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New Year’s Eve Open Thread: New Year’s Eve Makes Me Sad So Someone Pour Me A Drink

456929679I hate New Year’s Eve. I have NO idea why! I have had a few lovely New Year’s Eves in my LONG lifetime, my husband proposed to me on one which was pretty spectacular, but for some reason this holiday makes me all sorts of sad and I have no idea why! Maybe because it marks the end of the holiday season, maybe because it just reminds me of how old I am getting, or maybe because I swore I would start cleaning out my closets tomorrow. I just have never been a fan of this holiday!

Plus, I always fall asleep before midnight.

I am so blessed and lucky and 2013 was a wonderful year. You guys have helped make it that way. I feel like I have a pile of new BFFs forever and I love coming to work every day. I KNOW that I should be happy and I have so much to celebrate, happy, healthy kids, the mortgage is paid, no one is bleeding, all that good stuff. But still, gah, I will be celebrating as I usually do. Drinking some drinks and eating some snacks and falling asleep before midnight after letting the kids go wild with noisemakers and goofy hats.

So, grab a drink and let’s talk. What do you want to accomplish in 2014? What would you like to see more of on Mommyish? How can we make the time you spend with us more enjoyable? And did anyone else vow to organize their closets?

I adore you all. Happy New Year’s!

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  • Katelyn

    Omg- same exact story here! Hate New Years for no apparent reason! Also was proposed to on New Years 10 years ago actually. Healthy kids, had a great 2013, grateful, etc. etc. Just hate this holiday! Oh well. At least am not alone! Try to have a happy one! Xo

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      Man it’s just so boring . If we received gifts I could get behind it

    • Bethany Ramos

      That’s what she said…?

  • LadyClodia

    I don’t really like NYE either, and it usually makes me sad too. We’ve been through a lot the last few years, and I end up thinking about all of that stuff. Of course, everything is OK right now, and I do feel fortunate, but part of me is always waiting for the other shoe to drop.
    I don’t think that I have anything personally that I want to accomplish in 2014. I want to just get through our kitchen remodel with a little bit of sanity intact, so that I have a some left for when my father-in-law comes to visit this summer.
    And I need to organize my whole house. We bought a bunch of stuff from IKEA to assist in the organizing, but at the moment I’m kind of burned out from the last few months and don’t feel like doing anything.

  • Bethany Ramos

    Agree to disagree – I love this holiday so hard!! I also love mommyish more and more each day. :) This will be a good year if I’m not pregnant again, so I’m setting the bar pretty low….

  • Katie L.

    I’ve never been a NYE fan. Maybe it’s because in my 20′s my friends were always like “We MUST have the best New Years ever!!! But let’s not make solid plans until 8:30 pm!” so we always ended up in some weird bar after driving around for an hour realizing everything was packed. I always campaigned for staying in but was outvoted. I’m glad I have a kid because it makes my reluctance to leave the house “legitimate”. This year I have strep and can’t drink and my birthday is Sunday and I still won’t be able to drink. Boo-urns.

    2013 was a decent year and I am hopeful for 2014. But don’t ever ask about my closet. It’s a miracle if I can close the door.

    • SusannahJoy

      Ugh, those people drive me crazy! I have friends like that too. Awesome very rarely happens spontaneously, usually you gotta plan at least a little.

    • Katie L.

      Thank you! And whenever I tried to bring up planning in advance their reason was “Every place is charging too much.” Of course they are! It’s New Years Eve! Paying too much is the literally the price of admission to a NYE event.

      So yes, in short, so glad that part of NYE is behind me.

  • candyvines

    Happy New Year! I’ll be mixing up an Old Fashioned shortly for husband, Eve, you can have mine. I used to work NYE every year for so long – now that I don’t we just hang in and make awesome food. Will probably fall asleep before midnight and don’t even care (happens most years). Heard the heartbeat today, it sounded so strong and good! 2014 is looking great.

    • Bethany Ramos


    • candyvines

      Thank you!

    • DatNanny

      Congrats! What an awesome experience to end the year with. Happy New Year and a great 2014 to you and yours.

    • candyvines

      Thank you! I was just reading your plans, sounds like my kind of night.

  • DatNanny

    I have mixed feelings about New Year’s. I usually feel the need to be doing something exciting but rarely do and I get upset because of my own expectations.

    2013 was a tough year. This NYE, I’m excited to have what I’m calling our ‘cuddly casual new years’. Partner missed a week of work last week (Medical/Holiday/Lack of Work) and since it’s a Tuesday and his day starts at 4am neither of us are into going out late (or spending money),

    We’re going to grab a bite of inexpensive sushi, then come home for cuddling in bed with a glass of leftover prosecco from Christmas and some desserts. (Including pumpkin bread pudding from trader joes which has been sitting in my freezer and I’m very excited to try!) He’s taking a nap now but I told him I’m fine celebrating East Coast New Years at 9pm if he can’t make it.

    My attire will consist of a comfy oversized sweater over some sparkly leggings. I’m so much happier about celebrating this way this year instead of strapping myself into a dress and going out until morning.

    • DatNanny

      Oh and I totally will be spending my January organizing. I actually got a new dresser for Christmas, so I’m motivated to get all my old stuff out before partner puts it together. Ikea dresser… in two boxes… I hope our relationship survives that project.

    • Blooming_Babies

      Sparkly leggings really does one need more? Lol love the plans

  • Cee

    Hmm..2014? Less anxiety issues, please.

    • Julia Sonenshein

      You and me both!

  • Blooming_Babies

    At a hotel pool watching the kids swim as I type. I love NYE so long as the stress level is at zero!

  • Ashley

    I think expectations kill this holiday for a lot of people (not that this is necessarily your deal, Eve. Maybe you just don’t it.). It’s supposed to be OMG BEST NIGHT EVAR!!!1, so there’s a lot to live up to. I usually enjoy NYE, but I’ve never been a party-person, so I enjoy it in a laid back kind of way. Even tonight, our “engagemaversary,” we’re ordering in, drinking champagne, and watching Andy Coop and Kathy Griffin. Maybe we’ll put up some lights to make it festive.

  • Ptownsteveschick

    I’ve never had an exciting NYE but I realize that I don’t care. Getting drunk at home is always so much more comfortable anyway. I am spending this year knitting, watching Fast and Furious 6 on Dvd and drinking leftover Christmas booze.

  • SusannahJoy

    I don’t particularly care about New Year’s either way. I’m self confident enough to not worry about resolutions (I am pretty amazing (wait, am I still allowed to say amazing? I am 30…), and while I like drinking, I don’t feel like I need a holiday to do it. I’ll have a glass or two of bubbly, and go to bed at 9 like I normally do, but we’ll have all the windows shut and the AC blasting so the fireworks won’t bug us as much.

  • Alanna Jorgensen

    I’m sitting on my couch bummed over my own expectations of what the evening should be. I think really I’m realizing how boring I’ve gotten in my old age. But at least my fiance is sitting here just as boring as I am!

  • EX

    Having kind of a weird New Years. I’m very pregnant and finally at the point where I’m pretty miserably uncomfortable but I’m also feeling sad because I was actually pregnant last New Years with a baby I miscarried. So I know I should be happy and grateful that I’m pregnant now but instead I’m just uncomfortable and sad about the pregnancy I lost.

    • LadyClodia

      I’m sorry for your loss. I think NYE/NYD can be weird because sometimes it’s hard not to think about all of the bad stuff that has happened in the past year or even few years. And I don’t think it’s unusual to think of a lost pregnancy even when you’re heavily pregnant or have a baby. I know it took me a few years to get to the point when I didn’t think about my miscarriage even after my son was born. It might seem strange to mourn a miscarriage when you have a baby, but I think it’s pretty common; the lost hope and possibilities, I guess.
      I hope that you can find some comfort as time goes on. *hugs* Congratulations on your current pregnancy, and best wishes for the coming year!

    • EX

      Thank you for your kind words. Happy New Year to you!

  • Ddaisy

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I always felt like such a weirdo for hating New Year’s!
    As I said on a previous article, I hate New Year’s because the forced group enthusiasm for nothing that’s actually meaningful just reminds me of high school pep rallies. It seems like a really arbitrary time for a “new beginning.” It’s not a new school year. Maybe someone is moving or starting a new job at that time, just by coincidence, but not most people. It’s a random point in the middle of winter that bears no relation whatsoever to a solstice or equinox or other great cosmic turning point. It’s just a countdown to a cheesy group cheer at a totally arbitrary moment.
    Then again, Valentine’s Day is also really cheesy and arbitrary, and it is my absolute favourite holiday, so maybe I am just weird.

  • Rowan

    New Year’s Eve 8 years ago, I was heavily pregnant and sitting on the sofa beside my passed-out husband. We were expecting a text from someone we worked with so, when his phone lit up, I read the message. It was from the woman my husband was screwing behind my back. I’m not sorry now that the marriage ended, but it did taint the holiday atmosphere somewhat.

    New Year’s Day was my dad’s birthday. I still send texts to his number at midnight to tell him that I love him and miss him.

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      Oh man, is your dad alive?

    • Rowan

      He died of leukaemia 3 and a half years ago – it was really sudden. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday, sometimes 20 year. I’m dreading when his number gets reassigned.

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      UGH, you know what? I still have my dad’s email in my contacts and in all of my online address books. I so feel you. It’s a weird thing isn’t it? I love how you send him text messages. I have considered emailing mine but I think someone else checks his email now :(

  • VLDBurnett

    Yesterday I had a hysterectomy, so I shall forever think of NYE as the anniversary of uterine removal.

  • Rachel Sea

    I cleaned out one closet yesterday, and demolished Mount Laundrymore. It was awesome.