10 Things Missing From The Tyler Perry Single Moms Club Trailer

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 9.19.40 AMTyler Perry has a new movie coming out all about single moms. I’m excited for this, because I love moms and single moms and I was once a single mom so this should totally be my jam. But it doesn’t seem that realistic, judging from the trailer, because as any single mom can tell you, there are quite a few things missing.  being a single mom isn;t the worst thing in the world, but it isn’t all mom friends and hot handymen and dinners out with the ex and carefully art directed chick mommy wardrobes either. And I can’t help wondering if Tyler has included any of these scenes that I experienced as a single mom.

1: The scene where your ex-partner decides they want to stop paying child support 

2: The scene where partnered moms get all sanctimommy on you 

 3: The scene where you decide if you want to buy your kid a winter coat or eat something other than ramen for the next two weeks 

4: The scene where you realize exactly how damn expensive decent daycare is 

5: The scene where you are afraid to date anyone because you assume everyone is a child molester

6: The scene where you are up all night alone dealing with a toddler with a 103 degree fever 

7: The scene where you let someone see you naked after an extremely long dry spell for the first time 

8: The scene where your mother tells you every single thing you are doing wrong 

9: The scene where you realize you are doing perfectly fine on your own 

10: The scene when you realize your kid is going to be perfectly fine 

(Image: You Tube)

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  • T

    OMG Can I ever relate to those scenes…
    Last week it was :
    ” The scene where a co-worker woke me up because I fell asleep and was snoring on my desk because my 3 year old had a nightmare and peed MY bed and it took me 2 hours to calm him down and get him back to sleep. Then I had to be up a half hour later and drag 4 sleepy exhausted kids to daycare so I wouldnt be late for work”
    Best scene EVER

  • G.E. Phillips

    Oh, look. They all meet attractive, available men who seem to genuinely like them. How quaint.

  • http://www.abornewords.com/blog-pleasure.php Nicole Kim Phillips

    That is creatively funny. A great way to create a list using humor.

  • Natasha B

    I was a single momma for a few years. Yeahhhhh, Tyler Perry, my life didn’t look like that. Most of my nights were more….pick up baby girl…make dinner….bath, story, bed, work at home, study, work, study…sleep…..wake up…do it all over. With no child support/ex partner support. I did well, and I did a DAMN good job raising my daughter on my own, and yeah I had girlfriends and we had fun….but I didn’t dress that nice lol.
    And number #5 was me the whole way. Baby girl never met a single guy I dated, they NEVER came to my house, until I met hubs. And we dated for 4 months before he met her.