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If You Invite Me To Your Child’s Half Birthday Party I Will Laugh In Your Face

Well, I don’t know where I’ve been. Apparently, half birthday parties are a thing. This is dumb.

I’m sure kids love it – and that is probably the argument that most people use when justifying whether to inflict one of these events on the people they know. Yeah. No shit kids love it. My kid would be thrilled if every day of the year was a holiday where he received gifts. This is pretty much a no-brainer. My child is three and he is still saying Happy Holidays! in mid-January because I think he thinks if he keeps saying it the gifts will come.

As if there didn’t already exist enough days when we are expected to buy our kids a bunch of crap they don’t need. Whose bright idea was this, anyway?

“You know what we need? Another day when we are expected to shower our children with gifts, buy cakes and be crafty.” – Satan Herself

No. We don’t need this. Nobody needs this. If you want to do this, be dumb in your house with your dumb half of a cake – alone.

Why so much rage – you ask? It’s Pinterest’s fault – clearly. Look through the following images and tell me if you don’t want to punch something by the time you are done.


1. Stupid Half Cake


Pinterest/ Betty Crocker.com

What the? No. I can’t think of a worse travesty than discarding half a cake. Oh look – they used a candle to represent the “half” sign because there are no half candles in existence because half birthdays are stupid. 


2. Nonsense Card


Pinterest/ diymaven.com

Oh look – a nonsense card inviting you to my nonsense party. Don’t forget to bring a gift! How about a Barbie with all of the limbs torn off, in keeping with the “half” theme?


3. Narcissist Cake


Pinterest/ April Soudipour

This is definitely one of those people who celebrates their “birthday month.” Everyone knows one of these people. Newsflash – birthday’s aren’t that special, as evidenced by the fact that every, single person on the planet earth has one.


4. “This Is The Worst Idea, Ever” Cake


Pinterest/ Elyssa Cady

You know what this looks like? A good way to make a child cry.

5. 1/2 Birthday Onesie?


Pinterest/ Etsy

This child is gorgeous. But she’s not going to have any idea what a birthday is in six months when she has her actual REAL first birthday – and she sure as heck doesn’t know what it is now.


Oh, I Get It Now


Now this I understand.

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  • Bethany Ramos

    I think all my friends hate me for having 2 kids with birthday parties that they attend to be nice. Who would be on board with this nonsense?

    • JLH1986

      I don’t hate my friends who have kids whose parties I must make an appearance. As long as the parents understand I’m not staying for the screeching. So you’re probably good.

    • Bethany Ramos

      I just feel bad because there are so many gift occasions!!! But I will get single friends back in the future with many, many gifts.

    • JLH1986

      Ha. I’ve never actually thought about that. I only attend kids birthday parties if I have a relationship with them so I don’t mind buying them gifts. I usually buy Xmas gifts too (and parents are usually all “DON’T!” so I’m ok with it. Plus it all shakes out

    • Mel

      I love that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie gets fed up with constantly being expected to buy gifts to celebrate everyone’s life choices! I made a choice about marriage and kids, too. My choice is just different than the norm. Where the hell are my parties and gifts?!

      Actually, I would much rather we all continue to celebrate each other without the commercial obligations. Can’t we just attend wedding and birthdays and graduations and such without having to buy each other things? I know, it’s grumpy and no fun, but that’s just how I feel about it. That said, Bethany I would totally come to your kids’ parties. They’re open bar, right?

    • Bethany Ramos

      I love that episode, and YES, you are invited, and YES, it is always open bar – really, because otherwise no one would come, and I love drinking! We have told friends not to bring gifts, but they always do, and we know they will.

      ETA: Mel, your icon is so funny!

    • Mel

      Thanks for noticing! I had a little fun shopping around for just the right image. I think this one really expresses what’s in my heart :) So, just text me the address and I’ll mapquest my way on over!

    • Bethany Ramos


  • SA

    In college we used half-birthdays as an excuse to go out drinking. That is specifically what they should be saved for.

    • Paul White

      We had excuses for drinking to. It was called “boredom.” You young kids and your silly reasons. Phsssh.

    • Tinyfaeri

      Yep. Back in my day, we just drank on days ending in “day.”

    • Kay_Sue

      We didn’t require a day–just the “y”. :-p

    • Tinyfaeri

      It was quite the proper school… ;-)

    • elle

      Hmmm…..our excuse was its a day ending in a y, but man I was hard partying in my college days….

    • SA

      It was one of many. Creative excuses are all about denying the drinking problem. ;)

    • elle


    • llamamamma

      So did I. I am now in recovery for alcoholism. Then again I would have celebrated the opening of a pack of cigarettes back then so maybe I’m a bad example.

  • Guest


    I have no beef with anyone who wants to have a little 1/2 birthday cake for the kid(s) (or adults) or whatever, because heck life is a grind and I take whatever I can get to spice up a day or make it interesting. But yeah, don’t invite me unless I invite myself (which I might, because cake) and don’t humblebrag on Facebook about how hard it is to have the 1/2 birthday performance parenting party for your kids that you decided on your own to have.

  • chickadee

    I guarantee that soon someone WILL make a 1/2 candle (because Pinterest) and you can pick that up at the same time you grab a 1/2 birthday card from Hallmark.

    Like you, though, I think the most horrifying aspect is the loss of half of the cake.

  • Jallun-Keatres

    I read a comment on here somewhere that the only place a half birthday party would make sense is if someone was born on Christmas. There’s their bi-annual present fest lol

  • PrairieCoast

    I agree that this trend is stupid…..BUT I also have to admit I’m considering doing it for my son and/or husband some time in the future. Poor guys have birthdays right after Christmas and all their friends are too busy celebrating the holidays with family to have time or desire to come to a proper birthday party at that time of year.

    • http://www.twitter.com/ilikeswears Dusty

      As a January baby myself, I think half birthday celebrations instead of regular birthdays would be a great idea. As a kid growing up in the Great White North, I remember being sad that I could never have a slip’n'slide party or go mini golfing for my birthday because it was always -20C.

    • Sri

      My SIL is doing this. She has one born in late winter and one in the nice, not sweltering part of summer. She feels so bad that her winter baby won’t get all of the cool outside parties that their sibling will if they celebrate real birthdays, so she does the half birthday. If it was a two part gift grab, though, she would feel my wrath.

    • Jallun-Keatres

      That reminds me… I told my mom I wanted my 4th grade birthday party at the local water park. My birthday is in March. Derp.

      (I live in Idaho, not the South, and it opens in late May)

    • keelhaulrose

      I think you’re okay if it’s an either/or situation.
      You get one birthday party per year for a big deal. If you want it on the half year that’s fine, and I don’t think it’s a big deal for the immediate family to do something twice a year, but two ‘birthday’ parties a year is going to give kids an unrealistic expectation of the rest of their lives. You boss don’t give a shit it’s your half birthday, get back to work, lazy.

    • Erin Murphy

      My husband’s Birthday is January 6th. It is the worst! Everyone is partied out and even if they aren’t on a healthy resolution kick, they are sick of party food. If my kid was born that day we would definitely have his party at a different time.

    • Kelly

      Yeah, my son’s birthday is January 3 and he doesn’t even want to celebrate it anymore after all the holiday stuff.

      I might start doing the whole half birthday thing for him.

  • elle

    Haha I know I’m putting myself in a very specific age bracket here but all I can think of are the Karen Brewer books I inexplicably loved as a child. In one of them she throes herself a 1/2 birthday and it is terrible and everybody hates it. Even as a small child I thought it was the worst idea ever, so I can’t imagine why adults think that it is such a cute/great idea for their kids. If I got an invite to one of those we would definitely be unable to make it, so sorry.

    • PrairieCoast

      LOL, Karen Brewer…wow, I haven’t heard that name in a while!

    • elle

      I know! but it just instantly popped into my head.

    • PrairieCoast

      I wonder what she’s up to these days. She’s probably about 30 now, hey? Wonder how things are going in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. Fun fact: I used to pronounce their state, “Con-see-cut”. I was a Canadian kid and apparently didn’t study much American geography in school. :-) Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Those books were, for better or worse, a significant part of my childhood!

    • elle

      That’s ok, we went to Nova Scotia when I was little and I kept calling it Nova Scotcha..

  • Paul White

    around the six month mark we held a party. It was an “I need adults and booze and good food” party, not a half birthday party. I think our inlaws watched Sam…

    • Sam Inoue

      To true, I think 6 months might have been the first time I left my first alone for any period of time. So mommy had to go get a drink and interact with people who didn’t puke on me.

    • ScienceGeek

      My baby was 6 months old three days ago. I wished him a happy half
      birthday while we were ‘relaxing’ that morning (read: putting the kid in
      bed with me so I can drag myself awake slooooowly). I’m now wishing I celebrated with an ‘I need adults, booze and good food’ party instead.

  • Holly

    Please, oh please, don’t let this become a ‘thing’. If someone needs an excuse to eat cake I’m sure we can think of something better than a half-birthday.

    • JLH1986

      Um, It’s Wednesday is a good excuse for me.

    • pixie

      I just went to the gym is a good excuse for me.

      So is, well I’m not going to the gym today.

  • candyvines

    Did actual adult people think of this idea? Or was it like two kids stacked on top of each other wearing a long trench coat?

    • Mel

      OMG that made me snort out my Diet Sunkist! Comment of the Day!!

    • Natasha B

      I better see this in Friday’s round-up!

    • Armchair Observer

      with accompanying graphics, please!

    • hannaugh

      Yeah, I think their names were Spanky and Buckwheat.

  • MerlePerle

    And all I can think about is this

    • keelhaulrose

      Don’t worry, it’s coming.
      That and the Eric Cartman “I get presents at someone else’s party so I feel special, too” thing.
      It’s only funny til it actually happens.

  • nikki753

    Ha! My mom actually did half birthdays for us for just about ever. What they did consist of: a family party with just us kids and our parents having an indoor picnic (because it was winter) complete with fried chicken, potato salad, jigglers, etc. We usually got a small gift of something that we needed like half a dozen pairs of panties. This was no bake a crazy cake and try to make the extended family come to six birthday parties for us every year (well, it would have been more like four since even though there are three kids, one sister and I have birthdays one day apart and always combined for family parties).

    However, I have always said that if I were to have a kid born in December, we’d do a small immediate family party on the actual birthday and would treat the half birthday like whole birthdays usually are. 1. When you’re a kid without your own coin you kind of need the mid-year new toys infusion. 2. It’s easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

  • Tinyfaeri

    I could see this for kids whose birthdays are on or right around Xmas (don’t think I’d do it, but I could at least see it), but for anyone else it’s just silly.

  • Tea

    The only half-birthday that didn’t make me shake my head was for a friend of mine back in the 90s, who was born on Christmas day, and never really got to have a real party because of it. It was an instead of, though, not an on top of, she didn’t get two parties a year, just an extra gift or two at Christmas an a tiny cake, the big party was the half.

    Being married to an early January spouse who never got to have a party because of the holidays (and never got gifts from extended family because they were tapped out, even though his sisters did), I can understand the reasoning.

    I can also support any other form that is an excuse to drink.

    • JAN

      I just had a baby on Christmas Eve and I’m considering doing this when he gets old enough to even realize everyone else is having parties, but it’s not like he’d be getting two parties, it’s just so he could have one that his friends could attend.

    • anon

      We did this many times for my Dec 27 baby

    • Kay_Sue

      This is another one that makes total sense to me.

    • tSubh Dearg

      My birthday is in December and my mum did this for me a couple of times so that I could have an outdoor running around party. I think this was as much so mum didn’t have to deal with 12 screeching girlies indoors every year!

    • Elli

      I thought I was extremely talented when I had my first kid in late November, which is already “OMG it’s freezing/snowing you can’t just have a birthday in the garden” season where I live.

      I even considered having 1/2 a birthday indeed (instead and not on top of the real one), so he can have a birthday in the park. I decided not to, because I thought it is ridiculous.

      Being the crafty momma I am, number two was born on a snowy Christmas Day. Hospital food on Christmas was not bad, surprisingly.

      Birthdays are great for her: she’s still not totally convinced that the whole lights/trees/candies are for another baby born 2014 years ago, not for her. Yes, she usually gets only one big present or two small ones (one for Christmas and one for birthday), and the school thing is usually in January after the holidays.

      And by the way, I have like 20 sets of crap-cheapo-Barbies and My Little Ponys stuff from the latest birthday/Christmas combo. WTF happened to bringing kids books as presents?

  • Aimee Beff

    This makes me angry, not least because *I* could have eaten those discarded half cakes.

  • Katie L.

    I’m a teacher and I acknowledge half birthdays for kids who are born in the summer. That way they still get to do all the fun birthday stuff we do during the school year (pick the read aloud book for the day, choose a snazzy pencil and wear a crown).

    If parents are doing it as a present grab/”Oh my child is just so SPECIAL!” deal then forget it.

    • nikki753

      I would have LOVED that! Summer birthdays have their very cool parts (never a school day, often good weather, summer toys!) but when you’re trying to have a party, a ton of kids are away on vacation and it always looked fun to bring snacks to school for a birthday.

    • Katie L.

      It was something I decided on while I was student teaching. It’s such an easy way to recognize a child and show you are thinking about them.

    • Jallun-Keatres

      My birthday is during spring break so I never got to feel special at school. :’(

    • Natasha B

      My daughter’s school does that-but they get a pencil and wished a Happy Bday in morning announcements. Not a party.

    • Katie L.

      I don’t do parties in my class, regardless of real or half birthdays. All birthday acknowledgement is pretty small, but still enough to make a kid fee special on their day.

    • Sam Inoue

      My kids school does this, its cleaver, but the only acceptable application for the half birthday. I say this as a July birthday and my oldest has an August one.

    • Katie L.

      I don’t know what I’d do if I received a legit invitation to a half birthday party. I could also see someone who was born on Christmas doing a half birthday because it’s kind of a raw deal. But that’s it.

    • Sam Inoue

      Yeah I would probably laugh so hard and then wanna slap them when I realized they were serious. Especially when they expect me buy another present for their little snow flake. I personally don’t get it, I hate birthday parties. My daughter gets stressed and my house is full of toys I would never have, so I certainly will not be having another one!

    • Kay_Sue

      This is awesome. I have a summer birthday and would have loved this.

    • Katie L.

      My best friend has a summer birthday and she was always bitter about not being celebrated during the school year. It’s such a small thing and it makes seven year olds so happy.

    • Jallun-Keatres

      LOL I was the same way with my spring break birthday.

    • zigzag

      Summer birthday here too… But my half birthday is January 1st… No birthdays for me ever. :(

    • Kay_Sue

      Aw! :(

  • Marci

    I was thinking it made sense for people whose parties fell during the summer, if they wanted a party with their school buddies before they all went away to camp, or vacations, or whatnot. But again, it would be a one shot deal. Maybe, at most, something family-oriented and small on the birthday, and something schoolfellow-oriented on the half.

    • Lindsay

      I had twins in my class who threw their birthday party in July because their birthday was in December and they love outdoor activities, etc. It was their actual birthday party, they only had a small family one in December. The problem is that they were turning four and couldn’t understand that they weren’t actually four yet and that their birthdays weren’t in July and they were confused for months.

  • Lindsay

    Does this mean I only get them half a present? Because if so, there are going to be a hell of a lot of torsoless nightmare dolls and choose-your-own-ending books I’m handing out.

    • Mel


  • scooby23

    How far do you think this will go? “Hey every one, it’s little McAhdaimiah’s 1/4 birthday! Please shower her with more crap she doesn’t need!”

    • AnastasiaMcNally

      McAhdaimiah I died!

    • scooby23


    • AnastasiaMcNally

      Probs cause they cannot deal with your hilarity!

    • scooby23

      Why thank you!

    • Jallun-Keatres

      It took me a minute to even figure out what the name was. I was reading it like Macka-DAI-mah. Oops.

    • scooby23


    • Jallun-Keatres

      zomg letz settle dis wonce and fur all on da facebookzzz!!

    • scooby23


    • Jallun-Keatres

      B gonna be all ovah wut is about to go down on dis facebok page! we gon be famous on STFUP!!

    • scooby23

      but didnt u kno, stfup is full of BABBY HATERZ!!11!!!1!! De liek get sooo upset wen i post cute pics of ma babbys poop!1!1 How darez u associate mw with those cretinz!!11!1

  • Toaster

    Even if this was something I wanted to do it wouldn’t exactly work in my family because each kid’s half-birthday is the other kid’s real birthday.

  • Teleute

    My son and I do half-birthdays. It’s typically just a dinner-and-a-DVD thing, and then I’ll give him a little present. Sometimes there’s a cupcake involved.

  • Zettai

    I would only go to a 1/2 party if the anthropomorphic birthday girl was Prunella. That is all.

    • Jallun-Keatres

      Haha yes!!

  • Megan Zander

    My husband and I used our twins 6 month birthday as an excuse to buy 1/2 a pie….for ourselves. Does that count?

  • kelly

    I think this is an awesome excuse for cake but I wouldn’t buy anybody a gift for it.

  • BobbieJo

    omg i just died of laughter roflmaooooooooooo

  • Commenter

    My best friend celebrates her half-birthday. She’s 27. I tease her for it, but it’s all in good fun. She doesn’t do anything obnoxious, like throw a big party or ask for gifts. She just goes out to eat with some friends and buys herself a pair of shoes.

    • Gangle

      Any excuse to buy shoes is a good excuse.

  • Fuzzy Dolphin

    I got wasted for my 31 3/19th birthday

  • Justme

    If done right, I could the “half birthday” thing working. My friends daughter has a very early January birthday and there’s no glossing over the fact that it is a HARD time to have a birthday. My friend and I have tossed around the idea of throwing a “half birthday” celebration – basically a little summertime slumber party full of popcorn, movies and cupcakes…but not necessarily presents.

    My husband is a December 29th baby and he hates it because everyone is busy with family during the holidays and it’s tough to get a group of people together to celebrate his special day.

    And on another note, there is one girl who I block on FB for the entire month of July because that is her “birthday month” and she takes a special piece of her time, every damn day, to remind us of her upcoming birthday. Past the age of 21, that is obnoxious.

    • Gangle

      Why can’t you just have a regular slumber party?

    • Justme

      Well, seeing as how her daughter is only just now two…it isn’t a big issue right now, but it could be in the future – it is something my friends is concerned about.

      But in my experience, slumber parties with more than one friend were reserved for birthdays only. So my friend is thinking that instead of doing the big slumber party thing right after Christmas, doing instead in the summer. We also tossed around the idea of taking a group of friends to the water park or the movies. But ally his would be in lieu of a party during the holidays when everyone is busy with family.

    • MamaLlama

      Yep-I had two coworkers who had ‘birthday months’. They actually had birthdays in the same month so it was a battle on who’s 1/2 of the birthday month is was. Grown ass women, seriously. It’s a ‘day’, birthDAY, not a month! Rant over.

  • http://wtfihaveakid.blogspot.ca/ jendra_berri

    This offends my sensibilities.

  • simoneutecht

    My daughter’s bday is January 6th and we started doing this 15 years ago, but next year will be her last. As it will be her sweet 16 and she will be old enough for the real worked to start creeping in.

  • Jallun-Keatres

    Epiphany: Isn’t the half cake just one circle cake cut in half and stacked? No waste of cake? Am I onto their secrets??

  • Bekkah

    We celebrate my son’s half birthday in June because a) party in a park is way cheaper than chuck e cheese or some shit, and b) no one wants to party with a 2 year old three days before Christmas. But we don’t celebrate BOTH. 0.o

  • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

    I think the rainbow cake maker person just needed an excuse to show off that center because, Goddammit, it’s gorgeous.

    • AP

      I want that cake ASAP. And rainbow cookies! They’re damn near impossible to find outside of New York.

  • ButterMomma

    I’m sorry, but with all of these negative comments, I am guessing none of you have a Christmas baby? My son is born on Christmas, and, as he gets older he is realizing he was jipped. 1/2 Bdays were an idea that was for children that share Bday’s with a major holiday…4th of July? Christmas? Easter? So yah, don’t come to my son’s 1/2 party, that’s fine, it’s not for you, or me, it’s for him because he doesn’t get a Bday that is just his, he has to share his day with everyone else. Heartless people suck.

    • GUEST

      Can’t you just have his birthday the week before or after? I mean I was born on International Dress Up Your Pet day but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to celebrate it- celebrating it closer to the birthday seems more relevant.

    • Justme

      My husband’s birthday is four days after Christmas. It doesn’t make it impossible to celebrate his birthday, but definitely very difficult because people are busy getting ready for the holiday, or exhausting from celebrating the holiday. Even his own mother tosses a present at him after we finish opening Christmas presents and says, “Happy Birthday.” So yes, it does make it more relevant, but not necessarily easier. Especially for children when birthdays and celebrations are SO important, doing the 1/2 birthday up big might be a viable option.

  • AP

    I’m surprised at all of the people who do half-birthdays just because they/their kid have an inconvenient birthday (near Christmas, in the summer, etc.) I know a lot of people with inconvenient birthdays and they just move their party a few weeks later or earlier, to a less crowded weekend. Work, school, and community holiday celebrations are rarely on the holiday itself because people are busy, so moving a formal birthday party a few weeks isn’t a big deal.

  • CelesteF

    I was thinking that half birthdays would be a good idea for my daughter who was just born on Dec 20th. Not until she is old enough to feel left out of course. But then I see this insulting crap. Stupid, narcissist, dumb and so on. Really? Since when did Mommyish become so judgemental?

    • Allyson_et_al

      I think her issue is with half birthday parties in addition to, not instead of, regular birthday parties.

  • Alfreda Wells Morrissey

    I have had people suggest I do this INSTEAD of celebrating my kids real birthdays because they are both in the winter. I am stuck with the kids in my house, and too cheap to pay for another venue. If they were in summer I could just throw some hotdogs on the grill and have a pool party. I’m not really sure my kids would understand though. They know when their actual birthday is. Instead we just have their birthdays in my house in winter, and have a pool party for no reason sometime in the summer for the neighbors.

  • notLindaBurke

    I’m a grandma. Call me “doting” if you want. I started doing things for my grandson’s 1/2 b’day because his actual birthday is very close to Christmas. I think it’s fun. He thinks it’s fun. And now his younger brother also thinks it’s fun. Mostly, it’s just another opportunity to let these boys know that they are loved.

  • Jerry McTigue

    Talk about dumb. You don’t discard half a cake. You cut a cake in half and place one half on top of the other. Duh. Also, would you laugh in the face of a soldier whose family is celebrating his or her half birthday because they were fighting overseas on their real birthday?

    Or a divorced father who takes his child out on their half birthday because he’s not invited to their birthday party?

    It’s easy to be snide, sarcastic and nasty to others when you don’t agree with them. Or are too ignorant to look into some of the reasons people do what they do.

    People (and I mean adults) used to make fun of our son who had a life-threatening peanut allergy, just out of plain stupidity. This is what you sound like. There will come a day when you’ll be embarrassed by a column like this. Or you’ll have a child or grandchildren so lovable, you’ll want to acknowledge their big six-month landmark, which is, hey, their half birthday!

  • Katherine Handcock

    LOL! That last image gave me my best laugh of the day :-)

    The only time I think half birthdays make sense is if they’re celebrating INSTEAD of the actual birthday. I knew some folks when I was in school whose birthdays were over the summer; they celebrated with family on their actual birthday, and had a party for friends at the ‘half’ birthday, so that friends could actually come.

  • JBalloon

    Why not have an excuse to have a party or throw a celebration? People like themed parties and this is a great reason to get together with friends. I’ve celebrated my half birthday and my friends’ half birthdays for quite a few years now. It doesn’t always require a bit celebration though. It’s a fun reason to send cards to people and make them smile. It’s also a great day to let someone know you are thinking about them in a fun way. I’ve also taken half birthdays as a great opportunity to throw a surprise birthday party for a friend with a summer birthday. She loved it. I don’t think there’s any reason to be bitter about half birthdays. Lighten up and enjoy the opportunity for celebration. Our lives need more joy in them. I think that the families that use half birthdays as another day to shower their kids with gifts are families that are going to spoil their kids regardless of half birthday celebrations or not.

  • Kaleigh

    I don’t think it’s stupid at all. My sons real birthday falls two days after Christmas. Thus, we will celebrate his half birthday with a party family & friends & we simply go to dinner on his real birthday. Kids who have December and even January birthdays get jipped by Christmas. “Here’s a cute book! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!” Whereas kids who have birthdays in the summer get two completely separate gifts for their birthday and Christmas. Plus, it will make it financially easier on me and my family members and my sons friends’ family. Because those who don’t jip, have to spend double the amount on one person. Having a birthday right next to Christmas isn’t cheap for mama and daddy!

  • Kaleigh

    Now, if you celebrate 1/2 birthdays AND regular birthdays – that’s what’s stupid.

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  • Jelly

    I will be celebrating my daughter’s half birthday because she was born at Christmas and it would be more fun to have a party in the summer. She does not get 2 parties, so who cares when we celebrate? I agree that a lot of these ideas are dumb- we treat it just like her regular birthday party.
    As a teacher I also celebrated 1/2 birthdays for kids born in the summer.

  • momof3babies

    They do in fact make a 1/2 birthday candle. Hallmark even makes a card. And yes we do celebrate 1/2 birthdays in our house. But it’s simple – you get a cupcake with a candle in it. No presents or anything. We started the tradition when my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and only had 6 months to live. He was very upset he would miss ever ones birthdays. So we celebrated the half birthdays instead. And the tradition just kind of stayed, in his memory.

  • momof3babies


  • AKL

    My son’s bday is a week before Christmas so he has not had any birthday parties. Sooooo, I am actually starting the 1/2 birthday party tradition for him this year. He definitely won’t get another party in December. I think 5 years is long enough for him to go with out a proper birthday celebration don’t you??

  • 1/2 bday mom

    My daughters birthday is in December and she gets cheated. Even if people don’t combine Christmas and her birthday all her presents for the year come in December. So we do not celebrate her birthday in December except an acknowledgment from us
    ( her mom and dad ). Her “birthday” or 1/2 birthday is celebrated in June, More options for parties and outdoor activities. It also spreads out the gifts.

  • happy not hating!

    Awww…someone is butthurt and bitter. Did someone forget your birthday and now you are anti joy and fun for kids? While you are busy being a hater I will be celebrating my daughters first HALF birthday tomorrow!