE reaction when seeing that doll thing, I have to say, the term 4D is just awful. The fourth dimension is an incredibly complex abstract concept, not pretty lights added to 3D. Your baby’s picture is not a part of a new dimension. When stupid entertainers apply that term, it really bugs me.

    • Cmc526

      Actually in this context I assume the fourth dimension is just time. As in, it’s a 3D rendering of your child over a time period. So not technically inaccurate I don’t think, but admittedly exactly the same thing as a so-called 3D ultrasound as far as I know. Though I haven’t actually gotten one, the plain old fashioned ones are creepy enough for me.

      Anyway, sorry, scientific tangent :)

    • Kay_Sue

      Don’t apologize. That was fascinating to read and think about actually.

  • Katherine Handcock

    I do not understand why someone would want this thing. When I did 3D ultrasounds for my kids (only way to find out the baby’s gender where I live, which was important to me), the service we used offered to record the baby’s heartbeat and put it into a teddy bear. That was creepy enough.

    Also, I just made myself laugh because I seriously thought about writing “only way to find out the baby’s gender before birth” and then realized that, hopefully, no one here will think that there is government-mandated gender concealment in Canada :-D

    • Williwaw

      My husband recorded our son’s heartbeat on his iPhone during the first few prenatal checkups. It made me think of the “The Fly 2″.

  • Aja Jackson

    Coming Soon: Wes Craven’s Creepster Baby: 4-D

    All Mary wanted was a replica of the miracle of life growing inside her womb. But she didn’t realize how accurate 3-D printers actually are…..

    *Cue replica baby saying “Ma-ma,” followed by fast-paced scenes accompanied by horror music of soulless, evil-twin replica baby trying to kill real-life baby since the two cannot exist in the same universe.*

    …Sorry, the creepiness got me a little carried away.

    • Williwaw

      I think you have a future as a director.

  • TngldBlue

    You know what’s a treasured family remembrance of my pregnancy & new baby? THE BABY.

  • gothicgaelicgirl

    it looks like a mini Danny DeVito…

  • Friendly Photo Zone


  • Momma425

    On a less funny note- I am SO glad this wasn’t around when my son was born still. I was in such a state…I probably would have bought one and proceeded to thoroughly creep out all of my friends and family.
    Ugh…I just don’t even think this should be an option.

    • Allyson_et_al

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I was thinking the same thing, though. The picture of the doll…thing…whatever in the box looks like an open casket.

  • Katia

    These bother me; when I had a miscarriage (fetus stopped growing at 8 weeks and came out about a month later naturally), lets just say I saw everything. So I feel that when a mini baby is out of the womb (aside from premies of course) it kind of represents death to me because they cannot survive outside our bodies. So could we keep somethings sacred please?!
    Also makes be think of abortion protests , not a pleasant thought either. But I don’t mind those protesters using this kind of thing, its very appropriate for their message. It’s not appropriate for a mommy momento because it was in mommy’s placenta at that size, not out for us to oogle… Keep it sacred.

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