Please Stop Abusing Our Friendship To Sell Your Momtrepreneur Crap


If you haven’t seen a Thirty-One party advertised on your Facebook newsfeed, then you probably don’t have a pulse. It must be the age group that I’m in of twentysomethings turned thirtysomethings with small children, but it seems like almost every week a friend is posting about an upcoming Pampered Chef party or another “amazing business opportunity” everyone just has to be a part of.

Apparently, this phenomenon has a name and may often be referred to as the rise of the MOMTREPRENEUR. If you have one of these women in your newsfeed, the odds are that you’re going to be barraged with constant friendly advertisements about their newest promotional skincare product, Mary Kay lipstick, or trendy Lia Sophia necklace.

I hate to use the S-word here (SCAM), but the Federal Trade Commission estimates:

99% of MLM sales representatives lose money, making “even gambling look like a safe bet in comparison.”

Doh! That doesn’t sound too good. I personally would rather pump my life savings into a slot machine at a glitzy Vegas casino than throw a home jewelry party. Unfortunately, these parties are rarely presented as a money drain. Most of my Facebook friends seem to firmly believe that fill-in-the-blank home party venture is going to CHANGE THEIR LIVES AND CHANGE YOURS TOO.

If you don’t know anything about the home party phenomenon, here is a cheat sheet of some of the most popular ventures, according to

  • Mary Kay: I have been to many, many Mary Kay parties in my day that offer personal makeovers. You too can become an “Independent Beauty Consultant,” and maybe you’ll finally earn that pink Cadillac.
  • Pampered Chef: An oldie but a goodie, at least where I come from—kitchen products galore. They also advertise startup for “as little as $99.”
  • Passion Parties: A little sexy, but an MLM business venture nonetheless. The Passion Party website advertises “work-life balance” with enticing pictures of ladies holding up money (not sex toys). Neat.
  • Scent-Sations: Who doesn’t love candles? If you really love candles, you could become a Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, or Diamond Distributor.
  • Thirty-One Gifts: Bags, stationery, accessories, and more. Their very enthusiastic Facebook page frightens me, but that might just be me. Thirty-One consultants can join for “just $99,” so there’s the appeal right there.
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  • Lindsey Sweet

    I will never turn down an invitation to go to a Passion Party, or Slumber Party, ect. Those are always a ton of fun. We have one at least once a year. As for the others, I’ve been to a Pampered Chef before, and that was alright. Never had any interest in the others, and I’ve never even heard of some of these places except on here.

  • Mimawa

    Love this article! I feel the same way…and more recently implemented the rule of not going to any more “sales” parties. It always felt awkward and I always felt obligated to buy something. And because of my inability to say no more than once, I’ve been hounded to host parties as well. Ugh!!! What really bugs me is a lot of the time, these parties are being marketed like “come learn to cook healthy” or “come try some free chocolate”. The 1st was a g**dam sales pitch for outrageously priced pots and pans. The 2nd one was for over priced “healthy” chocolate- where the sales lady convinces you you’re gonna die without her nutritious candy. In defiance of these parties- I host my own parties- I call them “swap” parties and I make it a point in all my evites to say “come have fun without having to buy anything”. Basically, each person brings whatever they would otherwise get rid of and we “go shopping” – super neat because things get up cycled and pretty much everyone leaves with something “new”. What ever is left over, gets donated to worthy causes. It’s become such a hit that I have friends regularly ask when is the next one?

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  • Sdot

    Im apart of a MLM and I make it clear. I am here to show you not sell you. If they dont want to be my friend because I decided to do something different then cool. We werent friends anyway. At the end of the day, we want people that see value in the products and services and also want to try something new. If being apart of a MLM isnt for you by all means please stay at your job where you or your spouse will live out the rest of your life on the 40/40/40 plan. And if that is a choice for most then thats alright. I decided to choose differently.

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