Woman Watches One Too Many Romantic Comedies, Starts Twitter Campaign To Find Man She Met In Bar

A few days before Christmas a woman and a man chatted in a bar – as women and men are wont to do. They did not exchange numbers – and a modern day Cinderella story began. Only in this story, Cinderella is a man and the golden slipper is a Twitter hashtag and 60 fliers plastering the streets of Old Town, Alexandria.


I hate stories like this. Not because I am a jaded cynic – but because I hate watching people fail publicly. It’s why I never go to comedy shows. It’s also why I enjoy romantic comedies; the girl always gets her guy in the end. I like the comfort of certainty. These signs are making me cringe.

Here’s what happened: Courtney and Ben met in a bar a couple days before Christmas. They really hit it off, but instead of sticking around to exchange numbers, Courtney left with her friends. This is a move that she would begin to regret – because it’s really hard to meet someone you like these days. What to do? How to find this man? Obviously, the best choice would be to plaster the town with posters that eerily remind everyone of lost dog fliers and create a Twitter hashtag. A man was lost, but #FindBen was born:

From The Huffington Post:

“Religion, faith, morality, culture and how do you define culture in society, definitely not the things you just randomly talk to someone about in bar,” she said, emphasizing to the station that she isn’t “crazy,” just fun and unpredictable. “It was an extensive conversation in the middle of a DJ playing, a hundred people dancing all around us.”

She gave several interviews and people jumped on the Twitter trend, spreading the photo of the flier and weighing in on what they thought would happen. Some were moved by Courtney’s actions. Others, not so much.

Well, she found Ben. Yesterday she tweeted, “I found Ben! To respect Ben’s privacy, I won’t be taking any more interviews. Thank you everyone for the support in my quest to #FindBen !!!” Something tells me that if this was the love story for the ages, they would be appearing on camera together or he would at least be making a statement. See? Don’t you hate this? Ack. I need happy endings. I hate this story.

Here’s what I think happened; Courtney, like myself, watches too many romantic comedies and lost her mind momentarily. Ben is either taken or is just a really good conversationalist. The fliers and Twitter campaign were overkill. The end.

(photo: Twitter)

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  • Bethany Ramos

    Dude, this reminds me so much of the creepy ass Missed Connections on Craigslist. If you’re ever really bored, please read them – that’s where stalkers are born.

    • http://twitter.com/mariaguido Maria Guido

      Missed Connections has always creeped me out! I am not alone!

    • Bunny Lucia

      Hey. Hey hey hey! I posted a missed connection once… Sure he never responded and instead I got several emails from people saying that they thought I was their dream girl (I was wearing a Nirvana cropped top and ripped jeans, in the Pacific NW, I think I’m everyone’s dream girl over here).

      But I wasn’t a creepy stalker. D:

    • Bethany Ramos

      Hahaha well, I stand corrected then. :) I just love reading them because they seem sweet/borderline scary half the time. I need to know if anyone has ever connected through them!

    • Bunny Lucia

      Well I got his name in an email because for some reason his friend that he was with was on missed connections. I ended up finding him through a mutual friend and we went to a party together where he had too many jello shots and vomited neon pink.

      Needless to say we never hooked up, but we’re friends now! Haha

    • Bethany Ramos

      That’s a great story though! Haha

    • Guest

      I used to have a unique hair color that I always wore in a certain style. I’d get emails from friends with links to missed connections from the places we hung out with a description that matched my hair. they’d say stuff like “i saw you looking at me but was too shy to say hi”. Except I’ve never scoped a dude out at a bar, so if i happened to gaze in their direction looking for someone or something else apparently they thought i was eying them up. it was super creepy.

  • NYBondLady

    She obviously never read “He’s Just Not That Into You;” Ben would have asked for her number if he had really wanted it.

  • DatNanny

    Very creepy to me. I can’t help but think she’s deluding herself. Because if you honestly felt such an intense connection to someone, twue love at first sight, why blow him off in the first place? It’s like remembering a concert as being amazing later when at the time you were too sweaty and there was much time between sets and you really wanted to sit down.

  • Momma425

    1) Who in their right mind would plaster her phone number up all over town? Weird.
    2) I wonder how many people called/left messages claiming to be “Ben?”
    3) More important than finding Ben…is there a way that we can hear any of these probably hilarious messages/phone conversations? Because even better than a romantic movie is a comedy with a bunch of creepers!

    • Kay_Sue

      And the internet! WTF?

    • LiteBrite

      “I wonder how many people called/left messages claiming to be “Ben?”

      I wondered that same thing.

  • EX

    “I hate watching people fail publicly. It’s why I never go to comedy shows.” I could have written that. So cringing at this lady’s actions.

    • elle

      Right? Even if it’s on a scripted tv show I have to change the channel. I just Hate seeing people embarrass themselves that much.

    • cabecb

      As a child, I used to put my fingers in my ears when I realized someone, in a movie or show, was embarrassing themselves. I could not stand listening to them even if it was fake. I still have that habit as an adult.

    • Alexandra

      Me too!! Haha I just did this yesterday watching a movie called “The Oranges” with Hugh Laurie where he falls for his neighbor’s daughter, SOOOO cringeworthy.

  • pixie

    “I’m not crazy, I swear!” *eye twitch*

  • SA

    Geez, I have had SO many random “deep” bar conversations in my past. Probably most of which I only have had a hazy recollection of the next day. Can you imagine how creepy it would be to find out someone you had talked to drunk had started a public campaign to find you?

  • I Need a Fuzzy Screen Name
  • pineapplegrasss

    Omg she’s going to have to change her number. She posted it all over town and the internet. How dumb. I kinda want to call it right now heehee

  • Romylove

    I am seriously embarrassed to say that this woman and I share a name and come from the same area (judging by her area code). Thankfully my name lacks a U and I don’t currently live there, so none of my friends will think this was me.

  • Kay_Sue

    If everyone I’ve had a deep conversation with while drinking thought I was totally into them, I’d be the Pied Piper of my little corner of the woods…also, my sisters would both think I was madly in love with them, which would be weird.

  • Abcde