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The Only Fun I Had At Xmas Was Dressing My Kids In Absurdly Cute Costumes

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 9.00.31 AMAs the editor of a parenting website you would think this would afford me lots of free items for review, movie screenings to attend, and all of that. But noooope, no one ever sends me anything except for this company based out of the UK that offered to send me an animal onesie for review. Yay free stuff! Plus, this worked out perfectly because I wanted to buy all of my kids matching Christmas pajamas and couldn’t find anything I liked. Plus, part of the joy, actually, the only joy I get out of being a parent is dressing my kids totally goofy for photo ops.

Kigu makes these ridic cute animal onesies for kids and adults and they kindly sent me one for my daughter to wear.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.46.32 AM

I also purchased a few in adult sizes for my BIG DUDES to wear and they were all absurdly cute and well made and I waited to write this review because I wanted to see how they washed after multiple wears. I washed them in cold, hung them to dry and they came out perfectly.

And now all my kids are wearing them – again. They are soft and warm and cozy and I am having too much fun sending my kids outside to take out the trash and fetch the mail in them but thus far they have refused to wear them to the grocery store.

I do wish they made them in infant sizes because if so I would buy them for every baby I could find, they are that adorable. The kids sizes are ages two to five and five to nine and my daughter fits the size five to nine hamster great with lots of body room to spare and it’s long enough so where she isn’t tugging on it constantly. I only wish I had bought myself one, probably the unicorn.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.52.10 AM

It’s like you have a mess of life-sized stuffed animals walking around your house at all times!

You can purchase these from the website or from amazon.com. And now my daughter wants the bunny one so I guess I can plan on that for Easter. One of the best things about it is that you can buy matching ones in adult and kids sizes and come on, how awesome of a holiday card would that be?

They are so cute, really, and if your kids are like mine they always want something dumb like a pillow pet, and this is sort of like that but you can WEAR It. I think we all need to decide on one we want and all buy matching ones so it can be our official Mommyish ™ uniform or something.

(Images: Kigu)

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  • Kay_Sue

    I definitely want the unicorn. These are amazeballs.

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      ya know, I wouldn’t have written them up it they were bad but they are really cute, and I was so impressed with how well they are made. they are super well made. unicorns for us all!

    • Kay_Sue

      I sent it to my husband, and he asked why. WHY?! The man understands nothing.

    • tSubh Dearg

      I’ve just spent 5 mins trying to persuade my other half that we need to get these for each of his kids. His little boy would make an excellent fox, the younger girls could each be a unicorn and the teenager could sulk about as a tiger. I even said he could be a dragon (!) but he just wasn’t interested. Dreams dashed :(

    • Kay_Sue

      You offered the dragon and he still wasn’t interested? There is just no pleasing some folks.

    • tSubh Dearg

      I think I need to find a sure fire hit costume/onesie for him. Maybe if there was an owl….

    • Michelle Pittman

      didn’t you explain to him that you could each get a different one and then you would be able to lip sync and dance to What Does the Fox Say?

    • tSubh Dearg

      I can’t believe I didn’t even think of that! That would be amazing especially as my parents live next door and can generally be cajoled into mayhem. They could be a cat and a horse :D This is now my 2014 project.

  • AmazingE

    One of these years I’m going to get my shit together and make pink bunny suits for all my kids, like Ralphie in A Christmas Story.

    • http://Mommyish.com/ Eve Vawter

      and send me pics

    • AmazingE

      Oh, but of course.

    • FormerlyKnownAsWendy

      OMG, apparently, my Mother-in-law had one of these in a closet (not sure if it was because she liked the movie, or if it was an old costume for one of her kids). When we were cleaning the house after she passed away, my niece was working in the closet and just came out wearing it with no explanation. Everyone died laughing.

  • pixie

    Must have!!! I would wear the unicorn one to class!!

  • Tinyfaeri

    We could finally be a family of magical unicorns!

    • libraryofbird

      You would be a blessing of unicorns. I’m pretty sure that’s the best collective name for animals.

  • Rachel Sea

    I really want to get my wife and I a couple, because they look like sleeping bags with faces, but they do flash me back to being 7 and being made to wear an itchy lavender bunny suit a la a Christmas Story.

  • MrMelly Gigglewiggle

    Oh, Kigurumi! They’re Japanese costume pajamas. :D They’re really getting popular overseas lately, I used to only see them at anime conventions.

    I don’t know about this particular company, but there are character ones too! I’m getting a Pikachu one in the mail soon, and I’ve already got a KoRilakkuma one.

    Here’s a pic of me and my boyfriend at an anime convention, so you can see mine. :D I love them!

    Also, I recently found out there is a batman one.

  • LadyClodia

    These are so cute! I want a Hello Kitty one. And I would love to dress my boys up in these, but my little guy is still too small, and I have absolutely no confidence that my 5 year old would be able to get it off in time for the bathroom. Maybe in a few years.

  • Michelle Pittman

    the unicorn would be an awesome one to run a 5K or marathon in…if i ran in 5K’s or marathons…or ran…

  • Fuzzy ‘n Broken Mirror

    Eve, you should post pics of you wearing these onesies too

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